Lil Wayne Aiming For A 2013 Release Date For "Tha Carter V"

Lil Wayne planning on dropping "Tha Carter V" in 2013, says he would work with singer Gloria Estefan.

During his appearance at the 2012 X Games, Lil Wayne linked up with ESPN for a live online chat where he answered 40 different questions from fans. While most of the questions were skating and X Games related Lil Wayne was hit with a handful of questions about his musical endeavors, Tha Carter V in particular.

Oddly enough, Lil Wayne’s live online chat is the closest fans have gotten to hearing a release date for the album.

“[Tha] Carter V will come most likely next year,” said Lil Wayne after being asked about the album’s release date by a fan.

According to, the rapper also expressed his interest in working with fellow rapper Eminem again and even named Gloria Estefan as the one Spanish artist he’d like to collaborate with.  

Lil Wayne’s most recent album, Tha Carter IV, was released on August 29, 2011.

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  • jg

    Tha Carter III was a CLASSIC. I doubt Lil Wayne can return to that level of artistic brilliance. Everything he has done post-C3 has been mediocre.

  • Lennox Ave's Don

    Lil Wayne been going platinum since 1999 and haters still want to talk trash.

  • NY

    Looks like the hope of him retiring isn't going to happen but for the sake of hip hop please do. Anyone can make a song with using the word "pussy" like 100 times in it so why give him credit for a song that is uncreative and degrades women? What happened to conscious part of hip hop that would at least say it in a nice way like Bonita Applebum which is just another way for saying fat ass but it's creative and at least tries to hide the meaning.

  • Ghoulish

    I salute Lil Wayne for not having to use, the names of other artists to get attention. Other artists get no comments, if they don't use Wayne's

  • Anonymous

    Carter 5 tracklist: 1."Money" Produced by Lex Luger and Bangladesh 2."More Money" Produced by Lex Luger and Bangladesh 3."Im The Shit" Produced by Lex Luger and Bangladesh 4."Fuck You" Produced by Lex Luger and Bangladesh 5. zxfgxfgvdfgzdfvzd 6. kfdxhskzdfdfkckfklfbjkldfb 7. jdfgzkjjszefjaw3o8seidj 8. KJFGKDGLMLIBJIWJI8RJISKF 9. LKJLCFHJDIOOTHD 10. oftkhofktgoopdirfifrdid 11. ijjikjhuhopdfkp All songs featuring Rick Ross

  • BasedBoy

    Tha Carter: Dope Album Tha Carter II: Classic! Tha Carter III: MEGA CLASSIC! Rebirth: Game-changing CLASSIC! I Am Not A Human Being: Great Album Tha Carter IV: ULTRA CLASSIC! I Am Not A Human Being II: Classic in the making... Tha Carter V: Better than Tupac's & Biggie's career combined YMCMB ALL DAY ERRDAY!

    • NY

      Ok now a realistic view on these albums Tha Block Is Hot: Lil Wayne's best song to date the title song "Tha Block Is Hot." Other than the title song it sounds just another Hot Boys album. Shows some promise of a future but leads to disappointment later on. 500 Degreez: One or two good songs other than that nothing really here except filler. Lights Out: Shows little improvement and only production is good. Tha Carter: Average album at the time, production stands out more than anything with Mannie Fresh on the boards. Tha Carter 2: Above average rapping skills, showed more creative lines but subject matter hurt, no general direction of the album. Production is about to par with Tha Carter. Tha Carter 3: I would say his most creative album to date but creativity doesn't translate into good songs. Lyrics take a backseat to Wayne's ego & vision for the album. It's clear this album was rushed after the leak of the original album & felt he had to put it out immediately to maintain his spotlight. Rebirth: His album that's mixed with guitars, also his official jump into pop music completely, it sounds nothing like rock like he intended and his voice is autotuned too much. Lyrics take a bigger hit on this than Tha Carter 3. Absolute failure of an album. I Am Not a Human Being: His star is fading fast so he feels like he just has to keep pumping out music to maintain fame. Lyrics are at the worst level for anyone. The only people who listen to this wear tight jeans & think Wayne's god. (Good Joke) Tha Carter 4: Production & Lyrics are horrible, I really don't know how this sold but ignorant listeners bought this.

