Canibus' Manager Debunks His Tumblr Apology For Notepad Freestyle

After Canibus reportedly posted a bizarre apology to Tumblr, manager M-Eighty says it wasn't written by him.

Last night, Canibus posted a lengthy, bizarre apology for freestyling while reading off a notepad during a battle rap. Only, the post wasn't written by him.

Canibus' manager M-Eighty reached out to HipHopDX to debunk the post, stating that Canibus is currently spending a couple days with his family and will address the situation with a statement when the time is right.

Additionally, M-Eighty responded to the criticism for the Canibus vs. Dizaster battle, releasing a statement of his own.

"To sum up, it is unfortunate that Canibus lost the battle but the fact of the matter is Bis is not not built for that type of forum anymore," he said. "We all know Bis is a lyrical monster and his entire catalogue of tracks and albums is proof of that. Vendetta: Battle Royale was the first time since as far back as I can remember that Canibus has availed himself to an actual “battle” of this magnitude and guess what…he lost to a guy who is considered the 'KOTD Champion' and only writes battle raps specifically for this arena at an event held in his hometown. Obviously the odds were against us."

Read the full statement over at

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  • Anonymous

    Then why battle him then ? If you had the information before then , it seems like Canibus would have never put his self in that position . Canibus is one of my favorite M.C.'s of his era, but I was embarrassed by his actions.

  • killah

    Cannibus is wack for bringing the notebook out

  • Trooth Hurtz

    These battles suck anyway they are not even freestyles because money and egos are involved. People too scared to say something wack so they all spit writtens (That is not freestyling it is reciting) give a real freestyle battle then i will give my thoughts on it but for now its who can write the best freestyle....LAME

  • Trooth

    All you people dissing Canibus please realize you are only able to diss his lyrics in this one battle dizaster will never sell records. Other than this who can match his writing ability.......take your time i'll wait

  • darius dean

    canibitch was so god awful who cares about the dudes rap skills from before its what ur doing now not way way back plus this nigga broke as shit prob on food stamps or sumtin dead ass and he prob got beat up wit the sling on and off a notepad and hes a legend come on ur fooling urselves he made 150 dollars his whole rap career

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    No one understood canbis rhymes even....

  • tigerpawraw

    Like anyone 29 and up that was into hardcore lyrical shit, I was a fan of Canibus. But his managers "statement" aka "list of excuses" was weak as hell. What the fuck kinda shit is that? Probably THE WORST statement I've ever seen released by an artist's management, EVER. Just my thoughts, people, just my thoughts...

  • ASEE

    HHDX---good looking out by not running with this story. I saw that you posted it for a bit last night and I was pissed. It's obviously fucking fake. I mean Canibus is a crazy mofo but that's clearly not written by him.

  • Anonymous

    Its nice to see all the hateful ass bitches on here. Reminds me of why Hip Hop and rap suck dick now day. Thanks faggots! :)

    • C-Lo Dubai

      Really tho Canibus deserves his place in history, these cats age and the culture shits on em...its fucked up...but hiphopdx I respect how yall came up and now yall hold it down among real hip hop journalism

    • ray

      Normally I would agree but the fact that Canibus was paid over 12 thousand dollars.... And he chokes repeatedly then entire battle, forfeits, then reads off a notepad after he's had 5-6 months to prepare... Ummmm the hate is warranted in this situation.... It's beyond disappointing anybody who knows anything about battle rap knew he would lose but to go out in the way he did was a goddamn shame... So... I hope you understood all that dumb faggot... have a nice day!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nice, HHDX almost ran with it but took it down, good looking DX. Them other Hip Hop websites keept it up like some idiots. He has officially givin his statement today so I dont see why they haven't put that up, I mean it came directly from his Facebook and not some tumblr account. These Hip Hop sites are retarded, the only one half decent is DX. WorldStar is for all the idiots and fake thugs.


    lets put it this way Canibus is a established Rap Artist and Dizaster is a certified Battle Rapper, there's a big difference between the two, Dizaster battled in his field of profession so he had better chances to win the battle, but im glad that Bis decided to do both and go the other rout too out of all the established rappers who claim they legends and put his reputation on the line to show appreciation for the art-form, he died in the battle field as a soldier, give the nigga his props and let him rest

    • Anonymous

      the nigga was the one that wanted battle. next time if youre going to challenge someone but then make up a bunch of excuses as to why you lost... just dont fucking battle. stay in your lane. sick of this shit.

