Lamborghini Gives Kanye West's "Mercy" A Thumbs Up: "We Appreciate The Publicity"

Lamborghini responds graciously to the attention Kanye West has garnered for the brand.

Hip Hop has had love affairs with numerous brands, but often times the affection has been a one-way street.

Though Jay-Z and countless other emcees used to shout out Louis Roederer Cristal in their rhymes, the company's managing director Frederic Rouzaud said of the attention from Hip Hop, "[W]hat can we do? We can't forbid people from buying it. I'm sure Dom Perignon or Krug would be delighted to have their business."

The statement was met with a negative reaction from the Hip Hop community, which followed in Jay-Z's footsteps to stop endorsing the popular champagne.

In response to Kanye West's hit song "Mercy," however, Lamborghini is taking a different approach.

The song features a line in the hook, "Lamborghini mercy / Your chick, she's so thirsty," where "mercy" is a reference to Murcielago, a line of Lamboghinis.

“We appreciate the publicity,” said a United States Lamborghini spokesperson to Complex. “But more importantly, we hope Kanye has the opportunity to fully experience the exhilarating performance and technical innovations found in all Lamborghinis.”

“Most owners tell us they’ve had a lifelong love affair with the brand before they actually purchased their Lamborghini,” added the spokesperson. “This is another example of the use of a Lamborghini in various art forms. Communicating success, individuality and creativity are hallmarks of the brand.”

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  • lolka mercy la-ex remix

  • TheON

    Lupe's next single is Lamborghini Angels. Give him props.

  • Anonymous

    Im sure only about 1% that listen to Kanye can afford a Lambo.

  • Redtopp

    guess it did't hurt to have Kim's bigazz ridin shotgun eithe... who cares? How many of 'us' can even spell the name of the car more less actually BUY one...Free publicity--wonder if they gonna give him one??

  • The Observer

    haha, and Ross don't get no big up from Maybach & Aston Martin? Pac got no love from Hennessy? Jay Z no love from Cristal? Busta & Diddy no love from Courvoisier? Birdman gets no shout out from Bugatti? Why don't these artist promote American cars: Ford, Chevrolet and Chrysler? @ the end of the day, these artist continue to talk about these brands coz they aint smart enough to write constructive & deep lyrics or a simple word play without being materialistic its lack of creativity that causes these artist to rap about brands

    • Anonymous

      Oh yea all the time.... like when hes talkiin about puttin hookers in the trunk or ridin around with his dead ex in the passengers seat... dont be a blind motherfucker... Ems not a sellout, but thats not even the point.... the argument here is that Kanyes a fuckin bum

    • Anonymous

      i hear em mention cars all the time in his songs

    • Anonymous

      Em did the fuckin Chrysler ads becuse hes from there... you dont see him puttin fuckin lines about the stupid cars in his lines because theres no fuckin reason to unless he runs out of creativi... and the other idiot said something about smaller mcs with pictures of them with bottles or whatever who the fcuk cares... ITS THE FACT THAT THESE FAKE MOTHER FUCKERS ACTUALY SIT DOWN AND SAY HEY IM GONNA FUCKIN WRITE ABOUT A CAR... this isnt a fuckin car commercial its a song you motherfcuker wirte about personal experiences and life or go become a fuckin car salesman

    • Anonymous

      Eminem did Chrysler, forgot the Super Bowl commercial already? I understand what you're saying, but you're going off on a tangent. I have a Nissan, but it was made in America. There are plenty of songs about candy paint and rims on a Cadillac, or leaning back in a '64, which would be a Ford or a Chevy. And honestly, the mentality of today's fan would have them calling said rap endorser of a Chevy Volt or a Ford Focus BROKE.

    • Anonymous

      maybe they are just rapping about shit they personally like. im sure their goal was not to get endorsement deals on the sly. get over it. even these average niggas out here be posting pictures with bottles in their hands and talking about their favorites brands on twitter all day. there's nothing wrong with enjoy someone else's product. it doesnt have to be reciprocated how many rappers do you dickride all day and never hear back from? exactly.

