Wyclef Jean's Relationship With Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond Being Investigated

New reports claim Henchman loaned Wyclef money and their relationship is being investigated in Henchman's trial.

Currently, Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond is being accused of a multi-million dollar drug operation and this week, his relationship with Wyclef was brought into the case. While Rosemond has managed many careers including Game's, he has also been connected to Wyclef in other ways. Last year, Rosemond and Wyclef organized a concert for a future Haitian president. Wyclef also relied on some assistance from Rosemond when he decided to run for office in Haiti. 

According to AllHipHop, the ties between Rosemond and Wyclef came to light when Rosemond met with authorities regarding a Cooperation Agreement. During his time, Rosemond admitted to having most of his money from drug dealings. He also admitted to laundering money and giving Wyclef a $60,000 loan with drug money, though he noted Wyclef did not know where the money came from. 

Still, the government was alerted about their relationship when Rosemond got $800,000 in checks from various companies Wyclef was associated with. He also admitted to selling cocaine to Wyclef's driver. 

Ultimately, after finding that Rosemond had a cell phone in his prison cell, the cooperation agreement was not given to him. According to reports, he was communicating with his brother, a fugitive from the case at the time. 

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  • Fuck The Score

    Dude wanted to be a president but doesn't even have money... SMH

  • Anonymous

    Why was Wyclef asking for money? Pras was the one who needed it.

  • Anonymous

    Last year, Rosemond and Wyclef organized a concert for a future Haitian president. Wyclef also relied on some assistance from Rosemond when he decided to run for office in Haiti. THAT IS WHAT THIS WHOLE CASE IS ABOUT.

  • geroge

    i wrote abut this too on my site

  • Anonymous

    People have been calling this guy a snitch for years, I'm sure Wyclef ain't deaf, he heard the rumors. Do business with a known snitch, you deserve whatever you get

  • Anonymous

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    Wyclef don't like niggas. Back in '96, I tried to talk to him after a show and he blew me the fuck off. So I told him to kneel down and lick on deeeez nuutz and he came back, so I ran.



    • Anonymous

      ...If you know anything about people with money, they don't spend thier money!!!..thier influence and support is what hey bring to projects and programs!!!...you don't know!!!...NEVER PUT YOUR MONEY IN YOUR OWN SHOW!!!...WHY YOU DON'T THINK MORE ARTIST ARE NOT THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF THIER OWN ALBUM!!! YOU EVER WONDER ABOUT THAT????

    • Anonymous

      No you dont, lol

  • Anonymous

    pac didnt like him but game fucked with him smh

  • Anonymous

    stop snitchin stop lying

  • is a rat rat on a rat

    this nigga is gon flip, Wyclef gon be alright but Jimmy Iovine n Interscope are gon be in deep shit becuz Henchman moved alotta money and drugs thru Interscope offices in Cali

    • I read it on an AP article

      ^^^hey dickhead, the FEDS stated that they got proof that Jimmy smuggled coke in boxes disguised to my carrying cds, and the snitch in henchman's camp already confirmed it!

    • BLACK


    • GoReadABook

      Where in the fuck could you possibly have gotten that info from? Seriously. Who are you to have insider knowledge on multi million dollar drug rings within the music industry. Fuckin moron

  • gorillamonk

    ok, what did Wyclef do to get someone with a lot of power upset? They have NOTHING on clef except circumstantial evidence. he was loaned the money and didn't know where it came from. He paid it back, that's what those checks are. instead of depleting one whole account, he used several (probably not the smartest thing to do). That's about it.

    • gorillamonk

      Bitch how am I a blogger? I'm a just a commenter like you, except not nearly as dumb.

    • GoReadABook

      haha yeah? so according to you, a 60K loan became 800K somehow? Why do you stupid fuckin bloggers speculate like you have the slightest idea what you're talking about? You all sound fuckin corny and lame

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