Lil' Cease Says Tupac And Notorious B.I.G. Would Have Ultimately Reconciled

In an interview with ThisIs50, Lil Cease says oethe wrong people got in Tupac's ear, and a face-to-face meeting could have saved both Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.

Even for fans that only follow the fringes of Hip Hop music and culture, there probably isn’t too much that hasn’t already been written or said about the feud between Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac. The former friends were linked by what the mainstream media labeled as an “East Coast versus West Coast feud” and ultimately died within six months of each other.

Having experienced the situation firsthand, Lil' Cease revealed in an interview with that steps were taken to try and prevent the feud. Cease offered that various members of Junior M.A.F.I.A. wanted to respond to ‘Pac’s scathing diss track, “Hit ‘Em Up,” but Biggie wouldn’t allow them.

“Niggas was already in the lab about to make records,” Cease offered. “And B.I.G. was like, ‘If you put that record out or put any bars out, I’m not fuckin’ with you.’”

And, in his opinion, even the highly controversial bars B.I.G. himself put out on Jay-Z’s “Brooklyn’s Finest,” were to be taken in jest. Despite any claims to the contrary, Cease stands firm in his belief that nothing happened between B.I.G.’s then-estranged wife, Faith Evans, and Tupac.

Both Hip Hop titans are now gone, having sold tens of millions of albums posthumously. Redacted FBI files on Tupac have been released. And a case between the Wallace Estate and the LAPD often vacillates between lying dormant and going back to trial. Ultimately, Cease thinks it all could have been avoided with a simple conversation.

“I think if him and B.I.G. would’ve saw each other and chopped it up after that Source Awards shit, the situation would’ve been different,” Cease explained. “We saw him on numerous occasions, and nothing happened. We had little words, but nothing happened. He knew B.I.G. I just think the wrong people got in his ear; the wrong people were feeding him shit. And he ran with it. At the end of the day, I think it was all love between them. I think it was just the two…niggas had batteries in their backs, and it pushed them in the wrong direction.”

The full ThisIs50 interview, which also features commentary on Tupac’s shooting in Quad Studios, can be seen below.

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  • ali behnam

    man biggie and pac dead for what ? for money its all aboute money and suge khight kill both for money

  • Daniel Asamota

    The feud between Biggie and Tupac was all the brainstorm of Suge Knight. He did all kinds of shit to distract Tupac's mind from the fact that the 'real owners' of Deathrow (vegas mob) were ripping Pac off of millions of dollars. That game finally got old as Tupac demanded his money and that's when Suge tried to kill him (that's right! Tupac ain't dead; just in hiding somewhere). As for Faith Evans an Tupac, hell yeah he fucked her. She can lie about it till the day she die, she wanted to give him some and that's just that on that.

  • camel mouth

    genuine question.. can anyone explain why biggie told everyone from his camp not to respond to disses like hit em up, when life after death seems to have quite a few subliminals thrown pacs way??

    • Enlightened

      SUBLIMINAL? The whole Long Kiss Goodnight song was a Pac dis and that was some hoe shit. Kiss yo ass goodbye after he was dead. The fact that B.I.G. said "I AIN'T MAD AT YA" and the beat broke down and Puffy repeted "WE AIN'T MAD AT YA." They made it clear they was dissing Pac. That wasn't no subliminal. Who the fuck else would say I ain't mad at you in a song about kissing a nigga goodbye and being glad that he's dead. And I repeat, that was some weak ass shit to do it after Pac was dead when they didn't do it when he was alive

    • camel mouth

      long kiss goodnight i think is the track where it seems like he's talkin bout pac ''my team in the marine blue/weeded out/ skeeded out'' describing the hit i thought?? plus the track u nobody til somebody kills u i thought was another subtle dis... could be wrong tho.

    • R.Pgh

      could you point out the subliminal disses you are talking about? The only thing I can recall was BIG saying 'so called beef with you know who', which isn't really a diss.

  • fdhdfg

    If it wasn't for Puffy, Jimmy Henchman, Suge Knight and Haitian Jack. Pac and Big would still be alive and friends today.



  • Anonymous

    biggie and puff woulda beefed and parted ways biggie and jay woulda beefed right now, biggie songs would be like Nas right now, people say they dope but no one buying.... tupac woulda quit rap and been acting....

    • the G.O.D

      PEACE You are so right, homie, BIG was here, he would be like NAS, yup cause the latter has 8 platinum/4 gold albums . PEACE

  • Anonymous

    "2pac and Biggy would be rolling in their graves" Biggie had some sell out songs, so I bet he would have worked with Drake in a second.

