Lil Scrappy Supports Frank Ocean, Says Coming Out "Keeps AIDS Situation Down"

Lil Scrappy is glad that Frank Ocean has apparently "come out," but for a different reason.

Much like Busta Rhymes and Trina, Lil Scrappy is glad that Frank Ocean has apparently come out with his open letter on Tumblr - but his reasoning is a little different.

Viewing closeted gay men as a "doorway to AIDS," Scrappy supports Frank Ocean's decision to "come out."

"I'm glad that he came out," said Scrappy to TMZ. "[S]o all the real women that love to mess with real men, straight men, we can keep the AIDS situation down, you feel me?"

Scrappy added, "[Homosexuality] is a doorway to AIDS, scientifically."

The rapper says he would have no issue working with Ocean, saying he would "jump on a track like it was yesterday."

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  • Anonymous

    he meant well but he from the sound he not very well educated he didnt know a better way to say it.

  • Liquor and Karate

    This nigga lil scrappy is a motherfucking scientist? this nigga does experiments,has theories and hypothesis? this nigga must wear a lab coat on his way to make mediocre raps and racially stereotypical and detrimental tv

  • Frank Ocean

    Oh this nigga talkin' mad shit. Say it to my face, Scrappy.


    yo fuck fags man there fuckin faggy and shit frank faggy ocean suckin a ocean fulll of cock. fuckin fag

  • Anonymous

    yea,good thing frank ocean came out...or else everybody would get

  • Welp

    gay and bi-sexual men are high risk in terms of aids infections across the board. do y'all men can't donate blood for a reason

  • miyna

    lil scrappy needs to shut the entire f*ck up, and that's all i'm gonna say about that. no, wait, half the people in these comments do too. education is free online, people. google. wikipedia, personal blogs about personal experiences and firsthand accounts,, encyclopedia britannica has a website, planned parenthood can even give you some free info or point you in the right direction. try to learn something before you open your mouth, because he and the rest of you make yourselves look really, really ignorant of the facts. because you are.

  • Nick08

    Peoples' Pursuit of Happiness >> Your silly religious Bullshit.

  • Why black people aren't taken seriously

    Groan. With this ignorant uneducated comment, plus his jackassery of a show on VH1, it can be safely said that Lil Scrappy has taken us black people back by at least a century. Just like Game a few months back. People acting like HIV/AIDS discriminates. And THESE are our heroes????

  • Bump Ugly

    I love people who say homosexuality is wrong cuz its not natural! neither are fake titties, big macs or the internet but we love that shit anyways. you contradictary-ass niggas crack me up!

  • Nuff said...

    Lol @ scrappy's comment... Homo sexuality IS wrong because it goes against nature and i dnt care what u say u cant possibly go against nature. The day i see a man get another man pregnant is the day when i could fully accept homo sexuality. BUT, i dont hate gay ppl at all. If someone is gay, thats just how their brain is wired. They cant help it. Its like a person being born retarded, u cant be mad at them either, its not their fault. I feel sorry for gay ppl tho.

  • ummmmmmmmmm

    SMH these new artists making homo erotic rap nd all this soft fukcin muzik has made it easy fo r the Undercover fag to thrive in society.

  • hiphop93

    Okay gay people. Take the sticks out yall asses. Just look at these hateful comments towards Lil Scrappy which are obviously coming from gay men or disgruntled lesbians supporting their male counterparts. Most of yall are probably still in the closet. Firstly, Men buttfucking men are more at risk then any other group, thats a fact. Secondly, not everyone is going to support this gay shit. Whether one is religious or not. Ofcourse the majority are against it for religious reasons. Thats just how it is so to all gay people, understand that. I am not particularly religious but i believe it is wrong to be gay. Honestly with all the fuckery going on in this industry today i was expecting somebody to come out soon. Lets hope the rest follow suit.

  • RC

    Damn this is the first intelligent thing this guy has ever said. He's right the science and statistics are there to prove it too.

  • kajabmul

    Damn, scrap. *facepalm* Why even comment on this issue.


