House Shoes Sounds Off On Detroit's Support Of Its Own Hip Hop Artists

In addition to praising peers like Dilla and Black Milk, House Shoes says Detroit's failure to support their own artists has caused a lack of recognition.

Detroit, Michigan is home to Eminem—the most commercially successful artist of the aughts. The Motor City also birthed Dilla, the man universally recognized as one of the best producers ever. Despite claiming Slum Village, Dwele, The Hip Hop Shop and a style of music that was the precursor to today’s EDM subgenre, many feel Detroit hasn’t always embraced its own. Producer and DJ, House Shoes—a Detroit native turned Los Angeles resident—had no shortage of opinions on the matter. And explained The D’s unorthodox relationship with some of the city’s artists.

“Nobody in Detroit gives a fuck about Detroit Hip Hop,” House Shoes quipped, in a recent interview with Behind Closed Doors. “Nobody in Detroit knows who Dilla is. Nobody in Detroit knows who Black Milk is. It’s pretty much a dumb ass city. It’s a city of followers, and they’re on that radio shit. The Hip Hop circle is very small, and it’s frustrating because you get stuck in that vein of trying to earn the respect of a city that’s never really going to respect you. They look at you like you a weirdo—like, ‘Why does your music sound like that?’”

Ultimately, House Shoes chalked it up to people not understanding Detroit’s global influence. He said that he continues to represent for his city even if the feeling is not always mutual outside of his immediate circle.

The brief civic reprimand aside, the interview also featured some fond memories of Detroit—including learning MPC 3000 tips from the late Dilla. In addition to displaying some turntable, sequencing and sampling skills, House Shoes ran down his bio, which dates back to 1994. The full interview, which also includes an anecdote about coming full circle with a Tito Jackson sample while in Los Angeles can be seen below. House Shoes’ debut producers album, Let It Go drops on June 19 via Tres Records and features vocal appearances from Danny Brown, Black Milk, Alchemist, Roc Marciano, Oh No, MED, Guilty Simpson and many others.

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  • Fresh Though #NT

    The photographer is Dj Live Longshot he discovered V Nasty hes a real cool dude who used to post on Niketalk and a site called Hoodtalk he was funny as hell. Another Niketalker posted a tweet between himself and some other guy named Hexmurder about kicking the photographer off stage and everybody said Black Milk was buns for doing it straight cornball status. Im from Cali and moved to New York, never heard of any of these guys except J Dilla. Danny Brown is lame IMO and not because Longshot is an #NT'er but because his music sucks and everbody leaves when he performs. Detroit just doesnt produce superstars when it comes to hip-hop, only artist I listen to from Detroit are Eminem and the new Royce 5'9". Judging from these comments Im not missing much.

  • Mr Wooden Jesus Piece

    EXHIBIT A: EXHIBIT B: ***NOTICE*** THIS IS HOW ALL THESE CHITLIN CIRCUIT NIGGAS HAVE BEEN LYING TO THE WORLD ABOUT DETROIT FOR YEARS...THEY'RE NOT SUPPORTED IN DETROIT BECAUSE THEY HAVE POOR LEADERSHIP SKILLS and are just ASSHOLE NIGGERS WITH LITTLE TO NO EDUCATION. full 24hours has passed this video only has 25 views, while they are throwing around titles like "world famous", etc. black milk and danny brown were on the showcard, but black milk was performing in new york. via check his twitter june 3-4 back to this weak ass video, you're in california but you do a party in DETROIT, with the same dirty, faggot, dick suckers and cronies who never be shit in life? second look how many people in the crowd, "The Shelter" of Detroit can only hold 220 at FULL CAPACITY. thats WALL TO WALL...that crowd is thin as fuck my guy. NIGGAS ARE CORNBALL, LIARS and DICKSUCKERS FUCK BLACK MILK, DANNY BROWN, HEXMURDA, and YOU.

