Pusha T Is Working With The-Dream & Kanye West, Hopes To Make "Classic Material"

Pusha T talks about what he's learned from Kanye West and The-Dream. He adds that they're focused on making "classic material."

With Kanye West already on board for Pusha T's solo debut, the Virginia emcee has also enlisted the assistance of The-Dream. Together, the three are working on Pusha's solo album, which Pusha says he hopes will be a "classic." Recently, Pusha spoke about his experience with both producers and shared what he's learned from The-Dream and Kanye West. 

"I've learned so much about song structure from Dream and I've learned so much from 'Ye about finding the most colorful parts of your rhymes, editing it down and making sure, like, all the best parts of the rhyme are right in your face. I've just totally taken this [attitude of] sitting back and absorbing everything they say," Pusha told MTV. "Sometimes [a track is] wrong. Sometimes it's over-rapped and [The-Dream] will tell you, 'Nah, stay right here. Stay within these lines, in these perimeters right here.' This sh-- is school, man; it's real live school to me."

The-Dream also shared his take on their work together, adding that he's trying to get Pusha to make music that makes the listener feel like a "superhero."

"It has a lot to do with what we want to hear, so it wasn't [like I wouldn't] allow Pusha to get off on rapping," Dream clarified. "We just need [him] to be this guy for us right now, because I need that music in my car. I'm R&B, but I grew up on Bankhead and I was riding around with UGK in my car, so I know what that real shit is. I know how it makes you feel like a superhero...You look over in my car — I'm mean-mugging you, you mean-mugging me, and I got Pusha in my deck. That's how I want to feel. And so I was just providing that feeling, I just wanted to capture it in each song. We need [him] to say this because [he's] talented enough to do it."

"At the end of the day, we're trying to make classic material," Pusha went on. "Everybody who's here is tuned into this project — period. It's about being cohesive, and cohesive musicality is just not happening right now."

Pusha and Kanye are naturally also currently a part of the G.O.O.D. Music project. Pusha and The-Dream also recently talked about their collaborations for this album and explaiend how they linked up.

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  • Eklipz'77

    For the record you can't make classic material. An album is perceived as a 'classic' in retrospect.

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  • Jenny

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  • war22

    fuck the album,yeah i said fuck the album put out that diss track first and finish what u started...finish wayne and his bitch made label...thats what hiphop fans want

  • Wayne Fan 318

    I respect Pusha T for not finishing this so called beef with him and Wayne. Get money and keep making G.O.O.D. Music, brother. Peace to Virginia to Louisiana!!

  • Anonymous

    I don't recall Drake, Wayne, etc. being brought up in the interview so why are they being mentioned in every single comment?

  • Anonymous

    its all about wayne and young money at this point, everything else is out the window

  • Anonymous

    eemmm is that how best y'all think y'all know hiphop? comparing a group to a single dude? comparing clipse to Drake? that only should let you know how good the Drake... Pusha T was talking about how niggas aint feeling Drake b'cuz he ain't talking gangsta, all Pusha talks about is guns and sum drug shit, wondering if he ever shot anybody in his entire life. Drake talks about real life experiences something we all can relate to... and if it ain't about money why the hell he got a deal for? we all not the same and if you feel Drake ain't talking about shit his niggas wanna hear, why don't he concentrate on doing some hits for his niggas and stop the hating, mahn this beef shit is childish, even Pac and Biggie got tired of that... mahn produce some hits on your own without your group and stop hating on another man's success, fake ass niggas

    • Stinkmeiner

      Drake talks about his life experiences getting his heart broken then getting real rich Pusha talks about his life experiences being a crack dealer because thats what he did its just your own opinion i guess what you wanna listen too but I'd take pusha over drake or lil wayne any day because they are ridiculously fake and just feed on pop culture to make money Lil Wayne sold out plain and simple and pac and biggies beef didnt really end till pac got killed now thats beef

    • ^^^^

      Cool story, bro. Tell it again.

  • Anonymous

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  • Shady 2.0

    Hopefully all the YMCMB faggots will read this before putting some bullshit comment. Pusha T has already made a 5 star album in Clipse (Hell Hath No Fury) and Til the Casket Drops and Lord Willin' are both solid 4 star albums. Now if he's working with Mr. West and The-Dream for his latest project chances are that he is going to make a Classic album, I mean look at The-Dream discography his albums have met critical acclaim themselves and as I guess Pusha will be working with The Neptunes as per usual then... well lets just say it's going to meet more critical acclaim then ANY YMCMB would FACT!

    • SK

      @dentaldamboy I hope you realize that lil wayne tried to steal clipse's style and swag back in 06 and drake is a one of clipse's biggest fans growing up so you should check your facts

    • dentaldamboy

      Who are these critics you speak of? Probably a bunch of old dudes who are mad that thier favorite rapper lacks Wayne and Drake's swag.

  • jerrycu

    dude why do you post on here with such a small amount of knowledge in your head? Pusha just went solo but he had tons of classic material with the clipse. Hell Hath No Fury and Lord Willin are consistently ranked in the top 200 album of the last decade. Hell Hath No Fury is considered by a lot of people the best album of 06-07 and it was flawless. The mixtapes called we got it 4 cheap were up for mixtape of the year every single time they dropped and pusha spit ridiculous bars. Seriously man theres no point in posting your garbage on here; theres too many hip hop heads who wil laugh at your comment there

  • dentaldamboy

    Pusha T is one funny dude. Him and classic material cannot go together in the same sentance. He's been in the rap game for 15 years and has all of 5 singles. I think one single every 3 years would fall under the LAME category, according to Jay-Z. Anyone who likes Exodus likes it for all of the wrong reasons. It's poor lyrically and it actually makes Pusha T sound like a little kid. I don't know which middle class suburb he grew up in, but where I'm from, beef is way beyond keying peoples' cars. Pusha is a complete joke. Kanye already regrets signing him.



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