Kanye West Blasts MediaTakeOut, Says His Music Is "Perfect"

Kanye West says that the site is "so fuckin' full of shit."

During one of two performances this past weekend at Atlantic City, New Jersey's Revel, Kanye West took a break from his show to put MediaTakeOut on blast. The notoriously outspoken rapper said that the site, which often reports on his personal life, is "fuckin' full of shit" and that they try to make everything negative.

"If you have something to give the world, a lot of times, the press just tries to take everything negative. Just look at MediaTakeOut, they so fuckin’ full of shit. Show your motherfuckin’ face so I can smack the shit out of you! Making up shit every day," he ranted. "I am flawed as a human being. I am flawed as a person. As a man, I am flawed. But my music is perfect! This is the best you gon’ get ladies and gentlemen in this lifetime, I’m sorry. You go back to Beethoven and shit, but as far as this lifetime though, this is all you got."

Watch the diatribe below (via X).

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  • Anonymous

    he's damn right

  • Anonymous

    @Seanchkt I dont agree with the first part of ur comment cuz what he's saying is entertaining lol and hip-hop is boring these days but I respect your comment.That's exactly it ''anyone who disagrees is basing there opinion on the man not the music.''

  • 490717

    Greatest Musicians of our lifetime: 1)Kanye 2)Michael Jackson 3)Sade 4)The Beatles 5)Dylan 6)Dylan 7)Dylan 8)Dylan 9)Dylan 10)Kanye

  • seanchkt

    Why does kanye west always have to say some dumb shit. I truely believe Kanye makes the best rap music these days. not the best lyrisct by any means but his last 2 albums were definatley fire anyone who disagrees is basing there opinion on the man not the music.

  • Bangsta

    Never understood the hype around Kanye West.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck all the bullshit. Just listen to the music. If you dont like it move one.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga fag and can't rap

  • Anonymous


  • nickrazor2000

    kanye is very talented no doubt, but his music is by no means "perfect". has he ever heard his album he made called 808s and heartbreaks? my point exactly. I just wish he wasnt such a douch bag.

    • nickrazor2000

      Oh Khyle, you poor little thing. I think you may be a chick so i will take it easy on you, but he sang the whole album in auto tune, it was an epic fail. you obviously have horrible taste in music, sorry babe

    • Khyle

      808s was amazing what are you talking about O.o

  • j

    Hmmmm...If your musics perfect then why would you need to play the same song 11 times in a row?

  • Anonymous

    his* haha just noticed I failed. Not to worry :')

  • Anonymous

    Its ok for Kanye to be like this cause what musician, producer, athelete or any profession where you are competitive does not think like this. If you dont think youre the best then you wont be sucessful. Media takeout blast people everyday and Kanye should expect hate of the business he is in.

  • Anonymous

    He said his music is perfect, but he never said in who's opinion. That could be his own and he'd be entitled to it. If his music is her perception of perfection, so be it. Everyone is quick to jump on his ego and call him an asshole, but he lives his life, does as he wants and makes the music he must be happy with. Why can't people understand and respect that?

  • Anonymous

    Fuck this fag. I want to punch him in the face so bad and I would pay money to fight him. He is too full of himself, what part of u is perfect u fag? U are not in top 50rappers of all time maybe top 20 producers of all time. Gtfoh out here u bitch ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is like the first dude to take that site seriously, what a puss. he just gave them more traffic. Also MTO is owned by WSHH, so now worldstar won't put up his videos.


    Kanye's right and MTO commenters are 100 times worst than DX commenters. It's all a bunch of losers that make a comment then follow it up with "Follow Me on Twitter!"



  • Anonymous

    I'd rather go deaf then hear this weirdo rap, and he hasnt made a halfway decent beat since "Late Registration", far from perfect IMO But keep telling yourself that Kanye, positive re-enforcement and all

  • Anonymous

    kanye west is a fag

  • michigan

    I cant wait until mto gets sued by someone for all the fake bullshit they make up. Kanye is a great composer with his production but i wouldnt say hes perfect and he doesnt write a lot of lyrics. He didnt write jesus walks just to name a hit he has but hes one of the best producers in the business.

  • Anonymous

    His Music really is perfect from a technical standpoint tho. Ask any composer that does classical music to analyze MBDTF and they will tell you that Yeezy did everything right. Every note is on point. Thats EXTREMELY RARE in music today. NON EXISTENT in Hip-Hop. Most of the shit you hear on the radio has no basis in actual music theory but Kanye's material does. He said it in an asshole way but if you look past that you can understand where he's coming from. He puts in work behind them boards.

