Young Chop Responds To Pusha T: "He Should've Been A Bigger Man"

Exclusive: Young Chop gives his take on Pusha T's diss, whether it affects his relationship with Big Sean, and why his public outburst differed from the G.O.O.D. emcee's.

Pusha T quickly made headlines this morning, issuing the diss track "Exodus 23:1," which included thinly-veiled shots at Drake and Lil Wayne.

Also dissed on the cut was Young Chop, who had reportedly squashed the beef with Kanye West and the G.O.O.D. Music camp over a remix to Chief Keef's "I Don't Like," which Chop originally produced.

HipHopDX spoke to Young Chop about the diss, the public's perception of the of the spat (which now involves Kid Cudi), and what he would say to Pusha if they met in person.

HipHopDX: What was your initial reaction to hearing Pusha T’s bars?

Young Chop: I felt like he disrespected me. I didn’t like it.

DX: Were you surprised, given your earlier conversation with G.O.O.D. Music?

Young Chop: Yeah, I was surprised. They said they squashed all the beef that essentially was going on between me and Kanye. So I felt like they [broke] the rules. He put it on record… “fuck your bitch” and all that.

DX: Why do you think Pusha went at you? It’s kind of interesting, because on the song, he also goes at Drake and Lil Wayne, with whom he’s had problems before. Is it a shocker to be sort of put on the same track as people he’s had such problems with already?

Young Chop: I don’t have a clue. I really don’t know. Yeah, that was a shocker. That was a big shocker. Actually, I was asleep the time it dropped. My brother told me [about it]. That was the first place I seen it—on y’all website.

DX: Have you spoken with anyone over at the G.O.O.D. camp yet? Do you have any intention to reach out to them?

Young Chop: Nah. Nope. They gotta reach out to me. I’m tired of reachin’ out.

DX: Regarding this situation from the very start, before this diss dropped—do you feel that there is a misunderstanding on the fans’ part in this situation?

Young Chop: Mhm. It is. They don’t understand the business side of it.

DX: What don’t they understand?

Young Chop: They supposed to come to me if they want to do anything to the track, to the song. To me, my opinion, [Kanye] supposed to come to me. That’s something that I created, that I have rights to. Totally disrespectful. He wouldn’t have let someone do that to him. Why would I let him do that to me?

DX: Do you think that just because Kanye is such an established artist, people are siding with him on this matter?

Young Chop: Mhm. Like, I really don’t care who they siding with; it’s about the respect and all that. I really don’t care who they’re siding with.

DX: Does this affect your relationship with Big Sean?

Young Chop: Nah. Nope. Me and Big Sean cool. He’s a cool dude. That’s all I can say. He’s a cool dude, humble, all that. He told me a few things, how to do stuff, all that.

DX: So your relationship with Big Sean is good, your relationship with Pusha is obviously not good—how would you describe your relationship with the G.O.O.D. Music camp as a whole?

Young Chop: I ain’t got no problem with the whole crew. Just certain people I have a problem with.

DX: There have been a lot of people that are saying, “You should just be happy because Kanye”—

Young Chop: Yeah, because he’s Kanye West. I don’t care! I’m building my own brand. Why would I go off his brand? I didn’t ask him to get on no songs, none of that. He wanted to get on it. So people need to fall back and mind they business. Like the critics, and everybody that’s hatin’—the supporters of Kanye West, basically.

DX: Do you have anything to say to Pusha right now?

Young Chop: All he needs to do…is be a bigger man. Because I’m only eighteen, and I don’t know why he comin’ at me like that. I ain’t never say nothin’ disrespectful to him or nothin’. So I don’t’ know why he comin’ at me like that. And I see he got a show comin’ up here…I’ll come down and show him some love. I ain’t that type of guy.

DX: So if you came down to the show and you were to sit down and have a conversation with him, what would you say to him?

Young Chop: Like, “Man, we could squash whatever’s going on. If you got hard feelings towards what I said to Kanye, we can squash it right now. Today.” [I’d ask him,] “What’s your problem with me?”

