Lil Wyte "Still Doubted?" Tracklist

Lil Wyte enlists Young Buck, Pastor Troy, Project Pat, Bubba Sparxxx and more for his fifth album.

Lil Wyte has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming fifth solo album Still Doubted?, releasing June 19th via Wyte Music Records/Hypnotize Minds/Select-O-Hits.

For the project, he enlists Pastor Troy, Young Buck, Bubba Sparxxx, Project Pat and more. Big BOI Beats handles the majority of the production, while Lex Luger and WyteMusic Records contribute additional production.

In a press release, Wyte explains plans for additional artists on his label. "We have an album for Miscellaneous in the works, and a second $hamrock album," Wyte says. "We are dropping albums on Lord Infamous and Thug Therapy. We'll also have a free mixtape by me and Miscellaneous entitled Elvis Meets BB King. I have grown a lot since Doubt Me Now, and it's time for me to show!"

Check the tracklist below.

01. Intro
02. I Do It
03. Stoner Night
04. Sold My Soul ft. Pastor Troy
05. U Don't Know Me
06. All Kinds of Drugs ft. Young Buck & Lil Will - prod. by Big BOI Beats and Lex Luger
07. Show Some Skin ft. Bubba Sparxxx
08. I'm Going Home ft. Big Lazy
09. [Interlude] Call Us ft. Thug Therapy
10. M.E.M.P.H.I.S. ft. Miscellaneous & Al Kapone
11. GunDown ft. Frayser Boy & Partee
12. Welcome 2 the Gathering ft. Lord Infamous & Liquid Assassin - prod. by WyteMusic Records
13. Yeah Hoe ft. Shamrock
14. Get Em Out of Durr ft. Partee
15. Sike ft. Miscellaneous
16. Lesson Learned - prod. by 2Tall
17. Money Train Gang
18. [Outro] Wyte Speaks
*19. Money ft. Miss Wyte, Partee & Project Pat - prod. by Lex Luger
*20. Lost in My Zone - prod. by Lex Luger

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  • Rich

    The comments on this interview on The Come Up site are totally opposite of the comments here on flatmatters. Almost all of the comments on The Come Up are those of people saying how inspired they are by this interview. I know the flatland world is small but most people looking at this from the outside are not aware of the “drama”. Personally I would prefer that the more well known and respected riders that have commented here would have done so in private and not in a public forum. I understand what a comments section is for but the hate, insults, and general lashing out over hurt feelings and perceived disrespect is embarrassing to everyone involved. I am not saying that the feelings expressed toward this interview are invalid in the least but I’m sure most of the pros who have commented here negatively could have reached out to Alex through other means, either through email or take it up with him personally at the next event. Great artists don’t have to attack other artists even if they feel they have been disrespected. Reading some of the comments here made me feel embarrassed for everyone involved, I say this because I’ve had many run ins with kids in my town who ride street and such and when they ask about flatland I always send them to Flatmatters. When I say kids I mean kids… probably ages 9 and up. That age is fragile, without knowing it you all could easily be someones favorite rider, their inspiration. Sad to think they would be reading any of these comments from the current pros and legends that have decided that commenting here is the way to go about voicing their disapproval of Alex’s comments. A few comments actually sound a little threatening which is ridiculous for grown men who ride bicycles. All these little issues, kids don’t care about, but the vibe here is a spirit killer for sure and flatland could surely use a huge infusion of youth energy. Please act like professionals and hold yourselves to a higher level of respect even if it drives you crazy to maintain silence publicly. I say all this with nothing but respect for everyone here, I am 40 years old and am totally aware of the contributions some of you have made to our sport through your intensity, inventiveness and drive for progression, bless you all and may everyone stay healthy and able to keep pushing this love of ours to territories unimaginable.+23408167724341

  • dj nemesis

    cant wait for this shit...

  • Desperado

    How does the article not mention that hes also featuring LORD INFAMOUS!! that collab right there along wit buck is gonnna make me cop that shit

  • Anonymous

    i bet the beats will be bumpin , lyric wise dont know about that .

  • Anonymous

    yeah my boy lil wyte back this kid is ill!!

  • IDK

    Damn, a lot of hate towards Lil Wyte lol. In my opinion, he's actually a real decent rapper. He can spit bars and has a real quick and flawless flow. His subject matter is pretty tiresome, though, when rapping about brawling and drugs (well, every rapper talks about the same shit anyways, so it doesn't make much of a difference). Also, his voice is really showing off its age and distortion compared to his raps in his first album, all thanks to drugs. Either way, he's real dope.

    • jackmurray66

      I agree makes me think right away of Toy Story "The word I'm searching for, I can't say, because there are preshcool toys present." Flawless in respect to this flow is probably the last adjective I'd use. I'm here tho not because I'm a hater, I WANT this shit to be good. Just ain't happening.

    • Anonymous

      ^ Lil Wyte is not hip-hop. You are kidding yourself. Kill yourself now.

    • dj nemesis

      ^whoever says lil wytes Ill flawless flow is wack, an three 6 mafias Ill flawless production is wack, has no say in a Hip-Hop conversation. Leave website now

    • You kidding?

      Lyrics suck, subject matter sucks, flow sucks, delivery sucks, beats are nothing more than a bunch of bass heavy bullshit so they suck, he sucks.

  • asher1985

    can't wait! been listening to lil wyte since i was 18 in 2003, went to a concert of his in tn about 3 years ago and he was so cool and down to earth, pics, autographs, whatever you def going to be getting this

  • Lil'Jaune

    Enfin un bon album pas comme c'est salope de YMCMB. Finally a good album is not as slutty YMCMB

  • Anonymous

    lol, anytime people wanna make fun of white hip hop all they have to do is point at guys like this, everytime one of them shows up it takes away from the work The Beastie Boys & Em put in and sets us back to the Vanilla Ice times

  • ....

    this fool is still rapping?

  • RTJ00

    Looking forward to this!

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to this.


    i was just talking about this cracker on friday justin beiber should have had this nigga instead of 2 chainz on his remix to that song it would have been official as shit -__-

  • Anonymous

    Is this the white version of cooning? Is the Shamrock on the album the "White Rapper Show" Shamrock? What a joke.



    • eminem

      stfu you look dumb lil wyte been out for years he hasn't even flop he doesn't wanna get big because of the illuminati dumbass bitch hop of Young Money dick you ugly monkey

  • jerome

    ZZZzzzzzz this wigger still rapping?

    • f#@^% lames

      haha maybe we jus put on sum drake...ya hear sum real shit and want sum markness...and nobody mentioned pastor troy man yall why i dont listen to the radio.pussies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hhahahahahahaha

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