2 Chainz Explains Kanye West's Involvement In "Based On A T.R.U. Story" Cover Art

2 Chainz explains how Kanye West helped him create the cover art to his upcoming debut.

After a year of high profile guest features and a major record deal with G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam, 2 Chainz will finally deliver his solo debut Based On a T.R.U. Story. Now, in a recent interview with Billboard, 2 Chainz discuss the creation of his LP's cover art that dropped earlier this week.

2 Chainz said that the first person he looked to when preparing his debut's cover, which was shot by photographer Fabien Montique, was Kanye West and his DONDA art house. He added that this collaboration DONDA won't his last - he's also seeking their help in enhancing his live show.

"Kanye and I share a similar vision and think along the same lines creatively. So, when it came time to develop the imagery for my project, I trusted him and his team at DONDA to get the job done and communicate my sentiments," he explained. "They were the first people I thought of. Their team is unprecedented. Expect next level imagery, sonics and stage performance. This is curated art. The Louvre of rap."

Based On a T.R.U. Story drops this August 14.

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  • NutSaxxx

    This is how 2 Chainz actually explained Kanye West's involvement: "Ayo man, I was like all, the fuck am I gon' have for my album art, it gotta look all artful and shit. And then I was like, OH SHIT! My nigga Ye's art game is stoopid! So I hit his ass up and was like "Ye, you gotta work wit me on dis, son." and he was like, "Yeah". So after 3 weeks, he came back was like, "This will make the baby jesus weep, haaaaaaaaaaaaa". And I looked at for 3 hours before I was like, "OH SHIT! THAT'S MY NAME ALL GRAPHICAL AND SHIT." Swag. Truuuuuuuuuu."

  • still best rite now!!

    If you look closely at the cover...you can see two hummingbirds on a breezy Autumn morning with whistling wind singing in the valley...so beautiful,so good

  • DamnHeRetarded

    hahaha at this fool tryin to blame someone else for his lame ass cover cause he isnt creative enough. Kanyes DONDA doesnt have anything to do with music in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO is this serious???? an article about the creative process for an album cover of 2 chains by a guy names 2chainz?!?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: An ignoramus will just see 2 chains, some will see the allure of the precious metal and the strength of the linkage represented on a simple backdrop and get the message. +++++++++++++++++++ LMAO OL BOY CLOWNED Y'ALL TOLD U IGNORANT WILL ONLY C JEWELRY & NOT THE SYMBOLISM & Y'ALL STILL REPLIED WITH IGNORANCE! WOW

  • So Icy Boi!

    ma album Swag, Vol. 1 (wit So Icy Gang) comin soon. I will upload da cover tomorrow. swag

  • Anonymous

    It's creative and artistic because it's out of the box imagery. Everyone expected to see a generic self portrait of him thuggin' with some jewellery, a blunt, a ride and some bitches (see Rick Ross album cover). As someone else said in the comments, sometimes the simple shit is better than the complex and unoriginal crap artists put on their albums.

  • Anonymous

    Are those HOVA's chains?

  • freshmaker

    excellent go his artwork all sorted. now just got to learn how to be a good rapper.

  • 649

    "dickride KANYE(haterz)"...LMBAO!....

  • Anonymous

    lmao at the album cover. so artistic it must of took a genious to think of that.

  • Tomye

    the same creative vision as kanye???????



  • Hello

    lol dis shit aint all artwork hyped like dey say but its looks sick af still

  • Al Sharpton

    2 chainz is Bron James of the Rap Game

    • anony

      as a basketball and hiphop fan wat u said JUST doesnt make sense. Ur basically sayin lebron has NO skills??? cos then ur jus makin a fool outta urself. i dont fcks with 2 chains at all, but I really like the cover. makes him look a lot more complex than all the other niggas who would have put their ugly mug on there

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


  • TruthHurts

    Its a picture of 2 Chains (his name and marketing gimmick).....there is no art involved. Stop digging and get off his nutsack. Rather, move away from 2 Chainz and embrace Frank Ocean. I'm sure his music new gay love album is right up your alley

  • dentaldamboy

    Alllllright you Jay-Z stans. You know what time it is... Everybody on here knows that Jay-Z is the biggest snake in the industry. You may like his music, but you can't deny the facts. Let's start with his celebratory stance towards the death of Tupac. Jay danced around when Pac got shot like the fucking Palestinians danced when the twin towers fell. He has been disloyal to or fucked over pretty much everyone who he came up with. From Dame, to Jaz-O, to Irv, to Karim, to Freeway, to Beans. The list goes on and on. When he was the president of Def Jam, he didn't invest enough into marketing the projects of many prominent rappers, and many complained vocally about how he treated them. In addition to being the biggest snake in the game, he is the biggest fraud in the game. Jay-Z never had a criminal record until he took the rap for one of his boys who stabbed Un. Most rappers posted up and got paper that way before they made it. But not Jay...he sat at home moping while his mother and sister starved. Jay-Z was the first rapper to lie about his criminal past, and that opening the door for other fraud rappers. Anyone who likes Jay-Z personally is of poor moral character.

  • Anonymous

    some people just can't stand alone. Be honest. Can you even listen to a whole 2 chainz album?

  • Me

    Such an artistic vision. There are two chains on the cover. His name is 2 Chainz. The article makes it sound like it is an elaborate painting or something. If he didn't change his name would it have been a boy with tits?

    • elaborate, please

      what message?

    • ^hahahaha

      Peep the allure though.. Dead

    • Anonymous

      this nigga said "the allure of the precious mental and strength of the linkage". you a fool nigga. im dying over here.

    • ^

      Dude, its just jewelry. There's nothing creative or artistic about it.

    • TruthHurts

      An ignoramus will reach and try to find art in a simple, basic marketing ploy. I can't believe he went to an 'art house' to have this done. The real ignoramus is 2 Chainz for actually paying money to have someone else create this idea that even he himself couldn't think of.

    • Anonymous

      ^ nothing more amusing than an pretentious over-analyst of art that doesnt even require it. we all get it.... its 2 chainz. its simple, that was the point. pretentious douche.

    • Anonymous

      An ignoramus will just see 2 chains, some will see the allure of the precious metal and the strength of the linkage represented on a simple backdrop and get the message.

  • Anonymous

    "He added that this collaboration DONDA won't his last" sean ryon is back yall -__-

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