50 Cent Names His Favorite Songs By Cam'ron, Fat Joe

50 Cent talks to Vibe about his favorite songs by Cam'ron and, surprisingly enough, Fat Joe.

At one point in time, New York titans 50 Cent and Cam'ron made headlines over a feud that began after Fif called Cam's label Koch Records (now E1 Entertainment) a "graveyard." Now, with news of the two rappers putting their beef to bed, Fiddy spoke to Vibe about his respect for Killa's discography.

Fiddy explained that his favorite song from the Dipset leader is "357" from his '98 debut Confessions of Fire. He said that while the song was never the biggest cut off the LP, it was the one that made the most impact on his ears. Fif even added that his other nemesis Fat Joe's "Lean Back" had a similar effect on him, noting that Terror Squad alum Remy Ma's passion on the song reminds him of his latest signee Paris.

"'357,' that’s [my favorite Cam'ron song]," he explained. "'Horse and Carriage' didn’t even mean that to me. That was like – Whenever an artist makes a joint that you listen to and go ‘Ooh,’ like that joint had me. The beat, the whole thing. It struck a chord in me, that’s how - even for Busta, his portfolio of music, for me i[t's] 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.' Even fat boy. Fat Joe, his was “Lean Back. I like that joint ‘cause of Remy [Ma]."

He added, "She just felt like she belonged there in the pack. It’s partially why I have such a liking to Paris…it’s not the same [energy], it’s very different but it’s the having a hard time. It does something to you. They offer that passion in their voice when they’re actually doing something. Like Tupac, there weren’t a lot of punchlines, matter fact there wasn’t no punch lines. He just said to you like he meant it and you felt it and you wanted to roll with it. B.I.G. had the punch lines. For me, these kind of tapes to come out and impact in a good way, it’s not a difficult process for me because I’m conditioned for it."

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  • da1

    50 is talking stupid. Remy Ma was the worst part of Lean Back. Her verse was weak, But Fat Joes really was killing it lyrically.

  • What

    what niggas never understand is that 50 never told any of his beef serious, if you check it 50 always started a beef when is record's was getting ready to come out, so he could create a buzz and sell record, he play all them niggas from game to fat joe to get rich. check how he got in the game with how to rob, the nigga was always on some slick shtttttttt

  • jesterxxl

    What's the cravin for everyone now pullin Pac's card for not bein lyrically these days for fuck sake dude came with a hard message & a wise concept unike half these assholes!

  • Anonymous

    50 always got an excuse, dude needs to just stick to behind the scenes moves before he tarnishes his whole career. smh, i'm guessin about 1 more flop of a mixtape before he goes to Rozay for a feature.

  • jaceshadoe

    Fat Joe has had some big hits. The last well-rounded album Fat Joe putted out was "All or Nothing" . Favorite Fat Joe tracks "Take A Look At My Life"

  • Anonymous

    "Thank you, Fat Joe... You are an icon, no a star......no. A legend" No... A lyrical beast who gave the world such timeless heart tuggers as Porn Star, Cupcake and Aloha.

  • Anonymous

    Yo first diss bitch is ddissing every rapper for no reason and now his career is over and now this bitch want to be friends with everybody.

  • Sikander Kahlon

    Damn Thats Called Professionalism. Even If He Hates Them But He Still Apprieciate them. 50 For President!

    • land lord

      Nope! The general public actually has grown bored with 50's antics so his actual music is nothing special & he knows it so he's now trying to be humble & the general public can actually see through it despite how much agressive content he continues to make & call his closest to GRODT.

    • BLACK


  • Anonymous

    fat joe aint the greatest the rapper, but have mad respect for him!

  • So Icy Boi!

    best Fat Joe songs: Make It Rain FEAT LIL WAYNE The Crack House FEAT LIL WAYNE The Profit FEAT LIL WAYNE Winding on Me FEAT LIL WAYNE Heavenly Father FEAT LIL WAYNE Best Camron songs: Touch It Or Not FEAT LIL WAYNE

  • joey..............

    fat joe gets a lot of abuse on the web but i think he has the best ear for beats outta nearly everyone the beats on his albums are incredible he aint the greatest rapper around but he can make great hit songs and real rappers like jadakiss and styles p respect him so he can hold his head high

  • Anonymous



    my personal favorite song of fat joe's is "make it rain". classic song that really makes you think about life when you listen to it closely. joey crack makes those melodic sounds with his mouth to begin his opening verse, and lil wayne provides a chorus that all the kids would sing on the school bus every morning to get pumped up to learn and broaden their knowledge of the world at school. families would gather together before sunday mass to sing the chorus together, while holding hands and developing a closer feeling to each and every one around him or her. 2006 was a great year to be alive. as the tears fall slowly upon my laptop as i finish typing my...feelings, i would just like to say "Thank you, Fat Joe." You are an icon, no a star......no. A legend. Right up there with Big Pun, Big L, Biggie, Tupac, Nas and Eminem. Let his name "rain" forever. Amen.