  • Anonymous

    I think some people realized (after Kurt Cobain's death) that artists are worth more dead than alive. How many posthumous albums were released with Tupac's name on it? How many tee shirts, posters, CD's, books, etc have Biggie and Tupac on them? Someone is making money, for everyone that was complaining about the "hologram" at Coachella and Snoop and Dre using Pac and shit, How's it any worse than the people that release posthumous records, and sell likeness rights to corporations (Biggie's mom and Faith Evans)? Biggie and Pac today is more about "hype" than the content of their music. If they were still alive today, they probably would of done alot of reinventing and trying to keep up and wouldn't be as big as they are today.

  • ETK

    Pac only died like that because he was with Death Row. If they had let him go he would forget about the beef and continue to make some music until the day he would fall off from the mainstream like 50 or Ja Rule.

  • Anonymous

    Tupac was and still is the greatest rapper of all-time!!!!!!!

  • So Icy Boi!

    RIP big & pac... but dont be down my niggas. we have a new Tupac Shakur on da scene Lil Wayne & new Christofer Wallance aka Drake. swag

  • cm

    Why is this even being discussed, we in Hip Hop keep bringing up dead issues over dead people, and no disrespect to Pac and Biggie's legacy and families but damn we too stuck in the past with this shit, move on.

  • God Save America

    You can't criticize Lil Cease like this because he was in the forefront of this feud accept it or not. Affiliates had a lot to do with Pac's 'hatred' towards Biggie. Plus when your faded 24/7 like they both were, truth and reality can easily be misconstrued. Look at the Pac Nas situation. Pac squashed it for a moment with Nas, then flipped on Against All Odds if I'm not mistaken, correct me if I'm wrong. You shit talkers only know the situation from the outside looking in (I as well), but I've studied a lot of the situation, so do your homework before you throw stones.

    • God Save America

      Ya I think you're right about Against All Odds. Damn Suge Knight that bastard should have got hit harder instead of Pac (and BIG)

    • Anonymous

      I agree. But wasn't "Against All Odds" recorded before Pac/Nas's conversation though? Cuz Makaveli came out in Nov. 96, 2 months after his death. It's hard to really fault Pac on that joint being on the album, when he wasn't here for the final release. Plus remember Suge Knight was definitely in Pac's ear & instigator for a lot of the drama. The drama that would end Death Row's reign as the label it once was & could've been if he stayed behind the scenes.

  • lj

    the outlawz should find this punk ass nigga and beat his goddamn ass

  • lj

    stfu lil nobody. pac woulda bodied your fat goofy ass right along with big. you wasnt shit to begin with cease so nobody woulda cared. pac woulda ate you alive. oh wait. nm. he tore you to hell. get the fuck out and stfu saying what pac woulda done when he hated your bitch ass.

  • BigElito

    "Hey remember that beef from 38 years ago, between Pac and BIG? That could've all been avoided if they had've just talked it out." - a 50 year old Lil Cease in 2035

  • Chunk Dogg

    The current array of wack artists we are seeing (Drake, Wayne, Ricky, Nicky etc etc...) IMO is a result of a lack of real hip hop superstars and I trace this back to Biggy and 2pac gone. 2pac and Biggy would be rolling in their graves if knew how much these new wack artists dominate todays musicscape. I doubt it would be this way if those 2 were still here. RIP. I still remember the moment each of them passed away, sad moment for hiphop, never been the same IMO

    • Anonymous

      LV got a point.

    • LV

      but you act like there wasnt popular whack rappers in the 90s... Hip Hop is in good shape right now. Kendrick Lamar, Joe Budden, Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Joell Ortiz, Wale, Elzhi, J. Cole, Reks, Saigon, Skyzoo, Torae, Yelawolf... i mean just to name a few. You all gotta remember, just cuz theres whack shit on the radio doesnt mean hip hop sucks. Silkk the Shocker went platinum in the 90s... come on now. Doesnt get any whacker than that.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Open your eyes, son. If Suge would have let Pac go then he would have forgotten all about Biggie. Besides, Biggie's career might have even surpassed Pac's if he had lived.

  • Anonymous

    Pac and Biggie should have been aware of what they were allowing themselves to be a part of. How could two dudes who talked so openly and effortlessly about the life they supposedly knew get tricked so easily? Cease has to stand up for Big's memory, but in reality, he must shake his head everyday wondering why somebody didn't try telling Big to back away from everything once Pac died.

