R.A. The Rugged Man Kicked Off Of Southwest Airlines Flight For T-Shirt

A Kentucky-based Southwest Airlines employee had security boot R.A. The Rugged Man for wearing an "Every Record Label Sucks Dick" t-shirt.

Earlier today (June 15), Long Island, New York emcee R.A. The Rugged Man was removed from flying on a Southwest Airlines flight traveling to New York. The veteran Nature Sounds Records artist was reportedly kicked off the plane due to his "Every Record Label Sucks Dick" t-shirt, which was deemed offensive by airline staff.

The shirt takes its name from an early R.A. single, while he was signed to Jive Records in the early 1990s. The song was later included in his 2009 release, Legendary Classics, Volume 1.

R.A. The Rugged Man released the following statement through his label:

"Man, I was coming home from shooting a music video in Kentucky and this old angry lady who worked for Southwest confronted me about the shirt I had on underneath my jacket. I didn't even remember what shirt I had on. After another crew member boarded me on the plane, the angry lady ran back like, 'Sir, get off this plane with that disgusting shirt.' I thought it was a fucking joke...then she threatened to get security. I kept my cool, didn't curse or anything, but she still called security. She said 'You will not be flying on Southwest with such a horrible shirt.' I said 'No problem, I'll zip up my jacket.' And she was like 'No, it has to come off.' So I took off the shirt, thinking I'd just wear my jacket...but they started freaking out, saying 'You can't undress in here!'  After that she said 'You can't fly with us.' So I left...I don't give a fuck, I got my rhyme book, I'm about to go catch the Amtrak and write a little bit on the road home. It makes these people with shit jobs feel good that they have some kind of authority over people in society. Like the cornball bouncers at clubs...they're not shit, can't let them bother you."

It has been reported that R.A. is presently headed to New York via Amtrak trains. He provided the attached photo.

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  • P-Note

    Big up to RA for calling it on how it is with the wack people that wanna try to have power over petty shit. Stay strong. Expose the weak.

  • fla killah

    top 5 of all time....He needs

  • NY

    Damn, I just want to know is it possible to buy this shirt & where? One of the best of all time, I could rank him higher if he just put out more music but it's almost impossible to find out because it's all singles.

  • Anonymous

    Southwest has a history of doing dumbass shit like kicking people off planes for their clothes. It's a pity cause they're the best run airline in every other regard.

  • Brizz

    Haha damn people are so fuckin stuck up about what you should or should not wear, crazy how you guys seem obsessed about stickin to the "norm". He offered to zip his jacket up but the crazy bitch wouldnt have it cause she was on a power trip. Dont judge people on their clothes and what not, its what you do that counts and RA seems to handled himself fine here. Damn, how offended can you be of a t-shirt, put on the tv for 2 minutes and you seem ten times more offensive stuff. Bah.

  • dA1


  • Zee

    This Dude Is Ill for Wearing A Shirt Like That... It's Funny How Peeps On The Comments Are Dissin Em For Wearing That Shirt.... Fuck Airline Security and Fuck Tha Haters... Peace

  • chris

    R.A. is still in his 30's. I grew up with him. He got in the industry when he was only 16 so everyone thinks he's older than he is. He's younger than a lot of rappers.

  • The JEt

    I think that regardless of your age, you should be able to wear whatever tshirt you please. Especially as high as airline tix are these days man. Fuck that. Uptight stweardess and her pretentious sensibilities. Fight the Power R.A.

  • Anonymous





    If this nigga had type to cheese to fly private and not commercial, he wouldn't have this problem. Getcha dollas up nigga!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    @ Sensaye C'mon son you're wylin' right now stewardess could have easily asked to have it covered. And like I said before down there, the feds and many others said nothing except one person. One lady got offended by dick on a t-shirt and most likely has Sex In The City or Housewives as her fave show, and they stayed getting dicked down on those programs it's weekly internet gossip.

  • Da Game

    Thank you Rugged Man, I will consider that advice. Thank you also for provin' that the Amtrak KEEP IT REAL f@ck censorship!

  • Anonymous

    who giveza shit

  • guerilla jones

    as well he should!!he doesn't have the common sense to wear something appropriate for public display?i guess common sense isnt common anymore.smh

  • Anonymous

    Airlines are so fucked up these days.

  • Anonymous

    Freedom of speech! Fuck that bitch! Its the publics transportation not a fucking court room! You can wear whatever you want.

  • Real Dj's Crew

    Flip Flop DX should ALREADY know the time enough by now to report that this t-shirt was made by HipHipPhilosophy Radio ... Flip Flop DX been fake HipHop from day 1 ...

  • war22

    its fucked up ...hope he got his money back...next time wear something normal dude

    • Anonymous

      what's normal on a plane? There's no violation of conduct or dresscode here. Do you people see that you are cosigning the oppressions of the same laws you wish to utilize? So if I had a red shirt on @ JFK, am I a Blood trafficking weight? I may have spilled gravy or a drink on my original shirt and that's what I chose to buy in the terminal. Let some bus driver or train conductor have the cops or security remove you from your paid transportation because you have skulls on your Vans or a Public Enemy t-shirt and type that moral BS you're typing.

