50 Cent To Feature On Eminem's Next Album, Says Dr. Dre Will Appear On "Street Immortal"

50 Cent explains just how instrumental Dr. Dre has been to his career.

Fresh off the release of his 5 (Murder By Numbers) LP and in celebration of his birthday, 50 Cent called into DJ Whoo Kid's Shade 45 show to discuss a number of topics, including the impact of Dr. Dre on his career.

"The craziest part people be forgetting, like, Dre gave me 'In Da Club,'" said 50, who revealed that his next project, Street King Immortal, will feature at least two songs by Dre. "Don't get it twisted at all. He's the reason why I've had the success I've had to this point. He gave me the record. We know we make magic together. So it doesn't really matter all that other stuff."

50 also addressed his involvement on Eminem's next album. "[I'll be on] probably the first or second single off his album," said the Queens emcee.

Listen to the interview below, courtesy of RadioPlanet.TV:

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  • ultras

    The whole Eminem new album is already leaked with quality 320kbps You can download it here: eminemmmlp2leaked.blogspo t .c om

  • Anonymous

    "sometimes you come out of the hospital worse then you came in" lol so true my buddy went in for a broken jaw and they cut it open to operate but the slice in his face got infected and it hospitalized him for a month

  • Reg-G

    Slava Kuperstein writes some of most fascinating articles for Hip Hop DX. His ability to write short entries that offer a great deal of information is astounding. If only Hip Hop DX had more writers like him, I may read this site more often. His haters should bow and kiss his UofM pinky ring.

  • Anonymous

    "he LITERALLY gave us the mixtape circuit and format we have today" But mixtapes aren't albums, hence this circuit he supposedly gave you isn't really that impressive, especially when you consider so many artists are doing mixtapes now, BUT actually selling them for profit as opposed to giving them away out of anger that Jimmy keeps delaying the release of Street King Immortal lol

  • Anonymous

    "HE PUT HIS WHOLE CLICK ON" So what? That means they owe him their life now? Those were business moves. Buck, Banks, etc. all were making songs, and contributing to the G Unit movement. It would have been one thing if those supporting players clearly didn't have any talent, and 50 was just carrying them, but many people have said Buck has more pure talent. Banks... Game moved on and has had no problem putting out albums (minus The Red Album). Point being, Interscope made 50. Without their backing, he wouldn't have blown up like he did that fast.

  • Anonymous

    "The fact his story is REAL and not fabricated by way of the media" Getting shot doesn't give you a "real life". The Get Rich movie was a cartoon fantasy that nobody believed. Charasmatic? He can barely utter a sentence lol People just thought he was cool at first because everyone powerful were co-signing him.

  • Not Rich And Stil Trying

    I still don't understand what's so cool about getting shot 9 times and not shooting back.

    • Anonymous

      the concept is that people believe he was here for a purpose the direct result of not dying from 9 gunshots. and the purpose was to entertain us...

    • Not Rich And Still Trying

      Yes I've seen people getting shot and I know it ain't cool, that's why I asked that. And by the way, what kiss line?

    • milehighkid303

      It's not. It's not cool to shoot anyone anyhow. You ever seen someone get shot? Shit ain't nothing to facilitate with. WHAT MAKES 50 COOL?? The fact his story is REAL and not fabricated by way of the media, or his "homies" or hear say. He's cool because he's polarizing, charasmatic, did I mention he actually writes about his life unlike alot of MC's were given. You see it's the same things that made Rakim, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy, Big L, Nas, Em even Jay cool....THEY ARE AUTHENTIC. As much as he makes you pussies SQUIRM, 50's legit, has been and will be, ask his enimies Bang Em' and Domination see the answers you get. By the way....toss that Kiss line, yea he killed old boy but you can tell you just a bitter hater against 50 with that line.