DX: Given that, what is the next step for you?

Young Chop: Movin’ on to doin’ bigger things. Be on the lookout for that new [Lil] Reese, I Don’t Like mixtape. And Johnny Maycash. That’s all I’m focused on right now.

DX: One last thing: earlier, you said that Pusha crossed a line. Can you elaborate on that?

Young Chop: He crossed the line. He put it on record. You can’t delete that. You can’t delete it! It’s on record. It’s on wax. We can hear it.

DX: So you’re saying he should’ve kept it in-house, should’ve spoken to you privately?

Young Chop: Yeah. That’s what I feel like. He should’ve been a bigger man and called me. His boss did not do that. Kanye West didn’t take the time out to call me personally or send me an email or nothin’.

DX: I guess the natural response to that is, though—

Young Chop: They on they high horse. [Kanye] is too big-headed. Bro, we are equal. We are people. I don’t care what you accomplished, or none of that. We are equal. You can’t run game on me. I’m not slow!

DX: You said they should’ve kept it in-house—well what about people who have said that you should’ve kept your issue with Kanye West in-house, and spoke to him, and send him an e-mail or reached out to his camp privately.

Young Chop: I did reach out. That’s what people don’t understand. I did reach out. And people didn’t understand, so I had to take it to the media. So that’s how that came about.

DX: So you went to the media because you felt that that was your only option to be heard?

Young: All I had to do was just tweet. And they gonna catch on to it—how I really felt. And I called Don C and all them, and told them how I felt. They acted like they didn’t want to listen to it, listen to what I had to say. “It’s only a remix.” Okay, I feel it’s only a remix, but you supposed to check in with me. You’re supposed to ask if you want to add something, take off something. That’s just total disrespect. If it was on the other side, then I would’ve called and been like, “Hey, Kanye, can I change something about this beat and put this in there?”

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  • Agony

    So all of you are taking sides and discussing it like it is not staged. "No publicity is bad publicity"

  • scx

    at first i thought lil nigga was just dumb and bitchin...but he does have some decent points."Kanye] is too big-headed. Bro, we are equal. We are people. I dont care what you accomplished, or none of that. We are equal. You cant run game on me. Im not slow!" fair is fair at the end of the day

  • ETL

    All this the barbershop talk when "How to rob" came out. Same shit different characters. History repeats itself.

  • Anonymous


  • BEZ

    This is good publicity for all those involved. no pun intended. I wouldn't know nor care about Chief Keef or his producer if it weren't for this "controversy". After that track jack, Chief Keef's songs started appearing on blogs outside of I believe it's real but, lest we forget, Rap is wrestling, entertainment & a business kiddies.

  • Anonymous

    That nigga sounds like a bitch I'm only 18 why he coming at me

  • hhh

    pusha has no reason to diss him, he got sick flow and rhymes but now he acts like an attention bitch I never heard about Young Chop but he talks smart, peaceful and not disrespectful and how could he possibly respond to the shots, if he ain't a rapper? just a producent

  • Anonymous

    This is real beef. A guy named Young Chop. That's like a 2 lb burger.

  • Ree Up

    This is what happens when bullshit runs the radio...niggaz get scared when the real bars manifest. Seriously, people act like Jay-Z vs NaS wasn't one of the greatest things for hip hop. Beef is apart of music, if you can't take the heat, get out the kitchen. & Also, it is just a remix...It's one thing if Kanye took the beat for himself and GOOD, but cmon dog you AND chief keef wouldn't even be talked about now if Kanye ain't grab it. I mean do you see other producers and rappers getting mad when somebody else remixes or jumps on their track? Chops couldve looked at this situation 2 ways... the humble "kanye getting on my beats? i must be doing something right, big ups for a big name bigging up my song" or the bitch route "ahhh he took my beat, no respect..." you're 18 dude, why you acting like that

    • Milez

      But you need to think about it from a producer's perspective or anyone within art and music. Kanye didn't just jump on the track as it was, he took the beat without permission and changed it all up, and the thing is that version ended up being the more popular version everyone knows about. Fair point it gave Keef nd Chop some exposure but still, lets say you painted a picture, and some other guy just came and took it, just started painting random slashes here and there without saying "I'm doing such and such to your work, you alright with that?" then started making it big, everyone talks about THAT picture, not the original one, no-one gives a shit about the original, how would you feel? Same shit with music. I do see what your saying but you really should look into that.