    • Anonymous

      Look at all the stupid shit that these so called 'real' motherfuckers spit about... Sure alcohols not as bad as fuckin cars, but still, like the guy above me said, if youre not creative enough to write three verses for a three and a half mintue song without being used as a fuckin billboard for some major corporation go back to makin beats you lame ass nigga

  • wouzi


  • str8bird

    808's not hiphop

  • Anonymous

    nah, probably out buying a mink coat that's a foot longer than his height (draggin that shit all on the floor)

  • Playboy Model Lexxie Ryan

    We appreciate the publicity, said a United States Lamborghini spokesperson to Complex. But more importantly, we hope Kanye has the opportunity to fully experience the exhilarating performance and technical innovations found in all Lamborghinis. HA! These Mofo's aren't just happy with a hit song that glorifies your vehicle (one out of 4 right?) and you put in an additional advertisement TO KANYE WEST! Jeez, I doubt when 600 Benz dropped, Mercidies wasn't requesting that Rick Ross should buy one himself. Kanyes out buying Theraflu right now. Follow a Hip Hop Playboy Model @LexxieRyanPbliv and check out my Sexy Youtube channel ;)


    love how these rappers always brag bout those cars and have them in their videos, but everytime u see them around, they in some black SUVs with a chauffeur smh

  • Anonymous

    these niggas dont even like cars like that, they just want whatever is the most expensive to show off, probably cant even drive it like it was meant to be driven

    • Anonymous

      niggas is into fashion and art and dressing like a metrosexual, gay people dont like cars, cars are for men

    • Anonymous

      please explain more how you know so much about these rappers' personal tastes and interests.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-z started the boycott for Cristal not Dom Perignon. Get it right HipHopDX

    • Anonymous

      nigga did u even read the article? thats what homie from cristal said, that don p would be happy to have jay-z's business cause cristal dont want it

  • Dre

    Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Bugatti, Ducati..italian brands are the shit.

    • M

      Lambo, Ducati and Bugatti are owned by the Germans now. They got those Audi engines! Ferrari and Maserati are owned by Fiat. You would never have thought that looking at them. Great cars tho.

  • KNL

    This is funny. Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati would have hated the thought of a coloured man driving their cars not too long ago...but now that it generates publicity it's ok? Same with all these brands LV, Fendi, Armani etc. it used to be coloureds being exploited sowing it in the factories (still is), now they exploiting the same people telling them they got to have it. Love Lamborghini, Ferrari etc. don't get me wrong - but hate how they switch sides overnight in terms of brand association.

  • Anonymous

    Lambos are stupid cars. Koenigsegg blows 'em away in terms of performance and Ferrari and Porsche are both better bang for the buck. Still, it's nice to see a brand not worry about name drops. *cough* Cris *cough*

  • Anonymous

    MERCY = 'Ye being lazy + unforgivable 2Chainz feature Even with that, at least it could be a commercial success but its not. Less than 5 mill YT view in 2 weeks as a lead single? That's not a good look, and that's coming from a Kanye fan. And should I mention Theraflu (Way Too Cold), which was itself the definition of subpar? Damn, Cruel Summer will be more resemble to Watch the Throne then any of Ye's first three LP ... well, still better than 808 & Heartbreaks, LOL!

  • Anonymous

    cars=waste of cash

    • randy

      who are you to sit here and look down your nose on someone with different financial prorities than yourself just because you don't share their interests? of course if you're not into cars you're not going invest in an expensive. that shit would make financial/sentimental sense. im not into videogames, but i know some people that invest alot of money into that shit. but im not going sit here and judge them because they have a different passion from myself. to them its worth the investment. its crazy to me just how self-righteous and some people are. stop trying to preach to people about how to live you self-righteous douche.

    • Com

      Ya'll must be like 15 years old. I agree with the above poster; it's not within your authority to decide what someone should or should not buy. But saying someone must be broke/stupid because they don't see the value in living in excess is exactly how corporations want you to think.

    • Anonymous

      ur a faggot dude who the fuck cares if there people starving, as long as u get bread and head, and u get head by driving a dope ride

    • Anonymous

      you sayin this bullshit cuz you broke as hell

    • Anonymous

      A $30000 car does the same job as a $400000 lambo. It's not about living within means. It's a waste of money. It's all an ego trip. What would you know?

    • Anonymous

      live within your means. don't preach to people of a higher tax bracket about how they should live. they probably give more charity to the "starving" than you ever have.

    • Anonymous

      not broke, there is just no point in spending hundreds of thousands on a lambo. people are starving ya'll!

    • Anonymous

      well, if you broke, im sure the bus can get you places

  • Anonymous

    maybach didnt give a fuck about ross and lv shut his shit down with them fake shades he had on haahaha

    • Fuck MMG

      Rick Ross is lucky he didn't get his ass a lawsuit for diluting the Maybach brand.

    • Anonymous

      ^emotional ass nigga. what he said was a factual statement. not opinion. get over it.

    • hehateme_956

      ^^dude or female must be a ross stan. That dude and his lame crew will get no credit no matter what he do.

    • ewwe

      why do you act like ross hasnt got more endorsements than most rappers from nas to lupe.

    • Anonymous

      i dont remember nas ever getting any shout outs or acknowledge from all those brands and products he put in his raps over the years

    • Anonymous

      niggas like you man. ruin everything. such a cool story spoiled by a bitch ass nigga. it never fails.

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