Waka Flocka Flame Responds To Criticism Over Lyrics

Waka Flocka Flame takes his critics head-on over their complaints that he can't rap.

Earlier this week, Waka Flocka Flame released his highly anticipated Triple F Life: Friends, Fans and Family, and while some critics applaud his energy, others continue critique his lack of lyrical creativity. Now, in a recent interview with Fader, the Brick Squad Monopoly rapper responds to critics' complaints about his raps.

Flocka explained that he fully well realizes that many listeners find fault in his simplistic wordplay, so much so that he even joked that "Lord knows Waka can’t rap," but he maintains he doesn't care. He said that his music is more about energy and emotion rather than traditional rhymes and lyrics. He added that he's always had difficulty expressing himself even in his youth, but that his music has been a means to channel his feelings without having to verbalize them.  

"People say, 'You don’t have lyrics,' so I’m just like, 'Lord knows Waka can’t rap'...I'm being sarcastic...throw it in their faces. I really don’t have an answer for them. I’m doing Waka’s music. My music is different. It don’t sound like a typical rapper’s music...sometimes I’ll go two weeks and won’t record shit, cause I don’t feel it. But another week I might go do 10-12 songs."

He continued, "It’s a mood. If you’re happy as shit you can just rap about whatever cause you’re happy as shit. The best times for me to rap are when I’m happy and mad. When I’m depressed and shit, I don’t too much like rapping. When I’m happy and mad, I love it. Sometimes I verbally release my stress and it backfires on me, because sometimes I don’t express how I really feel. Since I was young it’s been hard to express how I feel, I really don’t like talking about problems. But now, I don’t have to deal with ultimate lame shit. I made my mark, so I can be around what I want to be around."

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  • AliciaKeysaHOMEWRECKER


  • Really??

    Waka has the most homoerotic subliminal rap lyrics ever suprised yall didnt get it. Oh lets do it,first clue...hard in the paint (taint), closer...rooster in rari (cock in car) ok

  • Really??

    WTF is this new emo-waka...nobody understands me its hard to express myself. EMO BULLSHIT...must have seen them sales project...

  • hip hop

    its in his name wack as fuck n lame!

  • Anonymous

    at least he knows

  • Anonymous

    Well then he is not a rapper he is a talker. He talks over beats and people for some reason like it. Its whatever.

  • Anonymous

    real hip-hop peep official video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAXiWdReNe8

  • The Track

    Nice Waka! lol Check out beats by The Track at www.TheTrackHeadz.com (FREE DL!) Non-Exclusive and Exclusive beats available.

  • mdkeren2

    BELOW on every new video article and basically any new piece of content

  • FuKKK WaKKKa FloKKKa Flame

    I'm sick of niggas saying "Well he can't rap but he make money and the club bumps his shit" nigga if he can't rap don't even call him a rapper I don't care if he makes some money that isn't enough if you a rapper you supposed to rap.

  • Anonymous

    I can see Waka is a type of person where we could be in VIP and smoke some of the elbow, crack a bottle, and build. I don't care for a lot of his music but he does have some songs that are cool and I would tell him and I bet we would part ways with a mutual respect as being real men. It's YOU, who come here and spread you're hidden agendas and talk a whole bunch of BS that the majority do not like.

  • oh and btw

    waka flaka is trolling all of you just like canibus lol..

  • you guys need to realize that canibus is not dead

    For all you saying Canibus died in a ufo abduction, no he did not die, he's still alive you redundant Neanderthals!! your just mad cause he is 10 times smarter then you even when he is smoking crack.. I mean what are yall some kind of nazis? yeah yall like being a nazis bitch dont yall? i bet yall jack off to anything related to Hitler, even if its a shemale porn with the shemale dressing up as hitler masterbating in front of the camera tossing jewish salad.. to answer the question of how do u stage your own choke in a battle, when your an underground wonder like canibus you can do whatever you like including self-sabotaging your own image and make the other guy look all spazed out and demonic all in the effort to get paid for basically nothing.. now THAT is what you call genius my friends but your anger will not let yall grasp that very concept and therefore yall will remain the childs that yall are right now.. your going to have to accept the fact that dizaster tried his very best for nothing and that canibus got away with stealing Canada's money basically I mean DEAL WITH IT YOU LITTLE GIRLS!!

