T.I. Reveals Collaborations With Andre 3000, Kanye West

T.I. says he's recorded collabs with Andree 3000 and Kanye West that may end up on his LP "Trouble Man."

The September 4 release date of T.I.'s highly anticipated Trouble Man album is fast approaching, and fans are beginning to clamor for details on the project. Now, in an interview with Shade45's DJ Whoo Kid, Tip reveals some high-profile guests that may end up on the final cut of his eighth studio album.

Although T.I. has yet to finalize the tracklist for Trouble Man, he revealed that he has already recorded collaborations with Andre 3000, Kanye West and Young Jeezy that may make the final cut. He also added that he hopes to collaborate with the likes of Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Santigold before the release nears closer. 

"I've got records with [Young] Jeezy," he said. "I've got this one record with me, Jeezy and Rocko called 'Dope Boy Academy.' I don't know if it's necessarily gonna make the album or if I just want to save it for another album, I don't know…I've got a record with Kanye [West], too. When you do records with Kanye, you do the record initially, then you go back to it and try to perfect some things that you feel you could've done better, so I'm in phase two of that because when you send it back to him and he does the production different, it's gonna be a problem. I've got a record with [Andre] 3000, that's a problem for me. We was in the studio together."

He added, "[I want to work with] Katy Perry, and I want to try to find something I can do with Santigold as well. I'm trying to stay diversified. I'm trying to remain just the guy who will shock the shit out of you with who he's on a record with. Bruno Mars, I wanna work with him."

Check out the full interview below, courtesy of XclusivesZone.

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  • anon

    Ahh man magnolia your top 5 was disgusting. Not one of them artists got any business anywhere near a top 5. Please!

  • anon

    Ahh man 'magnolia' your top 5 was disgusting. Not one of them artists got any business anywhere near a top 5. Please!

  • Anonymous

    cant wait for the album gonna be awesome

  • FuKKK BanKKKhead

    nigga you finna work again?! your last shit FLOPPED!!! Admit it, ain't nobody want to hear you talk anymore. So either you deal with it, or you die cold and lonely. King of the South... You're the snitch of the South.

  • Anonymous

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    Top 5 dead or alive 1 - Liu Wayne 2 - Drayke 3 - Niki Minaji 4 - Birdman 5 - Tyga 16 LETTERS YMCMB SOLDIERS

  • Alf Capone

    i dont listen ti but hes not all bad. it doesnt bother me that he wants to do a song with katy perry. whats the big deal. is your favorite rapper to hard to do a song with katy perry or something? she isnt the worst singer in the world. better rappers have done songs with worse singers. id rather here a rapper i listen to do a song with katy perry than nicki minaj. atleast id only have to hear katy perry on the hook most likely

  • Anonymous

    Snitch or the king of the south??

  • nastynass

    LOL everything was ill until that last paragraph, wtf katy perry, bruno mars and stantigold? cause they havent been done right

  • Anonymous

    T.I. has been killing it latley Love This Life, Like that and some impresive features. Album should be good as long as its not to mainstream!

    • Anonymous

      nigga Love This Life was whack....Game's one verse >> T.I.'s whole song....but Like That was dope tho

  • Anonymous

    cool! hope most of the music is back to the days of Trap muzik

  • SRS

    hope like That makes the cut its a good song

  • Killalex

    T.I wants to be the dude who shocks people with his collabos? Yeah because making a single with Katy Perry or Bruno Mars is a really shock move, smh.

  • NAS

    Seems interesting cant wait for da album

    • LP

      Just remember Eminem surprised everyone with collabs with Pink and Rihanna, but one was a massive hit and the other went hard!

  • Anonymous

    T.I.'s fans have an incomprehensible level of idiocy. He is so average as an MC and his last good project was 7 years ago. Katy Perry? Really? Imagine the backlash if someone like Rick Ross came out and said they wanted to work with her! The amount of contradiction from Hip Hop fans these days is mind blowing.

    • ETK

      what, are you one of those fags who want him to rap like Biggie or Canibus? nobody give a fuck about your hater ass opinion. T.I's flow is one of the sickest in the game, using Rick Ross as an example is some straight up ignorant bullshit. his last project 7 years ago or whatever must be like one of his ONLY albums that didn't go platinum. he's done much better trap music since then. wash your ass


      and buy the way his lyrics are always stong which makes him a great rapper.im no trying to say he is the best rapper because names like biggie tupac and em are much better than him but i would place him in the top ten of the twenty first century!!! {so far} because he can spit it with the best.


      it's one thing to have an opinion but its another thing to hate man, i've been a fan of ti from day 1, and you think just because he's music sells you can take shots at hime well think again. Brah think before you post

    • Anonymous

      it dont matter who you collabrate with its about the lyrics and lyrically tip would murder rick ross, any day every day

  • Yamz

    highly anticipated? By who? His last album was garbage and the mixtape wasn't much better

    • ETK

      stfu, obnoxious faggots. where does the age and golden era factor come into anything. people just like his music and his flow. god damn internet bitches.