  • milehighkid303

    NEVER have I seen so many "fans" "hip hop heads" and music lovers have a dudes name in their mouths so much. Here's the BOTTOM LINE: He WILL go down as one of the greats PERIOD. He's arguably the highest grossing artist ever (one of them), he has accomplished what it took Jay and Puff to do in 10 years he turned around and did in three, the guy has been on forbes for 5 strait years I believe, he LITERALLY gave us the mixtape circuit and format we have today, he was BACKED and vouched for by JMJ (and NAS for those who don't know he was a braveheart)and has COMPLETLEY STAYED TRUE TO THE ART FORM HE WAS APART OF. Oh, and not to mention HE PUT HIS WHOLE CLICK ON JUST TO HAVE A FEW OF THEM SHIT ON HIM ON THE WAY DOWN. You "fans" KILL me, let this man be Jay, Nas, Em, Kool G or someone like that, and i BET dude wouldn't catch the flack he does. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm 28, I was around when the golden era was around, I've seen cyphers, breakers, taggers, etc. 50 is hip hop and REAL heads respect him from the hustle to the flow, it's a SHAME that he has WON SO MUCH that people really really truly love to hate and resent dude. I ain't ashamed to say he's nice, I like him, I have his catalouge and all his tapes. 50 a good ass MC IMO. ONE.

  • Anonymous

    "The only thing he and Biggie have in common is weight" Port of Miami was originally going to be called Pot Luck In Miami, but drug lords can't make fun of themselves. It defeats the purpose of having an ego.

  • Anonymous


  • Ricky Rozay

    most of these rappers aint real niggas. Word, Nas bankrupt never was a drug runner, Lil Wayne aint no blood, Jeezy aint no BMF, 50 a snitch, Game a stripper, drake is gay. None of these niggas real you guys. If they was all real they all be dead now. Like it or not Ross is the new biggie. BAWSE!!!!!

    • FuKKK RiKKK Ross

      Says the cop that acts like a druglord

    • Y'all respect the one who got shot, I respect the shooter

      What's hood about being shot? LMAO. 50 is the same kind of pussy Ross is. Both are label-manufactured super thugs who shall appeal to guys from the urbs, the ones who buy CD's.

    • Anonymous

      You are retarded. Rick Ross is the biggest pussy of them all. The only thing he and Biggie have in common is weight. 50 got shot 9 times, not hood enough for ya? How many times did Rick Ross get shot? Rick Ross is a joke.

  • gutter man

    i'm startin to think 50 lives at hip hop dx. multiple articles every single day. he must be sending dx checks.

  • Goddez

    The reason why Get Rich Or Die Trying sold its because he was dissing Murder Inc, nothing else. @50 Cent - there is no one left to diss, please resign. thank you @ 50 Cent Fans - Fuck a bomb rapper who built is career through dissing from Nas - Carry on Tradition

    • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

      The first anonymous is right though that shit only had a few disses, but most of the tracks were radio-ready and perfect for bangin at clubs and shit like that

    • gutter man

      lol. its actually for a lot of reasons like: the co-signers behind him (dre and em), his image at the time and news about getting shot, his budget and promotion back then, the production of the album is top notch and, the songs were catchy and well put together. theres a few more reasons buddy- 80 percent of the poeple that buy popular rap albums dont know shit or care about rap beef

    • Anonymous

      Yeah right. You sell 12 million copies off dissing alone. Off yourself, bitch ass.

  • Anonymous

    It's good that the family still sticks together after all these years.... One of the few crews left doing real things

  • Anonymous

    50 shopuld punch 40 glocc and he might sell. Just kidding 50 is a grown up now do ya thing man

  • jr88

    50 is a humble dude but lets be honest that in da club beat was passed around like a hip hop groupie...lol...when 50 got his hands on it he made history with that record....eminem and 50 make classic records so im really looking foward to this!where do you guys live? 50 is everywhere and no release date...lol...look at all the websites he always has the most comments...



  • Anonymous


  • No Homo

    I love 50 cent so much id marry him

  • Smokey

    I was one of those ppl who didn't know Dre gave 50 in da club... next time I'm on jeopardy that might come in handy

  • last real nigga alive

    not even dre and em can save this train wreck of a career.

  • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

    The voice in my head says fuck G-Unit but whatever. I'll get mine fuck the rest.

  • youngsta

    who the fuck cares? 50's old and irrelevant. he released his 5 album for free because no one was going to buy that shit. watch his supposed new album get pushed back multiple times and even when it doesn't, it'll still flop. eminem new album will suck dick like his past three albums (weezy killed him on no love) and grandpa dre is WAY past his prime. detox will never come out. face the truth losers.

