C-Rayz Walz At Classic Material In Pittsburgh, Grand Daddy I.U. At Real Recognize Real In New York

The Bowery Poetry Club will host a Hip Hop event featuring numerous notable emcees, while a long-standing Pittsburgh event will get a visit from a former Def Jukie.

Two Hip Hop shows this week in two different cities will feature some respected talent and great music.

On Thursday June 14th at New York's Bowery Poetry Club, Real Recognize Real will take place. Guests include emcee/producer Grand Daddy I.U., Method Man affiliate Streetlife and DXnext alum Nitty Scott, MC, with K-Salaam deejaying. There are also some special invited guests from 1990s Hip Hop fame.

On June 16th, at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Shadow Lounge will host a special edition of emcee live-gameshow Rhyme Callisthenics and a Classic Material party hosted by DJ Selecta and DJ SMI. Former Definitive Jux artist and New York native C-Rayz Walz will perform, along with Zone and Shade Cobain.

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