    • anon

      Get his fukn cock out yo mouf damn boi

    • dd

      In your wet dreams. You could argue Carter 3 and everything before was a classic, but everything after that definitely isn't.

  • Anonymous

    so fucking lame, why do all your albums have to be called carter?

  • anonymous

    hahahah how many carters this lil bitch gona drop

  • N.O. Joe

    I hope that he puts more artists from Louisiana on this one. Carter 4 was tight, but I just wanted to hear at least one artist from Louisiana on there.

  • Ghetto Qu'ran = Best Song Ever

    C'mon y'all how can someone wait for this trash to drop an album only nigga worse than Wayne is Pimp C.

  • youngsta

    by this time, he'll be an old ass nigga. but he's released so much classic material that he'll go down as a legend in my book. carter 3 is one of the best albums i've ever heard.

  • oldshit?

    are you going be high on weed again talking about topics in creative way like you did on carter 3 or you just going give us that same old bullshit that any body thats black and been rapping for a few weeks can make. you got all these ears listening to you and you dont talk about mother fucking thing a whole generation is listening to you. you could tell to stay in school go the right way why you dont say mother fuck thing.

  • customer5310

    lil gayne deserve death one of the worst of alllllllllll time

  • I raped So Icys mom

    lil wayne is trash someone should kill this ET alien look alike

  • Anonymous

    carter 1............................x100000 wtf lil gayne

  • Anonymous

    Lil Bow Wow is now Bow Wow , Lil Romeo is now Romeo, so when will Lil Wayne grow up?

    • Anonymous

      lil wayne is 5 ft 5ins. thats what the lil refers to. not his age or maturity. plus the name lil wayne is a huge fucking brand. niggas always find something to knit pick and needlessly complain about. find something better to be offended over

    • Anonymous

      Fuck man he 30 in September! & when Young Jeezy gonna drop the Young it sounds better just "Jeezy"

    • C

      Been sayin the same thing for years my dude. Wayne's like 27 and still dressing like a mid schooler, homie thinks fresh 2 death I guess

  • fuck young money

    this faggot cant even come up with album titles. he takes a title from one of his previous wack fucking albums and slaps a number on it. this faggot is not hip-hop.

  • Anonymous

    he realised that he needs to stay away for a while.

  • 2 chainz is Bron James of the Rap Game

    Tha Carter V is goin sell a million in a day. Wayne is the best rapper ever.

  • Anonymous

    he also said tha carter 4 was coming in 2009, and then in 2010 n then in spring of 2011, but it was released in the fall of 2011, and was a god awful album when comparing it to tha carter's 1-3. YMCMB may sell the most, but their music has gotten so god awful, lil waynes songs are all retarded with no real meaning or point, it's jus a bunch of metaphors thrown together about him talking about how hard he is, and how fucked up he's getting, when this nigga ain't doing anything hard anymore and doesn't even smoke or drink cause of PO, the nigga literally banned all alcoholic beverages backstage on his last tour, man you are so cool lil wayne!

  • DK


  • Jay

    Well..hip hop is officially dead again.

  • Joey Kingston

    why? the last one was terrible. so was the one before that. and the one before that. and the one before that.

  • So Icy Boi!

    weezy da GOAT. swag my new album "Swag" comin soon, tracklist: 01 Swag, Pt. 1 02 Gangsta 03 Black Kid 04 Creep (Radiohead Cover) 05 High Hopes 06 Megasnake (Waka Flocka's Momma Diss) 07 One Step Closer (Linkin Park Cover) 08 One (Metallica Cover) 09 Dwayne's Song 10 The Formula of Swag 11 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana Cover) 12 Swag, Pt. 2 13 Vermilion (Slipknot Cover) [Bonus] genre: rap, rock, horrocore



  • iamhiphop

    Oh, god. Not another terrible album from Wayne. He should've stopped with Tha Carter 3. Wayne should just retire already because he doesn't have it anymore. All he has are some crappy pop songs.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Tha Carter V gon be da best album of da century, omg!!!!! Lil Wayne is da goat, he is my god, he inspires my whole life. YMCMB da empire. swag

    • Anonymous

      LOL@ DAMMIT! and I mean AT him...