    The problem with society is that they don't want the truth. If Christ followers all believe in one God, why is Christianity have over 30,000 denominations? Because no one wants to follow 100%. The purpose for man and woman is to be fruitful & multiply. If you have a genuine relationship with God you will know right from wrong. & if you're a strong believer in the Bible then you should be doing your homework, Lev. 18:22 / Lev. 20:13 / 1 Cor. 6:9-10 / Rom. 1:26-28, etc.. the Bible clearly shows Gods thoughts and what he has to say about homosexuality...

  • 3:45

    Homosexuality is NOT wrong because there is NO GOD. There is no right and wrong, There is no heaven or hell and Nothing happens after you die. Anyone who tells you they know what happens after you die is lying...prob tryna get some paper outta you. Try to enjoy your very short life as much as you can. IF that means fuckin butts do your thing. No one will judge you You know what happens after u die? Same thing that happened before you were born...NOTHING Skank whores spread just as much aids as a gay person would. You know how u prevent the spread of aids??? Use a fuckin condom or just don't sleep with whores. If you worried about a bisexual dude fucking your girl You must be doing something wrong. BTW i bet we all agree lesbians are ok right? But gays are gross? If they keep that shit to themselves it don't bother me at all

    • Anonymous

      Swear these people act amazed and then talk shit because you don't believe in god,yet there the ones' who believe inna bullshit story that probably got changed around by some fuckin christian troll like 1000 years ago.get that shit outta here

    • Com

      You sound like every over "facebook atheist", parroting everything you hear from your little angsty peer groups. You can neither prove nor disprove God. This is fact. You cannot empirically test something so abstract. I truly suggest you go and read this book you're denouncing, and get some real information on Christian beliefs from unbiased sources. Stop shaping your beliefs from internet preachers. I respect your sentiment, but that's really just an excuse to live life in an amoral stupor. An excuse to toss away responsibility and maturity. Grow up with that bullshit, and realize you live in a society.

    • 3:45

      Proof?!?!? No pastor priest or any other religious figure has any sort of proof of what they preach. Your just supposed to have "Faith". Which means belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. So basically just trust us..... If one religion is "right" that means every other religion is "wrong"? Meaning hell is full of people who were just taught the "wrong" religion by their parents or whomever. If your a good person and "god" doesn't let u in because you believed in something else. Sounds like a jealous prick and Im not trying to chill with him for eternity anyway Then again you always got the biggie approach When I die, fuck it I wanna go to hell Cause I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to fuckin' tell It don't make sense, goin' to heaven wit the goodie-goodies Dressed in white, I like black Tims and black hoodies God will probably have me on some real strict shit No sleepin' all day, no gettin my dick licked Hangin' with the goodie-goodies loungin' in paradise Fuck that shit, I wanna tote guns and shoot dice Live your life according to you, not 2000 year old text thats been rewritten 100s of times

    • Wow

      Lol, he had no proof whatsoever.

    • Com

      So you got proof of all that, right? Like, you got empirically tested evidence of there being no God or afterlife, right?

  • Anonymous

    This nigga mad dumb

  • Dom

    Insecurity is the doorway to ignorance. Lil Scrappy's obviously got a few problems himself, and he's doing the whole 'ohh, ohh, but no homo!!' thing. That's fine. To be fair, who's cared about Lil Scrappy since Lil Jon faded into obscurity anyway? If somebody's going to start up a bizarre racist/homophobic argument on here, can it not be him?

  • sam uk

    Stupod, stupid, stupid. This ill-informed goonbar needs to go boil his ugly little head.

  • Yo!

    Homosexuality is an ABOMINATION before the eyes of God. Enough of this sugar-coating around the subject. The truth is the truth and the truth HURTS!

  • Anonymous

    Nah, ignorance is the doorway to AIDS.


    "Coming Out" has nothing to do with keeping HIV/AIDS down. Do you think all of a sudden that now since Frank Ocean told the world he's bisexual people are going to take more precaution with SEX in general??? no. Safe Sex/Protection is what needs to happen in order to keep HIV/AIDS down. Regardless of your sexual orientation.



  • Anonymous

    No clue who he is but he's not wrong the logistics aren't totally there nor is the articulation but in essence he's would REDUCE the spread of HIV if bisexual men weren't closeted but it would not eradicate it.

  • Anonymous

    Fact... AIDS came to America from gays!!!


