A$AP Rocky's $15,000 Watch Is Stolen & Returned At A Show

A$AP Rocky nearly ends a show early when his $15,000 watch is stolen. The watch was eventually returned.

During his recent show in England's Camden Electric Ballroom, A$AP Rocky nearly ended the show when his watch went missing. Rocky realized someone took his watch and stopped the show momentarily. His crew and some of his fans helped him identify who stole it and eventually, his watch was returned. 

When he realized his watch was snatched from his wrist, Rocky expressed his frustration on stage. 

“Does it look like I’m playing right now?” he asked the audience as lights came on in the building. “We not gon’ end our show just ’cause somebody took a $15,000 watch. Fuck it, man.”

Rocky was then elated when someone got the watch back, safely returning it to him on stage. Rocky then continued his set after telling concert goers to "beat" the person who originally took his watch. 

Video of the incident can be seen below.

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  • yall haters

    Wtf yall talking about, you all act like every rapper out there doesnt have a expensive piece of jewelry or some kind. plus how many people have had there shit snatched and reacted the same way? Ja rule vs 50, Gucci, The Game, Wu tang etc... doesnt matter if it cost 100 or 15000 its the damn principle. and to the people who say they should same america with their money , yes, there are millions of better things to put your money into other than material things but thats just they way the world works. flaunt $ to make more $ .plus even before this nigga got his watch back he said he wasnt stopping the show and did you see how rowd up the fans got when he got his shit back? shit got hyped. They were all having a good time, he did his job to continue to entertain , why hate on that? o think yall get to wrapped up in what hiphop has became now vs what it was in the past... let this same shit had happened in the early 90's , shit would have been exactly the same thing. What if someone jacked Jayz's watch or LLCoolJ's chain back in the day... all fucking hell would have broke loose.

  • stephen

    HOMIE SUMMARIZED HIS CAREER IN ONE PUSSY ASS MOVE. WAIT, YR FROM HARLEM? when i was born in brooklyn, i remembered never to even flash slide phones, nah mean on the 15K watches. bitch ass diva just got summarized.

  • IDK

    First-world problems....

  • Sonny Rene

    that's what you get when you spend that much money on a fucking watch.

  • gaetarick

    I like A$ap, but this was kinda queer ...

  • Alf Capone

    15k for a watch? niggas get money and blow it on the dumbest shit ever. they spinnin nigga they spinnin!

    • Anonymous

      I think the dumb part is to rock that during a show. And if you're physically interacting with the audience, wouldn'tyou think like "hey, I got this expensive stuff on me, let me hand it to my peeps on the side to hold while I do my thing?" I'm glad he got it back, but straight up and down, cats just need to start thinking about stuff like this...

  • rico

    ya'll sound like a bunch of fuckin haters...

  • sam uk

    haha times are fucking hard son, if you're dangling 15k watches in front of impoverished Londoners, then what do you expect?

  • Camden

    HAHAHA!!! CAMDEN IS FULL OF PUSSYS It's not like he was in Peckham or Brixton !!! ROFL

  • tard

    all these emotional ass rappers stopping the show in the middle of their sets these days. What is this shit? fans pay good money to see these guys perform. That would have been pretty gay if he would have ended the show just because he couldnt keep track of his stupid watch. This is exactly why i dont support this wack ass motherfuckers music.

  • Icepick Vick

    Niggas are still buyin' $15,000 watches? Black people don't learn shit. If you took all the money rappers spent on jewelry in the past 15 years and put it all in a pot, you could clean up every hood in America.

    • Sensaye252

      Of course there will always be poor and rich. But don't you think black people have been 'poor' for long enough? Especially considering that black people have had this golden opportunity called 'rap music' that has made literally billions and billions of dollars, and if done the right way could have not only made a significant dent in poverty among blacks, but could have also delivered a message that would psychologically help blacks overcome the things that have kept them down. But instead of doing that, they spent all the money on jewelry and cars, and instead of uplifting and leading each other they've used their words to demean and degrade each other and re-enforce every fucked up characteristic that has kept black people ignorant and weak. But if you speak on it, black people call you a 'hater'. THAT right there is the poison. The idea that if you do something positive or speak out against something negative, it's looked at as some kind of betrayal. Stop giving these rappers a pass. Hip-Hop is old enough now where it should be more mature and focused.

