Iggy Azalea Breaks Silence On Azealia Banks Beef

Iggy Azalea addresses the beef with fellow newcomer Azealia Banks.

Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks' beef has roots. During an interview with Brooklyn Martino, the Grand Hustle rapstress explained the origins of her issues with the Harlem, New York spitter, stating that it all began at the CMJ Music Festival last year when Banks popped off about her on Twitter.

"It actually started at CMJ Music Festival back in September when she went on Twitter and said, 'I’m next level, I had a song about being a Barbie before Nicki Minaj had a song about being a Barbie. Here’s the link to my song. And fuck Iggy Azalea, I had a song called 'Pussy' before she ever did. Here’s a link to my song. It’s better.”

The issues didn't end there. Azalea says that she responded with a one-two punch tweet, but said that they didn't have beef. Banks took it to the next level when Azalea appeared on the cover of XXL's Freshman issue, picking apart her lyrics and accusing her of being racist due to her "runaway slave master" line.

"And then I wrote on Twitter, the best thing you can be is humble, because it's not about who did it first; it's about who did it better And then she wrote back to me and said, 'Beef!' I was like, not really girl. Not really. It's not that deep. Sot hen after that, she wrote on Twitter, 'Fuck white girls. They are privileged and shouldn't be allowed to rap, because rap is black culture' and all this other crap. Then, it was like, what does ignorant art even mean anyway? Music is not art. Music is culture. That doesn't even make any sense. Then, it was quiet until I got on the cover of XXL and it became me being racist."

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  • Anonymous

    The both of you hoes are mindless, talentless douchebags that need to go away! Suck a dick!

  • 1Love

    People can say whatever they want about Iggy Azalea & Azealia Banks but I like both artist. They both beautiful bad bitches doing what they love & getting payed to do it #Boss. Keep doing what you do ladies & fuck what a hater has to say.

  • Not Necessary

    I don't fuck with Azalea. I've heard some of her music. For her to be so cocky, her music sure is shit. I like Iggy. I honestly think this "beef" that Banks is trying to start is because they both have Azalea in their names. Petty, petty shit. Typical female beef. I think Iggy is better.

  • Shea

    I wish all these femcees could start to get along. That's why I like Kellee Maize. She's a female rapper who is all for chicks uniting and not fighting. Check her out.

  • .

    honestly, i absolutely LOVE azealia banks' music and HATE iggys. but im with iggy here. its pretty obvious that azealia is always tryna start shit. actually, if you really listen to most of azealias lyrics you can tell she doesnt like females much at all. BUT i believe shes really talented and can rap better than any other female ive heard these days.

  • Brown Land

    Banks need to chill the fuck out. If you are worried about someone being better than you then hone your craft until you are top dawg. When Lamar Cole Drake and Wale weren't successful they were staying focused and working their asses off for the deal. Stop bitchin stop hatin and get in the studio

  • Anonymous

    Banks is just acting like a typical black bitch. Cocky for no reason. She knows her music sucks.

  • Anonymous

    sounds like these two bitches are beefing over similar names

  • K.O.L

    Iggy is garbage! Azealia Banks in the other hand can outrap any of these new chicks in the game 'even Nicki Minaj' the only thing is that she raps over house beats too much.... but she raps her ass off... she like a mixture of Missy Elliot & Foxy Brown

    • Anonymous

      -____________- my fuckin 14 yr old sister can out rap nicki and banks. lola monroe and iggy r the top female rappers in the game.

  • Anonymous

    both of these girls need to get on the pole while they still can...

    • ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahaha azealia's dope, but ahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dead.

  • Boss

    Hip Hop is fuckin Garbage!!!

  • Anonymous

    White girl won't even go gold, however, that black chick won't either, because she super wack.

  • killah_casp

    am i really stoned or does this girl look like shes trying to hide a deformed finger when i look at it it reminds me of when e.t sticks out his finger

  • ASEE

    I don't know who Iggy is...never heard her music..not really too interested in checking it out...but Azealia Banks sounds like a serious bitch being all cocky and shit. Her music ain't hot.

  • ?

    id fuck kreayshawn b4 i fuked this bitch who is she n e way. dont answer idgaf.

    • Anonymous

      Kreyashawn does look like a 'five years later' 'faces of meth' warning picture. Iggy, if we have to talk about appearances, actually looks like she took a shower.

    • Anonymous

      kreashaun looks like a crackwhore haha...shows wa kinda taste u got haha fag

  • HiPower

    Bleach her skin?!?!..black coffee no sugar no cream. I like my pretty chocolate ladies!

  • Anonymous

    fuck azealia banks bitch is garbage she think her shit dont stink

  • Jake

    Who the fuck didn't know that black bitch was a racist? Wack ass hoe. Go get some bleaching cream and get back to us when you get to be a redbone.