  • Anonymous

    snoop, juicy j & too short were not all that lyrical......so i don't get why everyone is shittin' on waka for. I need a fucking explantion

    • ItsTheTruth

      To the dude above me...No, being lyrical does not mean being able to rap. Being able to rap means being able to rap. There's plenty of ghostwriters that can't rap but write lyrical shit for other rappers. Being lyrical has to do with the bars, content, subject matter...not flow, cadence, and things of that nature.

    • ^^^^

      Being lyrical means being able to rap, which Waka can't do.

  • hiphop1916

    Much respect to waka flocka for being real and just doing him

  • Anonymous

    "It's not hip hop" Oh but OC is? Kool G Rap? All those old fucks you give respect to despite the fact they sell less than Waka Flaka despite being a million times more lyrical. Dumbed down music has its place. Maybe not in your mature home, but I bet in clubs this weekend, they'll be blastin his shit and people will be eating it up. I think OC's music is played in bingo halls, and retirement homes.

    • Jack Compton

      @ETL - Spot on man.

    • ETL

      The fact that you're still mentioning those name prove they've won. Soon we will forget waka and you will be defending a new nigga on here.

    • Anonymous

      A club will play whatever to get them bottles of alcohol sold. You have yet to understand how much of a programmed consumer you really are.

  • Anonymous

    "on its way to the landmark sales figure of 25K its first week" It had no promotion.

    • blaze

      he released 10-15 videos promoting the album and a mixtape and ads so since when is that no promotion.

  • Anonymous

    And We Responds Because We Have Criticism About His Lyrics

  • Anonymous


  • da1


  • Anonymous

    when i saw he had a song called "Rooster In My Rarri" i was like damn.... nigga taking this no lyics thing to a whole notha level

  • Anonymous


    • ETL

      Anon 1 Even if there were more (which there weren't). Shouldn't the new ones be improved and not the other way around? The difference now is that the wack rappers get more shine than the good ones. Because now they follow what you're told is hot, the fact that you might like waka is because you felt that if you liked something you truly consider better you will get funny looks. So what if the artist ain't relevant, should you stop listening to him/her because a douche in a blog said so? Fuck that if you spit fire I fucks with you not because your shit is catchy. My doctor couldn't tell me he ain't medical so why should I listen a non lyrical rapper that's what you're paid for and we should be the boss.

    • Anonymous

      Actually you my friend are wrong. These rappers now are wack and many just like yourself refuse to admit it. Just like all the die-hard weezy fans and YOURSELF you guys are the reason hip hop has truly died. Stop defending someone Wu-Tang Clan considers wack.

    • Anonymous

      lol. stop talking outta your ass. there were just as many if not more wack rappers in the 90's, you just didn't hear of 'em that much because the internet wasn't advanced enough.

  • fukwaka

    This muthafucka just sounds retarded. He needs a counselor not a microphone!

  • Anonymous

    you don't like tha south. you just like hip hop. you can't deny history look it up and c how time bring change and change bring in time (big mike)something serious & still serious classics 3rd coast Anonymous: dirty south killed hip hop xcept OutKast tho

    • war22's comment makes no sense

      ^Uh no...you're thinking of T-Pain's group Nappy Headz and his label Nappy Boy. Nappy Roots are completely different. How can good artists kill hip hop? That makes no sense at all. R.A.P. Music was made by Killer Mike, who is a southern artist, and people are praising that album and calling it album of the year, same as Big K.R.I.T. So please stop being ignorant, thank you very much.

    • war22

      Nappy Roots = Tpain...South did kill hiphop even the good rappers contributed to that...

    • Corporate America and robot consumers killed Hip Hop

      Thought I'd help you out...Cunninlynguists, the whole Dungeon Family,Childish Gambino,Mystikal,T-Rock,Clipse,Mac(from No Limit),Celph Titled,Young Buck,Stat Quo,Mia X,Lil Keke,etc. Just to name a few more. Up north people need to get off their high horse because every coast has contributed their fair share of garbage.

    • HHDX commenters killed hip hop

      ...and Big K.R.I.T, J. Cole, Goodie Mob, Jay Electronica, CyHi The Prynce, Curren$y, Killer Mike, David Banner, Pill, Yelawolf, the other members of Geto Boys, Z-Ro, Trae Tha Truth, Rittz, Little Brother, Don Trip, Three 6 Mafia, Devin The Dude, Chamillionaire, Nappy Roots, Aleon Craft, etc. I swear to god HipHopDX commenters are a bunch of idiots who are biased about any and everything.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree, the dirty south did kill hip hop. All except Outkast, UGK, old Ludacris, Old T.I., Scarface and 8 Ball & MJG.

