Waka Flocka Flame Says Rick Ross "Watered Down" His Sound

Waka Flocka Flame explains that Rick Ross "watered down" the trap music sound he and Lex Luger created.

With his anticipated sophomore album Triple F: Friends, Fans and Family set to drop tomorrow, Complex caught up with Waka Flocka Flame to discuss his meteoric rise to fame. During the interview, however, the topic of conversation quickly turned to Waka's signature sound and one artist in particular who made it his own on numerous occasions.

Flockavelli discussed Rick Ross's frequent use of his Lex Luger-crafted sound. The 1017 Brick Squad rapper feels that Rozay - along with a host of other artists - have watered down the sound he helped popularize with hits like "Hard in Da Paint" and "Groove Street Party." Still, Flocka maintains he isn't angry - he says it's indicative of his music's worth that even the likes of Kanye West and Jay-Z have adopted his sonic stylings.

"That’s crazy [that Ross has co-opted his Waka's sound], but what you gonna say? This nigga out here making 30 fucking sounds with your sound," he explained. "He watering it down, just putting words together that sounded good. Shit would be harder if it was the truth...niggas built labels off our sound—like, literally. You know how many niggas sound like Lex Luger and Southside? I go in niggas’ studios, all their beats sound like my producers. I be like, What the fuck? [But] you can't be mad at something you can't control."

He added, “What are y’all gonna say now? Jay-Z stupid as hell? My sound is wack? You gonna say that? They love the sound. They can’t run away from it. That shit re-sparked niggas’ careers. My sound put life into a lot of people’s careers. I feel like my sound changed Hip Hop. Period. It’s crazy when I came out with it everybody laughed at it, but the next year everybody’s doing it."

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  • swishamouse

    I can respect artist that started of with real music like Nas, Jay, Pun, and others that dont get as much credit for building hiphop to a powerful entity. That said,when they go POP its ok because they left me with some great music that I can go back to anytime I feel like. Nowadayz these artists are starting off with all that BS. and expecting it to carry them like they great or smart or something? lol for real though I stay in the A so you know how I feel having to listen to this CRAP, yes I said it CRAP everyday and when you call pple out on they BS they call it hattin. lol You cant hate on people doing bad music better. lol it may be quote stealing someones sound but if you dont even like your sound being done alot better, by another artist, how you think people gone feel about YOUR music. Your Sound. Swear Nggz act like they invented hiphop. lol every other word SWAG this SWAG that lol. I love hip hop but its getting hard to watch.... Any comments or difference of opinions you can contact me direct seeing that I do not live on the inteenet or Fb lol . email me @ pointatl@ yahoo.com

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Denny

    In A Way Waka Is Right Tho....When I First Heard Hard N Da Paint I liked it only coz it got me hyped crazy & shit lol other than that you wouldnt catch me listenin' to waka...next thing you know every song from most notable rappers jumped on that trap sound....i'll admit i was like da fuck iz dis shit??? got use to the trap sound but got pissed off @ how all rappers were on it from 09-10 till now aw well fuck it. Just admit that Waka Bricksquad etc... change the game, good or bad along wit drake < cant stand that nigga tho but thats how things go i guess......

  • JJ

    You know youre wack when somebody like Waka calls you out. *cough* Wiz, Rick Ross *Cough*


    Here's an advice to listen to real music not crap like Adele or any illuminati product. Instead of Lil Wayne, Listen to Tupac Instead of Drake, Listen to LL Cool J Instead of Nicki Minaj, Listen to Lauryn Hill Instead of Tyga, Listen to Kendrick Lamar Instead of Jay-Z, Listen to Big L Instead of Kanye West, Listen to Black Thought Instead of J. Cole, Listen to Nas Instead of Wiz Khalifa, Listen to Curren$y Instead of Eminem, Listen to Hopsin Instead of Tyler The Creator, Listen to Tech N9ne Instead of B.o.B, Listen to Andre 3000 Instead of Lupe Fiasco, Listen to Canibus Instead of Rick Ross, Listen to Notorious B.I.G Instead of Mac Miller, Listen to Jedi Mind Tricks Instead of Wale, Listen to Blu Instead of Big Sean, Listen to Fashawn Instead of Kid Cudi, Listen to Nate Dogg Instead of 50 Cent, Listen to Immortal Technique Instead of Machine Gun Kelly, Listen to Celph Titled Instead of T.I., Listen to Big K.R.I.T. Also, don't listen to Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Soulja Boy, Nelly, French Montana, Diddy, Childish Gambino, A$AP Rocky or Flo Rida. Listen to the WU-TANG CLAN (Ghostface Killah, Raekwon the Chef, RZA, GZA, Method Man, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck, U-God, and the late Ol Dirty Bastard). But listen to Lowkey, the best rapper of all-time.

