T.I. Talks Missed Opportunity To Sign Chief Keef

T.I. also praises Chief Keef for serving as the voice of a generation.

Chief Keef was fielding offers from several labels during a recent bidding war, but inevitably ended up signing with Interscope Records. T.I. was one of the interested parties who threw his hat in the ring and failed to ink a deal with the young rapper.

During an interview with MTV News, Tip stated that he tried to coax Keef into signing with Grand Hustle, but that he's happy that he ended up in the right place. "The opportunity existed, but I never put my own personal wishes before the best interest of the next person," he said. "I'm just happy that he's able to do whatever's best for him and his family and to move forward as a person and to progress in life. As long as he's doing that, I'm happy."

He also praised the "I Don't Like" rapper for voicing a generation, stating that he stands up for a faction of the country that has difficulty being heard. "Chief Keef, I feel like he represents a part of America," he said. "He represents a part of the youth in America that ain't really got a voice right now. We looking at 'em, and we're seeing the results of their actions, but we ain't really listening to 'em, and I think you gotta have a representative of each generation in order to understand what they dealing with."

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  • Cordell taylor

    T.I. point is if you've ever been to worldstarhiphop and ilpvideo dot com you will notice that the youth are posting "their voice" and actions that are tantamount to felons and misdemeanor convictions. The police, FBI, CIA, ATF and others don't perform any investigative work anymore- just log on to these two sites and see black young men (aspiring rappers many) uploading themselves with starring roles to criminal activity; just dumb- so Chief Keef getting a record deal and publishing deal hopefully can transition him to adulthood where us grown ups don't commit as much crime. Its a celebration for Chicago and T.I. is publicly showing love for the brotha. The meek mill situation, young Dro and Kuntry thing are all different scenario's and shouldn't be intermixed

  • Anonymous

    You guy dont know crap about Grand Hustle. First of Meek Mill left because T.I. was in and out of jail and didn't have enough time to work with him. An well Young Dro and Kuntry well the need to lift there own ass up and make album they can't have tip do it for them.

  • Anonymous

    Grand Hustle Isn't The Best Label To Sign To. B.o.B. Was Gonna Make It Big Regardless of What Label He Got Signed To. Dro and Kuntry Disappeared Off The Face of The Map.

  • Fuck Bankhead

    This nigga just MAAAAAAAAAD cause he couldn't get the great Meek LOL lame ass nigga

  • MF

    I usually don't blog. I read HHDX EVERYDAY. I had to say this...Chief Keef is whack. & I'm from Georgia.

  • thevoyce

    Why would anybody sign with T.I after what he did to Meek Mill, Young Dro, and the others?

  • Anonymous

    It's not about if Keef is making music with actual merit that gets him signed, it's the fact there's a much bigger market of kids buying that shit and making labels big money selling it. Most people have bad taste in music, a lot of them will listen and buy just whatever they think everyone else is listening and buying, and at the end of the day corporate hip-hop is selling an image - not actual music.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody can get money dude, but can you tell them how to have a career? There's a better chance of someone getting into the industry being an accountant who helps these rappers pay their taxes than "having hope" of spitting 16s and making millions. They have a better chance of getting work in an advertising agency placing their favorite rapper's music in a commercial than signing a recording contract. They have a better chance learning roofing, plumbing, or being an electrician and working on a rapper's house than being a high profile rapper. THAT"S GETTING MONEY TOO. You're part of problem telling them the same old same old, but giving no type of direction whatsoever. Y'ALL NIGG*S TOO BUSY WANTING TO BE RAPPERS AND HAVING "HOPE" BECAUSE A TEENAGER SIGNED A CONTRACT & CALLING YOUR PEOPLE "HATERS" WHILE YOU ARE LETTING THE WHITE PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE LUCRATIVE JOBS/CAREERS. P_E_A_C_E

    • Anonymous


    • B-K

      Fake shit. True rappers don't rap for money.

    • fan

      Real Shit... Nuff said...