  • war22

    nigga go find something else to make u money...go into movies,do pop songs do whateva just leave hiphop alone man...UR TRASH !!!

  • Cealix

    You've got a better chance at getting laid to the music from a Waka track than an entire Nas album. JUST SAYIN!

    • Cealix

      I said TO THE MUSIC. Some of you cats would invite a girl to your room to see if she'll listen to your favorite underground track in hopes of an intellectual conversation that'll probably end up having to do with politics and how today's society is. You've got a 1-in-1,000th chance of getting her wet from a verse from Nas.

    • BReal

      You can get laid from any hood rat listening to a WACKa Flacka track but a true wifey will know a NaS aLbum.... KEEPiTaHunniT


      You're a clown if you think any woman will take you seriously for liking his music, or maybe you're that sexually frustrated that you're into hip hop to get women, either way it was a lame ass comment

  • Right516

    Dont hate on the brother.Hes doin his own thing check out the hottest single of the Summer http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/13133524

    • wu4life

      shit is pretty good

    • LoveLife&Music

      That beat got that old new york golden age shit Nice track homie

    • LoveLife&Music

      if you want people to listen to your shit don't boast that you got the hottest track tell a nigga check you out i didn't even listen to because you said you got the hottest track of the summer but im put my nigga sean price on pause and go listen to your shit im come back and rate your shit

  • Anonymous

    'Perfect example is Wacka Flocka. I hear a lot of shit about him but hes Hip Hop man. If its not your preference of music, dont listen to it. Its all Hip Hop. Its different but its Hip Hop. Timbaland said the same thinghe said what I said. As far as emceeing, they not cut from the same cloth but its still Hip Hop. Its still rap music. But they are doing what they know and feel. They interpreting and digesting what they feel is rap. There is no other way to say it.' - O.C.

    • Anonymous #3: Retard Alert!!!

      If you think Hip Hop as a whole is music for retards, then why are you on this site? Retard.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you OC! Hip Hop isn't about being super lyrical and thoughtful. It's about expressing yourself in the best way you know how. Sure, Waka sucks as a rapper but it's still fucking Hip Hop. It's still doing something for millions of people, even if you personally see it as trash.

    • Anonymous

      Hip Hop as a whole is 'music' for ignorant retards.

    • Anonymous

      It's not hip hop. It's music for ignorant retards. If your one of them than so be it. Me myself can not listen to a person who sounds like they never read a book in their life.

  • Anonymous

    Sad thing is, things like that get waaay more comments from the 'real Hip Hop heads' like the articles about Reks or Q-Tip.

  • THe_Observer

    Quit rap and go work @ McDonald's or something....you messing up the art with your pathetic reason. Tupac is was and always will be a better emo rapper than any other artist. We don't need you WAKA...YOU MESSING UP THE ART with your grade 0 lyrics

  • Anonymous

    This patethic Guy Is a pathetic Joke..Nuff Said

  • M.A

    What pisses me off is all you fucking hip-hop heads. Look. We're in 2012. Hip-hop and rap music has branced off in to so many different directions that categorizing it all as the same thing doesn't work, which would make hip-hop an umbrella term. For instance, you got your trap-music subgenre (Waka Flocka, Wooh Da Kid, Chief Keef, etc.), then you got your subgenre of lyrical hip hop (Nas, Big K.R.I.T, etc.), and then the subgenre who just do what they do, because hey, rap doesn't have fucking limits (Lil' B, Kreayshawn, RiFF RAFF, etc.) People who keep talking about "real hip hop" don't even know the origins. "True" hip-hop started as straight party music, with no lyrical value whatsoever. It was that rhythm which made it famous. In 2012, as I said, hip-hop has branched in to so many different directions that you can't all categorize it as the same thing anymore. For example, with rock music, you have Nickelback and Marilyn Manson.. But nobody with the right mind would put them in the same category. Who the fuck is comparing Waka Flocka Flame to Nas or Tupac?

    • Brucy da Truth

      fuckin faggot, lyrical doesnt only mean its political or shit. waka flocka rhymes shit. you supporting that LMAO

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly. My only issue is the lack of variety in the mainstream, but other than that you hit the nail right on the head. "Hip Hop Heads" are fucking annoying pricks sometimes. And this is coming from someone that listens to golden age and underground hip hop as well as some Waka Flocka.

