Quincy Jones Criticizes Diddy For Lack Of Musical Knowledge

Quincy Jones says Diddy "couldn't recognize a b flat if it hit him."

Though Diddy has undeniably made his mark in Hip Hop, it appears that one legendary producer remains unimpressed.

Quincy Jones, perhaps best known for his classic work on Michael Jackson's albums Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad, recently had some choice words for the Bad Boy founder at the Spotify Stories Behind the Music event at the Andaz Hotel in Hollywood, California.

Jones spoke with event host Bruno Mars, opining that DIddy "couldn't recognize a b flat if it hit him," according to HipHopWired.

Jones continued, explaining that Diddy's aptitude is in business, not in music. "P. Diddy has a doctorate in marketing, he's got clothes companies, and Ciroc vodka."

The famed producer also recalled his storied career, which included work with Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, and many others. 

"People bought music before they bought clothes or shoes," said Jones of earlier times.

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  • Anonymous

    "Diddy is not exactly known for having musical talent" Just ask Christopher what he thinks. Oh wait. You can't.

  • Anonymous

    Guess what? Diddy is not exactly known for having musical talent. Its like calling a black kettle black.

  • Anonymous

    "What he said is true it's not jealousy its truth" No. It's Quincy's opinion, not the truth. That would be like someone saying Donald Trump doesn't know how to use Turbo Tax. It's a silly shot made by an aging legend.

  • iamhiphop

    These idiots talking about Quincy Jones hating need to slap themselves. While I have some respect for Diddy, Quincy has a right to be critical. This is a guy who produced several urban hits in the past, including Michael Jackson's Off the Wall, Bad, and Thriller, the best-selling album in the world. You can't argue with a guy who's been in the business for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    That is all true. But the fact is most hip hop producers don't know much musical theory. Even some of the great ones. RZA once said he went to a store to buy music equipment and there was one person who said that RZA was not a real music producer. RZA didn't believe that because at the time, the album went platinum. Then the guy asked him to name the C-sharp key and RZA didn't know. It was from there that RZA learned musical theory. Here's the link if you don't believe me: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1667374/rza-wu-tang-sampling.jhtml

  • T Nelson

    U gotta respect OG knowledge

  • Vince

    I still buy music before I buy shoes or clothes, LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Just like stupid monkeys now days to claim he's "hatin" because he gave an honest opinion or stated an obvious fact... What he said is true it's not jealousy its truth. What is wrong with people? Too many sub human/anti-intellectual talking primates have been allowed to spawn offspring and now look what happens...the truth is demonized and make-believe fantasy world points of view are now the majority. Music is crap now ...and nobody is smart enough to even notice. Where are you Apocalypse???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    Quincy Jones... Are you jealous? Diddy has been in the business long enough to know everything he needs too. His money makes money, then turns around and makes other people money. Jones is coming from an older generation where he probably had to work alot harder to get to where he is today.

  • PrickJames

    It's a known fact to real jazz heads that "Q" sucked at the trumpet in his playing days, so maybe it takes one talentless musician to know one... - Quincy's just mad that he can't creep back into pop music like he did with MJ; and his greatness will be spoken of in the past tense 'til his WHITE WOMAN WORSHIPPING, SISTA HATIN' OLD ASS dies... Rot In Pieces Grady... P.S. - Diddy sux too...

  • Anonymous

    All I care about is Diddy's great contribution to American Gangster.

    • Anonymous

      I was surprised when I found out that Diddy helped produce some of the tracks off American Gangster. Usually he's more into pop, but he showed he was capable.

  • PlayBoy

    Its alot of ppl that "couldn't recognize a b flat if it hit them." Some ppl have a ear for music, shit I know ppl that "could recognize a b flat." & still suck... Mr. Jones shouldn't knock Diddy, just cause he MIGHT not be able to recognize a b flat, but Diddy do have a EAR for music... By Mr. Jones making that statement whether true or not, thats one of many reasons why old skool gets no respect... They want to knock the younger generations hustle in the media smh, come on Mr. Jones you got to do better

    • Anonymous

      He's just criticizing him. The thing about kiddies is that they can't take any criticism without getting all butt flustered and calling people haters, because there feelings get all hurt. Besides I bet Diddy already knows this and doesn't give a shit anyways.

