Irv Gotti Reunites With Ashanti On "No One Greater"

Although Murder Inc. still appears to be on hiatus, Irv Gotti and Ashanti work together again, 10 years after they started.

Murder Inc. Records founder and veteran Hip Hop producer Irv Gotti has reunited with one of his star pupils, R&B singer Ashanti. The song, "No One Greater," leaked this weekend, featuring Meek Mill and French Montana assisting the New York native singer.

This marks Ashanti's first heard new recordings with Gotti since 2004's Concrete Rose album. Gotti and Murder Inc. (a/k/a The Inc.) has subsequently released additional unheard material from Ashanti, as she has prepared for her 2008 release, The Declaration - the second to last album released on the once prominent Def Jam-distributed label. A year later, in 2009, Ashanti asked to be released from her Murder Inc. contract.

Now signed through eOne, Ashanti is at work on a album reportedly titled Braveheart.

In the last three years, Gotti has produced for Fat Joe, DMX, and Keyshia Cole. He executive produced Ja Rule's P.I.L.2., the Queens, New York rapper's first release not on Murder Inc.

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  • Anonymous

    "So its actually a step UP" Never heard of Written Entertainment. Sounds low budget.

  • Harbored

    Wow! This song could possibly bring back that Hip Hop Soul we've been missing in music... Love it! It feels like a remastered version of 90's R&B and I LOVE IT! I'd much rather listen to this than the damn techno/dance bullsh*t radio stations force us to tolerate. PRINCESS OF HIP HOP and R&B forreal!!

  • Bgroup

    She is not signed with eONE, they are only her distributors and radio connects. She has started her own label, Written Entertainment, and that is the label her album will be released under. So its actually a step UP. Also, opinions and ignorance are 2 different things. A song doesn't have to be your favorite song, but it doesn't justify the negativity and ignorance shown in some of these comments. Enjoy! I look forward to this, Every artist did great and im glad to see Irv and Ashanti back at it together.

  • Gnip

    Irv Gotti is the worst Hip Hop producer of all time hands down. Seriously, dude's beats ain't nothing but trash and so are his artists.

  • dentaldamboy

    Irv Gotti is a rap terrorist. He's the one responsible for making Jay-Z's career successful. Jay-Z was th first rapper to really like about his criminal past. Biggie, Pac, Snoop, Big L, Bone Thugz all lived that thug life. Jay-Z didn't. He had no criminal record until he took the rep for stabbing 'Un'. And he was able to plead guilty to disorderly conduct because he had no prior criminal record. When Jay-Z was young, he didn't sell drugs. While his mother and sister stared, he sat around moping. Jay-Z is a true disgrace to hip hop. And a bunch of you Jay-Z stans are going to respond to this by asking if I'm mad cause Jay-Z fucked my girl. Well, I wish he had. Then I would be able to leak that shit so him and beyonce got divorced.

    • ETK

      I actually agree with you, Jay-Z ain't shit but a fake nigga. and I'm a Jay-Z fan. But, who cares if he never lived the thug life, he still makes great music about it.

  • Dee

    This shit is wack as fuck the track sounds early 90's. Str8 trash even the rappers gave garbage verse. Shit trash homie this nigga can't do beats bitch nigga r&b dead this bitch better get on sum pop shit bitch can't sing y'all know this shit

  • Anonymous

    E1? That's a pretty steep drop.

  • Anonymous

    They probably fucking again.

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