Rhymefest Explains Rant Against Chief Keef & Interscope Records

Rhymefest says that you "can't blame the bomb" but sees Chief Keef as an example of what's wrong with Chicago.

Rhymefest put Chief Keef and Interscope on blast in a blog post last week, writing that the Chicago, Illinois rapper’s lyrics are glorifying violence. During an interview with WGCI’s The Morning Riot (via FSD), ‘Fest clarified his statements, explaining that Keef’s music is a negative reflection of Chicago at the moment and that you “can’t blame the bomb” for what the city is producing.

“I meant to say what I said. It’s really not about Chief Keef as much as it is about exploitation,” he said. “It’s no coincidence that one of the most violent periods that Chicago has ever seen, that this is what represents us musically. This is what represents us as a people. We have a history here and then when we get to senseless violence, the prison industrial complex is real.”

He said that he doesn’t have anything against a particular kind of music, but that his problem is rooted in the amount of violent songs that are getting released.

“I don’t have anything against any particular kind of music. My problem is the imbalance of the music that we get. So if all of the diet of the music that you get is kill kill kill and we’re going to glorify that, then that’s what we are conditioning our shorties and they’ll never end. They’ll do it, they’ll sing about it, they’ll rap about it and that’ll be it.”

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  • Curric

    Negative music in general, in this present time, is a ploy to the distruct the minds of the innocent, weak, lame, feeble, etc. To actually think that reality is of much good when you have an uprise of crime, drugs, sex - it's all lust of the flesh. Society is built on that. It is a key that opens doors to great corruption and not the truth. Delusion is set on everything now: appearance, self-worth, self-indulgence, arrogance, etc. This is not a key that can open a door for a new day for doing what is right. The devil and the illumanti is confusing us to great degrees. A lot of us don't believe that because of the lack awareness and love for ourselves. We only live here for a short period of time and the war has just begun. Everybody should get ready. Know one knows when it's coming, but its coming! We're all being decieved. We need to open our eyes and know that this very world we live is not what it appears to be because the devil and man wants to be God leading us to hell.

  • Anonymous

    "is the fact someone is getting money a reason to be happy" People relate to more aggressive, dumbed down music, and in this context, that's not a negative thing. If it's not your thing, move along, but don't act like your preference or desire for balance means that Rhymefest's music should be the norm.

  • one

    I never heard this song before but I listen to it now I love it putting it on replay .He gave this nigga free promotion


    I can tell that people lack education,some of you don't have basic comprehension skills. Rhymefest clearly said he doesn't have a problem with a particular type of music. But he said we need balance, which you need in every part of life. Hell, if you drink too much water you could die. People love to say, "be happy cause he getting his money" is the fact someone is getting money a reason to be happy. Just because something is lawful, doesn't make it expedient or ethical. I am from Chicago, and I will glady say that Chief Keef will be here today...gone tomorrow. Thats the reality. Rhymefest does tons in his community, which is more than the ones who are criticizing him for his opinion does for theirs. You clowns have low standards for your life and music. I have not heard one song by Keef that makes any sense whatsoever. Club, trap, crunk music is all good, but his music is just bad along with 85% of the industry.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Chief Keef wout outrap dis unknown nigga. Chief Keef is one of da most lyrical new rappers. you cant diss a talented nigga like Chief Keef. swag

  • jae

    club music gets you sign nowadays and i can't be mad at a nigga from my hometown getting his money or any town for that matter but like rhymefest if you ain't saying nothing positive in your raps who are you rapping for because it sure ain't the kids who is listening to it thinking it ok to shoot a nigga over steping on his shoes

    • Outlaw

      If I sold you spoiled milk would you be "mad at me for getting money... QUit with that factory worker slave mentality "not mad at getting money and Stand up for something for once.

  • triPAUD

    I hear what he's sayin

  • youngsta

    old ass rhymefest can't get any sales so he has to diss one of the hottest young rappers in the game, chief keef. let the young nigga do his thing. he's explaining things that he doesn't like, that's expressing one self. hip hop's all about expression right? he's not trying to be the next rakim or some shit. sheesh!