  • MrGetMoney87

    Aye at the end of the day I don't give a fuck he just another young nigga that made it off the streets. He's probably a bigger boss than most of you cats that are talking shit about him. The young nigga bossed up on you hatas. Get that money my nigga hold your head up. Stay the fuck away from these so called hip hop blog sites. Hip hop use to be about expressing yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I respect Chief Keef for having his own sound, so forget about them brainless haters.

    • Anonymous

      Like he's the only one with his own sound. We don't blame you for not understanding, your programmed so that you hate knowledge and intelligence.

  • bkstylz

    Rap music is on it's way out. This nigga Chief Keef is straight garbage and for all these labels to want him and a big label like interscope to sign him tells me they have succeeded in completely watering down and fucking up the only genre of music I really love.

  • krzymyk

    what yall fail to understand is that there 100s of thousands of people out there just like chief keef. you've never met them and if you have you probably wrote them off at first glance. but those people that you write off, he speaks for THEM, not you! He gives them some glimpse of hope. you just dont understand. but i cant blame you.

    • Anonymous

      I cannot blame you for not understanding either. This whole system is made for you to consume, not be intelligent and understand what is really going on. There are hundreds of thousands of Black success stories out there, plenty of strong households, plenty of Blacks who are really doing something BESIDES music. You don't hear about them. You don't hear Blacks with their strong political views like you hear Bill O'Reilly & Rush Limbaugh. You still turn on the TV and hear about the violence and problems. They're still showing you that the only way out is by being a RAPPER, athlete, or drug dealer (BAWSE!). What was it again that I don't understand? Because there is WAY MORE HOPE in life than this oh-so-great signing, and this is not a knock on Keef. Keef is a pawn in this big chess game.

    • Anonymous

      I don't give a fuck who he speaks for. He sucks as a rapper and as an artist. He speaks for losers if you ask me.

  • Darius

    I'm getting annoyed by rappers giving these ridiculous ass opinions on other rappers that likely won't even be around in the next 2 years...Chingy, Hurricane Chris, Shop Boyz, Mims, etc. Quit praising other niggas and worry about your own buzz.


    ::::::::::::::::ATTENTION:::::::::::::::: Yessir & so icey boy are the same person, if u want their ridiculous trollish bullshit post to come to a end, JUST IGNORE THEM!!! Eventually he will stop!!!!

  • gsonii

    I mess with TIP but Chief Keef is just another retard.

  • Anonymous

    Let's be for real here, TI missed the dollar signs. Voice of the youth? Hell no. Blacks have such a rich history on this Earth from ancient civilizations to inventions that are used to this day. This kid is now employed by a company that was implicated as a part of a major drug ring that also employed a known confidential informant and the teenager is from a city that is in a major upheaval as of this very moment. Honestly, I see it as nothing but entrapment for the G's in Chi-town. TI has been compromised, so I cannot take his words on face value. And another teenager given millions where I can see he has no true knowledge of self can never be seen as a voice for the future, because this is saying the new youth basically have no way out besides being another dumbed down rapper instead of being a leader in a different profession. None of you want to be international ambassadors, translators, inventors, venture capital owners, business owners, doctors, lawyers, LEADERS? You just want to follow what's hot and accepted? Your choice. Rap music ain't going to be the way out for most of you. What's your Plan B? Billions have chased a dollar and FAILED. What makes YOU so different? Even Vanilla Ice, who sold millions of records is more like a broke ass human than a rich person where life is good. Best wishes to Keef and all searching for the truth of life.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not quite sure why everybody was droolin over this dude.....But you know what...its NOT ABOUT GOOD MUSIC....its about how many you supporters you can accumulate. And I guess this dude proved that he has a big enough follower where people see dollar signs. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT THIS DUDE. I've given him a chance..and I can't get pass the first 15 seconds of any of his songs. Maybe he has some material the ONLY THE INSIDE INDUSTRY HAS HEARD...and its on some TUPAC MACKAVELLI SHIT......just a wild guess...thats all i got. But if this nigga is the future of hiphop or the next big think.....I'M GOING COUNTRY.

