GZA's "Liquid Swords" 4LP Box Set To Release, Includes Chess Set, Instrumentals

UPDATE: Get On Down Records comes up with a 4LP version in honor of Record Store Day. This follows last year's 2CD deluxe edition release.

On July 24, 2012 Get On Down Records will collaborate with Wu-Tang Clan's GZA and Geffen Records to release a deluxe 2CD box set of the emcee's sophomore album, Liquid Swords. The November, 1995 album's re-issue will include a bonus disc of the album's instrumentals, almost entirely produced by RZA. Also included are liner notes penned by the emcee, and a chess set pulling from much of the album's lyrical influence.

Liquid Swords featured the single "Cold World," and was a mainstream introduction to Killah Priest. In recent years, GZA has alluded to releasing a sequel to his first and only Top 10 album.

Previously, Get On Down has partnered in vinyl and CD deluxe reissues of Ironman and Supreme Clientele by Wu-Tang's Ghostface Killah.

(June 7, 2012)

UPDATE: Get On Down Records has announced that they have released a 4LP vinyl package of the GZA's Liquid Swords deluxe edition in production for 2013's Record Store Day. The new packaging will hit stores in honor of the retail holiday of April 20, 2013. This will include instrumentals, liner notes and the wooden chess set. The 2CD remains available.

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    Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game

  • Doublespeak

    Absolute certified classic. I love that there are subjective opinions in life, but if you don't think this album is dope then you are a hip-hop retard.

  • Anonymous

    Grandmasters was another waaaaay dope GZA release. do yourself a favor and get it if you havent. production is from dj muggs and the beats are ridiculous.

  • milowough

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  • SDK

    Picture bloodbaths in elevator shafts Like these murderous rhymes tight from genuine craft Check the print, it's where veterans spark the letterings Slow moving MC's is waitin for the editin The liquid soluble that made up the chemistry A gaseous element, that burned down your ministry Herbal vapors, and biblical papers Smokin Exodus, every square yard is plush Fuck the screwfaced photo sessions facial expression leaves impressions, try to keep a shark nigga guessin Give praise and shouts Son, here's the outcome Cut across the semi-gloss rhymes you floss Shit is outdated, just like neckloads of Sterlings Suede-fronts, bell-bottoms, and tri-colored Shearlings I ain't particular, I bang like vehicular homicides on July 4th in Bed-Stuy Where money don't grown on trees and there's thievin MC's Who cut throat to rake leaves They can't breathe, blood splash, rushin fast like runnin rivers, I be that whiskey in your liver CLASSIC RAP ALBUM

  • SDK

    I slayed MC's back in the rec room era My style broke motherfuckin backs like Ken Patera Most rap niggaz came loud but unheard Once I pulled ut, round em off to the nearest third Check these non visual niggaz, with tapes and a portrait Flood the seminar, tryin to orbit this corporate indsutry, but what them niggaz can't see must break through like the Wu, unexpectedly Protect Ya Neck, my sword still remain imperial Before I blast the mic, RZA scratch off the serial We reign all year around from June to June While niggaz bite immediately if not soon Set the lynchin, and form the execution date As this two thousand beyond slang suffocate Amplify sample through vacumn tubes compressions cause RZA, to charge niggaz twenty G's a session

  • SDK


  • Anonymous

    launder the cream through Wells Fargo

  • ed

    this album TOP 5 ALL TIME

  • tru

    Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth

  • IDK

    "What is the meaning of "crime"?/Is it Criminals Robbing Innocent Mothafuckas Everytime?" The most memorably smart line in that album, IMO. Anyways, just like that "Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version" deluxe set, I wanna get my hands on this one too.

  • Sonny Rene

    GZA has had 2 albums in the top 10, the other being "Beneath The Surface". Liquid Swords is without a doubt one of the best hip hop albums of all time.

  • illy

    classic ...certified

  • The MG

    "I'm on a mission that niggas say is impossible/But when I swing my swords they all choppable/I be the body dropper, the heart stopper/Child educator plus head amputator" Loved every minute of this album. Classic in every sense.

  • getyourfactsright

    yo, hiphopdx, get your fact right.... the song that was the "mainstream introduction to Killah Priest" was 'B.I.B.L.E' not 'Cold World' ('Deck was on 'Cold War') Get your facts right.

    • IDK

      There was a comma in the middle of that sentence, so it wasn't implying that Killah Priest was featured in "Cold World."

  • Anonymous

    Im buying that, i already have the original pressing, but im a WU fan.

    • cinavenom

      Damn, you got an original pressing? That's great, all I have is an import pressing but I am definitely picking up this one. My all time favorite album.

  • SATX

    BEST WU-TANG Solo Album! 4th chamber, cold world, investigative reports, killa hills10304, gold, B.I.B.L.E., duel of the iron mic, i gotcha back! CLASSIC!

    • IDK

      "4th chamber, cold world, investigative reports, killa hills10304, gold, B.I.B.L.E., duel of the iron mic, i gotcha back!" Basically, every song in that album is a classic lol. I don't blame you, though. If I have to list the classic songs off of that album, I'll end up listing them all. My personal favorites are "Liquid Swords" and "I Gotcha Back."

  • frenchhill

    Probably the best lyrical album that came out of the Wu-Tang camp that epitomized everything they were about. Probably one of the top 5 most lyrical hip hop albums ever.

  • Hidden By Leaves

    Ima cop this just for the chess set, word up.

  • Mortis

    Now pay attention retards....THIS is a CLASSIC hip hop album.

  • Anonymous

    GZA/GENIUS CLASSIC... bought the dirty delux well worth it this should be just as good

  • SDK


  • Anonymous

    Back in the day when GZA wasn't drunk... And sounded like he gave a shit.

  • So Icy Boi!

    what? who? when? huh? damn. no. wtf? ah... oh dis nigga? no way. Where is I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING 2. I'm waiting to cop it. swag

    • Robert The Great

      Why does anyone entertain anything this guy says. Nobody can possibly be that gullible.

    • murdock

      yo your always on here with this weirdo shit so let me ask you this...why do you not show yourself??please link your fb so we can see the idiot behind the keyboard please.just so I can friend you and talk shit.

    • youmoron

      Please return to your shitty little hole in the ground.

  • C.Z. Simmons

    I can't wait for this to release...Dope cover art, dope album, and a dope concept for the additional content.

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