Lil Wayne Explains Why He Pulled Nicki Minaj From Hot 97's Summer Jam

Lil Wayne says that he honored Nicki Minaj's feeling of being disrespected by pulling her from the show.

Shortly before Nicki Minaj was scheduled to take the stage at Hot 97's Summer Jam, Lil Wayne tweeted that he pulled her from the lineup. It was later revealed that radio personality Peter Rosenberg had made comments about her single "Starships" being "bullshit," and that she felt disrespected and decided not to perform.

Weezy broke his silence on the matter during an interview with MTV News, stating that he was honoring his associate's feelings by canceling her appearance.

"First of all, I approached the situation like this: that's a female, first and foremost," he said. "Nicki Minaj is a female. I don't know what anyone else believe, but I believe that females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter what, where, when or how. So as soon as she called me and said she felt disrespected, I just declined everything and pulled her from the show because first of all, no person that works with me - because no one works for me - no person that works with me will be disrespected in my presence as long as I'm on this planet."

He also said that he has no hard feelings towards Hot 97, but that he stands by his decision.

"And like I said, she's a female, first and foremost, so I expect the red carpet - in her manner, the pink carpet - to be laid out for her. But like I said, it's just an executive move, no bad feelings, no hard feelings. It's just like I said, in my opinion, she says she was disrespected. That's a woman. I feel like a woman is supposed to be respected at all times. Therefore, I feel like I made the right decision."

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  • Accst

    This wack ass talkin about respectin' females, wah da fuck is wrong w this guy

  • shania williams

    lil wayne is fye and sme of my friends diss like hym but i think he fye and his swagg is crazy lil wayne can change an ugly swagg unto a swagg that cute and pretty

  • Anonymous

    i think lil wayne is fucking bum ass bitch, he must be bipolar like game!!!

  • Anonymous

    why is this site so full of haters and shit like that, seriously dont y'all got other things to do than hate on people making money? how do y'all live with so much hatred in you? im very sure y'all blacks right, the pessimistic type that categorize everything as racism... i feel so sorry for you 'H.aving A.nger T.owards E.veryone R.eaching S.uccess'... jealousy is love and envy at the same time, remember that

  • Anonymous

    I don't get why female rappers are pushed as being equal to male rappers, but then guys like Lil Wayne make the case her being a female matters in anything. Which is it? Why does it matter whether she's female or not in honoring a decision? Pick one. Besides it was bullshit she pulled out a show just because Rosenberg said his opinion out loud. People like her need to honor their fans who bought tickets and came to see them perform, not get hung-up on what one guy said about a song that is shit anyway. It's just pretentious and all it did was punish the fans just to hold a bunch of egos high.

  • Anonymous

    "then its the publics job to care about what the fuck that person is doing" Unless you're getting a % of Wayne's sales and touring, your opinion means nothing. Hate hinders personal progress.

  • Nuff said....

    ::::::::::::::::ATTENTION:::::::::::::::: Yessir & so icey boy are the same person, if u want their ridiculous trollish bullshit post to come to a end, JUST IGNORE THEM!!! Eventually he will stop!!!!

  • hjghjkgk

    Ridiculous, you slap your team and rag on women in your lyrics you fucking hack

  • the-dopest

    BULLL SHIITTT!!!!!! RESPECT???!!? IS THAT WHY YOU STAY GETTING CHICK PREGNANT?!?! or maybe why you stay at the strip club?!?! or why YOU yourself respect them sooo much that you call them Hos and Bitches?! you got in your feelings cause rosenberg called YOUR music YMCB what it is... BS COMMERCIAL OVER HYPED "MUSIC"

  • chaboi614

    Just one more time HATERRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  • mercy mercy

    Tf r yall retarted...... so u sayin women r bitches? ya he talks about bitches but bitches dont equal all women get yo facts straight .. have yu heard his single ''how to love'' that song is 4 all the classy women who respect themselves ....... he said respect WOMEN he didnt say shit about bitches dat dont respect themselves

  • John-Boy

    "I don't know what anyone else believe, but I believe that females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter what, where, when or how". Is this the same guy who said "beautiful black woman I bet that BITCH look better red?"

  • Ricky Rozay

    This jeggin wearing ass faggot dont want none of Pusha cuz Pusha would murk his shitty ass on the mic. Waynes punchlines aint no match for Pushas lyrics. YMCMB a bunch of faggots. Look out for GFID, shit gon be a classic niggas!!! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SuperNovaPlus

    Damn bro!! Those years of sipping that lean have really wrecked his thought piece. I'm glad I'm not the only one who recognizes the total hypocrisy in what this clown is saying. What a turd.. Alot of people felt that single was cow dung. Look at the difference in album sales compared to her debut. CLOWNS!!