      MAN u r soo right real talk!!!!

  • Mikel

    This is why society sucks. Since Ye hasmoney chop should let him do what he wants w his creation. Bloggers r lame. Wrong is wrong. Chops 100% right. Kanyes a fag n a thief. Fuckhis status. Were all equals here. Only lames say shit like " he should be greatful" fuck Ye, hes an overrated simp. Karmas a Bitch

  • Juanka

    What the fuck is a Young Chop?

  • milehighkid303

    WAAHAHAHAHA!!! THIS shows how PUSSY you 90's babies and these NEW JACKS are!! Bigger man!!??? Pfff homie please, throw that saying around back in the day, and you GETTING THE SUNSHINE SMACKED OUT YOUR ASS. Lol, this is gunna get soooo good, I HOPE Pusha keeps piling on, I could care less for the beef, but MAN us Hip Hop heads need something like this, air these clowns out Pusha....THEY SOFT!!!!!

    • Milez

      Its called respect, and tryna keep the peace, they're aint nothing pussy about that. Would you be saying the same thing about Rick Ross? No not the rapper, i mean drug lord 'freeway' Rick Ross, the guy who's life rapper rick ross bases his music on. You saying just cus ppl start come up to him saying "is it my time?" nd freeway telling them not to start shit that he's a pussy? He coulda easily just sent people, end his life on the spot, but he knew better than that, does that make him a pussy? Chop didnt have to be civil u know. You're the pussy, talking all that shit behind a computer screen

  • Anonymous

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  • John-Boy

    You know the current generation is fucked up when young men want to be 'Lil' and 'Young'. Starting thinking BIG you clowns.


    young chop? he should change his name to burnt pork chop. I dont know pusha t but i have a feeling that if fat albert chop goes to a concert and wants to have a sit down he might get the cholesterol smacked out of him and then hes going to say "waaa waaa pusha t im only 18 why you smack me ,im just a baby in a mans world I'm still alittle hoe boy why did you take my beat? Drake would not have smacked me he woulda given me moscato and a gift certificate to spa castle where he is a regular"

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is Young Chop?

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell is Young Chop?

  • mixdemdotcom

    Pusha T should not have dissed Young Chop , he did nothing wrong to him .

  • whiteguy

    Man, who the fuck cares what Young Chop thinks? A Ja-Rule look alike has more pull than him.

  • Anonymous

    Mad funny how Pusha never said anyone's name on the diss track. But like the saying goes, "if you think this song is about you, then it probably is".

  • Anonymous

    People remix other people's tracks all the time and blow up off them. What the fuck is the big deal??

  • King Johnson

    What the fuck has happened to hip hop culture. When did so many bitches get in the game. "He should be the bigger man, I'm 18..." Shut the fuck up. If a dude disrespects you after you feel it's been squashed, it's time to man the fuck up and diss these motherfuckers. Don't act like because he's older that you're scared. You're scared cause Pusha T is a real nigga. I don't know fuck-all of what happened between these dudes, but I know that you're not supposed to bitch-up when someone disrespects you. Clown as motherfucker.

  • Anonymous

    i have to agree with young chop. Anybody siding with kanye is just an idiot or a fanboy. Especially with kanyes track record in taking beats. By the logic of people siding with kanye he could steal all these new guys beats because whats the harm when he is apparently doing them a favour?



  • Anonymous

    Man he's dumb, I don't think he even understood the diss, I felt like he dissrespected me, < ha he called you a bitch nigga, of course he's fucking dissing you.

  • Anonymous

    This kid is an idiot, he's the one who starts throwing shots and dissing one of the biggest labels in Hip Hop then he complains that he's only a child and they should leave him alone. Sorry but he deserves everything that is coming his way. 18's old enough in my opinion.