    • BasedBoy

      ...FUCK THAT! I'ma stick to real rap. Lil B the BasedGod.

    • Anonymous

      You Wasted Your Time Writing All This Bullshit...You Can't Knock Someone For What They Listen To...I 2nd What Roman Said

    • P

      Life goes on, yesterday will NEVER come back. Now u can bitch, cry, scream that hiphop is dead and spend the rest of your life wishing HipHop was the same as it was in the 80's and 90's and just surrounding yourself with music from that era. Or you can fucking GROW UP and accept that music will alwaysm change with time and find something that suits you

    • hellno

      also there a few decent rappers on your "no" list

    • hellno

      im with roman on this too. i used to be like that, and its still the music i listen to, but its so annoying when people do this. First of all, for writing all of this you really have no life at all. Also i dont like the people you dont either but if people want to listen to them its their problem let them lsiten to worse music

    • Yep

      I support "Roman" on this one

    • Roman

      OR you could listen to all of them and be a universal hip hop supporter.

    • BK

      Instead of everybody you mention on you're list listen to N.W.A

  • AK spray

    sentences*... u bitch

  • aka da AK spray ..ps STFU

    yo KAKA KAKA / get a fuckin education. Fuck graduatin/ Jus learn to put sentence into basic formation. then work ur way up to compositions from raw phrases. then MAYBE you wont sound like such a BITCH NIGGA HATIN.

  • Anonymous

    As much as Waka is shit, he is telling the truth here. Everybody is using those gay ass lex luger beats. Sure he changed hip hop, but for the better? Fuck Nawr.

  • Stat

    You can catch BSM West shining on people in California and you guys are too dumb, Can't accept it? What stupid people who like this type of music but dont respect the realest. You cant do it better

  • googoo24

    Waka smoking that shit.

  • hellno

    lmao you cant get any more watered down then waka, even rick ross is way harder than him. Also this fool crazy thinking he and lex luger invented trap music thats been around way before them and both waka and lex luger are an embarassment to it

  • SoFuckingIgnorant

    the trap sound was around way before waka and the beats didnt all sound the fucking same. he invented the sound of every beat is the same beat. and if by watered down he means actually putting a verse with real words and more than 4 words in a track over the same beat then he's right.

  • Sean

    i take it that nobody havent heard of 3 6 mafia....they been doing what wacka is doing for over 20 years

  • realtalk

    fuck this wak ass clown. nigga u dont create a sound lex luger is a producer n he created that sound. so what ross ran wit it he can rap better than youu!!!! everybody on ur sound sounds better than you!!!!!! stop puttin out garbage ass music words that dont even rhyme. nobody wants to hear that shit. nobody cares what u did in the streets for all we know u got shot n u backed outta jeezys beef. besides that u suck

  • AG

    Speak your mind Waka! I want to listen to someone who's not afraid to talk. You wack other people like hating and listening to rappers who are scared. blah blah blah Waka pumps other level music

    • Anonymous

      waka only runs his mouth about other artists he knows want do shit. when real shit goes down he dont do a damn thing (Jeezy, the bloods that ran up on his music shoot). when real niggas come up he back down real quick. hes as fake as the rest

  • Jeff Vandersczowski

    He's trying to get attention right when his horrible album drops. What a coincidence?????? F*ck Bricksquad!!!!!

  • Ramiro

    last two comments from Waka have been spot on. This and the 2pac hologram one.

