Sean Garrett Owes Over $700,000 In Taxes

Sean Garrett joins the growing group of artists who owe money to Uncle Sam.

Though Sean Garrett may have written hits for the likes of Ciara, Nicki Minaj, and countless others, he apparently hasn't found a way to pay his taxes.

TMZ reports that Garrett owes the back taxes for the years 2006 and 2007, totaling $732,553.57.

The report further provides that BMI, which collects Garrett's royalties, to garnish the singer/songwriter's wages.

Garrett inked a deal with Roc Nation/Columbia in 2010, after it was widely reported that he was signing to Lil Wayne's Young Money Records. Garrett had worked on Nicki Minaj's "Massive Attack," which was featured on the rapper's debut album, Pink Friday.

Garrett has produced an astonishing 15 number one singles in his career.

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    Rat a tat tat on these clowns

  • TitanBozack

    That check to the IRS - Bet he ain't penned it ;)



  • Iceman

    Anybody else noticed that there weren't any artists in tax trouble before January 20, 2009? (when somebody took office)? My guess is there won't be any after January 20, 2013, either (when somebody LEAVES office)

    • Anonymous

      obama dont work for the i.r.s how old are you? to many kids on the internet

    • Size Em Up

      If selling our old, obsolete military aircraft to foreign nations barely puts a dent in our deficit, do you really think a few rappers and their chump change taxes (in comparison) matters to the White House? President Obama could give a fuck about Young Buck, Sean Garrett, Lil Wayne or the rest.

    • Anonymous

      It's not just because Obama is in office...It's because america needs the money right now.... It wouldn't matter who was president, the same thing would be happening.

    • Anonymous

      pimp c went to jail on some tax shit in like 2002 nigga

    • Anonymous

      LOL at this fool Iceman. Typical, blame It on Obama mentality. Pay your fucking taxes!

    • Up North

      Everybody from gangsters to artists have been in tax trouble from day one. Maybe if more of these fools paid their fucking taxes and less people were so quick to blame somebody else for their irresponsibility, they wouldn't have these problems. Is it Obama's fault when they don't pay child support as well? You can't be serious.

  • ayo456

    Have you forgotten that taxes pay for programs that protect people? SSS, Medicare, fire department, government grants for school, etc. These "entertainment" people who don't pay taxes need to pay them. Stop being ignorant and think.f

    • chubbbbbbb

      SSS is that because Sean Garrett and company don't pay taxes.. duuhhhhhhh

    • Anonymous

      yall need to move to canada

    • Anonymous

      Then why the fuck is Social Security damn near bankrupt, healthcare all fucked up, and going to school so expenses. Naw fam u need to get a clue. Taxes pay for wars and corporate business structures.

  • Anonymous

    Paying taxes to the same people that kill and harasser us Fuck that! More people need to not pay these corrupt fuckers!

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