  • Just A Person

    So basically what the lot of you niggas is saying is...Kanye West beat sees remix. Beat is changed without Kanye's permission...Kanye West rants. Kanye is fine. He's a "super-producer". Fuck that other producer for changing his shit. Young Chop beat sees remix.Beat is changed with out Young Chop's permission. Young Chop rants. Young Chop is not "paying dues" and "should be grateful kanye spit on his beat". I understand ghost production....but eh...big super group going after small up and comer don't sit well with me. Maybe there's more to the we'll all never know.

    • livefromtheunderground

      these little niggas need to know their own fucking place in this world and the music business, if someone big like Kanye wants to change your shit, you sit your ass down, say thank you massa and you be fucking grateful someone big gave your work the time of day

    • Anonymous

      But it's ONLY A REMIX. Like seriously remixes are MEANT to be changed. You realize if every person who remixed a song had to get permission from someone, there likely would be no great remixes. Like it or not, if Ye wouldn't have remixed it we wouldn't even be reading this article right now. We wouldn't know what the fuck a Young Chop is. Now thats REAL. Ye Remixed his career


    I hate my daddy. I showed him a picture of Wayne and Birdman kissing. I thought it was cool that me and my daddy should be down like that. He slapped me real hard but anyway il try my uncles. YMCMB swag

  • camel

    dont really listen to this kids music but i feel wot hes sayin here.. i'll prob support him more now cos of this lol i know kanyes made some hot tunes but i cant stand the guy

  • Anonymous

    did it again..i quit

  • Anonymous

    *bigger, mot nigger. the n key is too close oops

  • Ceasar

    This Young Chop guy comes across as honest, and it's hard to not feel bad for him a little. He's obviously been taken advantage of in this situation. Pusha T comes across as a 40 year old lost soul riding for some scumbag who just ripped this kid off. I hope he gets paid and has a successful career, it's disgraceful when people do shit like this to up and coming artists.

    • Anonymous

      What disgraceful thing was done? remixing a beat he made and bringing to the attention of the masses. Is that really such a bad thing?

    • Anonymous

      Why you got to be racist. Why dont you suck my nigger dick?

    • Anonymous

      He comes across as a lazy fatass. Hard to find a nigger man than this fat fuckin slob.

  • truth

    Dudes speaking the truth, idk why anyone would hate on this, anyone else in his shoes would feel what he is saying.

  • Anonymous

    Young Chop: They on they high horse. [Kanye] is too big-headed. Bro, we are equal. We are people. I dont care what you accomplished, or none of that. We are equal. You cant run game on me. Im not slow! This quote sums up how ignorant this guy really is. Sorry Chop, you're not equals w/ Kanye West quite yet buddy. You are actually not even playing in the same league he is right now. YouTube views does not make you a successful artist or producer...there are 4 month old infants on YouTube getting more views. Chop...bro....for every year you've been alive, Kanye has a Grammy.

    • jackinhoes

      dude shut the fuck up, Kanye may be a douche but hes made excellent music for years and some ignorant nobody like Chop who's jacked Lex Luger's style pretty much should keep his fat ass mouth shut

    • Just a person

      Get off Kanye's dick for a second. ye is bogus for this, cuz Chop is right....if it was kanye west's beat it'd have been a big thing and shit. And yeah Chop is also right...grammys + money don't change the fact that Kanye breathes, shits, eats and will die like the rest of us. I sure that's what he meant by "just people". Stop being a fucking robot.

  • Truuu

    Okay, why are people hating. Young Chop has a completely legitimate reason to have tension with Kanye. So everybody is just saying that Chop should lie down and be a bitch just because Kanye is a bigger and more accomplished person than him? Fuck that. Young Chop isn't gonna let fucking Kanye West run all over him just because he has more money. You are all fucking bitches, Chop doesn't need Kanye's respect, fuck outta here. Young Chop is ambitious as fuck and for only grinding for around 5 months, he's a very accomplished producer. He'll the 2012-2013 Lex Luger, just watch.