      Naw..Your African ancestors didn't bring it here. But a Caucasion made it... And being a gay racist puts you waaaay at the bottom of the totem pole..LOL

    • Yo

      FACT... it came to America from dirty stinking monkey coons otherwise known as africans.

  • ETK

    Honkeys fucking with monkeys is what started AIDS, but they put the blame on niggas, as usual.

  • Faf

    Wtf is up with these niggas consigning these gpfaggots. Anybody smart know homosexuality is wrong yet these niggas keep consigning ths bitch. Busta I always heard was on the dl but real rappers need to stop consigning these faggots.

  • dockevoc

    I also have no idea who Frank Ocean is

  • dockevoc

    true's nearly impossible to get aids through regular intercourse

    • Anonymous

      AIDS doesnt just come up because your gay... If you fuck a women with AIDS its the same as fucking a dude with AIDS. Sexual orientation doesnt matter

  • Anonymous

    it's hilarious when stupid people try to talk educated...homosexuality is a doorway to AIDS, scientifically? really scrappy doo?

  • court_jester

    And who really cares what lil scrappy thinks??

  • arto

    doorway to AIDS? This dude is an ignorant for saying that. The lack of knowledge and education accounts for this illogical and uneducated opinion. This reflects how uneducated some people are starting with the majority of the people that visit this site daily. assholes you know who you are. haha

    • paul

      Hes actually right ...It is very difficult for a man to contract HIV from a woman...Woman can get it very easy from men and men can contract it form men even easier ....anal sex, with the combination of blood and semen, is the doorway to HIV as more than one fluid is involved ....sharing needles is next on the list.

  • kennyken

    man honestly that sounded like a straight diss. lol.....he said that shit keeps aids out of the community lol

  • Foolish

    I laugh at these irrelevant niggas like HAHAHA fuck y'all tryna get some attention that shit ain't working NANANA

  • adam

    Almost Politically Correct Thug

  • Anonymous

    White people spreaded aids

  • Anonymous

    Ofcourse he wants a feature, his career is non existent

  • Anonymous

    such wisdom. such insight. thank you, lil scrappy.

  • LeMyth LeLegend

    Who da fuck is Lil Scrappy? That's all I gotta say.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ Both Tyler albums are available to purchase, OF Vol. 2 was on the "New Music" shelf at Best Buy when it dropped....... And that Lil Scrappy joint with "No Problems" on it outsold them all.... Facts, not opinions, and "Blog Buzz" is worth nothing, Them 2 girls who ate shit out the cup had a bigger Blog Buzz then OF ever had......

    • Anonymous

      yeah because they give most of they shit out for free on the internet nigga lmao.OFWGKTA has 10 times the buzz and support Lil Scrappy has ever had anyways.

    • Anonymous

      Lil Scrappy has sold more records then anybody in OF tho....... Go ahead, make an irrelevant joke about that one

    • Anonymous

      i got muny in the bank, shawty watchu drank

  • countmelancholy

    haa, this a funny nigga

  • Anonymous

    fucking ignorant ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    That's a backhanded compliment If I ever heard one "Yeah, I support Frank Ocean, least now we lnn know he a dirty perverted nigga spreading diseasesm all the other dirty ass niggas should reveal themselves too" ^basically what he said, he just tried to phrase it a lil nicer

  • dumb niggas

    You morons that like fuck girls in the butt are just as much at risk for AIDS as gay men. Dumb niggas go read a book.

  • reveu1

    Being a bisexual is still gay, but come on yall he's still rooting them females! GO GET EM.

  • uptownfirst

    First of all if you believe the number of people infected with HIV/AIDS is strictly a black gay male problem you are fooling yourself. That is almost as idiotic as the myth of HIV/AIDS being confined to Haitians, hemophiliacs, homosexuals and heroin addicts which was another lie fed to the public. Although it is easier to be infected through MSM that does not rule out heterosexual intercourse in the discussion of HIV. This is why the rates in African-American communities continues to remain disproportionately high. If you want to be truly scientific any AIDS researcher would tell you the spread of HIV in the black heterosexual community could not be the result of down low brothers, that is statistically a myth and was used to sell books, films, whatever. Everybody whether male or female gay or straight should strap up. Too many people pumping illogical bullshit about HIV. The fact that this young brother came out is admirable but has no correlation to his risk behaviors which makes Scrappy's point irrelevant yes we know that gay black men have higher rates of infection but if you think the disease is isolated simply to gay black men, you are perpetuating ignorance.

