Young Buck Reviews 50 Cent's Latest Mixtape, Says He Doesn't Have A Problem With Anyone

Young Buck expresses his approval of 50 Cent's "Gangsta Grillz: The Lost Tape" in a video posted on YouTube.

Around the same time rapper 50 Cent revealed that he hasn’t spoken to G-Unit member Lloyd Banks in several months, a video surfaced featuring former G-Unit member Young Buck giving his thoughts on 50 Cent’s Gangsta Grillz: The Lost Tape mixtape.

Despite his turbulent relationship with 50 Cent, Young Buck seemed pleased with the mixtape nodding his head throughout several tracks.

The rapper did seem a bit puzzled when he was informed that Lloyd Banks wasn’t featured on the mixtape.

While speaking on G-Unit Records artist Kidd Kidd and his tracks featured on the mixtape Young Buck revealed that he doesn’t have a problem with Kidd Kidd or anyone else at G-Unit.

“Kidd Kidd alright though. I ain’t never met him though, but I fuck with him. I mean before he even got down with G-Unit. Shit, I ain’t got no problem with dude,” Young Buck explained. “I ain’t got no problem with none of them nigga’s really.”

50 Cent’s Gangsta Grillz: The Lost Tape mixtape was released on May 22nd.

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  • joem

    Shit is sad man.. I used to be a Buck fan.. by far he was the nicest out of banks and yayo.. banks is alright lyrically but his voice is fucking whack and yayo is just plain whack period.. Buck was actually dope and the epitome of G Unit.

  • Anonymous

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  • wtf

    Who the gets evicted, files bankrupcy and buys himself a Gucci hat???

  • Alf Capone

    im not a big fan of him or anything but buck seems like a cool nigga

  • Bpizzle

    haHA! Buck so much >

  • longfellow

    Young buck a real G for that he know 50 made him 10 million dollars he realize how he fucked up.Most of you cant read or just dont care you just want to rant with your bullshit theories like you have any real connection to these rappers besides the music and internet news but from that you can easily judge a mans character? The majority of the post on this website are related to these so called hip hop fans fighting over record sale numbers HAHAHH or who should get a higher rating for a review thats not how you listen to music fuck a review fuck a recording home all you see is MMG FOR LIFE,G-UNIT TILL I DIE,YMCMB haha when this this start? i thought rap was suppose to be listened to as a whole now people say nah man i dont fuck wwith them like they gang bangin i ride with this label haha WTF? 95% of you dont even buy music and 80% of you dont even listen to rap on a wide range you stuck in a box.

  • beg for mercy is 3x plat how is that a flop???? tos is gold how is that even a flop...

    ALL OF MMG ALBUMS FLOP ROSS GOT TWO SINGLES OUT NOW AND GUESS WHAT? THEY SUCK 50 LAST TWO MIXTAPES WILL BE BETTER THAN ROSS ALBUM.The media covers shit up how many of you know that MMG WAS DROPPED FROM DEF JAM after ross group album sold 12k in the first week? How HE GET A PASS FOR THAT BULLSHIT? and still calling himself a boss none of his albums went platinum.

    • Fat-Tone

      Hey Dumb-ass,despite ross stuff didn't push mad numbers like what most people thought it was still a good joint.

  • Anonymous

    Free Buck! He aint got shit from 50 in damn near ten years. He jus movin at his own pace and lookin for a way back in this rap shit. Free Buck!

    • paperboy

      ten years doe u sound dumb fif aint even been out fa ten yrs n he did get somethin from fif a eviction notice lmao pack yo shit nigga

  • buckeyewu

    I dont believe Buck's review. He'd say anything to get back with 50. He is like an abused spouse.

    • buckeyewu

      perhaps i was a little harsh. hitting rock bottom is no fun. ive been there. ive never had the cash that these cats have had but ive hit rock bottom before. shit sucks.

    • Gangsta G

      nah u dont mean that dawg, are u?