    • Mr Wooden Jesus Piece

      heres some footage from your "release party" ...why are you doing it detroit and you've lived in la for 6 years? the shelter in detroit's capacity is 220 mean someone "worldfamous" as you only expects 220 people to show up? you even had punk ass danny brown and black milk on the flyer...and the offcial head count was 87 people. ...which you knew 60 of them.... here's pics of the party LOL ....midget faced back stabber

  • Jay

    Yeah dude is wilding! How the fuck you expect the city to support you when you calling it a "dumb ass city"?! I'm from Detroit and I live and breath the hip hop scene here and I know plenty of ppl that feel the same way so to say that there's no support is fucking crazy. The issue is not local support, it's world wide recognition. That you can't blame on the city. To gain recognition you have to expand past local status. Sad to say that a lot of the artists from Detroit just haven't done that.

  • d

    this dude is such an elitist cock sucker. i will never support any artist with my $ who treats their fans and everyone else like they're beneath him. fuck outta here with that wee man midget face.

  • Mr Wooden Jesus Piece

    you still ain't post this post to your twitter, just like a detroit nigga...pump fakin ass nigga, get off danny brown dick that nigga stay in a $550 a month apartment in royal oak, and his girl pays the rent with her tattoo money ...we all know who girl that used to be too

  • Anonymous

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  • Fuuckdjhouseshoes

    Somebody tell this fugazi to shut his mouth and stay in la and we don't want you or poeple like you in Detroit or to speak for Detroit

  • Anonymous One

    First of all no one supports anything local just because its local. The typical listener is not going to spend half their life supporting a 70% of all the urban males between the ages of 17 and 34 because you cut a few records. In short, FUCK YOU. How about you make some music that people like, target that audience, and keep giving your fans what they want. Sad to say, but that's why some of the "top" artists have lucrative careers. Why? Because they found a niche and kept feeding that beast. I'm not saying that you have to follow the current trends (please dare to be different), but if you aren't getting the support you want it's not anyone else's fault but your own. Develop a plan to generate a larger fan base OUTSIDE of Detroit and you probably won't feel so bitter about not having enough support. Geez... P.S. People are followers everywhere. The trick is to get them to follow you.

  • jscot

    Fuck Houseshoes, your not in the D for one. To say that people in Detroit don't know Dilla or Black Milk is flat out a fuggin lie. What city doesnt have the same situation regarding hip hop and the artist supporting one another. The problem is these vets around here still trying to milk Dilla legacy for what it's worth.

  • Sam snead

    Ya Detroit radio is horrible and when they do play somethin its like the 94 boyz. I listen to sports talk radio more than urban, I gave up after some odd years. Detroit is a crappy place to live in general. Its only good for buying whips,fuckn ho's,n hustling. then its also good for getn shot also or getn your shit stole when u gone or sleepn.

  • noahc313

    Mr wooden jesus piece still sour about getting thrown off stage at Random Axe show a year ago Move on...

  • Mr Wooden Jesus Piece

    wassup homie? you don't rock with hip-hop dx? give them some love on twitter...give the world links to this post

  • Anonymous

    stick to djing ya beats is weak you should let somebody elese do that.

  • Jude

    Here's the deal, though I'm a fan of all the artist Shoe's mentioned they don't really represent the sound of detroit hip hop. Detroiters support detroit rap, but it's just more gangster- Blade Icewood, Street Lords, Lodge Boys, Doughboyz Cashout, Stretch Money, Rock Bottom, Big Herk, Tone Tone, Dusty Mcfly and so on... Detroiters fuck with them. They're just not on that "Hip Hop" shit. That's for a very small percentage of Detroiters, the suburbs and people outside of Michigan. If you ask me though it's not as popular globally, the gangster shit better represents the sound of the City.

    • jude

      neil, I'm not here to argue the merits of what makes rap good to you. here's the point since you missed it. Shoes said, Nobody in Detroit gives a fuck about Detroit Hip Hop... The fact is Detroiters support Detroit shit, just not the shit you like. and if you think more detroiters are riding with SV than Blade you're crazy. alright man, take care.