  • Its Um

    Coming from you wayne, that's real funny, I'm truely lmao.

  • fucking moolies

    id rather listen to nails on a chalkboard then either of these stupid niggas

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lil wayne if that's what how you think women deserve to be treated you best stop calling them "bitch" in yerr tunes. fuckin dumbass.

  • Official

    Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne are Officially Dating didnt u know

  • Hip Hop Fan

    So according to Wayne because she is a female DJ's or radio personalities are not allowed to comment on her music. I see no problem with what Paul Rosenburg said because Starships is not a a rap track and follows the blueprint of a pop track. Also, let's all respect females like Wayne. He made songs disrespecting females. Let's not forget how he has multiple kids with numerous women, such respect. SMH...

  • Fossie

    Dammn her music is pop !!Why is so commercial?Because she wants to make a lot of money in her career and doesnt give a fuck about hiphop ....thats ok.....but why is she crying like a 2 year old baby when somebody critisizes her bullshit song?Unbelievable !!!Fuck all this bullshit!!!

  • nickrazor2000

    Of course as you know now, they are both complete hypocrits. Does weezy not remember making a crappy song where the hook goes "Ill make it rain on you bitches"? Does nikki not remember making a crappy song where the hook goes "Im A stupid hoe"? this shit blows my mind. Its funny but yet very sad.

  • wow...

    really wayne????? "hop up on that dick & do a full split"... yeah bro. respecting women. GTFOH!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    he pulled her out before summer jam dissed her


    you feel "women should be respected at all times" I can tell by your music....DA FUCK OUTTA HERE

  • jay

    ????????????????????? weezy we dont believe you.

  • kb

    "man fuck these bitches, i swear i care bout everything except these bitches"

    • BT

      "bitches" and "women" are two different things KB. Tupac said it best. "You wonder why they call you bitch"

  • Anonymous

    If he respected women as much as he says you would think he would take the time to rap about them in a well educated articulate manner but no its all suck this pussy and fuck this pussy and spray this pussy and other child like ways to express how you lost your virginity, nothing but lies

  • Violator

    Lol, how ironic, Weezy has said some of the most vile shit about women that I ever heard!

  • Krizzle

    Man fuck that shit, this isn't about being a female, so just because Nicki is a female we gotta like every bullshit she brings out, uh uh

  • Anonymous

    "fuck bitches get money"--lil wayne

  • TheDUke

    What a fucking loser

  • Anonymous

    Nicki is trash anyway. She got her feelings hurt and called Wayne to pull that stunt. Funny how she is from NY and gets no love from Them at all.

  • Wankster

    Yea, sure women deserve the ultimate respect at all times, no matter what says Mr. "I wish I could f*ck every girl in the world" These people are stupid and so are the listeners that buy into it.

  • Real Talk

    I just realized how many of you are bitches, Nikki felt disrespected so end of story, Wayne made a boss decision, you act like Nikki needed that show money, every where she performs its a sellout, and there is a diff between a bitch and a woman, Y'all really digging that deep to hate on Wayne is ridiculous, its probably the same nigga to that stay on all the YMCMB articles, hahaha at least they keep you busy during the day, You guys will have a lot of free time when YMCMB starts to lose popularity, till then enjoy your time staying up to date on every YMCMB article.

  • Dave

    What I gathered from person, because no person, no person that works with Lil Wayne shall be disrespected. He's an idiot.

  • not defending the song it sux

    When Wayne talks about a Bitch or a Hoe in a song he doesnt mean a Woman. Not all Women are bitches. Women deserve respect, bitches don't.

  • SiZZle

    Lil Wayne sucks and is a straight bitch. Good job helping this loser get famous and rich America!

  • NoooSIR

    this just in!! weezy is fucking BABY!

  • Anonymous

    i smell pussy is that u wayne

  • FuKKK NiKKKi Minaj

    This bitch catch feelings everytime someone opens their mouth to talk about her silly ho just goes crying to Lil Wayne lmao



  • FuKKK NiKKKi Minaj

    I agree with what faggot said females should be respected but NiKKKi is not a female it's just a monstrosity therefore it doesn't deserve any respect and should be killed.

    • Anonymous

      man please. if he respected females he wouldnt have 8 baby mommas and calling them hos and sluts. i hope someone blackball all them niggas

  • Adub

    "I believe that females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter what, where, when or how." Can someone over at XXL give this fool a 'negro please' for this statement...