  • MusicFan

    Are there any "musicians" in hip hop that know anything about music? Maybe The Roots since they fucking use instruments, but the rest of them....nah can't think of anything.

  • RENCH75

    99% of Hip-Hop producers and beat makers wouldn't know a b-flat if it hit them..Myself included..

  • Rob

    It's always been a joke to me that people consider diddy to be a great producer. He's always the executive producer, but he never makes the beats. It's like saying Suge Knight is a dope producer. The Source putting him as the top producer of all time was the biggest joke in that 100th issue. Quincy Jones is totally right.

    • Anonymous

      I have always been suspicious about diddy's exact capacity as a "producer". he has never struck me as the musically inclined type. he has never shown any interest or insight into it.

  • Anonymous

    people are so bias and one sided its ridiculous. its always "diddy is a no good snake" "he screwed others over to make it to the top" i hear the same bullshit said about jay z on these emotional ass blogs. get a fucking grip. for you to imply that these men deserve nothing they have earned is just so bitch made. these guys work their asses off, are clearly savvy in their fields and clearly have the mind for success. but jst because you dont like them you overlook all the shit the good and respectable qualities about them. you wont find one successful business man that doesnt have a few disgruntled former employees in his past. that is not indicative of dishonesty or betrayal. its inevitable. the truth is there is always enough blame to go around. the hate towards jay z is never objective. its always personal. the same person that says jay z screwed over beanie or whoever is the same person that will call him a faggot big lipped camel in the next sentence. just spiteful shit that hold no objectivity to it. jay z has helped more people than he has "screwed" over. TRUTH.

  • d-nucks

    YA;LL need to stop with all that "QUINCY HATING" bullshit...this man just said the truth....Puffy has not be relevent musically for some time now. QUINCY JONES PRODUCED MICHAEL JACKSONS THRILLER, OFF THE WALL,, AND BAD...... thriller is the biggest selling album of ALL TIME...Quincy don't need to hate on no one.....yall just need to shut the fuck up and listen

    • d-nucks

      @youngsta.....you dumbass..what the hell does your post have to do with KNOWING MUSIC OR NOT. Who gives a fuck he got money..Donald Trump got money..but does he know music like that.....stupid shit..quit diverting the issue to something else. Quincy acknowledge he was a good buisness man.....did you read you retarded mufuca?

    • @youngsta

      Dumbass. Michael is not a child molester. There's no evidence saying that he did.

    • youngsta

      and yet diddy still has more money than grandpa quincy. and the biggest selling album of all time was done by a child molester. lol. how is that something to be proud of dumbass? diddy never produced for someone that vile.

  • youngsta

    grandpa quincy jones is hating on old ass diddy because diddy got more money and made more moves than quincy did. who gives a fuck about a b-flat or whatever the fuck this nigga said? diddy got more hits than grandpa quincy anyway. quincy should go to a retirement home and old ass diddy let his son take over bad boy.

  • JC

    Bitch slapped by the Q

  • Anonymous

    oh my bad just seen it. phew

  • Anonymous

    slava how are you going to mention off the wall and bad and leave out fuck thriller? jesus christ.

  • Dee Nuttz

    The comments here show what's wrong with society. The comments are always a silly debate based off of silly arguments. Both men, Quincy & Sean have contributed to MUSIC in a very great way. Quincy reserves the right to make his opinion known. Why throw monetary figures out there? We are so worried about the next man's success, money, women, etc. that we fail to look @ the big picture. I hate to even use this word but, the "illuminated" crap that has been attached to any successful Black celebrity is ridiculous. You have to ask yourself why isn't this being attached to non-black celebrities. Whenever it's brought up we started "attacking" Black celebrities as if Black folks started a secret society. Can't all of you see the disinformation tactics and confirmation bias being deployed???

    • Anonymous

      Can't all of you see the disinformation tactics and confirmation bias being deployed??? ^ I can.......by YOU....... you were on here the last couple of days posting racial comments. You were the one saying you post comments here on chimpout. You are the one now speaking like you have all the answers, under the guise of "we".

    • Anonymous

      *by white religion

    • Anonymous

      its sad that a black man cant be successful in america without other black people attributing it to extraordinary and supernatural circumstances. how the hell does one "sell the soul to devil" black people have been brainwashed the white religion.