  • kruzel

  • Brizz

    All drama aside buck always was the best in g-unit...50 fucked himself equally when he let his ego control the situation with both Game and Buck. G-unit became the b-unit and both game and bucks careers never got back up again. No winners here, only bull.

  • Anonymous

    I respect Buck for being a real nigga & not shitting on 50's wack ass mixtape just because of their problems.

    • Anonymous

      Yep!!! Because he could have been an ass and said what most G-Unit fans said. Like where is the new shit??? Or Eminem aint on here you lying cunt!!!


    lol hilarious how people sit here n say buck did 50 50 must have been signed to Buck for the last five years without dropping an album. Buck must have recorded 50's phone calls. Buck must have stopped taking 50 on tours when his contract only payed him for tours. smh


    that Buck track at the end does sound dope

  • Smith262

    I need to some how talk to young buck and tell him to release the tracks he did with Max B. Anybody have any connections to Buck let him know.

  • NYC

    i aint gon front that buck joint was kinda aaiiiiighhtttt Soooooo, are we gonna see a buck mixtape soon? Cuz that track at the end is tough...

  • The Game

    lmao @ this lame fool, ur bankrupt homie. G unot is DEAD #RED ALBUM

  • Anonymous

    Sit still like a Coupe de Ville in park, just put some oil in the motor and it still will bark!!! Big dog don't want to feed his puppies, so they looking in the trashcan hoping they get lucky.... Ugly "KING DAVID" is the name of the track at the end.... Off his upcoming street album "King David" #dope

  • Anonymous

    Buck a real G for this

  • Anonymous

    Only stupid ppl dont get the purpose of this video. lool It really seems to be an inside joke on this comment board thought. I will give you a hint though. Hint: Sarcasm is "a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter jibe or taunt",[1] usually conveyed through irony or understatement.[2] Most authorities distinguish sarcasm from irony;[3] however, others argue that sarcasm may or often does involve irony[4] or employs ambivalence.[5]

    • Anonymous

      Actually Genius- the term is DESPERATE HINT: Desperate- when a dumb broke nigga has no dignity/pride left, and he will do anything to get noticed

  • Anonymous

    So I guess nobody else saw the sarcasm in the video? Except for the 2 dudes below me. smh

  • Anonymous

    The first track was wack. That ending song is wow. Buck's a beast! GET'EM BUCK!

  • Lo

    Buck is Great.Wish 50 would do a track wit him and squash this crap already!

  • Memphis Tenn

    This is smart marketing!!! haha WHAT IS THAT BUCK TRACK AT THE END THOUGH???? IT GOES HARD AND IT IS DEFIANTLY NEW!!! BUCK STILL GOT THAT HEAT You know Buck didn't listen to it because Em isn't even on that track. 50 just faked the funk!!!

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign!!! He played 50's wack shit and then he played that Buck shit!!!!! Real niggas know what this is!!! Buck being sarcastic but in went right over these dumb blogger heads.

  • Anonymous

    buck needs to quit kissin ass. you a good rapper but your position aint changin. people feel sorry for him, why? buck, get the fuck off yo ass and get a job, i hear mcdonalds hiring

  • Anonymous

    I'm laughing at Young Buck's fake azz. He was dissing Lil Wayne, when G Unit was strong, now G Unit is against him and he can't get Wayne to buy out his contract. Don't burn

  • carclowdy

    got the windows up, car cloudy with a big white cup, knock me down but i'm right back up, i'm runnin aroun this bitch like WHAT

  • Anonymous

    He made his bed in the end and u put the blame on 50 but I want one of u to tell me a family member u have that paief your taxes not late fees or bills your taxes if u know what I'm talking about then u know that's a lot of money even for a person that isn't Rich it's thousands of dollars and for rich people it's tens of thousands to millions and beyond, he put up with so much from buck cuz he had a personal relationship with him, when game disrespected 50 he got rid of him ASAP cuz he didn't know game like that in the first place they only met face to face a couple of times but he knew buck so he tried to put up with him and he continued to shit on him it's his fault he is in this position he's a grown man don't act like he is a child and deserves to placed in the victim role cuz he victimized his self he has kids y would he jeopardize there loving for his coke habit and inability to continue on the right path in his music career, in vise verse 50 didn't do that to his sons way of living now this nigga got evicted from his home this is all his doing if u feel sorry for someone feel sorry for his family for being put thru this cuz of his irresponsibility!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It's obvious Buck is trying to kiss enough ass to come back to G Unit. I doubt 50 is even listening.