    • Anonymous

      Obviouslly you dunno ur hiphop history yea it was straight party music but they were packed with rhymes. Not the most lyrical shit ever but non the fuck stop rhymes.

    • Sam

      You said it yourself. Waka Flocka is the Nickelback of rap. And this is what rock fans think of Nickelback: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/11/alternatives-to-nickelback-idaho-picture_n_1586281.html

    • Halfro

      I feel this comment on one level and then not on another. If this is the kind of music that gets supported, it just ushers in more of the same type because it can be imitated easily and is mildly successful (makes it to the radio). With the "style" of hip hop / rap being "in" it makes lyrical types with thoughtful or insightful lyrics that much more difficult to find. Also, if the music industry believes that this style is more profitable that we are even LESS likely to hear music that would be something that debunks this style. ....... I feel you overall though, this music doesn't need to be compared directly to other sub-genres, it is what it is take it or leave it. No one HAS to listen to booty rap if they don't want to LOL.

  • Anonymous

    young money the only label worth carin about

  • kennyken

    don't even bother my nig, your album is str8 fire. I got it, right along with big k.r.i.t., black sheep, e-40, eric benet, and spitta. you in rotation...and it is a very important part of my collection. next up, yasin bey, aka mos def. talib next up! wacka, your shit really is jammin. fuck the hoes.

  • Union

    Thats called fake hip hop Mr Waka.

  • ChinoX813

    I dont like Waka but I dont see the point in hating on him or Gucci Mane, they sell next to no records at all anyway, they have their core lil fanbase of cats who dont care about lyrics, let them have it. Its not like their making a diffrence anyway. Like when Lil Jon was dominating the airwaves and selling triple platinum shucking & Jiving, that was an issue, as dude further down the page pointed out Waka's new record is estimated to sell 25K this week, lol, he aint hurtin nothin leave him be

  • Anonymous


  • iamhiphop

    Now, come on, people. It's not nice to make fun of the mentally disabled.

  • Anonymous

    dirty south killed hip hop xcept OutKast tho

  • thought dog

    To anybody that doesnt like Waka's lyrics. Try spitting the verses from Dwyck over one of his songs. See how stupid that shit sounds over hype beats like he has.

    • ^^^^

      To quote Return Of 4va is better than 4va N A Day, dope lyrics isn't about having a big vocabulary or multi-syllabus. It's about putting words together and make them sound dope and, in Waka's case, he can't do that. It's just bullshit over other people's beats.

  • Anonymous

    he explained that well, didn't he? :/

  • fuck waka flocka

    well, waka is retarded just like 85% of southern rappers

    • Anonymous

      Really? Cuz I swear those party music songs that stated this were all packed with lyrics. Something you hip POP fans know nothing about. GTFOH YOUR THE REASON HIP HOP DIED!!!

    • Anonymous

      shut up. hip hop started as dance music and was never intented to be socially aware.

    • Anonymous

      NO opinionated fucks like you destroy hip-hop

  • yeaahhh

    This is complete bullshit!! I'm tired of people saying, "Well, he can't rap but he makes crunk music for the clubs." He doesn't make ANYTHING! His producers make the music. If Waka produced his own tracks then maybe I could give him credit because that takes skill and could possibly make up for his lack of lyricism...but he can't rap or make beats so why in the hell is this dude even allowed in hip-hop??? No talent whatsoever. This fool literally just walked in a studio and started recorded stuff. SMH! THIS is why some people laugh at hip-hop...

  • Anonymous

    There's no need to hate on the guy anyway, he's irrelevant, his new album is on its way to the landmark sales figure of 25K its first week, lol

  • jc

    Rap with out lyrics is like Rock without guitars.. this is like a basketball player saying "I suck at basketball" and then proving he sucks and still getting on million dollar deal... the rap game is backwards..

  • Anonymous

    Waka is so bad. So so bad its unbelievable. How this dude makes money is beyond me. Sounds like a full on retard in his interviews too.

  • thefist

    Though he is a tad retarded and say's stupid shit in interviews and is ignorant as FUCK.. he has a point.. sometimes it's about energy. Kurt Cobain couldn't sing NOR play the guitar good, but he had good energy and was a good song writer.. Ol' Dirty Bastard? definitely not the Rakim of the Wu, but the motherfucker had style and energy. Dare I say, it's not ALWAYS about lyrics, sometimes it's about the vibe.. If it wasn't for talented MC's, Dr. Dre's "Chronic" series, would just be Wacka Flocka raps with bomb ass instrumentals.. Let's not try and make it like everyone wants a message in their music.. some rap is for the brain some is for the body. and some is just like porno... get on.. get off..

