Nas Weighs In On Nicki Minaj Summer Jam Controversy, Friendship With Lauryn Hill

Nas says that Hip Hop can be "aggressive" and that "these things happen."

After Nicki Minaj abruptly pulled out of Hot 97’s Summer Jam performance due to Peter Rosenberg’s remarks about “Starships,” Nas stepped up to the plate to fill her time slot and brought out Lauryn Hill during his set. During an interview with Rap-Up, Esco weighed in on the controversy in the wake of the festival, stating that he’s been there before and that “These things happen.”

“I’ve been there before and things like that happen every couple of years. I guess this is the second time something has happened like that between the artist and the radio station,” he said. “We don’t always agree and the nature of hip-hop can be aggressive and get real gangsta on you now and then. That’s just what it is. These things happen.”

He said that he’s “not clear on all of [the details]” on why she canceled her performance, recalling how he did the same thing given his beef with Jay-Z. He explained that he “got cool” with Hot 97, but understands why the Harajuku Barbie would be upset.

“I think it was just really messy. When you’re in the heat of that moment, no one has time to inform anybody, but we spoke after briefly and it seemed like it was a crazy situation for her to handle. When put in that position, it’s no easy thing and I guess I was in support of her, in support of Hot 97. I’ve been there before, so at the end of the day, it could be fixed. It’s one hip-hop family, let’s unify it.”

He also touched on how he linked with Lauryn Hill to come out as a surprise guest during his set. “Nicki had asked me to come out during her set and so I figured that would be a great way to go into my show. I only wanted to bring out Lauryn during my set, so she was with it. That’s my sister,” said Nas, noting that he would “love to” collaborate with her again. “I don’t really keep in touch with anyone except my family. Artists, we’re too busy to be in touch, but we’ve seen each other through the years and it’s just love.”

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  • They lost their mind if not their integrity

    I look at true rhymesayers as like the prophets not obsessed with profits like authoring the newest testament type of deal buttfuck the aggressive these things happen type of excuse like Biggie said he never thought hip hop would take it this far!

  • Anonymous

    fuck steven horowitz for throwing that harajuku barbie line in there everytime reposts someone elses news story on nicki minaj

  • Anonymous

    "Artists, were too busy to be in touch" You mean too busy making court appearances.

  • pienman

    indeed...this was dope! its big for the homie NAS to say what it is...

  • Anonymous

    Y'all be crashing Nas posts like crazy wit the hate. What's with the stalkin? I see why celebs need bodyguards and security. Obsession is part of a flawed mind help. It's for your safety and others.

  • Real Talk

    Now they have to resurrect Tupac and Biggie so they to can weigh in on this Nikki situation, LOL all these articles revolve around YMCMB

  • Anonymous

    proof right here hes a shitty sllout and the nas stans still dick ride him

    • Anonymous

      Thank u, a person that knows the truth, nas stans probably wont even comment because the evidence is just to clear, theyll probably just dryhump a postage stamp of him

    • Anonymous

      nas cocksuckers are absolutely ridiculous. always looking for excuses when they're the FIRST to call other rapper sellouts for moves similar to this.

    • Anonymous

      lol, nas stan ignoring what I said to say something that doesnt even make sense, u stans always ignore the evidence of this sellout

    • Anonymous

      nah, just proof that people who do things with their life don't have time for negativity which is what you brought here. I don't even like nicki, but you should probably get that aggression out somewhere else

  • Anonymous

    LMAO!!! "Nicki had asked me to come out during her set and so I figured that would be a great way to go into my show. I only wanted to bring out Lauryn during my set, so she was with it." So why was Nicki dissing on Lauryn with her ego saying it was HER set??? What a brat! I swear, egos sometimes... and YM were not the headliners at all, so it was no big whoop

  • Anonymous

    To even owe 6 mil don't you have to make a lot of money? I mean, you don't make 8 mil or 10 and owe 6...right? Over a 20 year career and it's just 6? Call me crazy...but dude I think dude is loaded. Tabloids can say what they want....but the ex-wifey asked for a lot because she knew he could afford it. Don't be dumb. She knew what he had and the lawyers made it happen. It's really all common sense. The money he generates is a well kept secret. And the money is still rolling in. Even Trump had missteps kids.