    • Neal

      Who knows blade icewood,street lords, lodge boys,doughboyz cashout,tone tone and dusty mcfly outside the 313 area code nobody thats who,all them dudes got the same record(i sell drugs,i got yays,i got bitches,cars etc) no intelligence from none off them wack dudes and its not a small percentage do your homework! stretch is the only one that gets it he's a better artist than that entire list you put up.


    Man shoes u lame and ya lil old circle of followers is lame you false profit ass wigger when i see u @ the show toninte umma blow yo mouth out and nobody gone help u.................

  • Uptown Rich

    Detroit has a very talented scene, and from what I see, there seems to a respect among the artists reppin the city, unlike Philly, which, also has talented artists, but a whole bunch of followers. Detroit has made a name for itself, philly is still lost... my two cents

  • Mr Wooden Jesus Piece

    see you had REAL FANS that actually KNEW who you were or journalist that could maybe back you up you'd be good money. but you and detroit fucked that up. under the impression that people actually gave a fuck about you without dilla's name attached. get them hoe niggas from around you and stand on your own two...and make decisions for yourself. 15K people on twitter and not ONE came do defend you. you're little party tonight in detroit EVERYBODY cosigned and not ONE defended you get the hint playboi...we all know only 12 people came to your last show in detroit. and you know why. you just talked about detroit but you're throwing a RELEASE PARTY there tonight? you have lived there in 6 years.


    For real, House Shoes? Sounds like someone is on some "elitist" bullshit to me. What do you want the people to do when you come to town, throw a parade for you? You know what's funny? People leave here, then they wanna bitch and moan about how "Detroit" treated them. Maybe the fact that no one here kisses your ass made you want to be the badass DJ/producer that you are today. Yeah, Detroit is a world-class slum, and that ain't nothing to brag about. But we don't go out of our way for no damn body if you ain't out here in these streets. The HUSTLE rules here in Detroit, so if you ain't equipped for it, take your bitch-ass the fuck on. Keep throwin' those rocks from L.A., because niggas here in Detroit still ain't listenin' to your whiny-ass! 313 4 LIFE! Haha...

  • Mr Wooden Jesus Piece

    NOTICE, if you watch MTV, read FADER, or PITCHFOLK its these same dudes slobbin' each other's meats in these interviews? listen to this dj, or if this guy doesn't cosign you you're not on in detroit. WHO THE FUCK gave this nigga the power to make that choice? NOBODY IN DETROIT fuck with these niggas....big sean NEVER support you niggas not even in a retweet. they NEVER SHOW VIDEO OF THESE NIGGAS IN DETROIT...if there do its NEVER ANY FOOTAGE OF THE CROWD'S REACTION. ...smh shit is like some hip-hop insider trading, any blogs, magazines or media out let support these niggas i'd question their credibility as a NOTABLE source for information for hip-hop

  • Detroit is a Hell Hole

    I live here and Detroit has to be THE worst city in America, President Obama should amend the constitution to have it removed from the Americas and placed on permenant hiatus. If you're rolling down 8 mile,Gratiot,Mack,Warren,the numbers,6 mile, will notice the same exact thing, Blight,Dumb azzez on the corner selling weed and young adults who have dropped out of the piss poor school systems... They need to drop a nuclear bomb on this hole.

    • Mr Wooden Jesus Piece

      ^^^ like who? kwame and monica? christine beatty?

    • Proud D-Boy

      There's also another side. There are tight knit families, and bright star students in schools like Cass Tech. There's a deep community of determined people, judges, lawyers, accounants, city workers, Doctors, professionals, great sports teams, high school coaches who become great father figures to single parented boys, social workers who assist families in need, kids playin in the yard, dedicated on and so on. There's life here, it's not just gangsters and robbers on every corner.