    • Mia

      Really?! So are you trying to say Banks has no relevants because her skin is too dark. Yeah I agree, It is a bit fucked up what Banks said about Iggy but don't offend black (or dark skinned) people for her ignorance.

    • Anonymous

      Jake, that was racist in itself too. Just the fact that you referred to a varying degree of SKIN COLOUR as 'redbone' and advocate skin bleaching, which in itself is just stupid and dangerous, shows how much of a mentally sound individual you are.

    • rEaL OG

      @jackeatshit and the other fuckin loser below him..... Grow the fuck up you clowns stop being typical ass, everybody look at me, throw me some reparations black stereotypes.... Always looking for the racist shit, you retards make me sick.... Don't worry about what jakes parents taught him, Clearly your fucked up parents instilled age old black power to complain about racist shit when it ain't even there to begin with.... Just like this banks piece of trash......

    • y

      @ Jake she's proud to be black unlike you. I blame your parents for not instilling more of a black power mindset in your small minded head. all u can think of is b__ and h__ when referring to a woman, talk about ISSUES

    • jackeatshit

      jack who wants to be a redbone? half breed, it's one or the other she's beautiful why be a confused white pig like you, go back to your farm

    • Violator

      Lol! That Banks bitch is racist though

  • freebread

    In the mainstream there are more black rappers than there will ever be white rapper yes because the media realizes that rap's #1 demographic is the black community so obviously black people aren't going to be as inclined to listen to a white rapper as they would be a black rapper. However, in the underground there are a LOT of white rappers and a good amount of them can out rap most of the rappers in the mainstream but they will never be played because they don't have the same appeal that Drake or J. Cole does. The underground is colorless, it's only the media and the mainstream that makes it seem like there is a color to hip-hop because they don't care about the music itself they only care about the money. Yeah Em was great but the reason he got big is cause they knew they could cash him in and make a lot of money off of him from the white demographic, which he/they did.

    • No.

      It's not about ethnicity, it's about music. I beg to differ about both of these artists really. Haha.

    • y

      get a clue folks. nobody is trying to buy an album by a wanna be white girl rapper. black men? maybe the only ones who would, with their self-hating a__s, but they don't really BUY stuff. white men? nah not really. white women? maybe but more annoyed with the fake gimmick than anything. black women? please.

    • Violator

      Fact - Biggie and Outkast did NOT go diamond off the black community alone. In fact, probably 70% of those sales were to white people. So trying to kick white people out of rap like this Banks bitch is doing is just a dumb bitch move

    • ASEE

      Pretty sure that rap's number one demographic is white suburban boys in the American middle class.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Black inferior complex? loL Do you know what "white privilege" means? Here's a couple of hints....it doesn't mean white self entitlement...and YOU are NOT a part of the privileged group like you think you are....you were the FIRST suckers of society buying homes, cars, luxury items, credit cards thinking you were BETTER, when you were being put into DEBT...THEY play YOUR racist thoughts AGAINST YOU...and get PAID...to the PRIVILEGED...YOU are NO BETTER than US "minorities"...your OWN have been playing YOU for CENTURIES...YOU descendants of farmers, accountants, lawyers, small business owners and Fortune 500 cubicle managers are nothing but LEMMINGS to the PRIVILEGED... BOTH of these ladies are NOTHING but HO's for big business...and they will LET YOU play the race card to fill THEIR coffers...YOU are GIVING money away and you young brothers and sisters are falling for this nonsense because you WILL NOT seek KNOWLEDGE or talk to YOUR ELDERS...GO STUDY

    • Anonymous

      Although that was quite an eyesore to read ESPRCIALLY WITH ALL OF THE CAPS AND CONSTANT ELLIPSES, I agree (to an extent) with what you have to say. People need to stop being obsessed with artists these days.

    • Anonymous


  • Stupid

    Both these chick suck ass... So do most new artists

  • SparksGeorge

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  • Anonymous

    people who are racist are fucking stupid dont try and say rappers have to be black cause u fuckin sound stupid its just that every black person thinks they can rap and play the race card fuck this banks bitch ima fuck this bitch mouth pass around to my homies n drop her dumb ass off in southside naked

    • Anonymous

      Everything you said, up until dumping a woman's body naked on the street--like dude, you have issues. Anyways, music is music and people usually get into something if they love it. Iggy loves this, and so does Azealia--it doesn't mean both are pioneers of this craft. But it doesn't justify people slamming them for being a 'white bitch' or a 'dark-skinned bitch'. Get a grip people! If you're going to slam them at least have some decency to talk about their music.

