Nas Says He Was Supposed To Appear On Lauryn Hill's "The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill"

Nas also breaks down his sophomore album "It Was Written."

Nas recently chopped it up with following his recent cover story, breaking down his sophomore album It Was Written and giving anecdotes on every track from the project.

During his interview for the feature, Esco spoke on recording with Lauryn Hill for “If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)” and revealed that he was originally supposed to be on her classic debut The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

“I was supposed to be on the The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album but I was caught up with whatever and I never made it to the sessions. That’s one of my greatest regrets with music,” he said. “I was getting the calls to come rap on the album and something was always happening at the time when I got the call. Lisa Ellis of Sony always used to tell me, ‘Man you fucked up, you’re supposed to be on that album.’”

He said that his relationship with Hill, who is celebrating her 37th birthday today, was deeper than music.

“Me and Lauryn were musical peers, we were brother and sister. We looked out and did the thing. [The Fugees] were on tour in Europe so she took the Concorde from London and flew back. We shot the video in Times Square."

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  • Dick B

    Another hypothetical Nas collaboration that we can all sulk over.

  • Real Talk

    Ima Nas stan but he missed out on Bp3 and Raekwons album. This seems like a trend

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Nas is horribly wack.

  • Anonymous

    Nas Is a beast fuck what u heard.

  • Anonymous

    Nas goat there it is motherfukrssssss! What!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nas you overrated bastard, its past dammit!

  • x

    wasn't meant to be. nas is cool but he's no lauryn hill. miseducation didnt need any thug lingo

  • Anonymous

    You guys should have posted the message Where nas takes his first jab at jay z ever Lex with tv sets, the minimum

    • Anonymous

      No. Both producers and nas all said it was a shot at jay z. He was riding around with a lex with tvs in them. And was fronting saying it was the best the best the best. So nas threw a shot. Lex with tv sets the minimum. It's right there in the interview. But your ignorant ass replies to my comment with no knowledge what so ever. Damn homie

    • Anonymous

      its more a jab to biggie

  • Anonymous

    "Nas= Goat!" Kelis looked like a goat.

  • triPAUD

    I wonder if he was chillin w/ her when he was w/ the marleys.

  • Anonymous

    Classic. Nas= Goat!

  • Anonymous

    "Now it's all money, money, money" I see your point, but think of it this way. Would people want to listen if these rappers were saying how broke they were? Music doesn't have to be dumbed down to be accepted, yet there isn't anything wrong with "dumb" music. It has its place.

  • HHFan

    That was the thing about Hip Hop that alot of these cats today didn't get. You could be hustlin and still drop knowlege AND you had to be able to flow because no one wanted to hear a weak rapper over a hot beat. Now it's all money, money, money, and a couple lines praising God for helping them make money. Then there's love songs to strippers and some other niggas woman then giving her back. The shit's getting old.

    • Anonymous

      There are plenty of weak rappers over hot beats these days to say nas isnt one of the greats is a insult to rap period the people that sya he has no hits are probaly just commenting on his beat selection nas dont need a hot beat to sound good he can make a shitty beat into something and to have credit taken away from him that someone needs to be slapped as far as lyrics its only a hand full of rappers u can put next to him yes i am a nas fan but he aint my favorite rapper never the less he still has my 100 percent support as one of the greats

    • Anonymous

      Cosign my nigga. Too man idiots running the game today

    • georgel

      why are you talking about cats? cats today dont get what? If your worried about them getting a home help out and make a difference and adopt one at your local spca. im sure cats today would get it if people just had some compassion and treated them with as much respect as dogs

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