Masta Ace Talks Linking The Memory Of His Mother With His "MA DOOM" Project

Juice Crew alum Masta Ace explains how an idea for a mixtape over DOOM instrumentals became a tribute to his mother Yvonne.

Through being enterprising (or just repackaging some of his previously used instrumentals), DOOM has placed a number of his beats onto multiple albums by various artists. The instrumental “Datura Stramonium” can be found as DOOM’s own “Poo-Putt Platter” from Mm…Food as well as DOOM & Vast Aire’s “Da Supafriendz” and Masta Ace’s upcoming “Me And My Gang.” So Ace’s original plan to release MA DOOM as a mixtape featuring him rhyming over a series of tracks from DOOM’s Special Herbs instrumental box set has a bit of a precedent. But as Ace explained during his latest webisode with Fat Beats and Brooklyn Bodega, that plan changed when the label approached him and asked if he was interested in combining his rhymes with the DOOM instrumentals as part of a retail project.

The project’s somewhat unorthodox title, MA DOOM: Son Of Yvonne, comes from Ace’s desire to pay tribute to his greatest musical influence—something that’s hinted at on the interlude “Dedication.” The MA in MA DOOM is more than just an acronym for Masta Ace.

“I wanted to dedicate the album to the memory of my mother,” Ace explained. “She passed away in 2005. She was very influential in me being a Hip Hop artist. Growing up, I had access to a very extensive record collection that she owned. It was through those albums and those album covers and those dusty albums that I kinda discovered what I liked as far as beats and what sounded good to me.”

MA DOOM: Son Of Yvonne will be released via Fat Beats on July 17. In the meantime, Ace will discuss different aspects of the project via his upcoming webisodes with Fat Beats and Brooklyn Bodega. Check out the first full webisode below:

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    Snippets of the album are on Amazon right now. Sounds good too.

  • Anonymous

    this is what people should be talkin about

  • Dub_Es

    this album looks amazing. DOOM is an incredible producer and ace is just a monster. i kinda wish DOOM made some original shit for ace, but any DOOM is better than no DOOM

  • Anonymous

    wow not one comment ..OK well for you people who do not know ..Masta Ace a long hot summer and Disposable Arts are two classic albums !! Trust you are missing out if you have never heard these albums ...

    • mcmastermind

      Illa truly just named the 2 most underrated ever. Masta Ace and Az. 2 of my favorite rappers and the way I play them it's like they the most popular artists on the planet. Hip Hop heads keep Hip Hop living.

    • nickrazor2000

      Unlike my man illa there, I have been bumpin Masta Ace for a minute. Got both albums years ago when they came out. one of my first cds was Masta Ace Inc. - Sittin On Chrome. That is a classic as well. I will definitly cop the MA DOOM album.

    • Illa

      For real, I copped those this week, and the rest of his discography...Masta Ace is straight up dope. Shame man like him and AZ never get the shine they deserve...

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