  • Whack the FARKER

    GTFO. This is just like Guru saying Nas or Rakim (or anyone who worked with Premier for that matter) watered that his sound. Just cos you worked with Lex doesn't give you the audacity to talk shit. You should thank your stars you worked with Lex and STFU. Chew some soap whacka

  • Anonymous

    waka is right tbh


    this man is clearly delusional

  • Young King

    Being that i'm not a Hip Hop "Purist" I am a big fan of, but I do not strictly listen to Eminem, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Slaughterhouse, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Common, Big Krit, UGK, Scarface, Ice Cube etc. I like to turn up to some Jeezy, Nipsey Hussle, Maino, Meek Mill, T.I., Jay Rock etc. as well and on rare occasions if I wanna get super ignorant, Waka too. I just try to enjoy music as a whole. But fuck all that Ross, ymcmb, soulja boy travis porter and all that whack shit. anyway I do agree with waka when he says a lot of people made careers off of his sound. THAT'S FACTS, you can't deny that at all. I agree with what he said about ross as well, ross has been overrated for as long as I can remember.

    • Young King

      @... @Young King. You think I listen to Waka for lyrics? lol. Anyway I never once said Waka invented The "Trap Music" sound. I guess I shoulda specified and explained myself more clearly. What I meant was besides Gucci, Waka was one of if not the first one to show up with Lex Luger and his sound. All I was saying was there's a lot of producers out there now trying their hardest to mimic Lex Luger's sound which although he's known by it, is not exclusive to just Waka but more 1017 as a whole. Next topic i'm no dummy I know Lex Luger didn't invent the "Trap" sound I give Shawty Redd and Jeezy all the credit in the world for that being that they were the 1st ones to come with the sound that Lex Luger came with but added steroids to and ran with it (not saying Lex has better beats either) and yeah everybody Knows T.I. was the first to come with "Trap Music" in general.

    • ^^^^

      You're joking right? Waka is talking ignorant here. He's taking like he created trap music when it's been around longer than him. Also, Waka and Gucci's music sucks. That doesn't mean I'm a backpacker; I like many types of hip-hop as long as the music/lyrics are good; I just hate crap music, which is what Waka, Gucci, YMCMB, MMG, 2Chainz, Future, etc. put out.

    • Los3

      I get what ur sayin homeboy. I listen to it all kinda hip hop, except the ones u dont listen to as well. Sometimes i listen to wakka, or some gucci or artists along those lines. I dont wear my backpack all the time. Wakka does have a point there too.

    • @Young King

      Waka wack, too. What are you smoking? And besides, T.I., Jeezy, Gucci, Shawty Redd, Zeytoven, etc. did that trap sound before Waka and Lex, so those other rappers that you mentioned owed their careers to the rappers and producers that I mention.

  • Anonymous

    ahahah Wack Flacka Flame is so dumb... he calls out Rozay for watering down the sound, then he makes the same thing in his new album

  • l loc

    im tired of this bitch ass nigga waka or what ever your fuucking name is quit being a bitch and learn how to rap u fakes ass want to be gangster

    • P

      u sound so bitter i dont understand why u lot are obsessed with his life behind the music. quietly clearly u aint a gangster so how can u judge somebody when u aint out there doing 1/8th of what hes done?

  • Anonymous

    Flockavelli was decent, but Triple F was straight up garbage. It's funny how he is running away from his own style on Triple F with all these pop songs and shit. And about Jay and Ye stealing his sound. I assume he's talking about H.A.M. Seems like he was just trying to see if he could outdo it. It's not even the same because they made it more grandiose.

    • P

      how did they make it more grandiose cos they got a real choir lets be fucking real stop hating waka cos that H.A.M song was fucking nonsense the 1st time i heard i stopped it b4 they even started rapping. They took he's style just give him props, he changed hip hop im from the UK and im telling u this#

  • DJ LB

    RICK ROSS= Fake... Waka= Over excited wanna be rapper...music is all fucked up now days man fareal

    • Anonymous

      Traxx Trigger you gotta go blow one off Too much pent up anger and aggression!! damn PMS!! I got what he was saying. The game is pretty wack when a fake gangster and possibly one of the worst rappers ever are trying to calling shots. WTF

    • Anonymous

      He never said it was fucked up because he didn't like him personally. I'm assuming he thinks the games fucked up because Rick Ross is trash.

    • Traxx Trigga

      thats one of the dumbest things i've ever heard. how does rick ross being fake (which is an assumption because none of us know him) mess music up?? ross doesn't make good music because you think its not realistic? idiots... if u don't like ross music, and/or Ross as a person because you think he is fake for whatever reason.. thats fine. but don't say "music" is messed up because of someones personality. Wocka isn't a wanna be rapper. he's a rapper.. i'm not a fan of his music but i know who he is.. he's fucking famous for making music. that makes him a rapper.. be it good music or bad. smh.. music got "messed up" when it started to matter more if you were "real" than what it sounded like. "That shit sound ass.... but he really did do that so its hot." anyway go to www.SundayDown.com and check us out we make music too.. like it or not.. idgaf, but don't judge it before you hear it!!

