Bobby Brown Opens Up About Sobriety, Music And Whitney Houston

R&B singer and one-time Murder Inc. collaborator Bobby Brown explains how sobriety influenced his upcoming album, and he drops his verse from "On Our Own."

Despite dropping his own 16-bar verse from the Ghostbusters 2 soundtracks “On Our Own,” no one is going to mistake R&B singer Bobby Brown for an emcee. But through tracks like his “Thug Lovin’” collaboration with Ja Rule and his reign in the New Jack Swing era, Brown hovers around Hip Hop’s periphery. As such, the former New Edition member joined Peter Rosenberg and K. Foxx to discuss—among other things—a series of past addictions that had emcees name-dropping him for all the wrong reasons.

“Being seven-and-a-half years clean from narcotics, I think God has made a masterpiece,” Brown explained to the Hot 97 co-hosts. At one point, Brown’s drug-related arrests were so commonplace, Pimp C referenced Brown and his late wife on “The Game Belongs To Me,” rhyming, “I got Bobby by the pound / Whitney by the ki…” Similarly, on Kanye West’s “So Appalled,” Pusha T joked, “Aspire for more / Them kilos came / We gave you Bobby Brown jaw…”

“I don’t smoke weed…no crack, no heroin, no coke, no nothing,” Brown added. “Alcohol was not a trigger for me—loneliness was. I was married, but I was still lonely at the same time. I’m gratefully recovering from that.”

Brown explained that the criticism doesn’t bother him, because he feels he is a good parent. And he denied any rumors of a rift between himself and Bobbi Kristina—the child he fathered with Whitney Houston. It’s fairly safe to assume Brown’s rhyming days are over. But in the full interview below, Brown and Rosenberg run through the verse from “On Our Own.”

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  • N8Mozaik

    Anyone who thinks B-Brown drug Whitney down, obviously doesn't know that much about Miss Houston. Sure she was one of the greatest singers of our generation, sure she had the voice of an angel...But Whitney was from Newark! Whitney may have looked sweet and innocent, but Whitney was just as "hood" as Bobby on the inside. Unfortunately drugs & alcohol derailed both of their careers, but to blame Bobby or throw hate towards a man who is probably still grieving is kinda wrong. I wish all the best for both Bobby and Bobbi-Kristina, as the loss of a loved one is never easy to deal with (especially in the public eye).

  • Anonymous

    "Definitely not ok because it ultimately claimed her own life and left millions the world over in grief" Fair point, but sometimes when I hear the word grief I wonder what exactly are fans grieving about? She sang great, and did some ok movies, but ultimately, she just gave up on life so to speak. Let herself go. Ruined her voice. Neglected her kid. And through all that she could have stopped and forged a comeback, but instead kept doing drugs even after Bobby was gone. To each their own, but like Aaliyah, Whitney was no angel.

    • edgytoabrown

      The best person to say that her daughter was neglected is her daughter, herself. But in all instances that I heard her speak about her mom, both when she was alive and now dead, she spoke with love, respect & pride. If you cannot understand why people grieve, then it's indeed up to you. It's the same way as, I cannot get it when one roots for BB when he is notorious for his abuses and run-ins with the law. WH ruined her life and no one else's.

  • Anonymous

    "Put his total sales to 20 million in his lifetime" You just disproved your own point. He had more than 1 hit, and was successful.

    • edgytoabrown

      Oh sorry, coz maybe sometimes, tends to measure the level of career success (entertainer) to WH's standard. The ones so far below, becomes like negligible.. And also, to how much he has. As early as 1995, WH already has to rescue his AT home due to tax arrears of $1.6M, was using her credit cards, had to pay for his child support arrears, and him saying living in his car after the divorce-no money. If one has a good paying career will that happen? Anyway, maybe these are just gossips.

  • edgytoabrown

    Nope. Definitely not ok because it ultimately claimed her own life and left millions the world over in grief. But, it tells of a difference from being a hanger on. That she is no angel but definitely not AS grimy. And the nerve of a man to sue her for custody of the kid and then claim for child support. His own sister, professed to had enjoyed free expensive narcotics then after took photos of WH's bedroom and sold to a tabloid. Those are truly grimy. Making money in the expense of other people, people who put their trust in them. What a bunch..

