Drake Gets Punk'd By Ashton Kutcher

Drake is the latest to get tricked on MTV's "Punk'd."

Drake is the latest to get pranked on MTV's "Punk'd."

For the episode, creator Ashton Kutcher revived his career as master of ceremonies. He set up an elaborate situation where the Young Money rapper was escorted to a meeting by Secret Service men who drove him into a parking garage. While in the garage, the car got caught in an earthquake and aftershocks, leaving Drizzy shook.

But the conflict reached new heights when a pregnant woman and her husband approached the car. The man grabbed a taser and accidentally zapped his wife in the stomach. Shortly after, Kutcher appeared to reveal the prank.

Watch the full episode below.

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  • Victoria S

    Now THAT is an epic punk'd!! all these other punk'd episodes have sucked!! ASHTON IS THE KING!!

  • blackjuicy

    why would you think he wouldn't sound proper? This is the same guy that played on a few seasons of degrassi! Even Katt Williams was talking proper when he was driving in his limo talking about himself and becoming a comedian. I never considered him Gangster anyway, he wasn't raised in the hood nor were his parents! That dude from Canada, no city streets there.

  • Jacc

    I remeber one episode when they "repossessed" Justin Timberlake's house and he started crying I laughed so fuckin hard lol

  • $99,00

    Hoo the fuck is the nigga on the side of DraKKKe!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    what i dont get is how people are commenting on how much money he has aaor how well he's speaking or whatever, when you forget to realize that HE THOUGHT HE WAS IN A FUCKIN EARTHQUAKE!!!! mother nature will bring out the bitch in ANYONE, regardless of how much money you have or how much of a thug you might say you are. not to mention he thought he saw a guy tazer his pregnant wife in the middle of it. now seriously, how many of you "tough guys" would seriosuly be calm under these circumstances???

  • Anonymous

    "It's no joke, dog" LOOOOL

    • Got Money In My Ghetto

      LMAO "I'm here to meet the vice president". Who the fuck would belive in that shit!?

  • bizzalls

    When Ashton said, "we all know Drake right? The kid who was on Nickelodeon and now raps?" he was already punked in my opinion. That right there sealed the deal.

  • bizzalls

    Good, Drake is a fuckin punk.

  • Anonymous

    Awwww Poor Drake :'(

  • Obviously


    • Anonymous

      You my friend are the reason why Ebonics was introduced to Society. You uneducated fool!

    • Anonymous

      lol so anyone who doesnt speak like schooling was a pie in the sky dream to them is fake? you stupid as hell fam go get educated...fool

  • sam uk

    can't believe how many of you lot watch this shit, then have the energy to come on here and have full on debates about Drake and money and blah blah blah... American ethics and values are FUCKED, well from what i see on here. Why the fuck would anyone wanna live there is beyond me.

  • Anonymous

    two hollowood faggots

  • Ramiro

    This is gonna be on abovegroundmagazine.com section of "Week's Wackest Hip-hop Headlines." haha

  • DelaneyKen

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    • Anonymous

      as DalaneyKen said I can't believe how his mom stayed at home and gave happy ending massages all day, do you no how many you have to give? how much does she charge? (Check out daleyksmoms.com)

  • Anonymous

    Haha, too funny.


    I laugh at these internet gangsters, the people who laugh at Drake being a punk would've been even more scared if they were in his position ya'll needa get a life and stop judging you faggots, the amount of money drake makes in a concert is the amount of money your dad can't get in a year....who's laughing now?

    • sayed

      yeah but im not acting like a big gangster on my records i would be scared if that shit happened to me plus if he's so gangsta why is he on his way to meet joe biden honesty my pops money + drake's money can't buy that

    • ^^^^

      You are a fucking idiot. Niggas don't like Drake because his music sucks, not because of his money. Using a nigga's bank account as a argument is not a good excuse to defend him; it makes you look like a dickrider. Besides, money doesn't make your music better.

    • Anonymous

      how else are they supposed to respond to "this nigga is bitch"? the people on this site's dislike for drake and wayne is neither reasonable nor justified. 90% of it is about how this nigga is a bitch and this nigga a homo. you can't have a reasonable discussion with hating ass nigga who doesnt like you for no real reason. that can't of 10th grade name calling doesnt warrant a discussion. so I agree with LIMIT for resorting to the financial success argument. what makes these hating ass niggas so special that they can sit behind their computers and pass negative judgment on a nigga with no valid or respectable basis? like what do they do that's so respectable? there's a difference between "im not a fan of his music" and "this nigga is a cock sucking faggot". if its the latter then just ask them what they do that's so special and what they have to show for it that they have the right to call me a bitch and undermine me as a man without even knowing me.

    • Liakos

      I agree with what you said but what does the money Drake gets has to do with people disliking him. I mean why do y'all always have to come up with this up "What he gets in a concert your pops cant get in a year" people around the world are goin through rough times and laughing at em because they dont get as much money as Drake is at least shameful.

    • Anonymous

      lol im richer than drake so smd.

  • Anonymous

    heeeell yeeeeaaa nikkass!!! it finally happened.... LMAO

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    who cares if he speaks differently around different people. isnt that what everybody does? you wouldnt talk to your grandmother the same way you talk to your homeboys. who cares at the end of the day besides bloggers always trying to expose shit about their least favorite rappers? get a life. great prank btw. he handled it as well as the average person would in the situation. the circumstances were designed to be so absurd, that's why its called "punk'd"

    • bizzalls

      You dumbass, we're talking about how Drake literally speaks different when he talks; Like he talks like a fuckin fruitcake but when he raps, all of a sudden he has this ghetto ass accent. WTF is up with that fake ass shit?? I cant believe he sells the amount of records he does being that fake. It's because high school kids and girls are buying his album that's the only reason. Real dudes don't buy a fuckin DRake album.

