Chief Keef Reveals He's In Talks With Three Labels About A Record Deal

Chief Keef says he's currently talking to three different imprints about signing.

Chief Keef has quickly made a name for himself with his breakout hit “I Don’t Like,” and his success is starting to reap benefits. During an interview with Global Grind, the Chicago, Illinois rapper said that he is currently in talks with three labels - Cash Money, CTE and Atlantic - and is deciding between which he will make his home.

“I talked with Birdman yesterday. [We talked about] me being CMB,” he said. “Three choices. CMB, CTE or Atlantic, I don’t know.”

Following the viral success of "I Don't like," Keef got a heavy co-sign from Kanye West, who remixed the song and added his G.O.O.D. Music brethren to the cut.

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  • Anonymous

    i wood marry cheff he real as fuck that's what I need


    u raw

  • SMH

    Not another Souljah Boy *smh* This kid sucks balls, str8 garbage...trash...worse than 'starship' track Gotta blame these labels for fucking up the art, and all these blogs for promoting such garbage am not surprise Birdman is interested in dude. What can you expect from a man with graffiti on hi head?

  • JaySosa54

    If You Feel Like You Can Do Better , THEN TALK SHIT CALL EM WACK AND HATE , If Not , Shut The Fuck Up , He 16 And Gettin His Shit , Dont Hate Man

  • Anonymous

    He need 2 go 2 G.O.O.D musik

  • Anonymous

    garbage is what this is, 16 years old and rappin about smokin dope, lame.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga has no skill his lyrics dont mean shit how the hell are people interested in signing him

  • krzymyk

    I don't know one white person that likes Keef. He makes hood nigga shit, a lot people aint gonna fuck with it...his shit is smooth and catchy...its not much to it, but it works.

  • WTF

    I'm 7-4 til the world blow and I like seeing young cats comin up,but this nigga is WACK, straight GARBAGE. Only good thing about this nigga's songs is the beats, but other than that my ears bleed listenin to this nigga. I pray CTE doesn't sign this nigga,it would take them 10 steps back after signing their BEST artist, Freddie Gibbs

  • Anonymous

    The fact that this guy is aobut to get a major deal is one of the reasons I don't listen to hip hop anymore bunch of whack ass no talent havin bitches

  • Anonymous

    It s clear tha Atlantic Records is more interested in poisoning black and urban youth. It s the only reason they could have any interest in this dude. As far as the other 2 labels. Well? Look who it is. Blogs are the new A&R. The funny thing is, clearly these labels see the plays, but they dont read the comments. LOL. DUde is garbage and most people think so.

  • Anonymous

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  • killahkels

    waka aint even been around that long and they done made a mini version of him already damn!

  • Anonymous

    This kid got 360 written all over him, not 2 shit on a man trying to eat, but this is what we hold as a standard in hip hop now?

  • Exec

    He needs to sign with Atlantic and just do a solo album with his crew.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a HORRIBLE artist. How do people like this get major label interest? Oh yeah, because most people are idiots.

  • Anonymous


  • freebread

    Let him sign to Atlantic where he can do songs with Bruno Mars and the airplanes bitch and Bieber, cause all they care about is the radio hits. That's why Lasers was so bad and Rolling Papers had a bunch of pop hooks, cause Wiz and Lupe are both on Atlantic and they only care about the money. So Keef will die off fast if he signs there.

  • Anonymous

    whoever signs him will be making the dumbest mistake ever

  • chi-boy

    man it's crazy cuz Im from da chi & got nothin but luv for our artists. But from a hip-hop stand point, dis nigga is wack. I don't like was break his through to fame and i give him props for dat catchy hook but dats about it...Im almost willing to be he didnt even graduate high-school jus by the way he cudn't articulate answers to this basic interview. Hopefully, he'll help draw attention to other good chicago artists dat can actually spit tho

  • True2HipHop

    This dude is one of the worst people I have heard in a minute. He is so bad I can't even knock him for it because I think he is so hyped up by his boys that he actually thinks he is good. This dude is just plain garbage put him out on the street & let the sanitation engineers deal with him. Now he'll become some popular Kids Bop artist that all these dummies will support because they are too ignorant to realize what this man speaks about is nothing & isn't Hip Hop, don't support him, it's a waist of a good dollar bill. Support C.O.B., Horse Shoe G.A.N.G., One-2, JeanYus, Tragedy Tha Beast, Sene, Blu, David Banner, Crooked I, Slaughterhouse, Eminem, Papoose, 2pac, Biggie, DMX, etc these are MC not gimmicks.