    • ETK

      @youngsta clearly can't stomach that rapid flow. Eminem's Kanye/Taylor line was one of the most memorable lines of the track and you tellin me weezy had more punchlines worth remembering, please. If anything there was the "kick me while I'm down I'll break your leg" that's it

    • Anonymous

      bath salts

    • Anonymous

      If you don't care, then why did you click on this article? Idiot. Next.

    • Anonymous

      Joke of decade = weezy killed Em

    • Anonymous

      The Only thing wayne killed on "No Love" was the entire song by appearing on it, he killed it in a bad way, as in just his presence alone makes it a skip track

    • youngsta

      weezy did kill him on no love. he had more memorable punchlines. eminem was just rapping fast.

    • YoYoYo

      You must be deaf if you think weezy killed him on no love

  • bmoc

    new Eminem album? pumped

  • Anonymous

    Eminem has outgrown 50. His vision of what works for a song is completely different than Fif's.

  • Anonymous

    50 will go down as one of the greatest ever.

  • Anonymous

    can't wait for shady album

  • jester

    Why are people fucking thinking Em's not still down with 50 did you forget the SXWS concert???

  • Anonymous

    "I'll be on probably the first or second single off his album" He wasn't even on Recovery. Lying is bad for Fif's health.

    • row

      50 wasnt on recovery cuz he was on relapse 2 then em scrapped that album and recorded recovery but fif was on tour for before i self destruct.. 50 will defs be on ems next album just like he was on crack a bottle

    • Anonymous

      But they had "No Love"

    • Jon

      It wouldn't have fit in. Eminem had pop and R&B features. Even Dre didn't spit a verse!

  • Mortis

    Bath salt eatting ass nigger.

  • @CJonno90

    Let's face it you can't really take 50 for his word to much...

  • Anonymous

    50 cent is like game, he talks too much

  • Anonymous

    50 sounds sad....I feel sorry for the dude...But he did it to himself.

  • AliciaKeysaHOMEWRECKER

    DONT DO IT SHADY. Put this washed up nigga on your album is just spelling disaster. In da club was the only mainstream success you had nigga, your lookin to create it again and lets be real its not gna happen. YMCMB MMG SOLDIERS

  • yep

    50 Cent and Lil Wayne collabo: "I don't know man, I don't know." 50 Cent and Kanye collabo: "Yeah! Yeah! I want to make hit records."

  • Realtalk

    THis is y 50 is the realist! He would neva go at Dre cus he knw dre made him big.. unlike game and buck. He knw the codes that u dont bite the hand that fed u! This is the realist niga in the game... Well spoken and fukn business minded... The business mind joint is fukn off the hook, Respect 50 til he die, thats if he die lol

    • bccoastin

      to anonymous. reason 50 still wit dre and Em is because 50 was the only one ridin hard for aftermath when shit was poppin off. Proof passed away(rip) dres dres son passed(rip) and Eminems life was fucked at the time with pills and so on. so if u ask me they got mad respect for fif he kept that camp alive so fuck the haters. stop assuming shit actin like u guys know everything. shady/g unit/aftermath

    • Anonymous

      " i live in nyc, i see them up on display in various electronic stores like J&R" exactly YOU SEE THEM IN STORES!

    • Anonymous

      rep and being on aftermath is not the same haha

    • hater

      ^^^how did his headphones flopped, i got the wireless sms since march n theyre awesome. i live in nyc, i see them up on display in various electronic stores like J&R, in time square, radio shack. also, sms got a deal with disney to distribute their subsidary company "kono audio" at the resorts n stores.

    • Anonymous

      ^ u Bitch, dre chose fif over Game cuz of the money.....still Game repped Aftermath never once said anything bad about Dre....fif on the other hand talked shit about dre and even removed his own headphones which are flop.....learn the facts

  • Anonymous

    eminem and 50 cant wait dont care about dre

  • Anonymous

    Lol.....he sayin he will be featured on Em's single....joke.....Em n Dre forgot about you 50

  • Anonymous_User

    Alright! Can't wait for another Em album, shit'll be like early Christmas.

  • Anonymous


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