  • pienman

    that is what it is! hate is hate... let's make good music, mane

  • Nick

    At the end of the day, Iggy's music is better than Banks

  • Jo

    Iggy Azalea sounds like the typical down south ghetto female rapper...There's nothing unique or original about her at all, besides the fact that she's white. There are plenty of black females down south that sound exactly like her who will never have deals. Her race is the only reason we even know about her, lets be honest. I don't fuck with Azealia Banks either, but she's clearly way more talented and original then Iggy is...But she will never attain the level of success Iggy will have because she's a dark skinned black female. If I was Azealia I would be pissed to..Iggy has her name, and is about to have more success at doing what she does just because of the color of her skin. It's a double slap in the face.

    • vg

      its so easy to say black rappers that sold nowadays against how many white artist has sold, how many black artist compared to white??? obviously your gonna be able to name blacks that have sold

    • Anonymous

      do your research son. beastie boys el-p alchemist Eyedea (rip) The Streets (british dude) slug i could go but its not worth it

    • Jo

      Yelawolf didn't have any singles and was under promoted, Mac miller and Kreayshawn are indie youtube artists and Asher Roth was signed to SRC...A shitty label that might as well be an indie. Give them all the same opportunities those black rappers had, they will sell 2-3 times as much, I guarantee you. It's silly to deny white privilege when it comes to sales..Look at Eminem's sales...Iggy and MGK are in good positions as far as their label situation goes...Watch how much they sell compared to Azealia Banks sales...You'll soon see what I mean.

    • Anonymous

      In reality Eminem is the only successful white rapper , Yelawolf, flopped , Mac miller for all his supposed popularity still hasn't gone gold , Ashe roth is a distant memory,remember Kreayshawn ? all these new white rappers are flopping left & right where as the new black rappers are successful, J cole went gold, Wale went gold, Drake platinum , Nicki platinum ,Wiz kalifah went platinum, Big sean, Meek millz, french montana, etc all doing ten times better than any white rapper so that theory doesn't hold water, Banks record actuallt charted & she's touring all over the world peep her twitter seems like she's more successfull than iggy to me , truth is for whatever reason Banks is just hating

  • Sawyer

    They should write an article about me and some random fighting, because that is what this is.

  • my checks b lookin like phone numbers

    The only thing woman should be allowed to spit on is this dick

  • Anonymous

    Banks is clearly more talented but she's a dark skinned black chick so i understand why she's so insecure

  • True2HipHop

    Iggy is ignornat, what that doesn't make sense that music isn't culture. Wow what a fool. Hip Hop is partly music & a culture you twit. Please get out of the game you clearly don't know anything about the roots of Hip Hop. Banks is better than you anyway, even though I don't think you two could go up against Jean Grae or Coniyac Da X.O. I can't believe T.I.'s fake self signed you well I guess I can because your both lame so lames stick together like velcro. #Both of these girls aren't anything to idolize.

  • Violator

    Banks got a black girl inferiority complex, she obsessed with this chick. FYI, music is ART. When music becomes just about culture, you get "swag", and swag has been one of the worst things that's ever happended to music. It's killed creativity

  • OMG

    BANKS >>> THIS BITCH I'm not a big fan of either but Banks clearly has talent/ this chick is TRASH

    • Alf Capone

      they both blow nuts. they are both equally bad. the one seems to be just trying to get people to know who she is by "beefing"


    she's right about the race thing - but you're doing black music ... don't front. Also - you're shit at rapping-

  • So Icy Boi!

    ma sista Iggy Azalea is da next Tupac Amaru Shaukur. she spits real shit. she need sign to YMCMB... swag

  • Bryan

    "WHITE GIRL WHIGGER--- bitch wearing a tupac shirt??? WTF is going on" She's a whigger because of a t-shirt? Are you serious. I guess whatever race you are, you must be acting British if you speak English? After all they're the ones who created English. Go do something with your life other than worry about what some shirt someone is wearing you buffoon.

  • Burmy

    You think Azealia Banks is a problem? Wait until XTACI (a better femcee duo signed to Grand Hustle for SIX YEARS and counting) asks Tip for an explanation on why THEY never got so much as a promo single, but Tip's rolling out the red carpet for Iggy after she's only been "on" for not even a year?!

  • Anonymous

    if you support this trash, you are a problem.

  • NYC777

    WHITE GIRL WHIGGER--- bitch wearing a tupac shirt??? WTF is going on

  • Logic

    This what is considered beef these days? Sad times.

  • dzbk

    hold up, this bitch just say music is not an art...well that explains why music is such shit today with that kind of outlook, because it was once considered an art..and you can consider hip hop a subculture iggy retaaaad

    • illone

      Well it seems the 'retaaaa(R)d' is you. She was paraphrasing what Azealia Banks said when she talked about Music not being art; but a culture.

  • Jason

    i know that rooftop, Thats the Standard!!

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