    • Anonymous

      everyone making up reasons why CANIBUS lost...i plain out got destroyed it had nothing to do with the odds being against him he didn't even put up a good fight it was a shame...who cares if he used to be good he went against the best and got killed he couldn't think of nothing to say he was out skilled period stop making up BS to save his old weak azz ego

  • Anonymous

    Canibus... or should I say... 'The Ripper', is at it again................. smfh. he just entered a 2nd blog post in that ripperapology tumblr

  • Anonymous

    Canibus... or should I say... 'The Ripper', is at it again................. smfh. ripperapology tumblr com/post/25064257315/bis-vs-the-ripper

  • Anonymous

    Canibus... or should I say... 'The Ripper', is at it again................. smfh. ripperapology[dot]tumblr[dot]com/post/25064257315/bis-vs-the-ripper

  • Anonymous

    Canibus... or should I say... 'The Ripper', is at it again................. smfh. ripperapology.tumblr[dot]com/post/25064257315/bis-vs-the-ripper

  • Anonymous

    Canibus... or should I say... 'The Ripper', is at it again................. smfh.

  • Anonymous

    Canibus... or should I say... 'The Ripper', is at it again................. smfh.

  • Anonymous

    Best part about it was when he tried to Diss Slaughterhouse at the beginning & then Dizaster flipped it on him and mocked him for all his dickriding, lol Canibus should have never entered this arena, his career is too much of a clown show and there are far too many things you can go after him for

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  • Mr. Awesome

    Also,let's not forget that Dizaster choked BADLY against Locksmith, and it was extremely sad. Not to mention he lost to Real Deal, PH, and some other no name British dude. Sure, this loss was embarrassing for Canibus, but, hey, it happens, even to the best of 'em. The Saurus, Okwerdz, Rone, Dumbfoundead, Soul Khan, PH, Tantrum, Loe Pesci, Jonny Storm (the list goes on and on) ALL have had massive chokes. That doesn't take away from the legacy of all of these great emcees. Calm the fuck down people!

    • Anonymous

      soul khans choke was pretty bad.

    • Jack Johnson

      1. Dizaster beat Real Deal, 2. You didn't mention he lost to Jonny Storm :D, that was Dizasters biggest loss coz he didn't choke yet he got destroyed in that battle

    • Coopee

      Dizaster choked one time in his career....Did he pull out a notebook??? Nope.... Ph lost to disaster BTW.....Yes people do choke but at this moment diz destroyed canibook!!!! No way around it....Stop trying to save face for your age old hero smh he got bodybagged and bodybagged himself....BTW real deal lost to diz as well.....Fucking bitch ass hater

    • Anonymous

      but does happen to the best of 'em, i agree

    • Anonymous

      whoa whoa....Soul Khan didnt have a major choke...he choked for 10 seconds then WON the battle.

  • Anonymous

    Here's the full official battle in its entirety in HD: I will say that I will always be a Canibus fan, but this was just oh so sad to watch. Dizaster is unquestionably one of the greatest battle rappers ever! We need to make Dizaster vs. Hollow Da Don happen ASAP!!!! FREE HOLLOW!!!!

  • Dank Castle

    Why report that the 'apology' was fake? Anybody with two brain cells to rub together could tell that it was fake. Funny, especially reading it in 'Bis' voice, but clearly fake. If you thought it was real, fuck you for being stupid.