    • Anonymous

      I'm crying so much from laughing, one of the best comments on here, Thank you BasedGod.

    • Anonymous

      I respect that song, but Fat Joe has been in the game for over 20 years. His discography is enormous. "Shit is real", is an ill song. Take a listen! Or, "You gotta flow", another dope track

    • nickrazor2000

      I feel Ya! We played make it rain at my wedding. It created an unforgetable moment. i tear up just thinking about it. Bless those 2 saints for making such a meaningful song.

    • Anonymous

      that was the most beautiful comment i read all week salute

  • Anonymous

    357 with the magnum pi sample was the shit! Confessions of fire >>> SDE >>> the rest of Camron's entire solo catalog

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, what is wrong with you guys? I personally do not like Sprite, but I don't waste the precious moments of my life filling their website with comments of hatred, I pay it no mind. I am convinced many of you are mentally challenged and are socially inept, and these comment boards are the only way you can be relevant in life.

  • Real Hip Hop fan

    Craig G, Young Zee & Mr. Green, Large Pro, Kool Keith, Show & AG, Masta Ace & Doom and Big Shug all have new albums coming out this summer and you are wasting time talking about this washed up commercial rapper?

  • Anonymous

    I don't like punchlines........just rap straight up.

  • Anonymous

    DJ FREDDY FRED @DJFREDDYFRED...... 28 May I'm gonna break the news. 50 cent and Floyd Mayweather just fought at the palms casino n9ne steakhouse because Floyd owed 50 cent 10 grand Expand Reply Retweet Favorite

  • Not Rich And Still Trying

    50 realized he fell the fuck off and is now trying to make peace with his enemies so he can work with them and get back to the top. What a bitch move.

    • Anonymous

      ^ Because most rappers only talk about money and they've brainwashed people into thinking that's all that matters.

    • TaZzZ

      Why is money the first thing people use to defend sellouts? This dudes may have serious bank accounts, but how can you respect them? Not 50 in particular, but in general. How many records they sell or endorsements they rack up doesn't change the quality of their music. More often then not, money goes to people's head and makes them lazy, like no matter what they do it has their brand so it will sell. Fuck money, I prefer an artist who can feed their kids and still make the music they wanna make... What you eat don't make me shit.

    • Jose

      Who cares if he fell off, he doesn't need to get back to the top. He could stay like this and still have more money than you will ever see in your life

  • Salty Santa

    "But me I go another route. Kidnap your family, make your brother eat your mother out. I'm what a thug about" - Camron, 357 damn that song made me Cam'ron fan too

  • Anonymous

    Best Cam record is "Losing Weight" with Prodigy off "SDE"

    • Arthur Spooner

      Yea..."Losin Weight" is my shit too...in fact the whole SDE is my shit...that to me is Cam's best album...Confessions of the Fire is his second best

  • Anonymous

    357 is a hard ass song. That boy, Cam, got joints. He's slept on.

  • @SmeezeF

    Why is 50 all over this site in recent months?

  • tcart22

    cam has better material than 50 does cam gota a few dope albums and hella dope mixtapes

  • Anonymous

    idnt want to name any ja rule songs , since all of his singles inspired his whole career. he didn't want to mention any not songs because he couldn't even begin to think to understand his brilliant lyrics. he didn't want her name any of the games best songs because he loved every single track the game has ever recorded don't hate on the truth. follow me @LexxieRyanPbliv

    • Ninja Gaiden

      Ja had heat before he went pop..."Holla Holla" was tough...the joint with Murder Inc with Vita with the Rocky beat was CRAZY!! His first CD was dope!! Even some of his commercial pop shit like "Always On Time" was dope! I guarantee you this...AND I'VE PERSONALLY SEEN IT...if a DJ at a party do a Ja Rule set that motherfucker will go crazy! Ja got some classics!

    • stop being a yard ape

      shaddup u lil niglet...follow me @NobodyWantsToFollowYouBecauseYouAreANigaroo

  • Gank Jill

    No including busta in the headline? Hater

  • Fat Joe

    Yeah, thanks sand nigga

  • Cam'Ron


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