  • Etan

    Wow. Waka is a fuckin clown. not only is he one of the worst rappers in the game, shit I dont even wanna call him a rapper. His music is a joke. Im not defending Rick ross at all, The whole game is fucked. Are you people serious ??? WAKA FLAKA ? Id rather cut my wrists than listen to this Trash..

  • Anonymous

    LOL, it's like he's in his own world!

  • Waka right

    As much as people may hate on waka flocka he definetly right he been the first person to bring that energetic sound to the game now everybody and they mama doing it and he right rick ross started with some trap beats but he was using alot of more soulful records to bring to the sound back i gotta give waka his credit

    • ^^^^

      Neither Waka or Lil Jon can rap. Waka doesn't even rap; he just yells bullshit on the mic.

    • thafranchise

      Have you ever heard of Lil Jon? The only difference is that Wacka can rap better and he's that young energy. Lil Jon been making hard snapping ass songs and trap beats 10 years ago.

  • Sir Smoke-a-lot

    Every fukkin week there something about flocka talkin shit about something that not even worth mentioning Lex Luger aint that even that good he makes bangers for people that cant rap like wocka and ace hood and some other d-class n-words

  • Method Man

    M e t h o'shit... I would say that to him..lol



  • Liquor and Karate

    Ayo wacka .........stop it b!

  • NC King

    This dude is super lame!!! First off, TI started that trap music shit way before Waka was even thought of. The next dude to come around and make it popular was Jeezy. Lex Lugar can take credit for making the trap sound more wild and headbanging but Waka didnt do anything but put some weak ass lyrics on it. KEEP IT 100, GUCCI AND ZAYTOVEN DID IT BEFORE HIM!!! So really he built a career and label off of their sound. LAME ASS NIGGA!!!!

  • yup

    this dumbass nigga is speaking some real ass stuff...good for him

  • PlayBoy

    If anything they made it popular... Ain't nothing like hearing a HOTT beat & hearing someone who can't rap, rap on them... Or better yet having hot beats & you got a no rapping idiot rapping over there... I would want MMG rapping on my ish too, more exposure & you dealing with better talent period

  • Ephraze

    As much as I can't stand his wack a$$, HE IS RIGHT. As a producer, I will tell you this....reproducing Lex Luger AIN'T EXACTLY ROCKET SCIENCE EITHER!!!!!! The difference between MMG's music and Wacka is that ANYBODY can rap over a hot beat, but when a motherfer got lyrics it enhances the music. Step ya bars up Wacka...if you can..lol!!!!! Another thing is that MMG wasn't built on Lex's sound, but soul music and nice singing hooks

    • ^^^^

      MMG soul music? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Them niggas ain't soulful. They have as much soul as nothing.

  • Anonymous

    WHO GIVES A FUCK. THIS DUDE DID NOT, WILL NOT AND CAN NOT CHANGE HIP HOP. He was whack as fuck, its all that whack southern bullshit anyway so who really gives a fuck. People like him are an insult to rap and real southern shit like outkast, the dungeon family, scarface etc..

  • rosea

    its kinda true lex luger started those mean ass beats and mmg followed it then 2 chains and montana and them. bigblogtalk.com/

  • Anonymous

    For all the stupid people He is talking about the production sound Waka Lex and Southside came with that sound And now Willy has taken that sound and made it soft and mainstream Go listen to any new track from MMG and you will hear it to

  • PlayBoy

    The more this dude talks the more he confirms my initial thought, he's a freak'n idiot!!! I can't even type his name... Ross don't sound ish like this dude. the difference between him & Ross is Ross CAN rap & he can't period!!! But he does have hype hooks & thats it... And he didn't creat ish a hot producer is just that a HOTT producer, none of the ppl he reference rap or sound similar to him... When he raps he's not good at all... First he was going at Wiz now everbody is biting his sound FOH... Does he have a album dropping...Hmmmmm the ish some ppl do for a buzz ((smh))

  • Anonymous

    Waka claiming something he didn't invent is ultra lame. Niggas been talking trappin before he was even in the game. T.I made Trap Muzik in like 2002, Jeezy made Trap or Die in like 2005, both are better artist. Waka building buzz for his album that won't go aluminum. Can't blame nobody for stealing something he didn't start, especially when his producers are making beats for Ross and others he calling out

  • Marquise Hudson

    What baffles me is Lex luger Nor Waka Flocka,did not invent the trap sound in the south.Young Jeezy producers(Shawty redd,DJ Toomp etc) been doing that sound for years, way before Waka or Lex was even known. So who is the cookie cutter now? And on another note. Whats funny is he stated Rick Rozay water down his style. Well tell your producer to not PRODUCE for him. He must of forgot that Lex Luger also produced B.M.F.