    • ^^

      Good joke, DicKrider.

    • DK


    • DAMMIT!!!

      Yo Anon, Suck a fat dick until the balls collapse and castrate u bitch nigga. U just man that I actually have a mother instead of two trannies like u got,faggit

    • Anonymous

      You just make yourself look like an idiot with the gay jokes it's overplayed like ya mommas pussy...

    • So Icy Boi! is the greatest person of all time


    • DAMN!

      Youre finally here. Did you use any Novacane to numb the pain in your ass from all the Young Money Buttsex or did you just Frank Ocean the Birdman's Dick and Swim good. That has to be the only reason you love YMCMB so much.

  • damn

    The game is twisted: White is the new Black. Black is the new Cannibal. Hip-Hop is the new Pop. Bath salt is the new Crack. Drugs are the new Food. AIDS is the new Flu. Gay is the new Cool. Fake is the new Real. Out is the new "In." Hate is the new Love. Love is a new Sin. Soft is the new Hard. Dumb is the new Smart. Smart is the new Wack. Wack is the new Tight. Tight is the new Baggy. Thirstin' is the new Mackin'. Trickin' is the new Pimpin'. Money is God. God is a Goat. Sheep are Men. Kids are Killers. Obama is Bush. Sluts are Queens. Coons are Kings. The Kings are all corpses. ...Life is the new Death.

  • Weezy The F stands for fake,fraud,etc

    For the love of god and good music Wayne no more Carters!!!!I will personally go upside your Whoopi Goldberg dome with a skateboard if you continue making that thrash..

  • Anonymous

    oh great, the shit is gonna sell off of the name alone, like always.

  • Anonymous

    Time for every other rapper to cancel their release dates in 2013, cuz this winning rap album of the year hands down. He's hungry now. He'll ruin the game after barely trying on Tha Carter IV.

    • Anonymous

      Lil Wayne got outsold in Rebirth's fist week by a Lady Antebellum album and it wasnt even Lady Antebellum's FIRST WEEK! I Am Not A Human Being debuted at No.2 below Kenny Chesny while Recovery was still at No. 5 in the charts despite being in the charts for 5 months! And we know about Tha Carter IV (cough Birdman!)

    • Anonymous

      Eminem been releasing solo albums from 1999 same as Wayne, Eminem release 7 off a major record label Wayne released 9... Don't bring Lil Wayne's bitch made shit round here!

    • Anonymous

      Since Eminem's return Lil Wayne Rebirth (176,000) I Am Not A Human Being (110,000) LOOK AT THE RISE WE KNOW BIRDMAN BOUGHT AT LEAST 40% Tha Carter IV (964,000) Eminem Relapse (608,000) Recovery (741,000)

    • ff

      Maybe so, but Marshall Mathers LP sold more copies than all of Waynes albums combined.

    • ^

      Yet, in total sales, Eminem squashes Wayne.

    • Anonymous

      well actually lil wayne's first week sales the last 5 years have overwhelmed eminem's. just saying.

    • Anonymous

      well Eminem is starting work on his album so if these two came out on the same day gotta say Em would win hands down.

  • Anonymous

    Another double platinum album on the way. He can't lose.

  • Anon...

    The Rock: What do you think of making good music? Lil Wayne: Wel- The Rock: W-W-W-W IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!

  • Fan of Hip Hop

    why!! Why!!! WHYYYYY!!!!!!! (JUMPS OUT WINDOW)

  • Sir Smoke-A-Lot

    I was expecting to see a comment from SO ICY BOI or is homo friend YESSIR those faggot would love to hear this news about their boyfriends new album

  • OUCH!

    Another trash album. My mistake for buying tha carter 4. shit had 4 o k songs out of 18.

  • Begging&Pleading


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