  • rip the jacker

    1. Diz isn't the "kotd champion" (poorich is, but he's garbage), diz is a monster even tho he's kinda lazy with his writtens and relies to much on freestyle; but when he's a beast, well, he's a beast (check out diz vs. swave sevah, diz vs. dna and diz vs. a class) 2. most of the crowd really, really wanted canibus to shine; it would've been a good look for the battle movement as a whole, and people really just want even competition and a good battle, rather than watch a loopsided slaughter 3. I can't emphasize point 2 well enough; everyone at the event really wanted canibus to shine, we all knew that this wasn't his arena and that diz probably would beast all over him, but we still cheered for canibus long as we could at least

    • Anonymous

      Once u said diz relies on freestyles to much ur arguement became fucking retarded. Ill take all frees over the illest writtens ever done.

  • trizz303

    understandable he lost but diz is garbage himself. the shit canibus spit in the first round was amazing. actually take time to listen to it. granted notepad was embrassing but diz was straight garbage. his style is straight boring and not at all impressive. all togther this rap battle in general was a terrible idea for hip hop! you think nas freestyled ether? no! of course he has writtens! fresh coast is a embrassment to hip hop. bunch of honkies trying to be gangsta!

  • I'm At Work and Bored

    CanTbust pulled out a note pad during the battle? Ahahaaaha. Wow. I feel bad for his manager, it must be rough dealing with this nut case on a daily basis

  • Anonymous

    dizaster is not even canadian therefore it was not in his hometown. fucking idiot. i hate niggas that go out of their way to challenge somebody on their own terms and then have the nerve to claim the odds were against them as if there was some sort handicap.

    • Anonymous

      im aware of ludh's west coast movement i just didnt realiz the battle was in la. but he's not canadian.

    • Cealix

      Just like earthcrusher said: KOTD was founded in Canada, but the Fresh Coast division is on the west coast. And for the last time...Bus challenged Diz. He even dissed him on a track.

    • earthcrusher

      Naw dude, the Battle was put on by King of the Dot, it was in LA, by Lush one and Fresh coast, they are affiliates of KOTD, so it was in Dizasters hometown, none the less, it was a fucking embarassment, hard as fuck to watch, he commited suicide that night.

  • anon

    He never had this many comments when he put some new music out there,bad press is good pres if you have a plan

  • anon

    Im telling yall its the okedoke. This was a sham from the start. Bis finna destroy the next nigga that step to him he countin his 12gs right now and he got his views up now watch how many niggaz buy his new music and get destroyed when give you the real Bis

  • the wake

    that explanation was worst than the nigga pulling out the notepad...wrap for both them nigga's

  • Tank top gay face

    Is he known for anything other than losing? Who said he is a great lyricist? All he ever does is lose.

  • warnutztheloser

    crack is a hell of a drug

  • war22

    all i have to say is there is a Hiphop God out out Lil Wayne cuz u will get it 2 verry soon..and u will fall harder then this prick...same thing with Ross

  • Anonymous

    excuse my typo's..

  • Anonymous

    I feel no sympathy for this guy. Shit he had the notebook on standby its obvious he knew what was going to happen. Be honest people, for someone who's supposed to be a "lyrical mastermind", even those written rhymes in pad were trash.. His career gets a big F in my gradebook. You gotta know you limits. Your mind ages just as your physical appearence he just aint got it no more mentally. This is where stubborness and lack of shine gets you, smack dab into the medias cross hairs

  • Crit

    The manager did spit facts. Dizaster was absolutely the wrong person Bis cud face.Dizaster is Top 3 in Battle Rap.Bis is a lyrical monster BUT that type of lyrical prowess Bis possess cant work in the field of Battle rap.The format,rhyme scheme,flow is all different from writing on a beat.The crowd also plays a huge factor.Real ppl who watch battles raps already knew Bis was gonna lose but the fact he pulled out a Notepad just made things no good but Bis pulled out of the battle on some real nigga shit.

  • adminder

    shitty rappers shitty battle .. half these tdot niggas need to go down to new york and get a chin check.