  • I

    Funny stuff. When you are scared the real you comes out.... Listen to drakes accent...lol



    • Haha

      Did this dude really just say "Ok, im off his dick now." WHAT A COMPLETE HOMO.

    • NOSIR

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! LOL!!!! NOW THAT IS FUNNY cousin YESSIR I told u didn't I that Drake is a LAME IS A WACKASS PUNK BITCH!!!! but no u wouldn't listen but i'm glad now that u have finally come to your senses and hoped off the Drizzy Drake Dick now that Ashton has PUNK'D your gay fake Hip Hop idol it just shows u that Drake is just a SOFT ASS, FAG ASS COWARD ASS BITCH!!!! LOL!!!! and so is the rest of the YMCMB team so YEA!!! YESSIR IM SO IM SO IM SO PROUD OF U for ONCE cousin for Dumping Drake hey now u can come to ROC NATION YESSIR and get some real man gay Hip Hop DICK from J.COLE a brave real nigga in the rap game today carrying Hip Hop into the future and beyond along with the entire ROC NATION EMPIRE we run this RAP SHIT!!! U KNOW THAT'S RIGHT we got J.COLE on our team and he ain't never scared so FUCK Drake and ALL OF Young Money they are PUNK ASS LOSERS THAT'S RIGHT YA'LL no one and I mean NO ONE!! can hold a torch, and Dick ride gay groupie fans til they cum out gallons of semen everywhere like ROC NATION can hands down point blank LOL!!! ROC NATION WINS again while YMCMB stay LOSING sad but true Drake u got PUNK'D now go cry back to your YMCMB Wack team 28 LETTERS FOR U ROC NATION DREAMVILLE GOOD MUSIC

  • @zachziggy23

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  • anon

    "hey drake, you won a grammy." "really?" "course not bitch, you been punk'd."

  • joem

    You got to be a stupid muthafucker not to notice that airbag suspension on that caddy.. that shit was loud as fuck.

  • Drake? So lame.

    haha, only lames get punk'd on this situation.

  • FuKKK DraKKKe

    FuKKK DraKKKe, fuKKK KKKutcher and all these KKK hos

  • Anonymous

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  • Cooper

    @da Drake haters......It is meant for comedy yet and still you fags come out and hate smh....If you don't like Drake don't click on it

  • The Real

    "Look at the car, it's secret service bro, it says it right here on the back" Go to 5:58 and listen to him say that. That's what Drake's REAL VOICE sounds like. I don't get why he has to talk in ebonics and front for Americans...He knows Canadians don't talk like that, he should stop doing phony accents and be himself.

  • Anonymous

    "We all know Drake, right? He came from Nickelodeon and he raps now" ROTFL!

  • Anonymous

    "what is his purpose??" I sort of agree. For a guy making millions, he sure takes the easy road when it comes to picking projects. But then you remember this guy has never pretended to be a serious actor.

  • lo-fuckin'-l

    This was a good episode. I honestly thought Drake was gonna piss himself when the dude tased his wife. lol

  • Anonymous

    Canada dry is soft! Bitchass nigga..

    • Anonymous

      SHUT THE FUCK UP! im not even a drake fan but this was pure comedy. Obviously youve never been in an earthquake before. Living out in cali we know what those are like. People DIE in those. Cars and homes are destroyed. Youd be scared shitless too. That and the show is MEANT to get people scared, angry, worried etc etc. Dont be ignorant. If you dont like drake that much then why waste your time watching anything that involves him?

  • Anonymous

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    • HHFAN

      Ok, I see you here everyday. I'm black, but I wouldn't trust some guy on the internet trying to sell me any credit repair program if he came at it like he was from the Home Boy Seminar on In Living Color. Here's how you clean up your credit: 1.) Consolidate your debt. 2.) Pay off your bills 3.) Get a small credit card and build your credit back over a couple years. 4.) Don't buy stupid shit you don't need and can't pay for. There. I saved you a lot of copying and pasting.

  • Psyber

    can't wait to see soft ass drake cry about this on his next song

  • sam uk

    this show still goes on?? i guess ashton kutcher aint got fuck all else going on has he, haha, i mean, what is his purpose??

    • sam uk

      hah ooooh shit! woah, just beacause all of you lot still drool over your Ashton posters, don't take it out on me!! In the UK Ashton is regarded as a fuckin douche. Two and a half men? what's that shit? is it popular? Oh, right, a half baked US sitcom. wow.

    • Brendon

      Nigga makes 800k a episode on two and a half men i think he has plenty of money.

    • Anonymous

      he's playing steve jobs in the steve jobs biopic. next time do some research before you blind shit-talk.

    • wolfman

      sam, you're a faggot.

    • Anonymous

      basically. He has one show thats been in syndication for years, hes on two and a half men, hes still doing movies and hes directing. Hes basically doing whatever the hell he wants and is getting paid for it, which is basically the american dream

    • Anonymous

      when you have his type of money you can do whatever the fuck you want

    • Anonymous

      To make tons of money and bang beautiful women.

  • Anonymous

    This shit all fake. These niggas know what going on.

  • Hoodgrown

    It was cool to see how humble and ground Drake is even though he could be on some "star bullshit" if he wanted to. It was cool seeing that even with all he's accomplished that he still gets excited meeting certain people (ie: vice president)

  • wolfman

    One of the best punk'd episodes ever. Drake was completely shaken -- literally!

  • anon

    nigga said i called my mom while the quake

  • Anonymous

    shit was too funny! When drake saw she was pregnant i thought he was gonna faint hahaha. Pretty good one, kudos to asher

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