Raekwon Says He Will Not Be In Ol' Dirty Bastard's Biopic

UPDATE #2: After GZA said he wouldn't appear in Ol' Dirty Bastard's biopic, Raekwon follows suit.

Members of the Wu-Tang Clan may play themselves in the upcoming Ol' Dirty Bastard biopic Dirty White Boy, starring Michael K. Williams as the late rapper.

During an interview with NYDN, Williams said that the producers of the film "have no desire to cast any actors as the Wu-Tang," meaning that the whole team will be involved to ensure authenticity. "We need all hands on deck," he said. 

The biopic focuses on the relationship between ODB and his manager Jarred Weisfeld, a 22-year-old VH1 employee who became his manager in the early '00s.

Williams recently said that he's consulting with those close to the deceased rapper to get into character. "I am doing a lot of research on Russell," he said. "I had the pleasure of meeting his beautiful mother, Ms. Cherry. We sat down for, like, three hours, and she told me the most amazing stuff about her son and a lot of things that the public didn't know. I've been talking to people who know him well ... people who knew him when the cameras wasn't rolling. I've got a lot of insight into who he was as a human being and as a man and, dare I say it, scholar."

[June 2]

UPDATE: Representatives for GZA told Pitchfork that he has no plans to appear in the upcoming Ol' Dirty Bastard biopic Dirty White Boy. "Spoke to GZA today. I will tell you 100% he is not appearing in the ODB / Jarred Weisfeld movie. I can't speak for the rest of the group, but definitely not true about GZA," said the rep.

[June 4]

UPDATE #2: Representatives for Raekwon also told Pitchfork that he will not be appearing in the upcoming Ol' Dirty Bastard biopic Dirty White Boy. The announcement comes two days after GZA said he would not star as himself in the film.

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  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    Yo how come black people don't feel the wu-tang as much anymore? And white fans are like obsessive about it? in your opinions

    • Anonymous

      Because the jews took over hip-hop and only market the crappy hip-hop to blacks. You think white people want blacks to listen to enlightening emcees like Canibus, Killah Priest, Dead Prez, K-rino etc...? Of course not, they would rather dumb the black people down and make them want to spend all their money and drink sizzurp.

    • Anonymous

      huh???? no comment

  • Anonymous

    The guy obviously lived a crazy life way before 36 chmbers.

  • Hidden By Leaves

    Allah will show no mercy on the hordes of wack emcees that have occupied our sacred artform the day GZA sobers up and returns in full form and fervor.

  • killah_casp

    well at least there keeping it wu not like whats happened with tupac were the likes of rappers who werent evan close to the dude mooching off his talents ill watch it or though ODB kinda is a story better not to tell its gunna be hard to portray him in a good light being completly fucked out his face and acting crazy all the time

  • truth

    It won't be much of a film; ODB drugged hisself to death & did dumb stuff like roll up to the welfare office in a limo, tell people on national TV that he don't do anything for the communite, and change his name to Big Baby Jesus and Dirt McGirt. He was talented but he wasted his skills, then died because he couldn't get his drug habit under control. I don't see how a biopic will make him look any better unless they lie about him, a lot.

    • Anonymous

      Its a movie about a rapper..of course its to fucking exploit him.

    • anonymous

      Co-sign. This film from the sounds of it is simply being produced to exploit him when he was at his worst during the end of his career. He was high out of his mind during this period and acting crazy as hell. Probably why the clan doesn't want any involvement. This film from my standpoint will make a mockery of him and then wedge some heartfelt redeeming scene near the end in a desperate attempt to justify all the bafoonery beforehand. Check Deck's comments about the MTV show they had planned back from then.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I wonder what's up with the Wu Camp not participating in the film? There must be some serious behind the scenes issues that are developing.

  • Jason

    some shit just cant be duplicated. remakes are bad enough.

  • white nutz

    I'm white. White people are definately ruining hip hop. Mac Miller is the hip hop anti-christ. Wu-Tang forever, mother fuckers.

    • Anonymous

      Illiterate nigga? Definition of reverse racism:Discrimination against members of a dominant or majority group, especially when resulting from policies established to correct discrimination against members of a minority or disadvantaged group. Now I'm not sure what you read, but no where in that definition is anything stated about being racist against your own race

    • truth

      Faggot, people that are prejudiced against their own race are reverse racists; read a book illiterate nigga. White nutz made a stupid statement about white people f'ing up hip hop that isn't even half way true so he got called out on it, you need to get off white's nutz.

    • Anonymous

      ^ stfu sensitive bitch. And how is being racist against white not regular racicsm

    • truth

      No disrespect, but that was a dumb statement. White people aren't messing hip hop any more than black folks or whoever is involved in rap; for every wack white rapper like Machine Gun Kelly or Mac Miller, you have an equally wack black rapper like Waka Flocka, Wiz Khalifa, or 2 Chainz, you actually have more wack black rappers pissing on hip hop than white rappers. You even called ol' boy an anti-Christ, that's super disrespectful. Don't say things like that because you think it will make black people like you more; that's nothing but reverse racism. Regular racism is bad enough.

  • Cheaa

    Anyone recall the movie "Notorious" Huge flop and overall disappointment to hip hop

  • no one

    You guys keep blaming white people for pointless shit. If it was all black people it would be straight to netflix/in 5 dollar bin at Wal Mart. And you guys are not in a position to complain about anything with how Tyler Perry releases pointless shit. The Wu Tang fan base is mostly white anyways. Everyone STFU

    • Anonymous

      You are both faggots. Making everything a race issue is getting old. STFU

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it would go straight to netflix because you people are too racist to watch films that include people who don't look like you...But yet we watch all white films with no complaints. Don't try to turn it around on us. If you weren't racists in the first place we wouldn't have to stick white people in films they don't belong in. And if Wu's fanbase was mostly white why do you need to stick a random white guy in it for people to see the movie? Don't be stupid.