  • Anonymous

    U people are so dumb and misinformed, u say 50 is the reason buck is broke??? When 50 and buck were still cool buck couldn't pay his taxes cuz he spent all on syrup sniffing coke and buying weed, he was even having exotic cars he rented flown all the way to Tennessee so his home boys could drive them for a day or 2. Missing shows not going on tour missing photo shoots, he missed the meeting they had for the 50 video game so his character model could be in the game cuz he wanted to fly to his crib to get his Chain?? And he ended up not being a playable character in the game cuz of it, he caused g-unit records 10 million in damages and 50 still put up with his shit even after he went on stage and said f g unit f 50 cent to a crowd that was screaming g unit by the way, they he lied and said 50 never paid him royalties witch there are documents proving he cleared 10 million under the labal and that damages the labels credibility in signing new artist and many other things......

  • NYC777

    This nigga aint got NO HOUSE, NO CAR, and NO MONEY, yet he's on video wearing a $1,000 Gucci hat.... WTF This has to be one of the dumbest negro's ever!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    This is just sad... I dnt feel sorry for this nigga... but at the same time I do!

  • playboy model lexxie ryan

    Not a good look man, unless ur main goal is to set the stage for a g unit reunion. fifty basically is the reason why you don't have any money in your bank account right now. but I'm still rooting for you buck, you were the best out of the unit minus the game follow me @LexxieRyanPbliv

  • pienman

    wow well, he actin like a dick- RYDER cuz the tape is dope! he got some bangers on the mixtape that i downloaded & maybe pulled 6 songs come on na, not all the songs were hot! come on son (Cocking head 2 the side) well, the dude is hurting right now! but, come on man where is ur pride this is the same nigga that still not lettin u eat! plus u bout to do a lil bid & come home back on some grindin shit but, indeed i see where he is coming from he didnt even do a review jus basically listening & said it was dope! what was the point of this vid.??? so that 50 would see it THEN WHAT??? u still strugglin u still bout to do a bid/// when u get out: u r coming back 2 the same shit! git on ur grind 50 is a shady nigga on the real! look how u playd banks in interviews sayin the dude is a baby! homie is coolin & i hope he is writing.. cuz his last album was dope! 50 cent still hasnt put out a album jus mixtapes cuz he know his stuff is cool.. but is not a hot item right now! the dude is papered up! shit, yayo aint goin no where cuz he know 50 is his meal ticket & he got a permanent job as his hype man

  • GroundBreakingBeatz

    **48 HOUR BUY 1 GET 1 BEAT SALE** Hottest Beats On the Net... Let the beats do the talking:

  • .....

    Loooooool HAHA. This, is ass kissing if ever I saw it.

  • FuKKK Young BuKKK

    Love to see this queer falling and having to kiss other people's ass.



  • Anonymous

    50 and game but game seriously get wayne's dick man the only features that guy needs is fifty and dr dre and eminem

    • Anonymous

      No its features he needs because his career is some what in the shitter. smh GAME

    • Anonymous

      So basically artists YOU like? SMH he done 2 songs with 50, 1 with Eminem but according to you those are features he need cuz you like them? FOH.

  • ItsTheTruth

    With Banks basically in hiding and no communication with 50 Cent, imagine a Lloyd Banks x Young Buck collabo on V6. I'm not saying there is any ill feelings between Banks and 50, but Banks is a grown man who's on his own and in his own lane in rap right now. Also, 50 has learned from his mistakes and would now rather experiment and collab with artists rather than diss them. Now he might even make a collab with Camron. So I think that anything is possible, it's 2012.