  • G.O.O.D. Hip Hop

    He's like Chi-town's Lil B.

  • Anonymous

    "Three choices. CMB, CTE or Atlantic" Try Koch

  • nickrazor2000

    He looks like he is posing for a Calvin Klien underwear ad.

  • Anonymous

    LOL He's not gonna make it!

  • themansaid

    To all rappers shut up with ya shutting up And keep your shirt on, at least a button up Yuck, is they rhymers or strippin' males? Outta work jerks since they shut down Chippendales...

  • Yamz

    I swear someone posted a picture of him wearing a Brick Squad chain on the boards at allhiphop? WTF

  • Jp

    Is this guy slow? Or mental? or just an idiot? Doesnt suprise me that Birdman of all people thinks hes good, so many amazing artists out there and you pick a kid who probably doesnt even know where he is at...

  • Anonymous

    Get that money and take care of yourself and your people.

    • Damian

      I agree with Jim, if people wanna take care of their fam...go get a 9-5, save money go to college, be a lawyer, doctor whatever as u don't need millions, chains, lambos to take care of your fam...niggaz is fucking up this art then give stupid reasons like am just trying to feed my fam...all you need is food to survive not millions

    • yeaahhh

      @Jim - I agree with everything you said!! It's a shame that people these days choose their favorite rappers because of money/fame/swag instead of the music. If you wanna make money go get a 9-5 and stop fucking up the art. These wack rappers got people laughing at hip-hop and disrespecting it because they think it all sounds like what's played on the radio.

    • Jim

      Fuck that. This is music. People need to stop caring about the ca$h and start giving a shit about what they're actually saying in Hip Hop. Stop being so god damn lazy and get a job, don't exploit an artform that you don't give 2 shits about. /rage

  • Anonymous

    Your pockets will never hurt over at YMCMB. plus the tour game is crazy.

    • Reas

      But He Won't Be A Priority Over There Too Many Heads and No Breathin' Space. There Artists There That Won't Release A Albums IE Gudda, Jae Millz, and They Dropped The Ball Big Time On Cory Gunz

    • Anonymous

      but u gotta kiss birdman and wayne on da lips

  • Anonymous

    please go to Atlantic so they can bury you

  • Jim

    We got Emcees starving for help and this mother fucking kid gets a record deal? Smmfhx100

  • Anonymous

    this guy sucks ass but i guess hes like 16 and hes already better than soulja boy but he should cut it out with the wack adlibs, nigga just keeps saying bang bang on all his songs i heard

    • Anonymous

      its not the same as jeezy, jeezys adlibs add something to the song but this kid just keeps saying bang bang and he sounds retarded

    • bkstylz

      no...he doesn't make any fucking bangers. Shit is straight garbage. These labels are buying hype without skills.

    • Anonymous

      back in the day bangers actually had lyrics as well. just cause the beats hard dont mean shit.

    • Anonymous

      Same thing Jeezy does with his adlibs. It's his trademark. The kid ain't no super lupe lyricist but he makes some bangers.

  • Anonymous

    fuck ym and cte go to atlantic still have your gbe set like how wiz still got talyor man they take you from mixtapes and get you some album money on the side

  • Anonymous

    *sigh* - shakes head. where's the REAL music at?

    • Anonymous

      I prefer pineal glands or the black bastard remix. Overall, this album is over hyped though. Not as good as some are claiming

    • TheCool

      Bohemian Grove, Illuminate, Empathy... The whole album is good.

    • TheCool Right Here Brother.

  • Flamez

    Best of luck to you my g,make the best move for your career now and the future.

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