    • DFM

      I totally agree with you allll the way. And to be technical...Waka took his sound from Lil' Jon...all the hyper crunk shit and screaming...that's his shit. Toomp, Shawty, Drumma, and you can't forget about them Memphis cats Juicy and Paul who have been doing that shit waaay before them dudes are not getting their credit but they ain't trippin'...I feel you dude and Waka sucks ass...

  • Trill VA 757

    First off Waka, them beats came from Lex who is from VA so you on some VA shit, period. Second off you stole Keebo Gotti style so how you gonna get mad at Rick Ross or whoever when then only reason you on is cuz your momma was the manager for Gucci, OJ, and Nicki Minaj. SMH this shit is hilarious lol

  • Ummmmm

    " He watering it down, just putting words together that sounded good. Shit would be harder if it was the truth..." So no one noticed that he took a shot there at Ross' credibility? lol

  • Anonymous

    Waka doesn't own his sound because it's built on Lex Luger's productions whom he owes his entire career. Waka doesn't do anything besides yell bullshit, he can't ride a beat, and his lyrics are barely lyrics. Hard in da Paint was a sick joint at the time, Flockaveli was an alright album for what it was, but the thing about Waka is he's only likable when he's not taken seriously or taking himself seriously. When he's on this sort of bullshit overplaying his hand and forgetting his place in the rap game, it's because he's delusional and believes himself to be much more important and influential than he is. Nobody will be listening to him in ten years.

  • Real Talk

    Waka has a great point although I'm not sure he can take credit for the sound as it's the producers' beats. But they are signed to him. We've been saying this for a minute that all of these producers are wack for biting Lex Luger and them, especially the HiHats. producers who have bitten (feel free to add): ALL dem niggas in Atlanta (first and foremost) Drumma Boy Boi1da Mike Will Hit-Boy Kane Beatz Jahlil Beatz Cardiak I mean I can go on and on and on. ALL of these dudes and more have bit Lex Luger's hi hats and some even bit his whole style. Rap ain't the same no mo. Trap music is the most unoriginal sound EVER!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    white kids arguing over rap topics, so cute

    • Anonymous

      SHUT THE FUCK UP. Must have x-ray super vision or some shit lookin through peoples computer screens

  • Checks be looking like phone numbers

    Dont even get angry people. You see he has to attempt to build buzz for his new album but name dropping relavant artist. #letyourmusicspeak

  • Sarcasim

    Oh no! A fake rapper sold out!

  • illone

    First off, it's hard to water down water. Or better yet, ross watered down waka shit, and now it's less shitty; but still shitty. That said, Teflon Don was a great album, but that's in spite of the 2 lex luger beats.

  • Not For Real.

    Seriously? You have no sound dude, you are garbage.

  • ghgh

    its nuthin but whiteboys and rap nerds on this fuckin site....im done bruh

  • war22

    LMAO...u dont even have to diss this nigga...u have to drop on the evolution scale to deal with him...u could say he's a troll but he's to stupid for that...i feel sorry for those idiots that purchased his cd

  • Tim

    i mean waka does have a point here cuz i have listened to a many couple songs & mixtapes (rick ross f/ lil wayne -if i die today, young jeezy - the real is back 1 & 2, rick ross - i swear to god). i mean bangladesh, beat billionaire and others is jockin lex's sound wit his snares and "impossible to play" hi hats but at da same time, lex did a lot of production for ross as well. its like not lex is waka's producer. he can make beats for whoever he wants.

  • tom

    at the end of the day flocka is pissed that ross used the style and did it so much better,Ross is just alot better what can ya do

    • Anonymous

      Ross came out way before whacka did and whacka is whack as fuck. Ross has lyrics and flow when he's not on the southern bullshit. Deeper than rap is better than whackas entire career.