  • SpecialK

    america's getting weirder and weirder. "land of the free"...right...

  • Sensaye252

    Good. I don't care if he's a 'dope MC' or not. He's on a plane with little kids and old people, have some fuckin' class. They don't know or care that you're an MC, to them, you're just some 40 year old ass hole with a vulgar shirt on. And no, not every 40 year old man has to be some castrated office worker, but if I ran an airline, I wouldn't let the other 99 people on the plane be offended because of this shithead either. Fly on a private plane if you wanna dress like a distrought teenager.

    • Sensaye252

      Ra the Rugged Man isn't black, he's jewish. And listen man, I'm just as vulgar as the next motherfucker, but I know when it's inappropriate. I believe in freedom of speech, but I also believe in the freedom of a business owner to dictate what can and can't be worn on his property. As far as him 'sending a message'....get the fuck outta here man. Yeah, 'Every record label sucks dick' is a real profound message. I find myself sounding more and more like a disgruntled old motherfucker, but it's because I can't defend ignorance anymore. I love Hip-Hop, and I'll always be on the side of my people, but that doesn't mean I'll justify every dumb ass thing they do. The bar needs to be set higher because the hip-hop community has been looking like a bunch of fuckin' clowns for the past 12 years.

    • what???

      yoo sensaye or whatever.. you need to shut thefuckup man.. you sound really gay and ridiculous get alife... all worked upp by this shit ajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

    • Bobby Fisher

      You're an idiot buddy. You should've read the article including his explanation before commenting.

    • eyesandteeth

      It won't let me respond directly to '^^^^', but I can't resist. You mentioned that the lady was looking for an excuse to kick a black man off the plane... R.A. is white like the driven snow. Check out his track 'Black and White' with Timbo King. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqdms2dEmC8

    • ^^^^

      Kids have been exposed to worse things in life than a T-shirt. The stewardess is fucking stupid because she doesn't understand what the shirt talks about. The shirt had a message in them; record labels are crooks. Besides, like R.A. said, he could just keep his jacket zipped up and no one would see the shirt, simple. But that stewardess had to be a dick to him. I betcha she's white. She sees a black man and just found a excuse to kick him off the airplane. She tells him to take the shirt off and then when he does, she tells him he can't take it off on the plane. That stewardess is a major bitch. All of that drama because she didn't like his shirt. No guns, no knife, no bomb, but a fucking piece of clothing. SMFH

    • G

      If anyone was offended, by any means a worker should of said something to him. But the fact that he offered to zip up his jacket over it should have ended the entire thing. The lady was just being a bitch to get some enthusiasm out of her every-day boring life. This isn't a school, it's a plane... workers should treat their customers with respect, after all if it wasn't for them they wouldn't be making any money.

  • ra is the truth

    rugged man is such a dope mc any track he guests on he kills that shit. YMCMB Young Money Chew Mad Balls

  • Anonymous

    What a bunch of bullshit.

  • One

    They make flying anywhere the worst experience possible then need government bailouts to save thier shitty industry

  • Anonymous

    RA is 40 years old walking around wearing a shirt that says "Every Record Label Sucks Dick" Speaks for itself really

    • Anonymous

      if my uncle was walking around in that shirt, he'd be really cool

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for taking the bait. So you would leave your flesh and bloodline alone because you were embarrassed by the word dick? Seems like you missed the point of the slogan, which is saying corporations screw the people over. Are you a man? You have a dick if you didn't notice. And don't worry, I noticed you never posted the airlines' dress code, you're imposing your personal feelings. You would rather stick with the status quo instead of being an individual. You already stated twice that you feel a person a certain age should dress a certain way and even said you would abandon a family member. Feel free to respond with more.

    • One

      he wrote the fucking song the shirt is about. you think every 40 year old should be some office worker drone or what?

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ Blah Blah Blah Talk in circles all you want, if my 42 year old uncle was walking around wearing a shirt that says "Every Record Label Sucks Dick" I'd walk the other way and act like I don't know him, lol That's my only point, I don't care about his flight plans

    • Anonymous

      How immature of you. Regardless of how old he is, he was removed from a paid flight because a staffer, a low level employee disliked the content of his shirt. Not the check-in clerk, not Homeland Security, not the gate clerk, a stewardess. Since you seem to know what a 40 year old should be wearing, can you tell us what's the dress code for flying Southwest Airlines and all other airlines?

  • ProphetOfEsotericalMetaphors

    RA, Whats The Lesson For TOday?? RUGGED MAN!!!!

  • Steez Diamante

    this is amazing!

  • So Icy Boi!

    lmao this dude on some lame ass shit. yall know only one shirt matters. thats the red shirt white letters that read YMCMB!!! oh my god. becky look at her butt TUNCHI! lmao we here all day everyday leeeggggggo!

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