    • Anonymous

      By 12 year olds who think 2000-2005 were the golden years for Hip Hop, T.I. fans are idiots.

  • Anonymous

    OHHHHHH I know cant wait

  • Anonymous

    Yeah cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    $$$$$ TROUBLE MAN $$$$$

  • Anonymous

    gonna be awesome

  • Anonymous

    Ti is king of the south for a reasin cant wait for the album

  • Anonymous

    3000 and tip song gonna be hot!

    • Cudder

      and you're here to tell us this why. you're clearly not a fan, nobody gon listen to you if think KING was a "light 4/5" fuck does that even mean

    • Anonymous

      But it will be sandwitched between two horrible radio tracks and thus ruined, get off this guys dick, he's an average MC at the best of times and his best project (King) was nothing better than a light 4/5. Dude is so over rated.

  • Anonymous

    TIP and EM need to make another song. they've already made two classics or get nas. but anyway cant wait for TOUBLE MAN!

    • ETK

      Touchdown sucked, All She Wrote was ok

    • Anonymous

      Both were awful tracks with poor to average verses from both artists and horrible production.

    • WTF

      Man, those songs were not classics. I expected much more from both of these guys on the songs. Touchdown was a dud and all she wrote was anticlimactic. I would love to hear them put out a classic song together, but they need to hit the studio together to make some real chemistry cause that emailing shit is not working out and you can tell in the uninspired music they have collaborated on.

  • Anonymous

    wow september 4th gonna be awesome

  • TIP

    Man dis album gonna sell great! but dat dont matter hes always gonna be king of the south

  • Anonymous

    can't wait for the album gonna be great!!!!

  • Anonymous

    LOL, I love how these dudes be selling out even tho it dont work anyway, T.I could get Lady Gaga & Katy Perry to sing on his shit and that still dont guarantee platinum. B.O.B got Taylor Swift singing on his shit and look where he at You aint gonna sell nothin anyway man, be lucky to go gold no matter what you do Make a real fuckin record, FOH with this Bruno Mars, Katy Perry shit

    • Anonymous

      it worked for him last time w/ Rihanna. and it worked for Eminem w/ Bruno Mars, it worked for Wayne, it didn't work for B.o.B because he's not anywhere fuckin close to those guys, including T.I. not enough marketing yet. did you expect anywhere else? nigga got out of jail, he wants to get back to that spotlight. what else you think he was gonna do. so easy to say "just make a real record" he been dropping potential singles for months now, nothing blew up

    • tipster

      LOL! U crazy! Tip is 1 of da best sellers regardless!

  • Anonymous

    Nice I Wanna See A T.I & Game Record Tho

  • Sweetre15

    Apparently Tip's trying to make this a combination of Trap Musik, King, and Paper Trail. Not sure if it'll all mesh well though.

  • playboy model lexxie ryan

    Sounds dope. id hate to see tip fall after giving the south such a good look when we were surrounded by nothing but ringtone rap... just dont fuck it up tip. Give us some dope singles and you'll get my ten bucks. Follow a playboy model @LexxieRyanPbliv

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure half of Tip's dream collabos won't happen.

  • gbro

    Top 5 Dead or Alive: 1) Big Pun 2) Tupac 3) Biggie 4) Birdman 5) Eminem

  • ummmmm

    TIP is confusing me. Is it record full of "Trap Music" or is it a "diversified" album?

    • ETK

      it's diversified. his fanbase is clearly divided and he touched many times on that. he already leaked two stark opposites, Love Your Life and Like That


    T.I. should do a song with lloyd banks dead ass!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    TI you deserve CLOWN OF THE SOUTH if u do with Bruno mars and Katy Perry...cmon youre trying to go same way on artists such as Snoop dogg and Lil Wayne...

  • pienman

    hope the dude is nice with it...

  • prez

    katy perry? bruno mars? c'mon man! i know snoop hasn't been close to great in recent years, but I feel like after he did that joint with katy perry he's gotten no radio play or respect in the game. dont do it tip! its a curse! next he'll do a song with the wiggles! smh

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