  • ETK

    I think I have a mental problem, cause I hate Kanye and his fans.

  • Anon

    figures that the niggers would actually side with a ignorant ass site like MTO. keep up with your ignorant shit and support bullshit claims and nigger stereotypes. notice i don't say "nigga" because you faggots don't deserve it.

  • for real...

    MTO needs to die a horrible death. The "editors" should be beaten to a pulp. Most back and forth flip flopping faggots there is.

  • Anonymous

    Cocky but true.

  • TRU


    • Anonymous

      nah man beathoven killes kanye on the mpc. that nigga production game is on a whole nother level. beathoven the GOAT!

  • Ascience Gnown

    Anyone who says Kanye is in the top ten anything knows little about the lineages of emcees and producers, many of whom Kanye will never, ever be greater than. Kanye has a place but that place isn't at the top.

    • Dick B

      I know I'm not the person you are directing your argument towards, but I wouldn't have Kanye in my top ten rappers or producers either (not saying that it's wrong for someone to have him in their lists though because musical opinion is usually subjective). I think Kanye West is a very inconsistent rapper, he can be pretty good at times and seemingly heart spoken, but he doesn't surpass the greats before him or even some of the ones in his own time - because when you put him head to head with others he isn't quite there. He just doesn't match up to someone like Jay-Z (in his prime) or so called legends like 2Pac. Now in terms of production, that's up to more debate. I can understand if you just happen to like a certain producer's production style more than the next. He's accumulated a pretty decently sized discography in this area, but nothing's that groundbreaking or very original. In fact, he's gotten lots of help on his productions. To me, he's shown he can be a very good artist, but he has fallen off lately and I don't feel he's better than Pete Rock or J Dilla, ect.

    • Anonymous

      Why not? Because there is some secret rule that prevents new artist from surpassing old artist even if the new artist outclasses the old artist in every way? From quality, to acclaim, to consistency, to success and accomplishment? Why cant Kanye be top ten anything? I know plenty about Hip-Hop's history and I would easily throw Kanye into the top 5 of either category. Thats just based off of facts alone. Explain your logic. Unless of course it isn't logic and your comment was based off of close minded ideology.

  • Anonymous:

    Yeezy ain't never lied

  • Anonymous:

    Yeezy ain't never lied!

  • Jay

    Will yall shut the fuck up. He's right about MTO. I hate that site. always lyin' about shit trying to make a story. and as far as this rappin' shit goes who's better than Kanye? plus he fucks with the elite artist NIGGA. he's up there.

    • michigan

      @jay kanye is a cold ass producer but to say his raps is up at the top is crazy. Did you know Kanye doesnt write a lot of his lyrics? He has a lot of ghost writers and he actually buys peoples whole songs. He bought Jesus Walks from Rhymefest.

  • Krizz Kaliko

    overrated ass nigga

  • Fuck My Name

    Kanye, you're a arrogant, sellout nigga, bow down nigga before they fuck around and find you face down in the river. Talk down nigga and I'ma bust you in your mouth nigga, show them you a foul ass nigga.

  • Jacc

    I might be retarted or whatever, but I never liked Kanye.

  • jerryl

    Honestly Kanye you used to have perfect music. Like every beat you made from 01-07 was incredible. Be, College dropout, Late Reg, Gradation, the Blueprint ones, and every feature. It was unique. The sampling was incredible. The new stuff though? Its not amazing. ITs still good for todays music...but the old beats and songs were better. This way by Dilated people? Slow Jamz? That shit was amazing

    • jerryl

      I heard MBDTF. I think it was good...but it wasnt the old Kanye production. I understand musically it took more talent..because it wasnt as much of samples as it was insturments....but I still think theold stuff was better

    • Dick B

      I completely agree with you other than the fact that no music can be considered perfect because it's all subjective and everyone has their own tastes/opinions.

    • Immortal On My Grind

      don't forget the shit he did on The Fix as well. Nothing but bangin shit.

    • Anonymous

      you never heard MBDTF?

  • Info-warrior

    Lucifer was the angel of music..... Fuck Kanye and his satanic homosexual ass!!!!!!!!

  • Arby Wan Kenobi

    Aaah shit, there's me forgetting J Dilla was born in the 1800s, not my lifetime.

  • Anonymous

    Love Kanye's music, but LMFAO @ his comment: "my music is perfect! This is the best you gon get ladies and gentlemen in this lifetime, Im sorry. You go back to Beethoven and shit, but as far as this lifetime though, this is all you got." Dude has smoked himself retarded.

