Nas Compares "Life Is Good" To Marvin Gaye's "Here, My Dear"

Nas compares his tenth solo LP to Marvin Gaye's famous 1978 album, which chronicled Gaye's own divorce.

In the past months leading up to the July 17 release of Life is Good, a lot has been made of Nas' personal life and his tumultuous divorce from singer Kelis. Now, in a recent interview with Billboard, the Queensbridge emcee explains how his personal life ended up being pressed on wax with his impending tenth solo album.

Nas compared Life is Good to Marvin Gaye's 1978 album Here, My Dear, which famously chronicled his own divorce. Nas said that he's been a fan of the album for years, but was resistant at first to follow in Gaye's footsteps with Life is Good. Eventually, however, he said that recording the project became his means of expressing his frustrations with his divorce.

"I thought Here, My Dear was brave, beautiful, honest, scary and daring. I remember putting several artists on to it, from Maxwell to Jay-Z," he recalled. "I couldn't imagine what Marvin was going through when he was recording it. And I couldn't imagine me being in a similar position, years later...when I started working on the record, I tried to avoid [getting too personal]. The timing was just calling for me to not avoid all the shit that was going on out there. It was like a 10,000-ton gorilla in the room watching me. This is the way I got it off of my chest. This album talks about life, love and money. It talks about the fact that marriage is expensive. Life Is Good represents the most beautiful, dramatic and heavy moments in my life."

Nas also explained that working with producers No I.D. and Swizz Beatz helped him open up more on records. He said that being to talk with both producers about their own marital issues helped make the album more universally appealing in its content and message.

"When I sat down with [producers] No I.D. and Salaam [Remi] and originally told them what I wanted to do, we felt like we were waking up a certain fan that doesn't buy rap anymore," he said. "Our goal on the album was to just do what's real. No I.D. has been married twice. Swizz [Beatz] has also been married twice and has gone through baby-mama drama. So the conversation between all of us was great."

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  • Anonymous

    "Thief's Theme" Good song.

  • Fuck a e-thug

    You're all idiots! Now shut the hell up and show some respect for one of the greatest to ever bless the mic. Nuff said.

  • Fuck Marcy

    This album is going to have a heavy 90's era influence theme to it. So real hip hop heads should be real intoxicated after they hear it. Sidebar note: To all the so called "Backpackers" Illmatic was 18yrs.ago fam move on.

  • Anonymous

    Why so much hate for Salaam Remi? Is his body of work with Nas really that bad ? Nas - Bridging The Gap Nas - Get Down Nas - Hey Nas Nas - I Can Nas - Made You Look Nas - The N Nas - Nasty Nas - Suicide Bounce Nas - Thief's Theme Nas - What Goes Around Nas - Where Y'all At? Nas - Zone Out Nas - You Can't Stop Us Now Nas - Accident Murderers Nas - Be a Nigger too

    • The MG

      Thank you my man. I've been saying this a lot. Salaam isn't as bad as everyone is making him out to be. Although I would add Nazareth Savage, Street's Disciple and War to that list. Those are also dope beats by Salaam. And Suicide Bounce was made actually made by Nas himself.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga always needs someone bigger than him that he can compare his coasters to.

  • wow

    How does "Nasty", "The Don", "Another Black Girl Lost 2", and "Daughters" have ANYTHING to do with Kelis? This proves my point that this dude just freestyles in interviews. lol.

  • Anonymous

    If Marvin Gaye were alive would he even know who Nas was? I think not.

  • Anonymous

    Re signing to def jam my bad

  • Anonymous

    Nas is Re signing todef us, read the fu L billboard article. Just google nas and you'll see billboard article pops up as news

  • Anonymous

    Album shaping up to be a classic. Look out for summer on smash. Getting released for July 4th weekend Fuck that 15 year old trashing the gawd mc

  • Anonymous

    haha its unbeleivable you can easily tell that its the fagget no life who keeps writing these bullshit hating ass comments. get off nas dick u groupie hoe.

  • Anonymous

    Marvin gaye shits on this fake gangster called Nas Escobar go do a song with rick ross

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    don't you ever compare the bullshit you do to Marvin Gaye again, bitch.

  • Anonymous

    vol 2 of the young black and gifted series........ more will be coming so stay tuned... make sure u download dat vol 1 too... ITS $$$$FREE MONEY$$$$ check me out on my youtube too... its jus my name b-roll-ya.....

  • Calibeatbox420

    Sadly I think this a filler album to hold us off until we get Lost tapes 2 and the Premo collaboration. This marks his outroduction from Def jam so I really think this will be a lackluster album. Being a huge Nas fan it disappoints me that he still picks wack ass beats. After Stillmatic the beats started to deteriorate, and it's refreshing to see that the hip hop community agrees his beats are so so. I'm keeping my fingers crossed since he has NO ID seems to have a bulk amount of the production. Remi had a few bangers, but seriously he is to Nas what Rob Schnider is to Adam Sandler. Why does he still use him?

  • Anonymous

    salam remi sucks, no one in the game works with him. probably this album will have shitty beats as always with an nas album

    • The MG

      "no one in the game works with him" Well, why won't you say that to The Fugees, Imi Kamoze, Jazmine Sullivan, Big Boi, Nelly Furtado, Jurassic 5, Kevin Lyttle, B.o.B, Usher, Miguel, Anthony Hamilton, CJ Hilton, Canibus, Lil Flip, Joss Stone, Melanie Fiona, I-20, Ludacris, Leona Lewis and Chrisette Michele then?

    • Mortis

      you are the intelligent jew, bubba

  • Anonymous

    Life Is Good but are the beats also GOOD?

  • So Icy Boi!

    Nas aint relevant no more. he needs new artists to stay relevant. he is pity. stop ickridin da great artists from YMCMB u old ass talentless bitch. Lil Wayne is da GOAT. everybody knows it. swag

  • Anonymous

    this nigga still comparing himmself to real greats to big up his own shit? lmao. fuck outta here.

  • Mortis

    Nas has Helen Keller ears. Salaam Remi SUCKS

  • dentaldamboy

    This tells you all you need to know about Jay-Z. Jay didn't listen to Marvin Gaye growing up? He simply doesn't respect any of the greats. No love for Marvin Gaye, Tupac, Eazy-E, D.O.C. Jay is such a snake. No wonder most people surveyed think that he had something to do with the Biggie shooting. Puffy and Jay-Z had the most to gain from killing Biggie.

    • iLLz

      also, i don't even know if its even really that much more popular now, but i could be wrong

    • iLLz

      to be honest...just blaze and kanye west brought soul back to hip hop with the blueprint, but you're right about Here My Dear not being popular(since its depressing as fuck) so its not surprising that Jay never heard it

    • tmone

      Jay didnt hear the album because it was not a popular album not too many people knew about was a flop...Marvin Gaye made the label stop promotion. It became popular as of lately. But Jay is very well versed in old music have you EVER listened to how soulful his albums are??...Jay brought soul back to hiphop with The Blueprint

    • BLACK


    • Stanky

      Fuck you are a retard

  • old head

    slow down nas time will tell

  • Anonymous

    nas is the goat

    • Anonymous

      Word. At least one of the best to still be doing it. Rest of these new skool rappers making me mad as hell

  • iamhiphop

    Hear, My Dear is a good album from Marvin Gaye. Nas says that Life is Good will be like that album; lets hope he delivers.

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