  • Anonymous

    fuq t.i. bitter ass

  • Anonymous

    Lord help us if chief keef is the voice of the new generation

  • Anonymous

    And people sltop saying hip hop is slowly dying there are so many talented artist out there you just gotta do your research... its the mainstream thats dying thats why alotta these dudes stick to independent labels and so they don't get fucked financially. cheif keef is at his peek already his career is gonna sink real quick. stop saying hiphop is dead though that shit is just retarted

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    T.I is such a flip flop minded person.. first he was against the kinda music chief keef and artist like that release.. now he's praising him? voice of the generation my ass you want someone like chief keef to influence kids through his music? gtfo here.. he's trash. he's like a trapstar version of lil b. Fuck this

  • Anonymous

    I thought waka flocka was the voice of the mentally challenged?

  • Mortis

    Youtube Chief Keef interviews....his garbage ass can't even speak......he is retarded....special ed.....special needs...a fucking timmy timmy lima lie timmy.....


    Guess this guy is poppin now???? All I been hearing about is he signed with Interscope. I respect the fact that he made it @ age 16. I'ma artist my self, but he has a long way to go, not saying he wack. He brings a lot of energy to the game. I would place him with waka flock, gucci, Lil B, and soulja Boy type of music. Theres def. a lane for it. He representing his era and where he from, I can dig it. If you don't like his music, then simply don't listen. CHECK ME OUT @ RELLMUZIK.COM

  • Chunk Dogg

    Man has anyone heard this Chief Keef guy? He is pure garbage. Hip hop is dead. I think I'm starting to agree with this statement.

  • jay

    nobody wanted to sign chief keef before ye' remixed his shit..now errbody acted like they was rocking with him from the start

    • Anonymous

      You gotta understand one thing about the rap business it's more than what the eye catches. Trust me don't none of them wanna really sign dude he probably has a few real gangstas backing him who make it happen for him with connects to these higher lever artists which most artists you see in the game have.

  • person

    this is proof that hip hop is slowly dying.

    • True

      Seriously.. Its like he doesnt even listen to the lyrics. I didnt know screaming "a bitch nigga, thats that shit i dont like" was voicing for a generation.

  • Anonymous

    Hes not fuckin being the voice of me thats for sure.. chief keefs sooo bad

  • youngsta

    fuck all u faggot haters. ti might be an old ass nigga but he's right. chief keef represents the youth. everywhere you go, what do the kids sing? "a bitch nigga, that's the shit i don't like". keef is popping right now and this dude is the next big thing. keep hating you old ass stuck in the 90s niggas.

    • Chunk Dogg

      Word son talkin sense there

    • Anonymous

      There are so many things worng here... TI being praised as the old guy who likes the youth when hes really just name droppin and he thought he could sign his faggots ass to make a quick buck. Why the fuck would TI, a real motherfucker who had to struggle with dealin in atlanta before he made it rappin, respect this fucker for doing nothin in his career, he knows hes just gonna he hot for a minute then fade like the rest of the fads. When you try to make a point then start it with "everywhere you go, what do the kids sing?" strips away any credability you might of had. Yes, because when I want to find out what music to listen to, I just pop by my local middle school playgorund... And by what fucked by standard would a 22 year old born in '90 be considered an old ass? Fuck, the '90s had better music than the last decade, we should all be so lucky to get stuck there.

  • OUCH!

    Stupidest shit i ever heard T.I. say, Dude is terrible and hes not the voice of shit. hes look GOOD music jumped on his song & made him pop off. get that money while u can kid, ur career is not gonna last...

  • Unknown

    Has anyone ever watched that mike judge movie "Idiocracy"? Because it's articles like this that make me think we're getting closer to it.

    • elementz

      It's a scary sight unfortunately. That movie basically foreshadowed everything that we see or about to see.