  • Dick B

    LOL@ Kanye's ego. I didn't think it was this big. He is not a top ten rapper, nor is he a top ten producer.

  • gm

    yo epinz how u gna say he aint produce classic stuff? most of common's BE album was him and that whole album was classic, not to mention stuff hes produced for jay including the majority of the blueprint and other stuff thats hes done for mos def and talib

    • epinz

      be was produced by dilla..kanye produced a track, the intro, imo the best song on the album...im talkin bout a full album. not just one or two songs, even three. phaell did all of "hell hath no fury" and dre did all of "dogystyle" just as examples. pretty much, he hast produced a full body of work for someone else that could be considered "classic". not the bullshit nggz pass off as classic today, but all time. his own shit yea, everybody else?!?! not so much

  • JM

    LMAO. Kanye is so arrogant, but I 100% agree with him on MTO. That site is bullshit, ful of ignorance. Almost as bad as WSHH.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I use to be a huge Kanye fan but these days he is so big headed and his ego has clouded his ability to make hits that people can relate to. Seriously, his new track Mercy is typical mainstream and materialistic bs. I hope this dude goes back to making hits like he did on his first three albums but I doubt he will. Kanye finally sold out.

  • epinz

    ok, how is kanye the best producer when he hasnt produced a full classic fo anyone else outside himself?!?!?! rza, pete rock, dj premier, dr dre, the neptunes, shit, even just blaze has produced a classic from top too bottom for another artist...dr dre is the best of all times.."strait outta compton", " no one can do it better", "nggz4life", "easy does it", "the chronic","dog food", "doggystyle", "the firm", "chronic 2001", "slim shady lp", "the mashall mathers lp"," grodt", "the documentary".....name another ngga with that kinda impact. and he won producer of the year in 2000. not hip hop producer, "the producer of all music". aint no produncer even comin close to impacting the game like dre did/does....my personal favorite is pete rock, but dre is the undisputed greatest hip hop producer of all time

    • Anonymous

      No Dre has a co-producer but in the early days he never Diddy does have a team.

    • grinchoi

      He didnt produce all of those. He has a production team that does most of the actual production. Dre is the executive producer just like Puffy is and overlooks the project. He produced the old shit but none of that new shit you named

    • epinz

      @ dwag huh?!?!?!?! who told u he didint?!?!?!

    • dwag

      ...and who told you Dre produced any of those albums?

  • TylertheDestroyer

    Kanye you made Jesus walks and through the wire now u make songs that start with "Lambogin merci yo chick she so thirsty SWAG" I still like your beats nigg@ but all you have to rap out is your prada purse and Kim Kardashians fat ass. Sorry blood I can't relate no more your content now sucks!

  • Anonymous


  • sbz

    thats why Kanye Singed "sbz" to good music check this out Sbz- feat. Kanye west - Hamburger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bjsb7rHvDlE&feature=g-all-u

  • Anonymous

    This dude dun lost it. Can he even read music? We talking bout Beethoven?

  • GRBY

    Nas >>>>>>>>>> The homie shits on Kanye.

    • Dick B

      I disagree that those albums are better than 99% of the rappers out today's stuff, it's basically on the same level. To me Kanye has fallen off, he's lost his trademark style(s) I think. And MBDTF didn't appeal to me, I don't care if it is critically acclaimed. It seemed to me he was being very pretentious and coming off like that project was suppose to change the way we think about music. I'm not a fan of hip pop, which is what that album was.

    • blaw

      @Dick B. MBDTF is a critically acclaimed album and known as one of the best in our time so i don't know what you're talking about there. 808 and WTT weren't as powerful as his first three but still better than 99% of what rappers put out today.

    • Dick B

      @Jay - No, he's not. WTT and 808's are garbage albums (in my opinion), I didn't particularly care for MBDTF either. But anyway if you were to compare Kanye's discography (including productions) to Nas' discography, I'd definitely take Nas any day.

    • Jay

      Kanye is more consistent than Nas.

  • bennmetht

    not that this matters but I am white, and love his music so not all whites hate on him...I found evry album he has done to be pretty fuckin good compared to what else was released in that year including 808's....his produceing is amzing and his lyrics are better then most for sure...and for the record he never says he was beetoven

    • @blastoff

      at the end of the day whose really producing? whose really writing? NO ONE

    • Blastoff

      All of you goons talking about production need to read the liner notes. Kanye doesn't do have the work on his albums. He hires expert producers and musicians to orchestrate for him. You might like the music but this dude stop being the producer after Dropout and hired people who know how to make it bang. It's the Dre recipe.... hire people to do it for you and take all the credit. Do your research dum dums.

