Pharrell Williams Says He's "Sworn To Secrecy" Over Jay-Z Project

Pharrell Williams speaks on the various artists he's working with, but remains relatively silent on his work with Jay-Z.

While producer/rapper Pharrell Williams may be at work with fellow artist Jay-Z the specifics remain scarce because when asked by if he’s working on anything with Jay-Z, Pharrell simply revealed that he’s “sworn to secrecy.”

Although Pharrell remained tight-lipped while speaking on his work with Jay-Z he did speak a little more in-depth on the other artists he’s working with including i am OTHER artist Leah LaBelle.

“She’s incredible. Like we couldn’t believe it. And when we chased it down and finally talked it was like cool. And she sings her ass off,” said Pharrell.

Pharrell then went on to rattle off the names of artists he’s been working with this year. He also revealed that he’s working a lot more with fellow The Neptunes partner Chad Hugo.

“Well the new Leah album, Leah LaBelle. New Mac Miller, Pink Slime. Chad and I have been doing a whole lot of work together,” Pharrell explained. “New Miguel, new Jay, new Usher, new Scissor Sisters. Mary song’s crazy too. Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross.”

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  • Shine's Peyots

    I guess that means no Premo again :( I don't get why someone with a name like Jay won't let even a little bit of pure hip hop on his albums no more, it's not like people are going to stop listening at this point they don't care what artist at this level's music sound like they're more enamored with the name. This shit is like what he was doing with Vol.2 and 3. But he usually makes a couple wack albums before he hit you with the crack anyway. Here's hoping for another Black Album or American Gangster quality album before he calls it quits

    • ETK

      what the everloving fuck are you talking about? European techno shit? the fuck? just cause theres a dubstep track and Niggas in Paris on WTT means you can call it whatever you want? smh

    • L-Boogie

      Word! I agree, I haven't been feeling anything from Jay in a while. He's on some European techno shit now, I guess he's to big for Premo now.

  • Anonymous

    I find it so funny that people talk so much stuff on Jay but he is the most respected artist in the industry. I really believe when you hate on someone like that you have personal issues that you need to fix. Your upset that your life isn't where it needs to be. I don't know one artist that has done what Jay has managed to do and still stay relavant. If you really dont like him then cool do you but relax on the bs cause no one is listening.

    • Anonymous

      I've never disliked the guy, It's when rappers who are new can't get many album sales and people see Jay's album sales that the hate gets goin.



  • dentaldamboy

    Alllllright you Jay-Z stans. You know what time it is... Everybody on here knows that Jay-Z is the biggest snake in the industry. You may like his music, but you can't deny the facts. Let's start with his celebratory stance towards the death of Tupac. Jay danced around when Pac got shot like the fucking Palestinians danced when the twin towers fell. He has been disloyal to or fucked over pretty much everyone who he came up with. From Dame, to Jaz-O, to Irv, to Karim, to Freeway, to Beans. The list goes on and on. When he was the president of Def Jam, he didn't invest enough into marketing the projects of many prominent rappers, and many complained vocally about how he treated them. In addition to being the biggest snake in the game, he is the biggest fraud in the game. Jay-Z never had a criminal record until he took the rap for one of his boys who stabbed Un. Most rappers posted up and got paper that way before they made it. But not Jay...he sat at home moping while his mother and sister starved. Jay-Z was the first rapper to lie about his criminal past, and that opening the door for other fraud rappers. Anyone who likes Jay-Z personally is of poor moral character.

  • Success Is Certain

    I think it's gonna be Jay-Z's last solo album since he's got a kid to look after now let business shavy Jay take over & didn't somebody say Jay hinted it was called "Made In America" because it should.

  • 649

    "THE LIFE AND TIMES..of S.CARTER"....FIRE!....#hi haterz..777

  • P

    SKATE BOARD , Over trap or die, from Virginia Islands aka hustlers paradise

  • Anonymous

    in other words...yea i'm fckn her

  • Victor Vaughn

    I heard him and tyler the creator give eachother private handjobs at fundraisers haha

  • william strong

    i heard the illuminati has 5 gay men cum in a glass parties and dip celery in it and eat swear to secrecy thats probably what pharrels talking about? lol

  • ETK

    doesn't surprise me. anybody see the lengths Kanye & Jay went at to not let WTT leak? movin from country to country carrying briefcases with fingerprint identification locks n shit. but at least it worked

  • Anonymous

    Great. Hope this can live to 'Blue Magic'.

  • Noles

    Jay-Z + Neptunes / Pharell is always a good mix. follow @newtracksdaily for daily music

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