    • Anonymous

      "Can't we all just get along?" -the late Rodney King

  • Anonymous

    real talk. he has the hitmen to do his production work. everyone should know this by now.

  • Max

    The comments section details exactly what's wrong with the music world today.

  • j

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Quincy is legendary. Wish he would comment on Kanyes terrible, just terrible singing

  • what

    You'll say what you want to say on here but you know that nigga is talking right,Diddy real dont know music, like he say. compare work their work or compare diddy work with any good producer and it speadk for itself

  • John Knox

    Some of these comments remind me that people are dumb. Do you fools realize Quincy Jones is one of the greatest producers ever?? LOL.

  • Anonymous

    cmon quincy stop all this , quincy dissed kanye west too , it doesn't matter if you can't recognize a b-flat , it just means your not clasically trained , it matters the idea you have , some records puff produced are genious , the way he sampled those records , i'm not saying he is the best producer dead or alive , but he put some good records together

    • casper21

      a producer not being able to recognize a b flat doesn't indicate whether or not he's classically trained, its indicates whether or not a producer is musically trained period. There are thousands of kids out there that take music lessons and can recognize what Q is talking about. All Diddy really does usually is give a thought here or there as to where he would like a track to go at certain points.

    • Anonymous

      while I agree what you saying, but puff is in no way in the same classfication of kanye.

  • firealarm

    Diddy's worth half a billion, I don't think he cares what QJ thinks. I'm not really a Diddy fan but the guy got his. Can't hate him for it.

    • Anonymous

      biggie had one posthumous album. the biggie duets. he didnt make that much music. for you to suggest that alot of diddy's fortune came from exploiting biggie is fucking laughable. when his products, fashion lines, business ventures and endorsement deal have been raking in the money for years. get real dude.

    • casper21

      sure you can hate him for it, a good chunk of what he's got he attained by exploiting the image and memory of an artist that the genre immortalizes. His ethics are shady and he really has never supported his artists beyond their first release, aside from one or two. Only thing he deserves any credit for are a few of his investments or brands outside of music.

  • dazeone

    Q is a legend and all but he hating ..... Puffy not really doing music no more his brand has evolved ...different times. Just like there is no reason Q could not created a black distribution for blacks......keep talking ...not the biggest Diddy fan but you gotta respect the hustle..

    • at the last comment

      again ... the hating argument ... please recycle your line dickriders and don't say "you're not fond of diddy" just give sense to your point. that's what every dickrider do. you're pretending to be a random dude having no particular like for puff daddy just to make your point look like an objective one bitch just move out the way !

    • Anonymous

      @ anonymous 1 for you to imply that all of diddy's success was built off dirty money (no pun intended) is utterly preposterous and is indicative of a hater. this is coming from a person not too fond of diddy. for you to sit there and give absolutely not credit to his marketing skills work ethic and business savvy just exposes you as a hater. not to say he hasn't screwed alot of young talent over, but just because you personally dont like him does not give you the right to discredit his accomplishments. cant take you seriously.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^^ thankfully someone knows what they're talking about

    • Anonymous

      Hustle ? Really ?? Diddy's success is based upon treasons, plots, and people's career destruction Let me set it straight for you : he signs an artist (e.g. Shyne, Black Rob, G-Dep), he exploits him to the extreme, then he throws him like a wreck. He does not even stand for his artists (e.g. when Shyne caught the case in 2003). This dude sets people up (e.g. the Pac shooting), then he acts like a respectable dude who built his empire on his own. Jay-Z is the same animal. He would not be where he is right now if Dame Dash back in 1989 would not have put the money on the table to set up Rocafella. And Dash fought for this label and Jay-Z's career like a mothafucka !! Then what ?? Jay-Z was named C.E.O. of Def Jam and get rid of Damon the next second ! These people have no morality (at least when it comes to friendship and loyalty). So don't talk bout hustle. Hustle refers to hard work and perseverance. Not to betrayal and greed. Fuck outta here son !



