Curren$y Says Collaborative Mixtape With Wiz Khalifa Is Finished

Curren$y also says that it won't be titled "How Fly 2."

Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa previously joined forces on How Fly, a mixtape released in 2009, but a follow-up is already in the can. During an interview with Vlad TV, Spitta said that the sequel, which will not be titled How Fly 2, has already been recorded but that there isn't a release date set in stone.

"It’s done, but we not calling it out. You’re not going to get a How Fly 2, that’s corny," he said. "You’ll hear a collection of music from me and the homie when it’s necessary, but it’s done. We just chilling. I’m still listening to dude’s verses and shit still. We just chilling. We’ll put it out in a minute."

He also spoke on the collaborative process between him and Wiz. He said that they might as well record music when they're smoking in the studio, and that it's a product of circumstance.

"We like what we doing. It’s just about music. We like what we do," he said. "If I’ma be in the studio anyway, he gonna be in the studio wherever he at, we fuckin’ genuinely will fuckin’ kick it. So we might as well fuckin’ kick it in the studio. But if we in the studio, we might as well make songs. We gonna hang out and smoke, smoke in the studio. If you in the studio, you might as well record. So we just kick it and turn it into money, so it’s just a good deal."

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  • Anonymous

    why are niggas hatin on wiz man i swear he been a rapper since 17 makin tapes but now he rich u hate unlike niggas that get put on like wale drake and all these other punks yall suckin

    • hatemail

      ummm wale and drake get mad hate. but if you have haters it just means your making moves. im sure wiz would tell you the same. but some of that hate is justified. and no one put wale or drake on, they both came in the game just like wiz on the mixtape circuit.

  • poetic assasin

    Ur not making any sense - he's saying that naming the tape part 2 is corny, what does that have to do with Wiz and what he does? I do find it funny that he is saying that a part 2 would be corny when he has a pilot talk 1 and 2

  • Anonymous

    so how fly 2 is corny but all that other shit wiz do aint? (wifin up strippers, dressing like a female)

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