  • Anonymous

    "Kidd Kidd alright though. I aint never met him though, but I fuck with him" I bet you do, you Cashville prostitute.


    I heard a cut of forever (the drake song) with kidd kidd on it like a year before the one with em came out and i said "that is so nice of these niggas to let a motherfucking retard rap on one of their songs it must be some sort of make a wish thing" but then upon further investigation i find out that the nigga is really a rapper and was serious.then i heard the other version and thought "good no one will ever have to listen to that son of a bitch again" then i find out that 50 signed him to a music deal to rap on beats for others to listen to.Unforgiveable


    Anytime you hear the name Young Buck, it has to do with bankruptcy, liquidation, eviction, or any other form of being a broke ass nigga. And he's in a video rocking a Gucci hat and a diamond chain. Point being, niggas will never learn. Back to being Brazilian.

    • rapisforthepoor

      Shit like this winds me up. You're probably not even rich. Who gives a fuck? Hip-Hop is for the poor people. And I'm quite well off for money but I still think it's completely unimportant. Smh.

  • callingg

    I am calling it right now, Game will work again with G-unit, i never thought this would happen, but i get the feeling it will happen, seems to me that all these guys, including 50, have turned over a new leaf.

    • Anonymous

      no he stil get paid from games records

    • Anonymous

      Naw 50 lost millions beefing with Game. Why would he work with someone that caused g unit to lose millions of dollars? Its common sense that Game is going to ymcmb so Baby can manage whats left of his career after all the shit talking he had for the flopped R.E.D. album. smh as for Buck idk cuz hes going to jail for 60 days.

  • Anonymous

    whats the name of the song at the end? is it a young buck track?

    • dope

      Yeah thats whats up! That's Buck's track at the end and it completely smashes Fif's Lost Tapes. Watch. Buck gonna drop a SMASH! Young Buck is back (he never left). He's been constantly droppin dope singles left and right. Just underground

    • Anonymous

      I don't know but it sounds hella good!!!! Probably gone be on the next Youngbuck mixtape. It's funny for a while I thought there was a song that I missed on the 50's mixtape then I realized it was Buck's voice.

  • milehighkid303

    Lets face it, you HATERS will say ANYTHING about this group, but I'm TELLING y'all had him, 50, Banks, Yayo all stayed together, only Wu IMO could've rivaled them in the sense of GROUP consistency, and I'm a HUGE Wu fan. A reunite would be cool, but let's be real, 50 is in a WHOLE different space, this dudes have gotten SO caked up that street hunger is no longer there. Shit, history proves itself time and time again, look at the Wu, LOX, Dipset, Junior Mafia, The Firm, etc. These boys can NEVER stay together, damn shame too cause I'm not ashamed to say that they my favorite next to Lox and Wu.

    • Anonymous

      beg for mercy is 3x plat how is that a flop???? tos is gold how is that even a flop...

    • milehighkid303

      @???? Goodie Mob is FILTHY, yes.

    • milehighkid303

      @BIGBADBARAGON, You right son, lol, I'm wildin', spaced them. SO many ILL groups in the 90's. I was simply just saying 50 gets SO much hate that people want to deny G-Unit's success, they are one of my favorite groups ever (not including that Lame tho....)

    • tcart22

      lox never broke up niether has dipset just cus you dont always see them together dont mean they broke up lol

    • jesterxxl

      Beg for Mercy far from a flop

    • ???

      Dungeon Family dope too tho...


      Only Wu? How about the Juice Crew? (Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Marley Marl, Biz Markie) or Public Enemy, or Roc-A-Fella? You whilin

    • Anonymous

      Wu alleast drop solo classic... both G-Unit albums were flops... their solo efforts were better unlike Wu

  • Anonymous

    maybe they can get past, and reunite again

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