  • Anonymous

    hmm - I heard he had more than 2 months to prepare and he said he practiced for three weeks? Sounds like he let hip hop down

    • Cealix

      ^Diz hat tweeted a year ago about how he was going to announce a possible epic battle, but he wasn't going to say who. The trailer was released in Feb., but the contract went through in January and the setup was done in either late November or early December.

    • Anonymous

      he actually had 4 1/2 monthes to prepare, the trailer for the battle announcement was released in february

    • Cealix

      5 months, dude. 5 months.

  • Anonymous

    canibus is done crossover slamd dumk game over nigga

  • Fernandop

    Bis a monster who the fucks the other guy anyhow? bis didnt prepare for this battle cause the other guy wasnt even worth his time bis collected his dough peace

    • Anonymous

      lol stop being indenial at the loss.. dizaster is a good battle rapper his bars are actually dope. some of them are genius. the ones he served to bis were great.. its not the first L bis has taken. He should have thought twice before in jumped in the wrong with diz

    • gaetarick

      I'm a fan of Canibus, you obviously didn't watch the battle ... Canibus got cooked!

  • Annoymous

    Canibus is over. From now on, I'm calling this guy "The Notebook".

  • Anonymous

    the real truth, is while canibus went out like an old boxer. 99% of recording emcees wouldn't put a foot in the ring.

    • war22

      i agree...but cmon man..choked 10 times or even more,forgot his lyrics,pulled out a notepad and started to he's rhymes were simple and wack at the same time...DIzaster wipe the floor with him...but if u put an actual MC in there i put my house on it he will not forget his lines no matter how wack that sounds...i didnt expect much from him just to freestyle aiming at Dizaster...guess he cant even do that

    • gaetarick

      That's real ...

  • Anonymous

    Whatever happened to the guy who would "Battle you on the net, battle you in the flesh, battle you on the phone if you called him collect" Make whatever excuse helps you feel better, bottom line this cocky, ego maniacal idiot savant has been talking shit about people since the day he walked in the door, what happened at that battle was Karmic Justice. Now whenever he feels like attention whoring and trolling another rapper to help promote his music nobody buys, they can just refer to "The Notebook Incident" and laugh at him for it. Its like watching the D Bo finally get knocked out by craig, his aura of being "The most feared Battle MC" is dead. Bout Time

  • nuc

    bis addressed the crowd before ebven opening that notebook, he addressed diz aswell. he handled it fine, for what it was, a little embaressing , sure. but it is what it is.. 2000bc still has more solid bars than the average rap release.

  • A human being

    "Last night, Canibus posted a lengthy, bizarre apology for freestyling while reading off a notepad during a battle rap. Only, the post wasn't written by him". Why one start such an article off like that? Hip-Hop DX should be held accountable for covering an unconfirmed story and should be apologizing for doing so.

    • Anonymous

      it was pretty damn funny to me.. everyone gets criticized just because he's a "lyrical legend" doesn't mean he's excused from the media.. who cares man this shit will be forgotten about in a few months. If you're a true fan then why let it bother you if you know what he once was because thats all he ever will be is a has been. obviously dude aint got it no more

    • Anonymous

      yeah its ridiculous really. anyone can tell its fake by looking at it.

  • Mulatmar

    Anybody actually heard Dizasters music? His name becomes reeeeeeeeal ironic after you hear it.

  • Willy

    "Mom can you please go tell those mean guys outside to be nice to me?" What a tool. Apparently Canibus can only battle rap people that aren't even interested in battling him, or even in him as a person.

  • Anonymous

    drugs are baaaaaaad

  • anon

    life just keeps shitting on canibus. its like god said, "I'm make a nigga, give him a chance at success, but then i'm gonna fuck everything for him and let him get shit on by everybody. Ps: fuck this nigga"

    • Anonymous

      You choose your own fate and canibus chose to put his career in a casket.. He should have knew what he was getting into.

    • la petite collette

      please. canibus is shitting on himself. i'm talkin on his back, his knees behind his head, dick in mouth, shitting on himself.

  • Former Canibus Fan

    only once though

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