  • SDK


  • amchri3

    I know most people will disagree but honestly there are not too many artist whose catalog is better or just as good as Kanye West's catalog. He may not be the best lyrical rapper in the game, but he is the best artist. I mean seriously Late Registration, College Dropout, MBDTF, and Graduation are some of the best hip-hop albums from the generation Y (If you don't know what generation y is google it.) time period.

  • dkhsdf

    bruh you aint in the same breath with beethoven he could actual play an instrument and read music so he wasnt as limited as sample driven modern day producers are. music with words also is more classic the things you refer to in yours wont be important forever. i dont know if your music will last as long as his. i agree media take out is full of shit but your sound has grown so much and you keep trying to out do yourself to the point where it sounds to cluttered. like the sound i cant stop great sample but why the extra pattern at the end. it didnt make it enjoyable to listen to.

  • _________

    correction.. you know what is really gay... sorry about that spell checkers

  • Mortis

    Fuck this conceded nigger

  • Anonymous

    OMG kanye!! didn't see that one coming. but i could have see that coming. nigger, forgot about MJ?!! I dunno bout you but thats still in my lifetime you faggot ass. don't let me turn into a hater, cuz i respect your work. u need to lay low on that alcohol.

  • Nazir

    White people are mad. lol They hate to see confident, successful black men.

    • Anonymous

      Nazir go to a Kanye concert and see the percentage of white people, it's more than black people!

    • anonymous

      Why would we be mad? You realize how many confident, successful white people there are?

    • Anonymous

      Lol..who the fuck you think is paying Kanye??..When it comes to Hip-Hop, white people LOVE when they're successful!

    • FuKKK KKKanye West

      Confident?! Successful?!?! That doesn't aply to Kanye LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOL

  • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

    Poor lil nigger, thinkin his music is "perfect"...

    • Anonymous

      wow now the racists come out...please do us a favor and listen to justin beiber or slipknot or some other cracker sh*t.

  • Anonymous

    his beats are pretty good. lyrics are garbage. his music is far from perfect. big headed dummy!

  • FuKKK KKKanye West

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO bitch, you're so fuckin' full of shit!!!

  • Rook

    Ok, hang on a minute. I mean, no dip on KK but all ya'll need to step back a second and take a look at what me and my boys have brought to the industry. We are basically the creators of a new sound. We are the Genesis of the greatest movement in the history of music. What Kenny, Colione, and myself have brought to the table is indispensable. The j.u.s.t.i.c.e. league are pioneers of a super nova. Look at us dogg. Look at my tattoo of alight saber on my fore arm. Look at Colione's hair. Look at my Han Solo peice. Look at everything we have brought to hip hop. ALL YA'LL NEED TO BEG FOR OUR FORGIVENESS. NOBODY.. AND I MEAN NOBODY IS WHAT WE ARE!!!! WE BLESSED ALL THE WORLD WITH OUR MUSIC!!!!!! THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS ME!!!!! I'M ROOK..... THE BEST IN THE GAME NIGGA.... THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Neon Voyce

      Just with that bullshit of comment u just showed the whole world (that knows u LOL) that u just another wannabe music artist. Thats why music nowadays is fucked up because people like u live in the clouds. come down...daaaaamn..

  • Andrew


  • Anonymous

    the greatest is dr. dre sorry u number 2 tho

    • Anonymous

      Premo is the greatest HipHop producer ever!

    • IDK

      I know this one producer named DJ Premier. You gotta listen to his productions.

    • Anonymous

      lmao @ dr. dre

    • bkstylz

      get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. At least pick a producer who doesn't ave other people actually make the track for him. Those simple ass loops Dre has been known for should automatically disqualify him from. I would pick Just Blaze over Dre in a heartbeat

  • Anonymous

    Kanye is the greatest you bums can fuck off to Mediatakeout if they think different

  • andy

    Kayne west is wack... Simple Fact

  • Al Sharpton

    Kanye does make perfect music: 4 the gays. Ol frank ocean, magic potion sipping ass nigga. Only fags support G.O.O.D gay music

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He's right though. 98% of the stuff on MTO is just made up lies. I'm surprised they never get sued for slander.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye uses a co producer on every track nowadays and writes laughable lyrics, if this is your generations greatest artist, thank god I'm from a diffrent one, lol

  • Fergs

    eminem is the highest selling rapper EVER. so kanye needs to chill. at least till he passes marshal

    • Anonymous

      Still Eminem is a better MC than Kanye, Ye is a better producer...

