Rich Boy Signs To eOne Music, Preps Sophomore Album & Mixtape

Rich Boy inks a deal with eOne Music to release his second studio LP in late 2012.

Rich Boy has announced his signing to eOne Music, as well as plans to release his oft-delayed sophomore album in late 2012.

According to a press release, the "Throw Some D's" rapper is currently recording the LP in Miami, Florida and New York City, New York. "My upcoming album is a real natural. No records were forced, and I was just recording and having fun, just catching the moment," he said.

To prep for the release of his second studio LP, the Mobile, Alabama native will drop a mixtape titled First Day of Summer on June 21st. "This mixtape represents summertime heat," he explained.

Of the deal, Rich Boy's manager Delaney McGill said, "We are proud and excited to officially be a part of the eOne family. Rich Boy is a talented and creative visionary who despite his surroundings in Mobile AL, was able rise above the negativity to have a platinum hit record. With continual drive determination and management direction Rich boy's new music will be consistent with what all his fans have been waiting for."

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  • g pj

    damn this nigga flossing to the fullest. "Rich Boy"?! Really?? GTFOH

  • dentaldamboy

    Throw Some D's was better than any single Jay-Z ever put out. Jay-Z is the most overrated rapper in history. It took him 6 studio albums to finally get one right. No one cared about Jay's meaningless songs until he faked a retirement for publicity. If Pac was still around, he would have run roughshot over Jay-Z. He would have hung the actual Jay-Z at Summer Jam, not a dummy.

  • So Icy Boi!

    LAMO this boi is back! i got a lotta love for this kid. hes dope as fuck! we need to get him down with the YMCMB group tho. they turn rappers into hottttt rappers ya dig? fuck i cant wait for rebirth 2! weezy the god changed teh game with that one. what yall think? leeeeegggo! ruff ruff

    • Real Numbers

      There won't be a Rebirth 2. The only album Lil Wayne has on deck is I Am Not A Human Being 2 and it's going to go at least gold in it's first week. You're just a YMCMB hater, who patrols this site falsely representing true Cash Money Records fans, by trying to make us look ignorant. The real recognize the real, so you can't be taken seriously.


    Biggie was SO FAT that he once destroyed McDonald's inventory around the sitting on it!!!!!!!!

  • dre

    so whatever happened to him and polow da don working together?

  • Anonymous

    smh this nigga is 5 years too late!

  • hmmm

    Finally. Lets keep it real rich boy one of the betta southern mcs. He more in a group wit lyke killa mike krit banner and em.

    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Lets keep it real! HAHAHAHA! You're Foxx, Chapelle, and Pryor rolled up in one.

  • Anonymous

    Ye he put out some dope mixtapes Looking forward to this

  • Sco*

    Rich Boy has put out several quality mixtapes since his first album, I really look forward to the new mixtape and subsequent album.

  • mdkeren2

    BELOW on every new video article and basically any new piece of content

  • JOhn-Boy

    RichBoy already had his one hit and has already been spit out by the revolving door of hiphop trash music. Lables want you to sell your soul for one hit song and once that dies down, so does your career. Second album first week sales will be 5 to 10k. See you in another life Broke Boy.

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