Big Sean Confirms Role In Kanye West's "Cruel Summer" Film

Big Sean credits Kanye West for showing that he can succeed in areas outside of Hip Hop.

Big Sean may not have seen the final cut of Kanye West’s Cruel Summer film, but he’s confirmed that he’s in the actual flick. During an interview with MTV News, the G.O.O.D. Music signee said he was heading over to Cannes for its annual Film Festival to witness the premiere and shared his excitement over the event.

“We about to hop on this flight to Cannes, France, for the Cannes Film Festival. Premiering that Cruel Summer movie, which is also the title of the G.O.O.D. album. I can’t wait to see it, see the story and how it all came out.”

He said he was on set during filming and has a small role in the picture. Additionally, he praised Kanye for showing him that he can succeed in realms outside of music.

“I was there when they was filming it. I’m a part of the movie, a little here and a little there, but I’m excited to see Kanye. Shout out to Kanye, too, for just being that guy to get in the other fields and he did his movie he did, Runaway, to this, to movies he’s going to do and just being that person who showed me it’s possible. I’m sitting up in meetings with movie producers myself, like, yeah man, because he showed me it was possible. He showed me we can make movies, we can do all of this stuff.”

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  • Anonymous

    big sean can't even succeed lyrically in hip hop

  • Anonymous

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    YES! I've been waiting for this. I love porno's and I've been waiting since day one for Kanye to make one! It only adds to my excitement to know that Big Sean will have a role in it, not matter how small "it" may be. TEE HEE! I hope Kanye has a lot of solo scenes in it. Maybe he can get Rick Ross and you know who in it. LIL WAYNE OF COURSE!

    • NOSIR

      NO! Lil Wanye cousin YESSIR we don't need a crackhead in a Kanye West film Shit! Kanye should see if he can get Jay-Z in it cause I never seen Jay in a movie film like that hey way not he's the man and maybe J.Cole to YEAHHHH!!! could u imagine Cole World in a movie film that would be THE SHIT!! ROC NATION POWER!!!! LOL!!! anyway props to Big Sean on getting a great role in a upcoming Movie i'm so happy and excited for u my nigga I know you will do just as good debuting on a movie as u did debuting on your first album hey they can all say your Finally Famous now

  • Anonymous

    runaway was a genius at work cant wait to see this

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