    • Tbones

      Cosign,niggas just mad that Nas is surprisingly in a higher tax bracket than their favorite braggadocios rapper even though he hardly brags about it n didnt sell out to make it.

  • Anonymous

    I work a backbreaking dead end job, but its better than nothing, especially if you're a felon. Fuck worrying what in someone elses pockets, get your shit together!!

  • Anonymous

    fuck this sellout.



  • Anonymous

    Young money are so damn wack I just hope Busta doesn't bring out any Young Money losers at the Brooklyn Hip-hop Festival this year

    • tru

      Busta is done. Young money is using him just for noteriety. He should have came out with a boom bap album like he said he was before he signed with him. Sometimes quick money is not the best way to make money. Young money is just gonna put him on the back burner now. He would have more longevity if he would stay underground.

  • W H O K N O W S

    I'd rather see Nas & Lauryn over this barbie bitch any day of the fuckin' week.. can't say Summer Jam took an L on this one

  • AliciaKeysaHOMEWRECKER

    weigh in on your career nigger - that needs seeing to

  • S

    I don't blame Nas for performing....He just resolved his issues with Hot 97 a couple of years ago, it would be weird to go against them again over something this minor. And if Nas could get over his issues with the station, so can Nicki in time...If she's still around "in time"...

  • So Icy Boi!

    lmao dis Nas is broke. he owes taxes and he cant pay bills. Lil Wayne has much more money. this is why Weezy is da best rapper alive. swag

    • Anonymous

      nas is a sellout and hangs with nicki, u stans are so stupid thinking hes real when theres proof hes a terrible sellout brainwashing yall

    • Anonymous

      weak trolling effort

    • W H O K N O W S

      hahaha @So Icey Boi... wut an uneducated bitch u are.. if Nas was broke they woulda Wesley Snipe'd his ass.. Nas is worth $30 million.. he runs Rock the Bells tours annually.. he produced the TYSON documentary & just won an Emmy last year.. u lil kids let ur tight ass jeans cut off the blood flow to ur brain it's ridiculous


      NAS IS A LEGEND. 90s HIP HOP (REAL HIP HOP) i guess your into the HIP POP yea SHUT THE FUCK UP. U dont know HIP HOP.


      You're corny!

    • Anonymous

      dude shut fuck up

  • DaStreets

    Lets look at Nas' actions more so that his words..I'm sure Nicki came to him that night and said she was not going on..if he was in agreement with her..he would have done what foxy did and not perform. At the end of the day...Nas is more mature and knew that the issue was over blown and did not want to miss an opportunity to be infront of such a huge crowd with Mrs. hill. I hope one thing comes from this and that is that Nicki matures enough to know that she hurt no one but herself via her fans. A free concert will not make up for the stigma that was left behind. How do you know that everyone who wanted to see u at summerjam will be able to make this free show? People may have travelled distances and had a 1 shot deal to see u...

  • MK

    Nas owes taxes & has a lot of bills to pay so he'll work with literally anyone yet even he didn't take sides. He knows Nicki is wack.

    • Anonymous

      why the fuck you worrying about HIS pockets...what do yours look like?

    • Anonymous

      this is true. everyone owes taxes

    • Anonymous

      And if you were a mature adult you would see that you owe taxes (what they take out of your payroll check) and have a lot of bills to pay monthly so you stay neutral and keep working that job to feed your family. So what makes you better? You don't owe that type of money because YOU DON'T MAKE THAT TYPE OF MONEY. MK=Moist Klown

  • dentaldamboy

    All of the rap legends pay respect to YMCMB and MMG. Lauren Hill and Ice Cube don't fuck with devil worshipping fags like Jay-Z.

    • tru

      I dont know if they "respect" young money. I think most of the old school artist or good artist do it for promotion. specially nas right now who needs money because of tax problems and ex-wifey problems. Like tech n9ne who is doing it to get more black fans and a younger crowd also. I mean thats why they are called young money cause the music is meant for a teenage crowd, and they the ones that spend money on concerts and music.

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