  • Anonymous

    If you dont want opinions get out of the entertainment buisness idiot You put yourself on TV, your asking for reactions, and there not all gonna be positive Its kinda like when you chimed in your 2 cents about the 2pac hologram when nobody gave a fuck what you thought You go on TV acting like you've got some Downsyndrome/turrets syndrome hybrid disease, dont be surprised when people say you sound like a dumb motherfucker

  • True2HIPHOP

    Someone tell this tard to go look at the new Ice-T movie so he can learn that in order to be good as a rapper/MC you need to first have talent & skill. The MCing aspect is about having skill first & foremost. Waka Lame doesn't have it & needs to step away from the mic until he gets his skills up. But I recommend that he go see that movie & someone tell him to watch it so he can learn how a real MC controls the mic plus where the roots of Hip Hop come from cause what he makes isn't hip hop, it's kids bop/thug pop trash. #WakLame

  • Anonymous

    waka is the shit, i love his music and if you dont like it the please keep it to your self.... just cuz your angry dosnt mean you gotta talk shit on waka mane

  • Anonymous

    Summary: Im a dumb bastard who should be doing death metal, not killing hip-hop

    • The MG

      ^^ More than Waka's album is going to sell.

    • Anonymous

      you're killing hip hop in giving this idiot the attention he wants instead of supporting the artists yall claim to love on the internet. how many records did krit sell again?

  • Anonymous

    "sometimes Ill go two weeks and wont record shit" Our ears thank you.

  • Anonymous

    this dude is retarded as fuck , and if you like his music , your retarded as well

    • Anonymous

      well, what is the point of rappers being good lyrically, but trash in every other department? this is music first and foremost. go read a book if you want to get taught about something.

    • Anonymous

      fuck his look , fuck his music , fuck his lyrics , watch that 106 & park interview , he is maybe smart when it comes to the bussines side of things but when it comes to lyrics , he's trash

    • Anonymous

      gotta always talk shit cuz your not happy with what your doing, waka is cool, hes probably pretty smart, hes just big black and has tattoos so you judge him on his look.

  • Anonymous

    Waka is pretty dope at making music so i could give a fuck about his lyrics. He's always been pretty joking about his ability to write lyrics anyways, he makes entertaining songs.

  • Anonymous

    His music isn't different. It sounds like all the other bs to me. Right?

  • HM

    Man I don't care what anybody say about this guy keeps it all the way real with his. From the gate he never stressed that he was a lyrical beast he just raps, that's what he does. He found his things and he's sticking to the script find your lane and do you. His music is what the clubs. It's like how little Lil John was he wasn't no lyrical niguh either but his beats banged. He got people saying his chants wanting to just have a good time. He's just that new niguh doing that same thing getting that paper. Niguhs is hating because they complex rap ain't selling right now, dumb it down and you to might get some money.

  • Return Of 4va is better than 4va N A Day

    Ok I understand what his saying, in the sense he kinda admitted that he cant write dope lyrics, but honestly that doesnt mean you cant write some decent, Dope lyrics isnt always big words and multi syllabus, sometimes is just smalls words put together to sound good OBserve: "We get together like a choir, to acquire what we desire" - Jay Z ^^^^ See no big words jus simple words put togheter to sound dope

  • Gank Hill

    The guys doing his own thing, he never said his raps are a lyrical masterpiece not sure why everybody needs to be a pac or biggie

  • youngsta

    fuck the hatin ass niggas waka. they're stuck in the 90s thinking that everyone should sound like krs-one or rakim all the time. fuck that shit! do you waka, fuck what a nigga say. triple f life goes ham!

    • Riley Freeman

      Man, shut yo Uncle Tom ass up. You ol hook ass nigga, wanna-be Uncle Ruckus acting muthafucka! I'll kick yo dick into the dirt. You dont kno bout me, I'ma real nigga.

    • FuKKK WaKKKa FloKKKa Flame

      negro rap music is supposed to have lyrics so recognize or die slow together with your whole family cunt queer faggot made motherfucker get off WaKKKa's dick

  • Afan

    It just shows you the state of hip hop. When have we ever excepted someone who can't rap. Hip hop is lyricism without it what's the point.

  • Anonymous

    i like that hes honest about it, cant hate on that

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