  • Godson

    You destroyed the world by the way dirty stupid white boys like Michael moore said it ni his book!!!!!

    • SL

      I'm white, and while your clearly pissed about your sad excuse for an existence, your right about that. White people will sand blast the realness out of Hip Hop like they did with every other genre stolen from Blacks.

  • Godson

    You dirty white boys killed That genius and now make a movie based on his life.......!!!!!!!!!! Fuck you white peoples!!!!!! You destroyed hiphop!!!!!

    • Jay

      there are a shitload of good white underground rappers like Mad Child, Apathy, RA The Rugged Man, Aesop Rock, Edan, Benefit, Grouch, El-P, Celph Titled, Ryu, Esoteric, Virtuoso, etc.

  • Anonymous

    this shit is not on imdb, sounds like bullshit, just like the real rick ross movie thats supposedly in the works...dx needs to stop mentioning this bs until its legit and listed on IMDB

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "Let Dirty live...Let him have his movie, damn" Jackie Chan worked with Owen Wilson. Do you consider that evil? lol

  • Anonymous


  • wtf

    Dirty white boy???? Who gives a fuck about his manager? Why do they always have to stick a random white guy in these movies?? I remember Jackie Chan and Jet Li did their first movie together and then I watch the shit and they put in a random little white kid in it and make him the star, instead! I'm sick and tired of this shit. I want to see a film made about Dirty ALONE, I don't give a fuck about anyone else. Why do whites always try to take over everything?? Let Dirty live...Let him have his movie, damn.

    • Anonymous

      Oh no poor black people have life so hard wah wah wah white people ruin everything. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Shits played out son

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe its because its focusing on his relationship with his manager who happened to be white and ur just racist. And it goes both ways like that commercial thats all over the fucking place right now with the family driving and they start singing crazy train..all white but throw in one random ass black kid. Please no black kids gonna know the words to crazy train.

    • Neighborhood Playa

      Understand this... few black people especially nowadays actually like the Wu Tang Clan. From my own experience, I've never met a black guy who listens to Wu Tang Clan, whereas the white guys who like them absolutely worship them! It's probably from a marketing standpoint... you probably wanna have some white guys in a movie about a group whose fan base is predominantly white.

    • Doubl Negative

      Couldn't agree more homie.

  • Anonymous

    "I've got a lot of insight into who he was as a human being and as a man and, dare I say it, scholar." Any list of great minds must have ODB on it.

  • Anonymous

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  • NY

    I thought it would be tight to see the clan acting but GZA must see a flaw in this film if he doesn't want to be involved. But also I would rather see them working on making a clan album than a movie, we need another Wu album and looking forward to Liquid Swords Pt. 2.

    • Hidden By Leaves

      You need to do your homework son. In his most recent interview GZA stated that his next album will be called Dark Matter and didn't even touch on the aforementioned LS2 that he claimed to be working on at the exclusive hands of the RZA.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, exactly what I would have posted.

  • Anonymous

    STFU alcoholic-- just mike your fucking snoring next time you make a record, that's how much energy you bring to the mic... Also, it's REALLY good idea to curse on record and that edit yourself with blank spots; way to censor yourself, asswipe. Lastly, your son is a no talent but maybe he can make porn films with Diggy Simmons.

  • Wu-Tang Is Something To Fuc Wit

    Niggas dickride ODB so much just because that bitch is dead. If she was alive nobody would give a shit about her.

  • Anonymous

    "I think it would be pretty hard to mess up playing yourself in a story about your own experiences" You're missing the point. If it's being made as a movie, then having the rappers play themselves makes no sense. They aren't actors, and it cheapens things.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil Wayne to play Ol Dirty Bastard. new legend plays old legend. dat movie wud be so hip hop wit Weezy in da cast. YMCMB. swag

    • clm83

      Funny shit. I thought he was Trollin' but the Kid sounds serious. FUCK YMCMB!! YMCMB??? That Shit just sound Stupid.

    • kasey1love


    • Brandon

      you are a fucking retard to ever even think that. lil wayne? playing old dirty bastard? that would be the GAYEST movie ever and a complete disgrace to ODB and the Wu Tang Clan. none of the WU would even work with that faggot who ruined hip hop

    • IDK

      Nobody can imitate ODB's style, as there is no father to his style!

  • 1love

    these niggas already pissed on his career by saying he never wrote any of his material.

  • Anonymous

    A little confusing because there's another film called C.R.E.A.M. supposely wrtten and directed by Damien Dash and Rae about the WU Tang Clan

  • Anonymous

    "that the producers of the film have no desire to cast any actors as the Wu-Tang" I wouldn't pay to watch something with non actors. Meth acts (loosely speaking), but other than him, this might work better as a documentary where each member of the clan talked about their experiences with Dirty.

    • Big Rah

      @ETL...i beg to differ...did you see Fantasia play herself? EEeeeewwww! pretty effn awful. i can name a few more people but dont want to get trashed! lol.

    • ETL

      I think it would be pretty hard to mess up playing yourself in a story about your own experiences, I mean they'll be reenacting their own shit they were actually there so why not they haven't really aged.

  • Anonymous

    this should be awesome

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