  • Anonymous

    Willie Lynch syndrome in effect...

  • dafuk

    CHICAGO, FOR REAL MAN, CHICAGO?! fuck all yall talkin about if he has a point or not, fuckin dumb fucks think theirs hoods are hard. 1st world bitch

  • Anonymous

    Rhymefest definetly has a point here and im glad he clarified it. He was speaking from more of a hometown Chicago kid watching a young rapper from Chicago get some shine...The only thing is dat hip-hop has been like dis for awhile. Gangsta Rap always makes $ and if u can incorporate it in ur songs, u have a good possiblity of being successful.(50 Cent,Biggie,Pac,Eazy-E,Ice Cube,Nas,Jay etc). Lil Wayne & Ross have built there careers glorifying dat lifestyle and we see how popular they are at da moment. It will always be apart of the rap culture

    • blaze

      as true as that statement is no adult is stupid enough to believe that Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Drake and Nicki Minaj are gangsters. So they go for the next target teens and kids because they are stupid enough to believe in fakes. The people that I just mentioned are mocking Gangster Rap are just mocking it not glorfying it. Do you how many white teens think just because they listen to those fakes that they could throw up gang signals and say the n word over and over and be "Hardcore Gangsters".

  • Anonymous

    Real talk these industry cats need to take notes and pay attention.

  • Anonymous

    I'm a fan of Rhymefest, what he stands for and his music. But in the past, like, year or so he's just been kinda sitting around talking shit. I see where he's coming from, but people are going to be people. This is nothing new. Stop talking and do something. I know Rhymefest ran for office before, but from what I know he's been pretty inactive since then, musically and otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      real talk. Krs one too. I think these cats need to get together and rep the culture to help our communities.

    • tha2manFTW

      I just wanna throw out a salute 2 Rhymefest, David Banner, Killa Mike (Mike Bigga) & all MCs who actually try to bring about change within our communities & culture.

    • Anonymous

      Rhymefest is pretty active in his community bruh. Look it up.

  • Burmy

    Some folks were talking to me about Chief Keef and his deal, and I told them about what Rhymefest was sayin'...their response was "Who's Rhymefest"? I weep for my generation...

  • Anonymous

    I mean, I agree with Rhymefest's point in the original piece but it's a testament to how fucking stupid people are that he has to clarify anything

  • Evolved Mindframe

    That last paragraph expressed how I feel, exactly. It's all about balance. It's a problem when an artist who writes about something other than violence, using/selling drugs, or mistreating women can't get mainstream exposure.

  • Truth

    Y'ALL NIGGAS STUPID: Y'all niggas that don't like YMCMB/MMG need to stop commenting on their posts. All you're doing is make them more popular. Thanks to you niggas, the most popular artists in rap right now is: *A former C.O. turned mafioso gangsta rapper *A white-washed black pop singer who swagger-jacks Lil Kim and Katy Perry, has 4 different personalities, fake titties and ass, and several hair colors *A Canadian Jewish R&B singer/pop rapper/former kid actor who is a certified pussy that runs away from a fight *A 5'4, dreadlock-having, skateboarding gremlin whose music sucked ass since his sixth album, kisses men on the lips, and wears women's jeans *A 40+ year old bald-headed child molester who thinks he's 20 years old, kisses men on the lips, and talks about nothing but money. *A mentally-disabled dreadlock-having nigga who has no rapping skills, yells on every track, and named after a Muppet *A fat Arab who doesn't write or produce his own songs and yells his name and "WE DA BEST!!" on every track

  • Mortis

    Queef Chief is exactly the young type of nigga Jimmy Iovine likes to exploit. Slave master.

  • Anonymous

    AMEN!!! @twandthestudent

    • CBH

      I applaud Rhymefest for standing up and voicing his thoughts. It's a real shame how we continue to allow this exploitation and nonsense against the culture. I don't want to come down too hard on the kid Chief because that's all he is, a kid. The sad thing is, this story will eventually get pushed aside because it's Rhymefest who said it -- Which is ridiculous.

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