    • Anonymous

      What people are failing to understand is that Kanye was actually trying to help these dudes out and instead of throwing shots over Twitter and having a tantrum the kid should have just spoken to GOOD. He brought all this hate on himself with the disrespect, he deserves everything that's coming his way.

  • based landlord

    we're all talking about Young Chop a whole lot more right now than we would be if Kanye had just remixed released the song and that been it...right? are you all SURE he's not being smart? ...

  • Anonymous

    This beef shit is played out, there aint no more beef like it used to be with pac and big and nas vs jayz in my opinion was the greatest batlle of all time and the lastest beef with 50cent and game rest of this shit is wack as hell

    • Yup

      Why does there need to be beef? Especially beef that ends up taking the lives of the artists involved...

    • adj

      fuck outta here nigga.. rap game changed, this aint fuckin 1995.. gtfoh wit all that biggie n pac talk, respect to them but they aint comin back. they was back then, this is now

  • Anonymous

    all these niggas are fake. GRAND HUSTLE FOR LIFE

    • Anonymous

      Grand Hustle fake T.I. wasnt a big time d-boy. He was drug runner just running drugs and holding guns for the OG's everybody no this.

  • cold

    This nigga killed his own career....dumbass doesnt understand that he could get blackballed, Kanye has so much leverage in the music industry its ridiculous to go at him....dumbass fat nigga ur done

  • dubs

    this seems like such an irrelevent issue

  • Anonymous

    Young Chop is destined for bigger things, like diabetes!

  • Chi Town Tiger Don

    Fake niggaz I don't like and that's the whole G.O.O.D Music crew.

  • Anonymous

    Big Sean is the only person who seems to have sense and doesn't want to get famous off of beefing. Cudi is a bipolar dope fiend and Pusha is a washed up 35 year old rapper, trying to make beef records like he still If Tupac was living, I don't think he would be making beef song at 35. He died only 3 months after his 25th birthday, so he was still a young boy.

    • IT

      ...But you know what the fuck I think is just pathetic and gay? When ninjas speculate what the f*ck 'Pac would say. You don't know sh*t, about a dead mans perspective... -Immortal Technique

  • Anonymous

    This dude wants to get into the game..but he doesnt know, one verse from Pusha, will end his career before he even started, one verse from kanye, it will be the biggest regret in your life. A couple of weeks ago, Kanye was putting all his top artists from Good on your beat, you were on the come up, you were geting man. shittttttttttttt

  • blitzlegga

    i've never heard of this dude. pusha-t is putting him on the map with his fake ass diss track.



  • Anonymous

    If I were him I'd tweet "Thanks Ye can I get on your production team?" Or can you get at Dr. Dre for me? BUT NO, he trying to boss a real boss.

  • Anonymous

    There are some seriously small minds on this board. Yapping about don't take shit from these industry dudes, really? What EXACTLY was the negative of Kanye West the super producer using your beat on a MIXTAPE? Tell me Mr. NO DEAL artist or NEW to game artist?

  • Anonymous

    kk: Young Chop, I think you're still too young to understand how life and business works. Everything is in life is apolitical and those in the position of power can easily have you black balled. I understand the tough talk and independence, fact is when you get on top, you become an easy target to be sliced. So as much as you're entitled to yo 2 cents, sometimes it's best to watch what and how you say things. Affiliations matter in this industry and just cause you say shit about "someone" will make start dissociating themselves from you which will lead to your irrelevance. You're only 18, be smart! Posted2012-05-24T20:31:06-05:00 +++++++++++++++ THIS THIS THIS

  • Anonymous

    this dude is tripping you know how many songs kanye, pharrell, timberland, GHOST PRODUCED when they were just starting out.....he really sounding like a whiny bitch on this. If you got the good....that was a good look...that kanye though enough of your shit being hot and did something to it.

