A$AP Rocky Confirms "LongLiveA$AP" September Date, Talks Kendrick Lamar & Lana Del Rey Collabos

A$AP Rocky provides a new release date in September, and discusses some of the collaborations on "LongLiveA$AP."

A$AP Rocky has revealed that his statement that LongLiveA$AP Would drop on September 11 was a joke. However, the New York emcee revealed that his album would indeed be dropping in September in an interview with The Source

"We're still getting stuff mastered. Not precisely, but I'm looking at like the twentieth to twenty-third," said the rapper.

Rocky also revealed who his favorite collaborator on the project is. "Ready? Kendrick Lamar. He's my favorite rapper. Him and Schoolboy Q are my two favorite rappers."

A$AP Rocky explained how his collaboration with Lana Del Rey, "Ridin,'" came to be. "She just did a new video for her Born to Die album for 'National Anthem' and she cast me as the lead man. She seemed like she loved everything about me. We made it happen."


Watch the interview below:

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  • pappuali

    Somebody contact A$AP Rocky and tell him to change references to Raf Simons and pronounce his name correctly, its not "Raph Simmunz" you dumb mofo its "Rauph Seemons". Stop butchering dey names if you want to act like you know fashion dawg. Yo and stop wearing Nikes, Supreme, and Rick Owens, move on to somethin like Boris Bidjan Saberi, Christian Carol Poell and A1923 (Augusta). You could be the first rapper ever wearing CCP drip sneakers in a music video. Think about it.

  • dentaldamboy

    All of the new rappers in the game suck except for Drake, Tyga, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill, Wale and Stalley. Just to be clear...I'm saying BoB, CurrenSy, A$sap Rockey, Wiz Kalifa, Black Hippy (all of them), Mac Miller, MGK, all fucking suck.

  • Anonymous

    dude has no lyrics man..i try to give him a chance but he has no bars whatsoever..sorry but it's the truth


    bitch you still finna live?!?! Just die, goddamnit!!!

  • Young E

    pussys talk shit til dey get lock jaw, a$ap got mo money than all ya. why yall hatin???

    • Mortis

      Next time you see Bill Gates ask him to cure the diseases that have infected hip hop...starting with this walking AIDS case a$ap

    • allinder

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    • Mortis

      Bill Gates has alot of money. He's still a douchebag and so are you

  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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    • Mortis

      You are the intelligent, bubba. A$ap is a no good motherfucker like the Mel Gibson. Worse than the OJ Simpson.

  • Mortis

    3rd story in 3 days about this nobody.....HD, how much he paying ya?

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