  • tom

    plus music is bout progession, he is disappointed ross and other rapper used it so much because he wants just keep doing full albums of it, you did it 1st for a full album n countless mixtapes, are you pissed you can't keep using it. should be progressing now anyway.

  • tom

    load of shite that, Flocka does a full album and countless mixtapes with the same beats without goin that hard on them and he says ross watered down the sound, ross made it blow up more because alot better at it, people were already gettin bored of Flocka doing it.

  • DFM

    No one said that his beats were wack. Those beats are what made Waka listenable. The beats are nice...his flow is garbage. Of course everyone thinks he's garbage but his producers are great. They're producers...they don't just work with one or two artists and not work with anyone else. To tell the truth...if they were only fucking with bricksquad they wouldn't have gotten far so he should be thankful that Jay-Z got a Luger beat. This is why I don't like this dude. He's a rapper. Rappers talk shit and don't know wtf they are talking about. Its not his sound...its the PRODUCER'S SOUND!...

    • DFM

      No one bit from them. If you think about it they beat off all of the other southern producers from way back. All those snares and kicks and shit like that. Jay-Z and Kanye really didn't bite because "H.A.M." doesn't sound like something that Waka would rap on. Peep the whole opera shit throughout the beat. Waka wouldn't have did shit with that track....

    • Anonymous

      If you are a "great producer" then you dont have a sound that is that easy to copy. They aren't great. Those beats tale 5 minutes to make. Still doesnt make it right that everyone bit I agree with everything else you said though.

  • Anonymous

    Delusions of grandeur.

  • Anonymous

    Waka is right with that said.. wasn't this dude retiring last year or something? i was really looking forward to that..

  • Anonymous

    Waka always talking shit. i could understand if he was tight, but dude is terrible

  • Anonymous

    Ross made waka and Luger hot

  • True2HipHop

    I never cared for your sound Waka Lame or Ricky Fake Sakey. Both of you have been watering down your music over the years & have boring rhymes if I can even call them that. You two are not even good so I don't care for either of your sound, besides you sound like the last 20 dudes who came out of the boring south with nothing original to offer. However, i'm not mad at you because I can't control the garbage that both of them put out but I am however very disappointed that so many greats have paved the way for them & you both turn around & dumb down your rhymes & treat hip hop like it's some 2 dollar hooker, what lames.

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if Wacka actually would read these comments.... Nah. Just us HHDX readers with no rap career..that's all. (lmao at this dude)

    • So Icy Boi!

      man duke. u aint know real tru hip hop. weezy waka drizzy cali swag distric Icy Boi

  • Fossie

    @ So ICY BOI.....your fuckin retarded list is only for 10-15 year old trolls like you !

  • dubs

    waka is lucky cause THE BEATS are the only reason niggas is listenin to him, at least ross is a somewhat "lyrical" compared to him

  • Anonymous

    that sound came waaaay before wacka. Lex Luger made it global for you out of town niggas.

  • So Icy Boi!

    eh yo Flocka spittin some truth here mang. hes tne next pac with that flockaveli sound. Rick Ross da Boss goes hard as fuck. but im trill for osme Brick Squad. TRIPLE F is album of the year so far top 5 dead or alive Weezy Drizzy Waka Lil Chuckee Tyga Cali Swag Districkt yaaaaaaa dig?

  • Anonymous

    They both are watered down versions of ''rappers''

  • Anonymous

    album titles....that shit he pushing now is Corey Gunz idea..."god forgives but i don't"

  • Anonymous

    i NEVER THOUGHT I SAY THIS ..BUT WAKA IS RIGHT...ross did jack that nigga sound....But that Is Ross MO. He jacks everything...form niggaz names...image...sound...etc

  • Anonymous

    Proud to say I don't listen to enough Waka or Rick Ross or recent Jay Z to know if he is correct or not. Yay for me!

  • Anonymous

    When I read the title I was like wtf...But he's right...I don't like Rick Ross and them on that shit...It sounds better with Atlanta, post crunk type rappers. He should stick to using beats like the ones on Deeper Than Rap

  • RodneyRamen

    I'm going to lie, but I agree. Recent Rick Ross beats are now sounding like Lex Luger's or SouthSide beats.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not saying you had to go to school on the short yellow bus with a yellow helmet if you can listen to more than a minute of Wak Ass. But kids who went to school on a short yellow bus with a yellow helmet are the only people who can listen to more than a minute of Wak Ass.