  • Anonymous

    "WH was a big drug addict but she used her hard-earned money" So that makes it ok? lol

  • Anonymous

    "What kind of career btw? His only considerable hit was his Prerogative" The album Don't Be Cruel actually had 5 top ten singles. He's also sold over 8 million albums.

    • edgytoabrown

      Put his total sales to 20 million in his lifetime, 5 million for the Bobby album then alot of EXTRAS. Match it with his lifestyle and the kids he has to support. The Bobby album has his duet with Whitney (SomethingInCommon)in it which she didnot include in any of her albums. How giving she was. How much credit righfully belongs to her in that? That duet also brought it to UK charts and opened the market for him. The TV show Being Bobby Brown, which caused havoc to WH superstardom and morale, made money because of her participation (no superstar fee?) and all credits goes to his "suppose" company. The producers only agreed to air the 1st season because WH agreed grudgingly to be in it. It's like she gave herself to be destroyed. That's the kind of man she married. But her choice, right? So, just pardon me for being defensive, big fan or not I feel that there was alot of injustice in that union and WH was so good-hearted she turned a blind eye and swallowed it all the 14 yrs, battered emotionally. I might be wrong.. and if so, that is a consolation.

  • Anonymous

    Former New Edition member? Dude, New Edition is still together and touring, including Brown. You guys need to get your facts right when you report stuff!



  • Anonymous

    "You enjoyed a lavish lifestyle of rich and famous that's for sure, hanger on." How does that make him a hanger on? He had a career before her. No doubt he loved it when her Bodyguard money came pouring in, not to much those millions of albums she sold, but in truth, she was just as grimy as he was. They deserved each other, so there's no finger to point here.

    • edgytoabrown

      Oh so hanger on is not the right word? Let me try blood-sucking. What kind of career btw? His only considerable hit was his Prerogative. He brought a luggage of 3 children into the marriage, she bailed him out of jail how many times starting 1996? He indulged in his expensive narcotics addiction without a proper income, she bought his almost foreclosed house in AT for him back. He even used her credit cards to date other women. How many expensive cars of WH he slammed wreck due to DUI? She paid for his children support arrears... Well, that's the blind WH decisions but gee if u are a decent man can u swallow that being done to u and u still can afford to treat her unkindly? But he did and he kept making troubles in her expense- WH was a big drug addict but she used her hard-earned money, she had given only joy to people with her music, she had given a lot of people their jobs, she had a long list of charities from sports, children, sickness, red cross, military families, anti apartheid, long... She held full house concerts without taking any money.. Grimy? Expound that.

  • Wayne Carbon Copy

    fuk Bobby Brown and anybody that love em

  • MB

    With Jesus you are never alone. Trust

  • edgytoabrown

    Your biggest mission in life fulfilled - u had destroyed a gem, now indeed you should be happy. You were sad? Why? You enjoyed a lavish lifestyle of rich and famous that's for sure, hanger on. But sad on one point-you are one jealous guy who no matter what you do cannot outshine WH. You were in a competition with her. You hated her for being so big and shiny and putting you in the shadow. You like centerstage (remember the mic-throwing episode w your band?)but with WH you were always behind the curtains. Alicia is the best you deserve. You should had married her 20yrs ago.

    • courtney

      I'll give you that, he should of never married WH. They were not evenly yoked. Alicia is more his speed..WH needed a strong man ,like a denzel to keep her behind in check. rip WH

  • Pacifier311

    Oh man, keep those thick black lips shut! Stop dragging Whitney's name to promote ur songs-u had used her long enough. Of course, u r sober, u can't afford them without a wealthy financer. If u r high, u have a good excuse for acting a jerk, but since u say u r sober that means u r truly a jerk. People can discern how u r with ur daughter so stop claiming being a good father. Let the gal say that. Didn't she refused that interview with ur brood? Does that mean she doesn't want to lie just like the rest?

  • Jason

    Wow crazy shit the more i read about other famous celebs the more i can relate and see myself in them. i have a year sober and my trigger is loneliness as well. Shutting off the worry and accepting the fact im alone in Cali is hard.

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