    • Really??

      @freebread Your point is valid only in theory. We have to deal with reality that this is america and capitalism reigns supreme. Without all the egotistical BS of one upsmanship that you mentioned which occurs there is nothing wrong with capitalism. What makes this country better than all the rest is private property ownership. No other civilization had private property rights and therefore there was no social mobility.We have social mobilty its not european brainwash-the native americans didnt and were relatively poor and were able to be conquered by wealth. And dont get it twisted that they were some docile innocent victims, prior to thier holocaust by the hands of europeans, they had a tribal caste system not based on rich or poor but simply on blood line and warred with each other constantly over land...is that the system you want?? My earlier comment was just to remind people that the symptoms are not the disease meaning that just beacuse there are classes based on wealth does not mean the system is corrupt and it shouldnt be eliminated. We are at a point thru much fight and struggle where all people can become rich or poor regardless and if there are intentional barriers for certain people we pass laws to protect them or protest till they do. We are able to do this all through wealth created thru property ownership. You want to fix the hood and clean up all of Africa then establish and promote private property ownership.huMans will always strive to posses and own something regardless. I am glad its a symbolic piece of paper rather than a human being or being at constant war for land grabs. A world without wealth is not a world I would want to live in. #noego #blackrepublicansunite

    • freebread

      "really?" you don't understand. before the europeans even came to america the native americans had it where there was no rich or poor or anything and everyone did there own thing was left to their jobs. it wasn't until the europeans took over their land and put in a system and brainwashed everyone to believe that by owning more things or by having more money that you were better than others, and its been that way ever since. we could live without rich and poor, its just that nobody wants to cause thats what keeps the government alive and people also dont want to be equal to others, they want to feel like they are better than others, and that's why everyone in this generation and the past generation feel like they need material things or money to be better than others, when really we are the only species on earth who try not to be equal and try to one up each other. all anyone cares about is wealth now a days, and it's not going to change until this world ends.

    • Really??

      Then 5 minutes later it would be hood again...when will you realize that we need poor people and hoods or there wouldnt be rich people by contrast. The problem is you subscribe to trick knowledge and associate blacks and poverty as the same instead of realizing just a minority of people of any race in America are improverished not the majority of us.So what obligation does a rapper have to change this???....wake up huey!!

    • Hidden By Leaves

      Interesting theory, you might just be right though.

  • Anonymous

    damn this dude is constantly on some bitch ass diva shit, here an idea, dont wear a 15k watch while u perform, especially if your gonna try and crowd surf and shit fucking idiot

  • w

    not his?!?! you really think this dude can't afford a 15000 watch? he prob gets 10k a show, and does 2 or 3 shows a week. Its really not that expensive, a new rolex president is about 28k.

  • ac

    is it just me or is the a$ap crew fightin with the crowd at 9/10 shows they do.. weak.

    • Sensaye252

      It's every new school rap crew. They draw ignorant crowds with their ignorant music, then they wonder why incidents like this happen. Concerts used to be fun. There would be a feeling of unity, it was free spirited and loose, there were girls there, there were talented people there. Now it's just a bunch of punk ass niggas posturing and some sloppy ass groupies with gold teefes.

  • Make1

    In reference to Head4, I feel the same. and to top it off, are you there to perform for your fans and the joy of music or just to bitch bout a watch? Alot of these rappers is irk'n my nerves with this premadonna shit.

  • Anonymous

    If this dude goes broke in a yr we'll know why lol

  • head4

    "I ain't talkin' bout no money/I ain't talkin' bout no cars/talkin' bout no diamonds/cause that shit is a facade/times is really hard".... I like A$AP, but c'mon man, this guy is a walking contradiction

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