    • Anonymous

      uptownfirst knows a lot about the gay.

    • LOL

      I agree. DL men are a contributing factor yes, but the biggest contributor to the HIV/AIDS epidemic is dumb, reckless human beings (gay or straight) who decide to sleep around recklessly without protection and without knowing the other person's status, or even their own. Educate yourself, everytime you lay down you put yourself at risk.

  • royce

    i swear the god if a rapper comes outta the closet saying he's gay im done with rap...cuz this culture doesnt represent me no more

  • BNOP

    AIDS is actually a black thing. I'm not hating I'm just saying the actual facts.

  • Curt McGirt

    This fool is retarded. Ignorant and hilarious, just the way I like it. If only ODB was alive to give his opinion.

  • Jacc

    He's obviously a kid that don't know shit about anything

  • vegas_hiphop

    want to hear the sound of vegas hip hop go watch its some fire!!! want to hear the sound of vegas hip hop go watch its some fire!!! want to hear the sound of vegas hip hop go watch its some fire!!! want to hear the sound of vegas hip hop go watch its some fire!!! want to hear the sound of vegas hip hop go watch its some fire!!! want to hear the sound of vegas hip hop go watch its some fire!!!

  • Morgan

    This is a fucking idiot. And I cannot STAND the term "mess with." Nigga makes all of us sound ignorant.

  • lovelywun

    He is speaking the truth, check the statistics. Gays are the reason this country has AIDS. I had to do a a research paper on AIDS and it was gay white men who traveled to places like Africa and Haiti to have sex with men and brought the disease to this country. Google "patient zero aids" to get an example of what I'm talking about. It is far easier for a man to give AIDS to a woman than for a woman to give it to a man. It is much more acceptable in this country for white men to come out and be themselves than for black men to which is the reason that black women have such a high rate of AIDS because we are dealing with men who are on the down low. Do your research before you're so quick to shoot someone's comment down. This man is speaking the truth!

  • Anonymous

    Lil Scrappy Needs To Go Play In Traffic. He's Irrelevant...

  • Anonymous

    dumbass women also can have aids you fool. I mean your raps sounds like aids


    lmaooo of course every other artist will respond positively if they ask this shit about gay ocean......nobody wants to have the chance to lower his rep by saying ''yea fuck that nigga i dont like gays'' etc etc fuck this shit i hope there are real niggas who dont support this gay shit....shits disgusting

    • LOL

      @LMFAO, and all who share his opinion: What difference does it make if you ain't sleepin with him? But I'm pathetic, because I can separate a man's personal life from his music. I'll be dat... I do agree that closeted men are a driving factor in the spread of HIV/AIDS, but if people like this loser weren't so judgmental and small-minded, those men would feel free to be themselves and not have to hide. You want to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS: live and let live.

    • LMFAO

      @LOL: Dude, what the fuck are you talking about? You pathetic piece of shit. The problem is people like YOU who keep supporting gay shit like there is nothing wrong with it. Thats the reason hiphop went from raw to fucking weak because of guys like you who like to say ''dont look at another mans sexuality'' etc fucking faggot, if your dad was a fag you wouldnt be on this planet and scrappy is a piece of shit as well for encouraging this shit

    • LOL

      No, other artists will respond positively because it shouldn't matter if an artist is gay or straight. It's about the music. It's closed-minded people like you that keep the "DL epidemic" going. The real disgusting thing is how people like you have so much opinion on how somebody else falls in love. And if you'd read, Scrappy obviously does support it, he still wants to do a track with him, which will never happen because Scrappy is, scientifically, a failure. Check his sales, nobody checkin for him.

    • Anonymous

      Gay Ocean. wow that was a good one.

    • YESSIR


  • LOL

    It's funny reading this from Lil Scrappy, when it's pretty well known in Atlanta that he's on the DL and has been rumored to be spreading a certain aforementioned STD... Does that mean his comments come from firsthand experience?

  • Phamous

    Yo Scrappy... Your a fucking idiot.

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