  • LoveLife&Music

    Fuck T.I Fed ass nigga


    Just heard that Bruce Reignn hip hop album/mixtape!!! It's something out of this world!!! He also got a couple of other tracks for free download. It's a must hear!!! http://kaotik.bandcamp.com/album/off-da-meter-freestyles

  • Anonymous

    They bidding over this garbage ass nigga

  • yallthinkimplaynhuh

    T.I's dumb ass said He reps a part of the youth that dont have a voice!?! And its good that most of the YOUTH dont have a voice because children say dumb shit most of the time. So we dont wanna here another dumb weed head talking trying to sell records. Where the fuck is Hip Hip?

  • Anonymous

    Why they talking like this young dude is the second coming of someone with talent? I am not hating, I just havent heard anything from the Young Homie that makes me think he represents a Generation at all.. He might represent his Hood, but that is about it.

    • yESHMESH

      Ignore T.I. Cuz he's clearly out of touch. By saying that a half retarded degenerate speaks for the American youth, he immediately insults them. SMH

  • Mortis

    What the fuck is a Chief Keef?

  • ThaKritic

    This nigga T.i. is not serious.. Chief Keef aint gon last.. N if he do.. He'll have a small audience. I fuck with "I don't Like" i bops to it.. but the rest of his mixtape str8 garbage.. sounds the same.. Niggaz jockin lex lugar swagg and keef jockin' that guccie mane soulja boi madness.. T.i. U lost my respect for this one. #StopIt

  • Liquor and Karate

    "Chief Keef, I feel like he represents a part of America,"....and who would that be? the niggas that choose to be mentally retarded?Niggas that cant formulate a sentence? a popped bitch, that's that shit I don't like I got a bad bitch, yeah that bitch right We smoke dope all day, all night You smoke Reggie, that's that shit I don't like We got a fucking Audi that bitch all white Pull up on your bitch, bet she gonna like Sosa bitch, yeah, I done gon' hype .....THis nigga is lucky them G.o.o.d dudes liked the beat if anything they should look for that nigga burnt porkchop and hook him up.

  • killer barb

    yall heard one song by cheef and you dont't like him or you think hes just gonna be a one hit wonder,my reply to that is YOU TRYING TO BE A PHSYCIC OR SOME SHIT?? haha you dont know what hes gonaa sell

  • Jay

    Wtf?? Is T.I. on crack or something??

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe this kid has all this buzz from 1 mixtape which i gave a listen and turned off after about the 3rd track


    What the fuck is T.I. smoking? Nas @ 18 was painting pictures. Lupe Fiasco breaks down what's fucking wrong with our society/country/world. Even J.Cole & Kendrick Lemar do more. Props to Keef for getting signed, but he ain't sayin nothing special.



  • Hip Hop Fan

    I don't think T.I missed out on anything. Cheif Keef isn't that good and the only reason people know of him is because G.O.O.D Music jumped onto his track I don't like, otherwise we wouldn't know of this guy. I also believe that Keef will not make a big impact on Hip Hop but I could be wrong as worse artists have made it big due to effective and well placed marketing.

    • Anonymous

      i know right? i dunno why everyone is raving about keef. his rhymes are garbage. there are 1000's of kids on youtube who rap better than him who dont get a chance. thanks to kanye & GOOD everybody heard his shitty song.

  • Anonymous

    chief keef is not that poppin only reason everyones after him is cuz kanye remixed his song n kanye did it so he could seem like hes still in touch with chicago chief keef will not sell more than 70,000 copies of his album in total n i got a rack on that

  • Anonymous

    oh yea sum douchebag wack ass rapper named "CHIEF KEEF" is a GREAT example to our already highly fucked up younger generation -____________- NOT the smartest statement to come outta TIs mouth.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Chief Keef. He doesn't represent my generation.

    • Anonymous

      And Fuck TI while we're at it. The last thing the black community needs is more drug addict felons serving as representatives.

  • RSX

    ...all I know is, I'm 21, and he sure as fuck doesn't represent me or anyone I associate. He belongs back in the ghetto slanging coonery to the uneducated. Keep his shit off of my airwaves.


    I am 18 years old and Chief Keef does not represent me at all.

  • kayaman

    a bitch nigga thats the shit i dont like....how the fuck does that represent the youth? hahahaha

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