2 Chainz Lyrically Decodes "No Lie" Featuring Drake

2 Chainz explains certain lines from his single "No Lie."

2 Chainz recently sat down with Life + Times to discuss his recent single "No Lie" featuring Drake as part of its "Decoded" series. During the interview, Tity Boi began by explaining what he meant when he said "smoking on that gas," stating that it's a slang way of saying strong marijuana.

"‘No Lie’ started out with me talking about smoking on that gas. a lot of people didn’t know what gas was when I was kind of introducing it. Everybody was like, what the hell is he talking about? But where we from, gas is like strong weed. When I’m at the studio, when I’m going in, I’m smoking on that gas," he said.

He also explained the line where he spits, "Put his ass in a plastic bag with his trashy ass, take him out / Bring ‘em in, them whole things, Tupac without a nose ring." "I always admired his work ethic, because Tupac still has verses we haven’t heard yet. That’s why I try to work so hard. That’s where the whole idea came from," he explained.

Watch the full video below.

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  • Y.E.

    2 Chainz is dope ca$h out is anus

  • jr88

    decode?....lol you have to be retarded to have those simple ass lyrics decoded....lol


    Let's see: 2CHAINZ vs ROYCE: Royce would eat him alive... 2CHAINZ vs J.O.: Joell would destroy his ass... 2CHAINZ vs CROOKED I: 2Chainz by a whisker... 2CHAINZ vs JOE BUDDEN: I'd rather watch paint dry than watch this battle...

  • Anonymous

    I lol'd at "it's a slang way of saying strong marijuana."

  • YaYa

    Am I the only one who thinks 2chainz isn't that good of a rapper? Seems like a really nice guy though.

    • Anonymous

      He's got a pretty weird flow and lyrically ain't all that but he's just an older dude making the most of his chance that he has worked hard to earn.


    2 Chainz showin the game who's the REAL boss. Officer Ricky should take notes, Tity Boi killen em. This record goin at least 2x platinum bitches.

  • 2 Chaiiiiiiiiinz!!!

    2 Chainz for president!

  • Anonymous

    thank you so much for decoding "retard" for us intellectuals.

  • BuddhaShark

    Did I just see 2 Chainz and lyrically in the same sentence?

  • real nigga

    if anyones lyrics should be decoded it should be kendrick lamar or slaughterhouse lol

    • Anonymous

      There is no complexity to Slaughter's lyrics, they are punchline rappers, if you need that decoded then you're an idiot. Kendrick and Ab-Soul though, they go right over most people's heads.

    • Anonymous

      anyone reppin' laughterhouse has been DEFRAUDED... how's that June 12 release date looking now? laughterhouse try to hide their stupidity behind a blur of bullshit; Tity Boi's flashes his lyrical tits only when necessary and HIS album is actually coming out.

  • Anonymous

    2 Chainz should make a book. It should be titled, "Decoding Basic-Ass Raps"

  • Anonymous

    LMAO. 2 Chainz decode his lyrics? How do you decode basic bars?

  • showboat

    \_/ = my cup of give a fuck is empty...

  • Gabriel

    Big question here: Why does 2chainz need to decode anything he says? Simple rappers don't need unraveling.

  • Groundbreakingbeatz

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  • wow

    So he's making up new slang terms in order to make what he's saying relevant? Can't wait until he start making up words and tries to make them stick. Licking on her goop Her stomach hurting Maybe she need to poop

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    2CHAINZ and PLIES would be two of my first choice hosts for a black 60 MINUTES

  • Liquorandkarate.com

    "smoking on gas? did he mean gasoline ? did he mean farts ? what kind of gas oh noo!"- Shit nobody thought .Its funny how hes trying to make it seem like he invented some new hot shit too,just like that nig cashout he be smoking on "riding around with a ho named kesha while smokin on"..........wait for it........."kesha"

  • Wow!

    LOL! c'mon DX. I do fuck with 2Chains because he has charisma, a strong mic presence, and even though I wouldn't consider him a lyricist, I will say he has an above average flow. With that being said, this is stupid ass interview. Im not even blaming 2Chains though. It must have been a slow news day for HipHopDx to post this as a newsworthy article. Explaining the meaning of gas??? Really??? Just stop it DX. I fuck with yall bc unlike worldstar and other ignorant hip hop outlets yall do report NEWS rather than stupid videos. But yall slippin on this one lol

  • playboy model lexxie ryan

    Haha! if they had to ask two necklaces what his extremely simple lyrics meant.... he mustve got interviewed by waka or birdman. Gimmic rapper that will fade away once again by next year follow me @LexxieRyanPbliv

  • Anonymous

    Ya'll bust on 2CHAINZ but at least son's album is coming out... More than any battle rap nerd can for fucking LAUGHTERHOUSE-- oh, they still "a couple records away" huh? TITY BOI!!!

  • Real Talk

    If 2 Pac was alive, 2 chains wouldn't exist, nigga is nothing compared to 2 Pac. Just saying, Tupac had meanings behind songs like "Keep Ya Head Up" "Life GOes On" 2 Chains songs not so much, all you hear is swag, polo shirts, and SMOKING ON THAT GAS!

  • tcart22

    lmao!! this guy is hilarious, and did people really have that much trouble understanding what he meant? is his fanbase that slow? smh

  • liquorandkarate.com

    this nig 2chainz is a g and a genius at the same damn time -_-

  • Anonymous

    i bet his mamma is very proud of her 35 year old son

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