  • Anonymous

    i didnt think it was possible for me to like this little gremlin homo any less, but this incredibly hypocritical display makes me want to bash his face in even more

  • Hip Hop

    Both Wayne and Nicki are bunch of prima-donnas that need tampons. Rosenberg didn't even attack Nicki personally, he just said that Starships was wack. Nicki got butthurt about it and Wayne heard about this and bitched the whole team out of Summer Jam. YMCMB: pop pussies

  • anon

    "I respect women " "I don't listen to what a bitch say"- lil wayne

  • anonymous

    ... now hop up on this dick and do a full split.

  • Anonymous

    "I believe that females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter what, where, when or how." Shut up bitch, gargle

  • Anonymous

    It was overreaction, fans lose who gives a fuck, thats rosenberg's decision, not the fans.

  • Anonymous

    He can do whatever he wants too. Why do you simple minded fucks care?

    • Anonymous

      thats a dumb idea. if a person is a public figure and has their face everywhere then its the publics job to care about what the fuck that person is doing.

  • losers

    do yall get paid to hate on young money because some of yall act like its your job please get a life and get some money so you can gets young moneys dick out yall mouths

  • Anonymous

    i stopped reading as soon as i read that lil wayne pretended to say that "all females deserve respect at all times" nigga please you dont give a fuck about females this is a bullshit ass article

  • thought dog

    So making it rain on strippers and pouring champagne on women is respectful these days?

  • codsod

    First of all when wayne raps about bitches or whatever hes not talking about anybody specific so hes not disrespecting anybody hes right when he says anybody that works for him shouldnt have to be disrespected so he made the right decision

  • jackdom

    he def made the right decision to pull her because she was disrespected and he made a good decision because he is the boss

  • moneymaser

    Its crazy how all of yall claim to hate young money so much and think there garbage but take the time out of your day to read there articles and comment..dickheads

  • sety

    So as soon as she called me and said she felt disrespected,... really Nikki???? Every interview she has been on she mentions.." yeah, some how word got back to Wayne"... smh,,, Nikki.. "GROW THE FUCK UP" She pretty much cried to Wayne... smh

  • iamhiphop

    The hypocrisy in Wayne's words is ridiculous. This is the same dude whose songs contain misogynic lyrics and he's talking about respecting females? GTFOHWTBS!! That's like Rick Ross talking about losing weight, Lindsay Lohan talking about not drinking, Jerry Zandusky talking about pedophilia, Casey Anthony takling about caring for your child, etc. The point is, don't be a hypocrite. P.S.: Why should we respect a female pop singer who appears half-naked in almost every video and calls other women bitches and hoes.

    • dubs

      real talk - none of the people you mentioned cried to their "co workers" about someone disrespecting them and then cancelled a show.....

    • @Real Talk

      How does Wayne's dick taste? Besides, Wayne is just talking outta his ass while defending his money cow. He's the last person who should be talking about respecting women, when all of his music is is doing the opposite.

    • Real Talk

      since u made that claim, might as well hold every other rapper accountable to it to, Nas, Rakim, RZA, The Chef, all have rapped about killing selling drugs, but on interviews, preach about bringing unity, and for the kids to do better. Y'all get WTF wayne was talking about, you just picking any little thing to hate, and I don't know y the fuck i took time out my day to address u, but fuck it I did, so FUCK YOU GUYS ALL- Peace

    • Anonymous

      I got on here to say almost exactly the same thing.. she on a song called "ass" where all she doin is shaking her ass and wayne talkn about respect? how about some self respect haha CO SIGN

    • Anonymous

      because lit wyane is a silly hoe

    • ^^^^

      Co sign. The message: practice what you preach.

  • HipHop101

    "no one who works with me will ever be disrespected while im on the planet" - Lil Wayne. He must of missed when Eminem said he wants to stick his "Paynus in her Anus" on fast lane.....SCURRED

    • Hyzenburg

      Eminem and Nicki did a record together and he was being tongue-in-cheek on "Fast Lane." Nicki is still a literal diva/prima donna though...she can't say she's coming for Jay-Z's spot and then go crying to Daddy/Weezy when someone voices their opinion about her music.

  • Ha

    Someone need to tell lil Wayne stop smoking its killing his brain Cells for real, this nigga talking about respecting women at all time and i can play one of his song and it disrespect every black women on earth, including his mother.(white woman excluded ofcose our women have better class than blacks)

  • YO!

