Necro "Murder Murder Kill Kill" 2EP Tracklist & Artwork

July will see the 13-track effort from the Brooklyn Death-Rap icon. Kool G Rap and Mr. Hyde are featured.

Brooklyn, New York emcee/producer Necro will release his latest project Murder Muder Kill Kill, a double-EP on July 31. The brother of Ill Bill and longtime CEO of Psycho+Logical Records' latest release follows up 2010's DIE!, and is a reported pre-cursor to Necro's Rap Godfathers joint effort with Kool G Rap, who is featured on the 2EP.

Included on the double-EP is "I'm Like Howard Stern," which has reportedly been played on the shock-jock's satellite radio show.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1.     Toxsik Waltz
2.     The Godfathers (Kool G Rap + Necro) - 'The System'
3.     No Concern
4.     Gruesome Twosome (Necro + Mr. Hyde) - 'Gore!'
5.     Sharon's Fetus (The Pre-kill)
6.     Schizophrenia
7.     Tough Jew
8.     Rabbi Holding Guns
9.     For The Streets
10.     I'm Like Howard Stern
11.     Kid Joe Anthem
12.     Rock The Kazbah
13.     Raw Talent
14.     Squirt
15.     Porn Game Crucifixion

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  • Propz

    Good album cant wait for The Godfathers and the Necro Files DVD!

  • Anonymous

    RAPHAEL BRONSTEIN >>>> ACTION BRONSTEIN They're both dipshits on the mic, of course, but at least Raph has beats, not goddamn garbage like Statik Selektah.

  • Fuck Brooklyn

    Dude is 39 years old and still talking that murder bullshit eeewww

  • JonnyThaBezt

    Where da fxck is "The Godfathers"?

  • JonnyThaBezt

    Anonymous....I beg to differ...this dude can the beats and he keeps putting out classic album after classic album...i dont see how he has gotten bad over the years

  • Ash

    You can't beat necro. lyricals and executions kills todays rappers. your sleeping on him if u dont like his stuff

  • Anonymous

    A double EP whats that for bullshit, just call it a album


    Necro is a beast on the mic and production. That tough jew show is hard as fuck. I cant wait for his new album.

  • Anonymous

    Necro has gotten really bad over the years, and his beats are barely able to keep him afloat anymore So Far I heard "No Concern", "Tough Jew" & "Howard Stern" off this, the lyrics were cring-worthy bad on all 3 and even the beats kinda came off half assed

    • Fangdangler

      @ Sofaking I completely agree his game has fallen off recently, but Necro just dropped 2 tracks, "The system" with G Rap and "Raw talent". I agree no concern is lyrically weak but jewish gangsters is amazing, and it seems like working with G rap has sonned necro out and made him hungry to step it up. Trust me his flows are way sharper on these newest tracks and the beats just go hard. You seem to underrate old necro though, listen to his rare demos and freestyles vol.3, his old radio freestyles contain some of the most incredible rhyme schemes I've ever heard. Peace

    • Anonymous

      @ Blaze it up Get the fuck outta here with your excuses I use to listen to Necro, his rhymes were never that great but his beats were awesome and his lyrics were at least tolerable, I was playing "Brutality Part 1" last week actually. I know my underground hip hop, From Binary Star to Company Flow to Non Phixion and everything in between Necro fell off, the lyrics on "Die" were laughably bad, cringe worthy even, and his beat game is slipping Feel free to disagree if you want, I'm just stating my opinion as a fan, his music sucks now

    • blazeitup

      I ain't say shit about hyde and Ill Bill got soft? Go listen to the Hour of reprisal, Kill devil hills and Heavy Metal Kings. He keeps getting better and better and he has loads more coming soon too. I think I get you. Your pissed off at the brothers. What was it, did one of them smack you up because they do that a lot to faggots they don't like. You don't like their music they go right ahead and live your life instead of reading news articles about them because your saying they fell off yet they still controlling your ass by getting you to waste time reading about them and hating.

    • sofakingbold

      What artists? Q-unique? Wack ass hyde? Please. "Pre-fix for death" had some bangers, but you could tell he was falling off from then. I didn't need to skip tracks on his first two albums. Then the goretex (now gore elohim) issue happened, and it's been downhill for this crew ever since. Ill bill fell in love, had a daughter and got soft. Producing is necro's niche, and he refuses to accept that. Keep it real. Would you rather hear him produce a whole album for G. rap? Or do you want to hear him rhyming on every track? He knows what the fans want, but refuses to give it to them. Pride and coke are a deadly combo. And I applaud gore for not wanting garbage ass hyde on his album. I don't care how "real" he is.

    • blazeitup

      This ain't no mainstream BS were the rappers weak lyrics that tell nothing real get hidden by a beat that gets girls and faggots dancing. The dude necro does everything from making the beats to writing/rapping the lyrics and produces the whole shit and thats while touring and producing for artists on his label. GTFO with your BS

  • ETL

    Very very very underrated, the Uncle Howie camp got their own lane. Ill bill's better tho.

  • cjrocker

    This isn't really my kind of shit, Necro strikes me as a consistent dude though.

  • Supercoven

    Homie tries way too hard with his whole shtick. It just comes off corny as fuck. He needs to target that ICP audience, LOL. Gore Elohim (formerly Goretex of Non Phixion) shits on his entire catalog in one song. Youtube 'Lord of Plagues' and you'll see just what I mean.

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