Gucci Mane Loses $270,000 In Diamond Lawsuit

Gucci Mane never returned diamond jewelry and must now pay the price.

Gucci Mane has lost $270,000 in a suit filed by jewelry company A&A Diamonds, based out of Georgia.

According to TMZ, the company filed the lawsuit earlier this year on grounds that it loaned him a $130,000 diamond pinky ring and a diamond necklace and bracelet that totaled $110,000.

The rapper had 15 days to return the jewelry or pay for them, and instead of ignoring both options, he handed over only $40,000.

A&A sued for the cost of jewelry plus interest and attorney’s fees, amounting to $274,523.34. Since Gucci didn’t show up in court for the hearing, the court placed a default judgment against him in April, while a lien was placed on his property.

HipHopDX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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  • Anonymous

    I love how rappers try to pretend like they really getting money like its still 8 years ago even when stories like this pop up all over about nearly all of them. The biggest stars in the game on their knees every night praying just to go platinum, everybody signed to 360 deals and the only shit that really does numbers are digital singles these motherfuckers lucky if they see .30 cents out of. They still make more money then the average working man but unless your Jay, Birdman or Puffy you aint getting that kind of money like dudes in 03 was getting I think its about time people stopped selling this fake image, it was always ignorant but now its just laughably fake & disrespectful to a country full of people that are struggling to pay rent

  • Fuck Gucci Mane

    Hope she loses more and more money often.

  • Anonymous

    shit game got sued for 90k worth of jewelry broke ass rappers

  • Anonymous

    Another "Look how rich I Am" rapper who cant pay his bills, huh?? SHOCKING!!!!!!! *Yawn*

  • Anonymous

    gucci is on fire right now his new mixtape is dope cant wait for his next album and him stiffing them on that money was hood lol

  • Anonymous

    "he feel like Plaxico" Better than feeling like T.O. He can't even last in the Arena Football League.

  • What

    Youngster paid attention, More than haft these things these rapper show and rap about is loan to0 them, stop thinking these niggaz got it like that, like they be saying more than 99% of these rapper are broke and dagg near one album away from being homeless.

  • Anonymous

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  • Alf Capone

    rappers are fucking stupid. not all of em but too many of em

  • Anonymous

    Gucci made a 100,000 dollars at the Texaco. He made 100,000 dollars standing at the Citgo. They locked him up they let him out he feel like Plaxico. He will be alright.

    • @ Alf Capone

      Gucci go hard!!!! Riff Raff and Gucci two of the most underrated ever biatch. red bezel on my jacob looking like a sliced tomato fuck a hater i blow acres of jamaica in decatur im so extraordinary while my bracelet so canary choppers that my niggas carry probably scare the military half your budget spent on luggage, spent your mortgage on a portrait purple bud look like an orchid, cant afford it? watch me torch it tell your shorty, gucci at her birthday party, cost a 40 this imported foreign flying saucer make me feel important tell big booty gina from virginia if you ever see her i remember last november and i cant wait till the sequel wheres my equal? i dont see him, never met him, never meet him if i meet him, ima greet him, beat him, eat him up and leave him

    • Alf Capone

      are those real gucci lyrics? smh


    Gucci lost. Ignorant fool. Feelin his new mixtape tho.

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