    YO! I can think of 1,000 Lil Wayne lyrics that say otherwise (as far as his "respect" for women)

  • Cmon nigga

    She deserves respect as a "female" but her name is Minaj as in threesome. Bitch/ Nigga Pleaze! Stop the gimmicks, she don't represent my mom and my sister , not with no name with Minaj in it. Hell no F.O.H. (FUCK.OUTTA.HERE.)...I smell publicity stunt cuz if that album was plat. she would've touched the stage no problem.

  • What

    Are you kidding me he believe a woman should be respected at all time, has anyone listen to any of his album lately, the words bitches an hoes that he refer to famale are respecting them, ok i got it it a black thing and their woman are bitches and hoes and that the ultimate respect too black females got it, its a black thing

  • Real 100% Good Man

    I respect all women, because that's what real men do. Only men who are cowards disrespect women. Lil Wayne made the right choice and that DJ is a coward.

    • Bigg Homie Locc Dogg

      That STARSHIP SONG is pure garbage, and calling it out for what it is is not a "dis"... BTW, any woman that makes a video with herself in a CAGE, with her mouth open wide, and her butt stickin' up like a wide reciever, aint git no respect...

    • Hyzenburg

      Yeah, Weezy did the right thing, but Nicki doesn't get to talk about coming for Jay-Z's spot, then drop half of a rap album and cry about someone calling her out for it.

    • Anonymous

      Respect isn't making an adult's decisions for them because you think they're weak because they are a woman. You're just cloaking your misogyny through protectiveness.

    • ^^^^

      But why respect a woman who doesn't respect herself?

  • okthen

    No, he knew she'd be booed out of the place with her bullshit pop music. So he DID make the right move overall

  • Anonymous

    "I don't know what anyone else believe, but I believe that females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter what" Have you heard your own lyrics!?

  • Anonymous

    "I don't know what anyone else believe, but I believe that females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter what, where, when or how." And that's why you have fathered many children with different women without ever staying committed to any relationship.

  • booboo

    Hot 97 deserved it. They wouldn't shut up about Nicki (especially Rosenberg) about starships even before summer jam. Karma is a bitch.

  • Tony Starks

    Lil Wayne is a f*****g idoit, no wonder I hate his music. Nicki's disrepect wasn't because she's a female, it's because she sucks.

  • Wally-era

    Rosenberg's cool for the most part. But he was buggin on this one. I'm definitely not a pop rap kinda cat. Bottom line is he's an employee. An employee of a major radio station in the largest US market. His salary is probably higher than other "real hip-hop" personalities because his station plays pop hits when he's not on air. Opening his big mouth cost his employers $$, and trust me somebody ranking over him had to apologize for it. Guarantee his a** is on the hot seat still. Never bite the hand that feeds u m*thaf*cka!

  • Anonymous

    theres a difference between hoes bitches and women.. in case you've all only met respectable beings with vagina all your life

  • Bios

    Ladies deserve respect, but the average Western woman absolutely does not. Respect has to be earned. Real talk.

  • IAmControverse

    I'm really starting to question Lil Wayne's stability because he goes on a beat and says he's "charging hoes like women's basketball" and now he says females deserve the utmost respect. I used to WISH I could rap like this dude (even tried it at one point). Now I'm SO GLAD that I've been listening to the Hip Hop Classics channel to learn about hip hop and how AWESOME it used to be (it still is in some aspects). AND STARSHIPS IS BULLSHIT!!! NICKI IS SOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT, EVEN THOUGH NO ONE GIVES HER CREDIT!!!

  • Anonymous

    how the fuck can he say this when on every song he says fuck bitches get money

  • lilwaynesaclown

    Nicki Minaj is a female... also, shes a female. I respect females. I think shes a female. We should roll out the pink carpet, because shes a female. I acted like a cry baby bitch cause someone didnt like my co workers music; so im going to act, like a female. Shes a female. QQ shes a female.


    Is this not the dude who coined Money over Bitches. Waynes just a case of fake it till you make it. Gotta admit, he did make it though.

  • Anonymous

    "but I believe that females deserve the ultimate respect at all times no matter what, where, when or how." lol

  • Damn

    nikka i bump starships on full rotation when driving to work errday nikka!!! snapback on full tilt nikka!!! 3 chains round mah neck nikka!!! dem bitches always smilin and laughin when i come round their neck o' da woods cuz dey be feelin the love nikka!!!

  • killah_casp

    actually im pretty sure its a robot has no personality speaks a little like stephan hawkin at times and tends to make very gay music that makes no sense. this whole thing is not big news come on people does anyone truly care that nikki minaj off all hip hop (not my opinion id say pop)artists was pulled from a show and replaced by nas if anything id say it worked out amazing a real rapper takes over and flex abused young money, are you not happy with the results cos i think young divas need to get out off here wid that shit

  • fuckedup

    who dosent like getting straight trashed to starships?

