Pete Rock Says He Would "Love To Work" With Lupe Fiasco

Pete Rock explains that even after the "T.R.O.Y." issue with Lupe Fiasco, he'd still hop in the studio with him.

Pete Rock and Lupe Fiasco were the talk of the Hip Hop world the last few weeks when the former took issue with the latter's song, "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free),"  which utilized essentially the same beat as "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)."

Now, after a back-and-forth over the course of several interviews and blog posts, Pete Rock has extended an olive branch.

"If the artist doesn't like something I did or said, then we could work through it with a conversation. That's always my goal — it's never to add fuel to the fire," said Pete Rock in an interview with MTV News of the falling out with Lupe.

Pete Rock even went so far as to indicate he would be interested in recording with Lupe - subject to certain stipulations. "I would love to get in the studio and work with him if his management team can respect me as a man, and the label can respect me as a man, and Lupe himself can respect me as a man. I would love to work with him, and I wouldn't turn my nose to it."

Watch the interview below:

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  • trinidadianbadd with this... who cares !!!!!!! pete rock is like 71 years old! the most overrated person in hip-hop point blank! this is what gramps gotta do to stay relevant now..sheesh. leave the young cat alone, besides the other producer who touched up the track your bitching about, he did it better than you. you have 3 legendary songs for what 25 years in the game... go retire like the rest of the dinosaurs, and stop wasting headlines

  • Anonymous

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  • double truth

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  • Anonymous

    bunch of little children. you never see this bullshit in other genres only in hiphop

    • Liquor and Karate

      Axl rose just banned fans in th uk from wearing slash shirts in his concerts along with not going to the rock and roll hall of fame.sooooo.........

  • Anonymous

    Their acting like old women.

  • Mike

    Pete should work with Lupe, and that DJ Premier / Pete Rock project whooo! Hey Pete what about 9th wonder? lol

  • sam uk

    old news..the video in this story was attached to another story realting to this last week. can't watch it cos im in England, but whatever, stop trying to push this beef shit, people only think it's ongoing cos you keep adding tit-bit storues like this to fuel the fire. Go get some new news!

  • thefist;

    Pete Rock.. GTFOH with this issue already. I was semi on your side in the beginning, now it's just annoying. We no longer care.

    • thefist:

      Yeah, I know he want's to work with him and all of that, I'm just done with him talking about Lupe PERIOD!! I want him to go to the studio, do some music with Lupe and put it out.. but stop having press conferences, twitter feeds, myspace posts, journal entries, church testimonies and all this other non-sense.. actions speak louder than words. Hip hop drags stuff out too long.. you were pissed about a producer sampling you (when you sampled plenty of white men who I KNOW, didn't care for you sampling their sh*t) and now we have to read about it every 4 minutes. #dead

    • ^^^^

      Did you even read the article?

  • FuKKK Pete RocKKK

    I got my noose ready to lynch this nigger if he keeps pulling this shit.

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