Bubba Sparxxx Owes Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars To Government

UPDATE: Bubba Sparxxx can be added to the who's who list of people who owe money to Uncle Sam.

Bubba Sparxxx is now officially a member of a group with a dubious distinction: emcees who are in tax debt.

Like Bow Wow, Nas, Mase, Lil' Kim, and many others before him, Bubba owes back taxes.

TMZ.com reports that Timbaland's former artist owes $29,266.88 in back taxes from 2006. Originally, the amount was only $15,000, but interest and fees have accrued, doubling what the rapper owed.

The State of Georgia is now reportedly garnishing the rapper's wages through BMI, taking $3,622.45 since March of this year thus far. BMI is responsible for sending out royalties to artists, and the amount garnished was all the money Bubba was owed during that period.

Sparxxx's camp has yet to comment on the matter.

[June 24]

UPDATE: While Bubba Sparxxx owes $30,000 in back taxes to Georgia, the former Beat Club rapper actually owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Federal Government.

"I was having a good time and just wasn't attentive to a lot of issues," he told TMZ. My main issue was Mr. Tax Man, which I neglected because of doing things I had no business doing.

"This past year I have now changed all of that. I have stopped partying and hanging out ... I got a tax lawyer and a business accountant to get my tax situation handled," he continued. "I plan on paying my debt with my new album."

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  • The Observer

    1st getting shot was the marketing gimmick to sell records then followed going jail just to sell records now the new trend is artist not paying taxes then promoting an album so we could feel sorry for them??? GTFOH! lol

  • Bumba

    Is he that broke that he can't pay a lousy $30 000k?

  • lumba

    And Bubba Sparxxx, he just won't write, because he's so caught up in that snow white, that Timbaland can't even get him in the studio, he's so gone off that coke, right. And it's so sad, cause he's dope right, America's next great white hope right?

  • Anonymous

    "I Plan on paying my debt with my new album" That statement literally made me cringe. Bubba's new album isnt gonna make enough money to pay that back.

    • Timbo

      yeah only Timbo can bring this nigga back to the limelight

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly. I respect his endeavor to make things right, but be realistic. If he would have an album dropping tomorrow, it wouldn't sell more than ~7-8k. Playing the independent game is the only way for him, and linking up with Timbo is a must. I suspect that we're going to see Bubba featuring Timbo's dance tracks soon ...

    • Anonymous

      True. I was thinking like "yeah that's what's up handle yo' business homie. We all did some dumb irresponsible shit in the past. It's a part of growing up". Then I read the last quote like c'mon son...

  • Anonymous

    Problem is, he's not hot.

  • Slava can't do math?

    If they are saying its the 29,000 plus an additional 30,000, thats 59,000. HOW IS THAT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS? Thats your headline too. Are you trying to be misleading or are you just that unable to make sense of numbers? I mean its a pretty straightforward idea. Our gov needs to spend less and they'd be able to harass those that make money less too.

    • imackg

      maybe you should read just a little bit better there homie. 30 grand to the state 100+ to the feds. 2 different taxing bodys. 2 different totals.

    • ntrx

      Haha, stop being such a smartass; it's not working out for you. $30,000 is just $29,266.88 rounded up. BESIDES THAT, he owes some money to the government. And if you don't know, now you know... FOOOOOL.

  • Anonymous

    It's gettin' UGGGLAAYYYYY!!!!

  • too much

    This is too much. Can someone tell me why rappers are liberal yet always seem to be in trouble for not paying taxes. These guys (all of them) are just hypocrites IMO. Someone else just put out a list below and I noticed that the names are all rappers who support big tax increases. The game is too sleazy thats why its justice that none of these guys can sell what they use to.

  • nickrazor2000

    Damn DX, Yall are quick to put someone on front if they aint paid thier taxes. Thats kinda fucked up

  • fredvn

    this is a joke lol bubba cant stay of coke long enough to do another good album he is screwed i thought he was dead for awhile but its like young buck only his carrer is

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: ^ People are cutting and pasting stuff from the DIctionary just to make a point? OK +++++++++++++++++++ MY MY MY DO U KNO HOW TO USE THE INTERNET? SEE HOW I C&P'D U? IT'S COPY & PASTE BTW I'D RATHER C A C&P OF ACTUAL FACTS THAN SOME FCUKBOI TALK I KNO THAT AIN'T TRUE & WE ALL HAVE A SEARCH BAR

  • dentaldamboy

    30k? Please anyone on the YMCMB roster makes more than that per show.

  • Anonymous

    "his new album is crazy dope!" Yet it will still go triple copper.

  • Anonymous

    i kinda like dudes albums but lil wyte is the white rapper that puts out that hardcore his new album is crazy dope!

  • Anonymous

    white trash faggot

  • Anonymous

    He better start recording.

  • jesterxxl

    Is this the new trend to follow Snoop, Nas, D, Fat Joe, Buck & Kim an the list goes fuckin on!!!

    • Really???

      "people dont pay thier taxes everyday B...crunch" *camron as rico voice

    • Anonymous

      ^ People are cutting and pasting stuff from the DIctionary just to make a point? OK

    • Anonymous

      jester - a professional clown employed to entertain a king or nobleman in the Middle Ages motley fool, fool merry andrew, buffoon, clown, goof, goofball - a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior ^ and you're happy to name yourself an extra extra clown? Why would anyone in cyberspace take you seriously?

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