  • freebread

    This dude Young Pork Chop doesn't realize he's irrelevant. Dude isn't the only producer in the world and who knows if Pusha even sent the shots directly at him. His beats sound all the same and nobody cares about his ass. He's just clamoring for attention at this point. Shame that this dude is also trying to rep my city of the Chi, when other artists out there from here who actually have talent can't even get a break on some of these blogs and this fat albert lookin attention whore is on the front page of this site with an interview. Fuck his life, he shouldn't be mad cause Kanye decided to add something to his beats so it didn't get confused with every other generic trap beat this guy makes.

    • ar

      everybody was irrelevant at one point. young chop got it good.. this nigga just started what, 3-4 months ago? let this nigga grow. if young chop has been grinding for 3-4 years and still couldn't get succesfull, then THAT would be irrlevant

    • Anonymous

      aka Young Flop aka...

  • Lol

    What I don't understand is why people give a shit about this dude? He's a whack producer anyway lol. Who gives a shit about his opinion? The beat wasn't that hot anyway. Kanye took your beat, made it better, and you mad? Now you feel like you have something to say? Shut your face, though. Grown man business doesn't concern you.

  • YouMakeMeChuckle

    1st off it aint like it was that hard to create that shitty little beat especially when there are 400 other beats that are almost exactly like it to go by. and this fool cant sit here and try to act like his "brand" woulda did shit if Kanye hadnt used that track. also we all know this nigga aint got a bitch to fuck anyway. look at him.

  • kk

    Young Chop, I think you're still too young to understand how life and business works. Everything is in life is apolitical and those in the position of power can easily have you black balled. I understand the tough talk and independence, fact is when you get on top, you become an easy target to be sliced. So as much as you're entitled to yo 2 cents, sometimes it's best to watch what and how you say things. Affiliations matter in this industry and just cause you say shit about "someone" will make start dissociating themselves from you which will lead to your irrelevance. You're only 18, be smart!

    • Anonymous

      Well fuck the industry then and the glow stick booty clapping niggas who run it. I don't even like keef or them niggas but I respect this

    • Anonymous

      everything u just said was completely everything real niggas like Pac, Big, Nas and Eminem stood for, if niggas is talkin reckless you put them faggots in they place, you dont "watch wat you say" cuz of so and so is affiliated wit such and such, fuck all that, fuck tip toein around words, if u feel somethin in yo heart then b a real nigga and say it

  • Anonymous

    If I were in Chops position, I'd sit back and let the entire GOOD music camp diss me and would focus on making my own GOOD music because by dissing Chop they're just shining a spotlight on him and if he stopped bitching and took advantage of that spotlight he could potentially fuck up the whole camp. All it'd take was some untouchable solid tracks and a good attitude for this guy to gain a huge fan base from this beef. Smarten up and take the shots like a man, don't fire back, that puts you on his level, get on the level above him by just being a rapper, doing what you do and gaining some fans for what you do. Right now Kanye and Pusha are the reason I know Chops name, Chops is the reason I think he's just a moron for taking time out to address this shit when he could be putting out music.

    • Dilly

      I dunno if doing an interview where you talk about going out to see the dude and showing love is what I'd call firing shots back...

  • Anonymous

    Dudes are faggots these days, get dissed and do some Barbra walters interviews and shit, lol, have one of your artists Diss him back you faggot, oh wait I forgot, this is the era of "He's not relevant because I'm on more blogs now even though he's gone platinum and I just got here 5 minutes ago" LOL, these clowns out here are funnier then the ones with Rubber Noses & Floppy shoes

  • Anonymous

    The fact million more people have heard who Young Chop is, thanks to Kanye. Be grateful man.

  • killahkels

    Most people consider it an honor when people remix their songs lol what a dummy

  • GOD

    PLEASE with tears coming down my eyes all I ask you people to do is protect lil b



  • c4 triple plat

    ayo chop, dont take shit these good music dudes say or do personally. its well known in the industry that kanye and crew are all huge coke heads.