    I'll have to admit, I moved from Atlanta to Detroit (don't ask why) and the people here are dumb as hell! I've never seen a city so under educated before in my life and i've been to and lived in more than a few cities. Dude is right, these folks here are followers, want to do what everyone else is doing, scared to be different, scared to be smart, scared to freaking work! Go to any gas station on any corner here is what you will see and hear: Drake playing in the background, dudes in the back of the gas station or in front either begging from you or selling weed. 6 mile, fenkell, puritan,7 mile rd, Grand River does not matter, Eastside or westside, dudes are dumb as hell here! No sense of hip hop culture and no sense of themselves. It's crazy. Crime is at a constant, and you know why? Nobody is educated, so all they know how to do is rob you. My advice to the rest of america is to act like DEETROIT does not exist. because it really doesn't. These fools don't even have a mall in the city, not even a major chain grocery can't buy milk from Kroger? I gotta go to Sav On or the gas station? bum azz city. Glad I'm in the burbs...

    • sam snead

      Ya its pathetic. Its segregated and the most non-diverse place ever. Even the educated are under educated. I went to WC3 aka hillman and all they talk bout is slavery,civil rights and the white man keepn them down and they wrong the cities ran by an african american govt that is always caught with they hand in the cookie jar. On some Detroit Dumbshit

  • Mr Wooden Jesus Piece:

    anyone who reads this, these bum ass niggas arent heard for a reason...their mind isn't equipped to CONTRIBUTE...muthafuckas a symbotic CREATURES. come you never hear of these nigga's SOLO project? SOLO effort? smh @claiming dead niggas to get on and calling that a career. ...niggas got a whole catalog of albums that nobody can google unless PROOF or J DILLA is in the title to give it relevancy but their families and kids don't see a fuck dime. smh

  • Mr Wooden Jesus Piece

    how can michael buchanan make such a bold statement about detroit when the VERY PEOPLE on his album threw a photographer and blogger off stage, cut him out of the "black and brown" video. and blacked balled him from doing anything in the city by not supporting him? detroit shouldn't be labeled as followers cause nobody fuck with NONE of yall. detroit don't FUCK WITH NONE OF YALL cause after they meet you and show your support you feel entitled to treat them like they're beneath you, when in fact they're MORE powerful and talented than you...they just don't have time your clique's FAKERY, BACK STABBING, TALKING BEHIND EACH OTHER'S BACK, and CRAB IN A BARRELL ANTICS. that's the truth about detroit hip-hop's maybe 150-200 people 19-40 years old. when that photographer/blogger release that TELL ALL book about detroit's hip-hop circle's really gonna be it for them. big sean, dusty mcfly, chedda boyz, street lords, k-dezzy don't have these problems cause they don't fuck with yall weirdo niggas. all of you have complexes and wanna be someone you not...proof and dilla been dead for years and you dudes rep their legacy to pay their bills and don't give their family's SHIT (it's been confirmed) what about that club OSLO's that closed down? nobody helped the owners who SUPPORTED detroit hip-hop for YEARS you dudes back stab the people who actually gave a fuck to even give you bums and rejects a platform. i swear maureen yancy ain't get no ATTENTION until the j dilla's new album was about to come out. rep her son and got her living in that neighborhood that ain't safe for someone of her stature. get that fakery and backstabbing cliqish rebelion to new comers out your hearts and maybe people will listen who the fuck makes a shirt called "you don't belong in detroit"....them wonder why it's NOBODY but your friends and cousins buyin your CDS and showing up to your events? detroit need to be hit with an H bomb and reset at ground zero all that whole hip-hop circle should be a part of it. FUCK ALL THEM, fake niggas sleeping with each other women, shooting at each other, giving people the boot for trying to help. that's the REAL REASON eminem don't help NONE of you ingrates and NIGGERS.

  • FuckHouseShoes

    Who the fuck is this guy, he exploits J Dilla's death more than anyone does. Okay, you did what you did to help Dilla, STFU and get a job nobody outside of your block cares what you think. Dilla is dead and you're still eating off his limelight, fucking pathetic

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