    • Anonymous

      only a shallow music listener would try to prove musical greatness by referring to the numbers FIRST. im not even gonna dignify your comment with a rebuttal

  • BishopgotDJuice

    Tell me who better?

  • Guest

    Apply cool water to the burn.

  • Anonymous

    i wish more people would speak out and boycott against mediatakeout. but let's face most of the community are obsessed with celebrity and gossip and drama.

  • Man

    He really needs to stop riding his own dick, Kanye is a legend but seriously fuck off with that shit homey

  • Anonymous

    is that pic of him in a tampax commercial? hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Lol he's an asshole for that but he's right tho

  • !Mr. West!


  • Taylor Swift

    He's a douchebag, gunna steal his microphones

  • Anonymous

    He's right! Yeezy da goat!

  • Anonymous

    id love to find out the identities of the "writers" at mediotakeout. someone needs to release that shit

  • SSS

    Quincy Jones Executively Produced Michael Jackson's "THRILLER"(SOLD 100 MILLION COPIES WORLDWIDE) and countless other projects for multiple artists. yall think Kanye's the greatest???????? KILL YOURSELVES IF U BELIEVE THAT.

  • Kev

    if Mercy and that I don't like remix is the best you can get musically, we might as well stop listening to music.

    • Anonymous

      Who the fuck thinks Mercy and I Don't Like are his best songs???? You are advanced in hating bro. Totally disregard anything he has ever put out previously just to bring up songs he's he put out trying to branch out in different directions musically. good job.

    • Anonymous

      Nope, The College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, MBDTF...

  • Anonymous

    yo.... i actually believe this nigga.

  • Kangay West


  • Anonymous

    Kanye, musically, is a genius!!

  • Anthony

    lol @ Kanye actually believing he is all I have for this lifetime. Who says that anyways, and I'll never rep Kanye with his pussy beating around the bush im a satanist! swag, like for real the baphomet shirt? This picture looking all red and demonic, you are wack Kanye and youre going to the 7th layer of hell with Kim boy. Prepare to burn.

  • thought dog

    Here we go again. Must have a new album dropping so its manbaby hissy fit time.

  • CloseToPerfect

    Kanye's albums are nearly flawless.. he is a musical genius no doubt. Listen to his song Gorgeous if you dont believe me.. the production and the lyrics are proof of a genius

  • Ya moms lol

    What other hip hop artists have 3 classics, a potential classic and 2 great albums within 7 years though can't forget about his involvements in Be, The Blueprint, and the other hits he's produced and featured on his music is perfect

  • RC

    Kanye doesn't exactly help himself either, homeboy is the epitome of an attention whore. Him and his girlfriend at the moment are probably the 2 most concieted people on the planet. They bitch and moan about the limelightbut couldn't function without.

  • ShystyOne

    Media take out is the most racist shyt in rap news period. Subliminal or straight up, quite f'n with them over a year ago.

  • Whipster

    Ye is right, Media TakeOut is full of shit but for him to say his music is perfect is the ranting of a man surrounded by "YES" men (aka he's being cocky when all his music AINT perfect)

  • Anonymous

    you music was perfect in 2003, now you just a skinny jeans faggot

  • sss

    id understand if he needed buzz, new artists tend to say this type of shit. but this ladies and gentlemen is a prime example of when "taking yourself serious" goes wrong. enjoy ur money 'ye.

  • Anonymous

    Preach! F*ck Mediatakeout

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Ye is correct, Media Takeout is a site of lies and fabrication, the ones that read it are absent minded degenerates that have nothing positive to do with their lives, have no goals for themselves so they live for the scandal. Bottom feeders.

  • $p|!ff999


  • tz

    Kanye West is the best!! He is right he is a genius. Only JUst Blaze comes close as a hip hop producer. These two are in their own league!!! Best hip hop producers ever. Period. However Kanye is slighlty above Just based on versatility.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, Kanye is so Delusional & out of touch with reality that you cant help but laugh at it. Your not even the best artist in your genre let alone the rest of the music world, but keep telling yourself that lil buddy

  • FuKKK KKKanye West

    Die Kanye. Please.

    • Nakita

      Maybe you and your family will first, you loser.

    • dashing

      He's right that MTO is some bullshit. It's terrible and it's horrible for our culture and society. That said, he just got them WAAAAAY more hits because of this. And his music is g.o.o.d, but not perfect by any means.

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