Slim The Mobster Implicated In Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond Trial

Dr. Dre's protege Slim the Mobster has been implicated as to having ties with Jimmy Henchman and his drug ring.

Ten days ago, James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond's trial on charges of trafficking narcotics across the United States began in a Brooklyn federal court. Although the prosecution has yet to finish their testimony against Rosemond, AllHipHop reports that the DEA has dug up ties between the former Hip Hop manager and Compton hopeful Slim the Mobster.

Lead DEA case agent for the prosecution Steven Miller testified in court yesterday May 31 that Rosemond maintained ties with eight primary cocaine suppliers. Informants from the Rosemond Organization indicate that one such contact, who went under the alias "Superman," reportedly sold Slim the Mobster bricks of cocaine and assault rifles.

The connection between Rosemond and the Aftermath Entertainment rapper don't end there, however. The two maintained a relationship through 2008 after Slim supposedly sold Rosemond a firearm, but their partnership fell apart after Slim was accused of stealing $250,000 from Rosemond’s brother.

Although Slim has not been officially charged in the case, he did release a song earlier today titled "Take It Like A Man," in which he denies the accusations brought against him. 

DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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  • e-moni

  • giantnyc

    Why is it that a lot of cats 50 Cent has beef with (Supreme, World, Irv Gotti, Ja Rule, Henchman etc.)end up on trial or locked up? One of those things that makes you go hmmmmm...

  • giantnyc

    Saw Michael Williams (Omar from the wire) at the courthouse today. What is he doing there?

  • Nuff said....

    Fuck jimmy, i hope he burn in hell. He gives us a bad name. He has been successful in the entertainment field and yet, his greed makes him do unnecessary illegal bullshit when he dont have to. And on top of that, he did pac dirty. Hope he burns. nuff said...

  • Anonymous

    this homo has the worst rap name I ever heard in my whole life.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    "The connection between Rosemond and the Aftermath Entertainment rapper don't end there"? Don't? you mean doesn't? Why does sean ryon still have a writing job?

  • Anonymous

    dude goes hard in the streets of la most real niggas dont get love on the net

  • Anonymous

    so much for dre's so called protege...never liked dude anyway. free max b

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ The hypocrisy of saying "Free Max B" after making a criticism of someone else's artistic capabilities Slim Da Mobster >>> Max B Even though that still aint saying much, but at least Slim's simple Simon music doesnt make want rip my ears off like Max B does

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      You don't like Slim but yet Max B is just as straight up doo doo. Anyway, this guy was creating a buzz for a bit, but has fallen off the radar. I guess Dre knows where to put his resources in (ahem Kendrick) since he doesn't deal with this kind of BS...

  • Anonymous

    pac said fuck jimmy game was down with this fool and now he in the pin singing like akon fucking snitch

  • Big surrise there

    Dude is Rick Ross's Nephew And by that I dont mean the nephew a fat cop turned Mediocre rapper turned media and Industry created celebrity What I meant is he's the nephew of a known drug dealer

    • Anonymous

      LOL Ross is a bitch nigga and he can't shut his own mouth cause of all the food in his mouth let alone a real nigga like Freeway.

    • bbfl

      He is a nephew of a broke ass nigga that used to sell drugs but now Rick Ross (rapper) has shut his mouth! He can't even smell how much money the rapper has and how broke this drug dealer is right now!!!

    • Anonymous

      Cause we all know how crack helped the hood out.

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