  • Harvo

    This fat nigga phony as fuck for this interview. He was talking greasy about G.O.O.D music as a label and now he "surprised" that Pusha went at him. FOH! He should've been honored Kanye remix his beat from the Keef song, Keef ain't have a problem with it but dude immediately pop off wreckless, now he the victim. SMH man up and take your L son

    • Anonymous

      True, he a bitch for this interview, but this song been in existance for 2 months, so it's not even about him, which makes him even more of a bitch!

  • Gawddamn

    Young Chop I know you're reading this crap so here goes: You should of piggy backed off the Kanye buzz homeboy. Maybe even shout Ye out for doing it. Kanye was overshadowed by Jay Z for YEARS before he finally broke out. The fact he "stole" your beat means you're already on your way. Do you know how hard it is to be where you are right now? THINK HOMIE!

  • Smoove

    And who is this again! Pork Chop?!

  • Anonymous

    Young Chop is winning.

  • Anonymous

    Well he's just like the cats who post on DX, young and dumb. Don't know how to work a situation. Hell, don't know how to work period. What's next, Kanye is illuminate? Oh wait...

  • Anonymous

    "I dont care! Im building my own brand. Why would I go off his brand?" Cause his brand is worth millions. I've never heard of Young Chop, and if he keeps whining like this, nobody else will either.

    • thefist:

      #cosigned - these young kids need to learn time, patience and most of all, THEIR PLACE!! Kanye should have your chubby a$$ carrying record crates. Building a brand, by dissing a major mainstream mover/shaker for remixing your song and putting you on the map. Now I see why Lil' Wayne comfortably called himself the greatest rapper and consider's himself more successful than the entire Cash Money roster yet NONE of them have surpassed Juvenile's 400 Degreez in records sales for a single album. #history

    • killahkels

      dude really should have takena que from hit boy, symbolic1, mike dean, lifted etc nothing wrong with building your own brand off of and established producer hell ye did it with ddot and no id smh

  • Industry Advocate

    From an industry perspective, he's a disrepectful little dude! He's not that smart either, must don't have a manager. Kanye jump on your record with his squad and Jadakiss, and you have a problem with it and screaming disrepect...STUPID! This is the first and only record most people have ever heard from you. You didn't even give Kanye a chance to holler at you abpout more music (like he did Lex Luger), matter of fact ask Lex Luger how his life has changed since Kanye got in it. These young cats are the most disrespectful, ain't did shit, ain't accomplished shit ass cats I have ever seen in my life! Pusha dissed you for your disrespect and plain out DUMBNESS! Slave mentality ass hood really need to learn the game before you say how something is suppose to go!

  • Asshole

    You Fuckin Liar You Had 2 Give Them The Track Out So Kanye Can Do All The Extra Shit This Nigga A Straight Pussy And If I See Him In The Chi Ima Rape His Ass And Then Beat The Fuck Outta Him You Mad.......You Maaaaad In My Killa Cam Voice Lbvfs........

  • Truth

    This guy is a bitch. Period. GOOD Music ain't making no money off that track. Let them do what they do. They were paying homage to you and Chief Keef by remixing your track, and when has Kanye ever remixed/sampled another producers beat? Not often.

  • Anonymous

    Dude is dumb as fuck!! Peep this: Now if tha song has existed since March, HOW THA FUCK COULD THOSE LINES BE DIRECTED AT CHOP!?!?

  • Anonymous

    WTF this nigga getting all this ink for he's trash.



  • akonymous

    There's no way Pusha was even talking about this dude on the song. He's a nobody.



  • Anonymous

    the public's perception of the of the spat

  • Nahlidge

    Lol. This dude is bugging. I honestly wouldn't have heard of him (or the song) if Kanye and them didn't remix it. He needa be thankful for the 15 seconds of fame he having right now.

  • James Smith

    true dat... it was just a remix. but hey, we all stand up for what we want. #power Check out Jazis new album I.D.G.A.F. dropping June 1st and download it exclusively on reverb nation -jazihawaii - Also, download Jazis single Take You Home for free and be on the lookout for Jazis new music video dropping soon. Add Jazi on twitter - jaziHI - Thank you for all the love and support.

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