  • Que

    For the last year there's been a lot of music comin out The shit been weak, knowhatI'msayin? A lot of niggaz trying to take hip-hop And make that shit R&B, rap and bullshit ya know what I'm sayin? -RZA

  • Anonymous

    This nigga Q is 117 years old and still being a critique. Sit ur great grandpa ass down and enjoy ur money my nig. I would still fuck the shit outta Rashida Jones though

    • casper21

      I think if anyone has EARNED the right to judge a producer, it Q. Tell me when Mike died was diddy in on all those artists rallying to put out massive tribute tracks, he was on that train, and that's the train Q helped build. Guys like Q are the ones we should be going to for real opinions on today's producers.

  • dentaldamboy

    Diddy is a disloyal snake. Hopefully he has bad karma coming his way. Baby and Slim always stay loyal to family. YMCMB is built to last in the rap game.

    • ^^^^

      You mean to say Lil Wayne?

    • dentaldamboy

      Thank you, Jay-Z is the worst of the worst. He claims to be hard but he never committed a crime in his life. And most of his music is a bunch of superficial love and pop songs.

    • dentaldamboy

      btw Im listening to Fergie.....flossy flossy! man I wish I could be like her though but Im still living a flashy lifestyle. should I say no homo after this?

    • Matt

      Why you even on a hip hop site if you like cash money, that bullshit isnt hip hop. Its pop music made by black people. All that chart music is pathetic, jay z is the most shameless though as he was actually good back in the day.

    • dentaldamboy

      Why would they need to pay producers? Producers should pay them. Working with Wayne or Drake can make a producer's career. Furthermore, they do pay their staff. I'm living that flashy lifestyle.

    • Anonymous

      too bad baby and slim cant pay their producers or staff

  • Anonymous

    Amen Quincy And fuck Puff Daddy (yeah i won't call him diddy) Puff Daddy is a fuckin embarrassment to hip-hop And i won't talk bout what's goin on right now with the Jimmy Henchman case since it's merely a matter of time before Jimmy testifies against Puff and tells the truth about this piece of shit on his involvement on the 94 shooting which brought nothin but a rivalry between Pac and Biggie and the drama which came a few years later after that Puff has done nothin for hip-hop. He just fucked up the career of every artists he worked with : Biggie, Shyne, Black Rob, Mase etc. As far as his artistry negroes please !! He cannot rhyme and he has no flow.

  • Anonymous

    his right some of you olds heads might have head this but years ago loads of people came out saying puff stole there beats and took all the credit he would invite producers to his studio get them to make a beat and would would take it



    • tim

      haha the royalties quincy gets from his michael work alone pre.during.post release of the ORIGINALs is worth more than diddy. imagine his work with other artists.. plus the re-releases.. movie scores.. think my man.. think.

    • Anonymous

      ...yEAH!!!...hE a jEALOUS bitch!!!...

    • Anonymous

      nigga you must be sick....quincy jones royalties alone are worth a shit load

  • lloyd

    his daughter Rashida Jones is gorgeous lol

  • Sbz

    Good music - cruel Summer album snippets http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Bjsb7rHvDlE

  • DAMN

    When you got Quincy Jones calling you a clown, you're near enough finished in the business...

    • Anonymous

      ...Naaaah!!!....He Jealous!!!...Everybody older hates the younger generation!!!...50-60's hate 30-40's & 30-40's hate teenage and 20's....it's been going on forever!!!...

  • Anonymous

    Old head dissin the GOAT smdh


      How is Diddy a GOAT? He is not even in the top 100, Quincy laid the foundation for every producer in black music. Age doesn't mean anything, so use your brain if you have one and respect the pioneers..

    • Anonymous


  • BlackCanseco

    When Q went at Kanye folk dismissed him as an outta touch old man who was bitter and jealous despite the fact that Quincy knows more about music, has accomplished more in music and sold more than Kanye and most everyone else in music hisand was right in his Kanye critique. But since we don't like Diddy we will praise Q's insights and wisdom.

    • Anonymous

      and gets other more talented producers to make his beats just like Diddy. Mainly Mike Dean, who really is one of the GOAT. Everyone forgets Kanye became famous for that chipmunk shit

    • K-Diddy

      Kanye is the thinking man's Diddy. He makes pop music for people who think they know about music but don't.

    • Anonymous

      Diddy has the voice of an angel, dances better than MJ and has greater toothpick control than anybody ever

    • Anonymous

      Real talk. Did MJ not have endorsements? Quincy can't sing either



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