  • Anonymous

    lmao this man is right on the money

  • Anonymous

    never thought i would say this nigga is CORRECT..

  • Kristof

    Top 5 Wackest Allive

  • Lex

    I don't even like this nigga, but he's right.

  • Anonymous

    I can see where Waka is coming from, when he first started dropping those tracks like Hard In The Paint it sounded fresh and energentic unlike most hip hop on the radio at that time, no he can't rap for shit but he didn't cater to any mainstream trends or sell out like that, the mainstream just liked his stuff. Personally I liked Flockaveli just like I liked Sir Lucious Left Foot, MBDTF, How I Got Over, Apollo Kids and loads of other great albums that came out that year. Give the guy a break.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck anticipatin this non-rappin wack ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    i thought for a second he meant ross watered down his lyrics..thank god he meant his beats because damn watered down wacka is just.. silence?

  • Anonymous

    "Thats crazy [that Ross has co-opted his Waka's sound], but what you gonna say? This nigga out here making 30 fucking sounds with your sound," he explained. "He watering it down, just putting words together that sounded good. Shit would be harder if it was the truth... HIS RIGHT GO AND LISTEN TO EVERY SONG MMG HAVE PUT OUT IN THE LAST FEW MONTHS EVEN THAT NEW FRENCH SONG OFFICER RICKY DOES WHAT HE ALWAYS DOES STEALS SOMETHING FROM SOMEONE AND SLIGHTLY CHANGES IT

  • Shawty Redd

    you niggas (referring to waka and lex luger) ripped off my sound and style, quit taking credit for my shit u bitch niggas!

    • Playboy Model Lexxie Ryan

      Nah, Shorty. When your beat goes on, I AUTOMATICALLY know its your beat. I'm not dissing or saying that Redd's music is predictable, but when you find a sonic style that makes you bread, MILK THAT SHIT!! As for Waka, yeah it might be true... BUT ROSS DID IT BETTER!! The only version of Hard in The Paint that I liked had Ross on it, so just get over it and keep throwing your rocks (then hiding your hand). Follow a Playboy model @LexxieRyanPbliv ;)

    • Anonymous

      yo is the real shawty redd really responding to comments? nigga go make some beats or kill some more people

    • Anonymous

      Quit acting like a bitch nigga, bitch nigga.

    • Anonymous

      you know..what i did'nt think about that....they did jack shawty redd sound

  • Anonymous

    Waka is just desperate for attention because he knows his album won't sell at least 50k 1st week. His rapping skills are a joke. And this nigga dumb for thinking his sound was innovative when its just a fad. Trap sounds were made before anyone even heard of Lex Luger.

  • Anonymous

    yo waka, remember how big crunk music was or how big snap music was, or even how big hyphy was? where is the love and bandwagoners for that shit now? oh thats right, they're gone! that shit is no longer the "popular" cool thing to do in music and make money off of, they moved on to the latest trendy bullshit (whatever that is right now). the waka/lex luger style will run its course soon enough and the bandwagoners will hop off and move on to the next on artist/sound/style. just saying fozzie bear

  • Young c

    Nigga people was laughing at you rap skills not ya beats you none rapping ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    exactly! and what waka fails to realize is that "his" sound/producer is hot and the popular thing right now at the moment, but when its no longer hot and popular, muthafuckas arent gonna care about it anymore and therefore will move on away from it and hop on the next hot trendy style/sound that comes out and becomes popular. thats how it goes and has been like that for a good minute now. Hardly anybody new that comes out thats "hot at the moment" has any actual staying power/longevity to really be consistent and maintain their relevancy in the mainstream. he better make all the money he can before his and lex luger's 15 minutes of fame is up cause its gonna be hard as hell to make ends meet when mofos stop caring about you and move on to the next hot trend

  • yugang

    waka is (still) wack as fuck, but he is right about niggas in hip hop riding on the wave of the lex luger sound and style (even though its fucking wack as hell altogether) but thats just cause whenever an artist/producer/trend is hot at the moment on the charts, BET/MTV rotation or in the fucking clubs all across the nation, guess what, a bunch of senseless ass trend-riding fools hop on the bandwagon in order to shine/make money of it and become relevant off of it to get mainstream exposure. that is all im gonna say about this.

