Strong Arm Steady & Statik Selektah "Stereotype" Tracklist & Cover Art

Strong Arm Steady enlists Black Hippy, David Banner, Casey Veggies and more for their new LP, produced entirely by Statik Selektah.

Strong Arm Steady and Statik Selektah have revealed the cover art and tracklist for their upcoming album Stereotype, releasing on August 14th via Stones Throw Records.

For the project, the West Coast trio links with Statik, who handles the entirety of production on the release. Guest appearances come courtesy of Casey Veggies, Planet Asia, David Banner, Black Hippy and many more.

Head over to to hear snippets from the album, and check out the tracklist and cover art below.

1. Truth of The Truth 
2. Premium 
3. Forever, feat. Chace Infinite 
4. Born Into It, feat. Bad Lucc 
5. Do Ya Thang Girl (JOOK), feat. Casey Veggies and Picaso
6. On My Job, feat. Skeme 
7. LA Blues, feat. Planet Asia and Tri-State 
8. Classic 
9. Through The Motions, feat. David Banner and Fiend 
10. Married To The Game, feat. Chace Infinite and Double R
11. Fair Fight, feat. Black Hippy 
12. Back On Up 
13. Outta Control, feat. Reks 
14. Smoke On, feat. Dom Kennedy and Baby D


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  • def

    I wonder if there's gonna be any sped up soul sample loops on this album? Oh wait, I forgot that's all Statik does. I love SAS, can a brother hear a SAS album produced entirely by THC? That's something I want to hear.

  • Oh damn

    You seriously have to be sh***ting me with that cover?! I could create this piece of s*** within 10 minutes in MS f***ing Paint. The music will be dope but it's about the complete how can you deliver such wack artwork??

  • Lex

    Statik is not a bad producer. It's just all his beats sound the same. And they're kinda boring. He got some good tracks though.

  • Anonymous

    lol statik is ok. he shouldnt be bashed

  • Anonymous

    everybody on here dissin Statik.. Please name an equal or better producer.... PLEASE!!! I really doubt you can....

    • GoReadABook

      I like him, but DJ Premier, Dr Dre, all of Digi+Phonics, Kanye, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder and a lot more are equal or better

  • Hoodgrown

    LMAOOO.. Wow dudes really hate Statik Selektah. Why?


    Sounds like a dope album! Straight Fire!!

  • Vern Troyer

    Statik Selektah SUCKS. No interest. Sorry.


    its funny coz I though this shit has been out for a year. won't be coppin it (cause of Statik) but the tracks with chase infinite, black hippy n dom kennedy are gonna be interesting. west coast in your building

    • S V I N T

      idk I remember seeing a review or some talk about it. I just have this feeling that they already put this out way earlier. the name n the fact that it is with statik sounded mad familiar

    • kayaman

      where did you hear it?

  • Rodrick

    Statik Selektah must work for free or summin, only way I can explain everybody in the game doin an album with him. Every beat he makes sounds like some generic knockoff bullshit that he made in 5 minutes. He doesnt suck totally but he's the least intresting producer working right now, every record he makes gets old after a week. And all you "real hip hop heads" getting ready to flame me with accusations of being a YM fan, I'll just tell you to go fuck yourself in advance, lol one

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