  • Lib_Gibson

    Females deserve respect, yet he has some of the most misogynistic lyrics ever. These rappers are stupid. They need to think before they talk. I dont want to hear anymore little wayne music calling women bitches or disrespecting them since he feels this way. That goes for Drake also. Stop calling him a bitch and let that boy be a boy

  • Anonymous

    yeah females deserve to be respected, but shes a fuckin rapper and criticism is criticism shout to rosenberg for not being no yes man and co signing this wack hip pop fuckery they try to pass to us. fuckin divas oh and wayne is still faggot.

  • Po Azz Bro

    Um...someone needs to tell Waynes dumb ass that since he feels no woman should be disrespected, that nucca needs to double check his catalog and see if he still feels the same way. F'n dumbass

  • Anonymous

    Firstly well done to Wayne for first identifying that Minaj is a female (I couldn't tell). Secondly doesn't he degrade women in nearly every one of his songs? Such a hypocrite.

  • THC

    a lotta females in the crowd that paid to see her got disrespected when nikki didnt perform betcha didnt think about them huh wayne?

  • Anonymous

    Wow...Drake gets into a rap battle w/Common then backs down...Nicki comes out with a lackluster album...Pusha disses Drake and Wayne...Wayne responds with a wack diss song that can't hold water to Exodus (quotable off Wayne's diss song anyone?)...Nicki gets dissed by a radio jockey, feels disrespected and pulls out of a PROMOTIONAL performance but goes HARD at LIL Kim (where was that female respect then Wayne?)...Chris Brown gets into a physical altercation concerning Drake...Baby says "Drake is a good KID"... Is it coincidental (contract negotiations), sabotage (contract negotiations), or protest? Stay tuned.........

  • jr88

    so saying her song is wack is disrespecting? i know you dont write your own music but listen to the lyrics your wack ass ghost writer writes for you and you will see he dispespects women all the

  • Anonymous

    good for my dude peter rosenberg fuck these ymcmb niggas yall disrespect urselves with the bs music u make

  • Anonymous

    This is why you HAVE to go buy REJUVENATION TOMORROW. Send Birdman and his new YMCMBrats a message that we wont STAND for this foolishness anymore. He needs to make Cash Money about NEW ORLEANS STREET HIP-HOP AGAIN! REJUVENATION DROPPING TOMORROW FREE BG FREE TURK GOOD MUSIC: CRUEL SUMMER (WITH MANNIE FRESH ON THE BEATS) COMING SOON

  • escobar

    Lil wayne is a fucking clown now, so whack, goes from sexually degrading women via songs and albums I.E. Dick Pleaser , Prostitute Flange , etc TO NOW PRAISING WOMEN AS EXALTED HIRE BEINGS, AND NICKI MINAJ AT THAT? if that's not a fuckin flip flop faggot i don't know what is. GLAD HE PULLED THAT SHITTY EXCUSE FOR AN ARTIST SHITTY MINAJ OFF. the game is so fucked up right now.

  • drew

    I guess Wayne has turned over a new leaf, he will begin to talk about "females" in a different way than he's done up till now. No!! Wayne does what most misogynistic men do, they play the I love and respect women card when it's suitable for them. And this woman Nikki Minaj is plain sad. If Wayne is a father figure to her she's had some horrible examples...smh

  • thefist

    You guys are idiots.. when he's talking about females, he's not talking about the ones that have jobs, children and self respect.. he's talking about the REAL females.. like rappers/strippers and what not... catch on.. y'all slow.

  • Anonymous

    Man that is some benevolent sexism bullshit. Fuck Lil Wayne. If Nicki Minaj managed to get to this point (despite having negligible talent) then she can probably take having someone say that she makes pop music, because she does make pop music.

  • New Track

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Does this idiot actually believe what comes out of his own mouth. He's talking about not disrespecting women, but disrespects women in damn near every song..smfh.. She makes wack music, as does the rest of that label, and she walks around half naked on stage most of the time, so how much respect can you give someone who looks, acts and likely is a hoe.

  • Anonymous

    Lil wayne is saying he believes in respecting woman? did he even write is own lyrics...

  • Anonymous

    wait he says females deserves the ultimate respect but yet he talks about them in a derogatory manner in 90 percent of his songs,get tha fuck outta here #EddieMurphyDelirousVoice

  • Racha

    The funny this Lil Wayne isn't on/from this planet



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