  • Anonymous

    I could tolerate Waka because he didn't take himself that seriously and Flockaveli was actually a good record for what it was on its own merits. But when he starts to go off on this kind of bullshit, I like him a lot less. His music is essentially brainless energy and his career built on Lex Luger, he's not a real or serious rapper, and this dude is where he is out of sheer luck and family connections. It doesn't take a unique talent to do what he does over a Lex beat. I know Waka has a new record out and he has to manufacture controversy, but does anyone really spin one of his songs and take it that seriously? You shouldn't. Dude is a lot more fun and likable when he doesn't overplay his hand and knows where he stands in the rap game.

  • Victor

    LOL they both suck

  • THC

    Who's waka to talk about artistic integrity? That sound was used by shawty redd before any of them dudes anyway check out J.E.E.Z.Y. from 2006 THE INSPIRATION young been on that shit so knock it off.

  • Brandon

    Rick Ross got a catalogue of different sounds, but to say Lex Luger and Southside was doing trap beats before anybody..what about Shawty Redd or Midnight Black....I'm not sure if Waka's statements are out of context, but Ross and Diddy hopped on that Oh Lets Do it remix and make that track. Just saying!



  • coffejointz

    yo hes absolutely right, i dont listen to him but hes def right

  • lloyd

    You can hate the guy...but he's right lol. I mean look at how many artists have started rapping on trap beats right after he came out...a lot of artists took his style and ran with it man. I'm not a huge fan of his music but i can admit that people have stolen his style

  • No.

    No. This nigga retarded. If he didnt have hard/club beats behind his wack ass 50TySon would mop the fuckin floor with him. and NOBODY copyin this nigga. This nigga copyin other niggas. He brand new actin like he made a lane n shit. FOH Nigga, go back to ya mamas crib and slang rocks and polish stolen guns. Nigga.

  • Karl

    Im glad he his talking bad about ross because he deserves it but he's stealing lex luger sound. really?!? Pay homage to the legends. Luger has three 6 sound. Its music. It's an art give and take. Side note i hope he still has the rooster in his rari.

  • tuvi

    Waka trying to cause some controversy to sell his wack album. Nothing new with this LP, same old adlibs and over the top yelling and shouting with no lyrical content worth paying attention to.

  • Jaynyc

    Waka go hard in the paint!!! Top 5 dead or alive everyone in the game will bow to wake soon.. If you don't agree don't even utter the word hiphop again... Bricksquad!!!

  • Anonymous

    @gunplay and torch got pushed out da way so did maybach dice and masspike miles: alright now go kill urself crybaby

  • partyandbullshit

    haha... good "trapers" still up now with any beat/producer, example: t.i.,gucci,jeezy,meek mill,gunplay,fabolous and +...) waka is bad, many cries...

  • mike

    that guy is an idiot

  • mike

    that guy is a fuckin idiot

  • mike

    that guy is a fucking idiot

  • mike

    that guy is a fucking idiot www.wackaflockaflameisafuckingmoron.com

  • mike

    that guy is a fucking idoit

  • @@gunplay and torch got pushed out da way so did maybach dice and masspike miles

    Me 2

  • @gunplay and torch got pushed out da way so did maybach dice and masspike miles

    I agree

  • gunplay and torch got pushed out da way so did maybach dice and masspike miles

    Dam da lil homie is rite tho everybody want lex luger style beats and I'm not even a fan of flocka but I remeber when everybody wanted drumma boy style beats one thing bout dis rap shit is dat everybody is following trends ain't nothin original even nas said nobody got style no mo every few months sumbody is copyin da next cat even future is using autotune like t pain rappin like rocko wit lex luger style beats lmao I mean dam where da trendsetters at

  • escoveli

    Wow! oh wow! Waka took a shot at Ross. He is right ,but sometimes you keep things to your self cause it makes you look like your hating and btw dont lex sells beats? If you like the product and they selling it you keep buying it. Yall niggas still eat mcdonalds cause the shit is good right. but Waka is late because lex's sound is so 2010-11 new producers are dropping beats like 40, beat billionaire( who is with MMG) and allstar. So get over it Flocka cause you will sell 30,000 next week if your lucky! checkout my designs on facebook.com/digitizedvisions

  • blah

    WTF is he talking about

  • Anonymous

    definition of HIP-HOP

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