  • L-Boogie

    Naw, Pac and Bigs beef would've prolly ended like Fif's and Ja's. Pac would've kept going until his or Biggies career faded away.

  • Anonymous

    cease ain't lying, no person in the world can talk like that without lying, he's kicking the truth.

    • Nickel9

      "cease ain't lying, no person in the world can talk like that without lying..." I'm sincerely trying to understand what you wrote. You first write that Cease isn't lying. Ok, got that. Then you say, paraphrasing here, nobody could talk like Cease does "without lying." So first you say he's not lying, then you say there's no way he could talk that way unless he was lying. See the problem here?

  • kennyken

    i think suge knight had a lot to due with fueling the fire in that beef

    • Nickel9

      Response to Smoke: While I'm not deny that is possible (or even probable) that there was a level of cooperation between Bad Boy and Death Row during that time, the rest of your comment about "publicists" and "police departments" doesn't make any sense. Why would publicists be fired, let alone be fired at the order of the record labels? This is nonsense. And you think that the record labels were paying off police departments? Police departments don't have to be paid off in order to not give a shit about murders of rappers when there is no political upside to solving the cases; actually, not giving a shit about it is basically already their default setting. Remember that stand-up bit by Chris Rock where he says something along the lines of, if Aerosmith or Neil Diamond or whoever were getting shot, the cops would have Bruce Springsteen's house surrounded to protect him? It's hyperbole but the underlying principle is correct. It's closely related to the phenomenon of missing blonde girls dominating the news cycle even in the midst of real news, such as multiple armed conflicts or economic chaos.

    • Smoke

      Tht ho Suge had sumthin to do wit both Biggie an Pac murders, I bet tht shit at the source awards wen he came at Puffy was a cover over everyone eyez, tht Suge an Puff was workin together, i bet dollars to pesos they was payin publicist companies and police departments to fire the publicists an cops who was too deep in the case, cause they was too close to the truth to findin out who the dickheads were to take 2Pac and B.I.G

  • Anonymous

    "At the end of the day, I think it was all love between them" No way... Any friendship that was in place was gone after Hit em Up came out.

  • dentaldamboy

    There is no question that Jay-Z was behind the shooting of Biggie. Jay-Z knew that Biggie would always be the king of BK. Jay-Z was well aware that his career would go nowhere if Biggie was still around. So he had him killed. No one has done more damage to the industry than Jay-Z.

  • Anonymous

    biggie and pac just got manipulated by the media and industry people

    • Nickel9

      False. The industry and the media were manipulating and hyping many things, that much is true; however, Pac and Biggie had a real, legitimate falling out. You can believe whoever you want or take whoever's side that you want about what really happened between Pac and BIG, but there's not denying that there was a rift between them that had nothing to do with "West vs. East." Just for the sake of argument, assume that the following is true: Pac really and truly believed that BIG either knew ahead of time that Pac was going to be robbed and shot or BIG was involved in planning the crime, and this is the reason for the beef from Pac's point of view. How exactly did the media and industry people manipulate Pac in this scenario?

  • Lenovo

    bitch made nigger those two would NEVER reconciled he's just saying that to stay relevant

    • ETK

      ^^^^^^ Bullshit!!! Tupac Amaru Shakur hated Biggie with a passion, and Biggie didn't want to talk to that nigga, so they would die beefing.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      I think you are wrong, most beefs do end up getting resolved if parties sit down and have a face to face.

  • Anonymous

    You know what he just might be right on that, but thanks to stupid niggas, rap lost to of the best that ever did it, now all we got is Gay Wyane and stupid Nikki, rap is so dead

    • Big Cease

      Word Can't imagine these lame ass rappers of today (gayne, nicky, rickross, 2 chainz) would even be remotely known if the kings were still here. RIP

  • BlazinSkull

    Man i am a huge big, Tupac and Biggie fan. But why are still talking about the beef which happened like 15 years ago. Let's just give it a rest, and let's ask relevant question. Anytime Lil Cease gets interviewed all he is ever asked is his view on the Biggie and Tupac "beef". Man i bet it's kinda getting annoying.....Jheeze

  • Anonymous

    Cease has a point. If both Pac and Biggie were still alive, they probably would've squashed their beef. It's pointless to have beef with someone forever. Soon, there has to be some reconsiliation. R.I.P. to both Pac and Biggie, two of the best rappers of all time.

    • Nickel9

      Some "reconsiliation?" What are you basing this on? That if you were in a beef, you would eventually want to settle it? How do you know what Pac and BIG would ultimately do?

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