50 Cent To Release Fifth Album On July 3rd, With Or Without Label

50 Cent says he will drop his album regardless of label support.

50 Cent has had enough of delays on his fifth album. The G-Unit leader, who released his new mixtape The Lost Tape yesterday, spoke with AllHipHop about plans to drop his consistently pushed back LP on July 3rd regardless of label support.

“There’s a lot more business involved [in putting out an album] than the general public is aware of. And that part causes the actual delay with [Interscope]. I’m releasing my album July 3rd, whether is has commercial promotions or not,” he said. “My birthday is July 6 and I planned for it. And I’m doing everything that I planned to do regardless if its huge airplay or not. I could care less, I’m putting the record out.”

Fif stressed that he doesn’t need to sell records and that he wants to simply put out the album to keep his career moving.

“I don’t need a record to sell. How much money you think I’ma make off record sales? You think I’ma sell 13 million records? Its starting to feel like that corner that I left,” he continued. “I ain’t going to keep sitting on the records. Even if everything ain’t in order, album five will be out July 3 and they can wait another two years for me to give them another one.”

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  • Pussh

    Fuk anyone who don't like 50.... Hate on him while ur sucking officer Ricky's coock

  • Dick B

    That picture is making 50 Cent look weirder than a muthafucker.

  • Anonymous

    "My recommendation is if he cant do it with lyrics (as hes never been lyrical) he needs to do it with originality" That's almost impossible though. From album one he's been a cliche. Rapping about stuff everybody else has. His success, while impressive, was almost a fluke. Now he finds himself in a position where he still has the means to make music, but it never goes in a different direction. It's the same song over and over again, just different titles. That's all he can do, so it's a wonder Interscope is even still dealing with him. They know the ride's over. Why play these games?

  • 50FAN...I...think

    Everybody is representing his group and 50's ego destroys his own group. Look at G.O.O.D. Music. They all together on songs, holding eachothers back. MMG also, they show that loyalty to eachother. But 50? NO! He will never be with Yayo or Banks anymore, saying "he wants them to develop' as artists on their own. Nigga please. They still can develop if you guys have eachothers back. Imagine Birdman and Lil Wayne or Drake never be on eachothers songs or Music videos. They together in clubs, shows and everywhere. Unbelievable, Im a huge 50 Fan, but his stupid, dumb, hard headed behaviour drives me crazy. He thinks he knows best, but cant deliver. If you want to be succesful, you need to be openminded! Not sticking with your own thougths, go read academic business books 50 and you will see its good to be openminded. 50 you said The Lost Tape would destroy the competition and would shake things up....well, nothing happend. People seem to have forgotten the tape already! And now you say on twitter your album will shake things up...I dont think that will shake things up either! Jimmy Iovine and the guys on Interscope are smart people, they know album will flop if dropped on June 3. Thats why they dont support it, they wait for the right time and you getting you buzz again. If you smart 50, bring Sha Money XL back to G-Unit...Since the man gone its a mess at G-Unit. Also let him be executive producer of your album and go back to Yayo and Banks. Start hopping on other peoples beat and show people you are better than them and destroy them on their beats by showing that you are better, not just with talking with proving. Start making Whoo Kid mixtapes again, instead of making fun of him. Fuck Buck and Game, you wont hear me talking about them coming back. But 50/Banks/Yayo/WhooKid/ShaMoney is all what it need. Get back to the studio for days after eachother together, share ideas together. Not emailing verses or shit. Put your soul to the music. Im a big fan of you. But dont be dumb. Dont stick to your ideas thinking you know best...bring Sha Money back.

  • Super Ed

    50 needs to launch a new G-Unit record company, re-sign Game and Young Buck, and put all his money, and focus his attention of the new breed... Basically fif, become Diddy, and then release your albums...

  • Anonymous

    ofcourse Jimmy ain't gon let u drop nigga.....for christ sakes check out Game's RED numbers 250k worldwide......lol

  • Lil roc

    Yo ur comment wuz long i fucks wit it. I read what 50 said about just puttin his album out and not caring about whether it sells and i think its a good move on his part. I been stopped caring about album sales and soundscan and all of that shit because at tha end of tha day its not about that its about tha music. Album sales r only gonna rake in but so much bread. The real money is comin from tha tours and its been this way for a very long time. Trust me fif not caring about whether niggas is promoting his album purchasing it or anything. I think hed be more surprised if his shows didn't sell out. Mind you i could go on an on about tha dumb shit people listenin to but its irrelevent. If niggas want to hear your music they will figure out a way to get a hold of it. Whether they buy tha cd, itunes or mediafire believe me the'll get get it somehow. My man common put out 1 of his best albums and im not gonna tell u what he sold but i got it and its dope.

  • shaolin

    Yo im not a huge fifty fan, but i respect him for this...putting out music regardless of how much money hes gonna make

  • anonymous

    Yo it's like this. Don't make excuses for records sales being at an all time low, which they are, because you still got major hip hop players like Kanye, Jay-Z, Drake and Lil Wayne grabbing numbers. Whether you like them or not is irrelevant. The issue is that 50 does not have the numbers like he used to because he was never one for originality and because he isolated himself in the rap world by calling out every single rapper there is (Jadakiss, Nas, Lil Wayne, Kanye, Shyne, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Ja Rule, Wu-Tang, and on and on). He did this because this is what made him popular. Before Eminem ever heard of dude there was (How to Rob) where he called out virtually every popular rapper at the time in a desperate plea to get attention and it worked so it was actually quite clever. This doesnt work now. The rappers who done made it way past their prime for better or worse (Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, The Game, etc) have done so by connecting with the latest and greatest upcoming rappers (check all the major dudes trying to link with 2 Chainz as of now), thereby staying relevant. The reason that Kanye (styles not withstanding)has blown 50 out of the ring (whether you like him or not) is because he constantly drops hot shit and reinvents himself bringing something fresh and hot to the table each and everytime. Does his latest album sound anything like The College Dropout - nah. 50 been recycling the same shit over and over for 8 years and then to top it off lost his hunger along the way. Only so many times you can rap about robbing dudes and shooting them when you wearing a suit and worth over 100 million. Make work on the younger heads, but not the older cause just like wrestling was cool when you were 10, it doesnt have the same effect when your 30. Doesnt make any sense. Hes back now with a mixtape that goes hard (ill give him that), but where the fuck is the progress or originality? Jay-Z has remained relevant because each album he drops he brings something new and fresh. Where is Black Magic - 50s soul tape (blueprint), where is his progression? Dudes got all the money in the world, access to the hottest producers and you mean to tell me he cant find a beat to take over the summer??? Fuck all he needs is one hot joint, maybe two and hes gonna be on top again. Dude needs to focus and bring it back and the mixtape is a good look, but he needs something more, something special, something unique. My recommendation is if he cant do it with lyrics (as hes never been lyrical) he needs to do it with originality. Come with an album that is a theme, that is fresh and simple, but different from every fucking thing youve ever done and are still doing. once that happens people will check for you again.

  • jr88

    @ question, thats a good question....lol...but i think interscope is black balling 50,,,,and its not because 50 has a big mouth but its because 50 doesnt have that 360 deal...50 signed when records were selling and now that they are not interscope sees 50 making money and they are like " what the hell what about us?"...lol,..so its almost like they want to force him...so maybe he can release it...alot has changer in the music industry and the thing 50 has going for him is that he has that contract that he signed before the industry changed

  • question

    Isn't that Interscope's music? I mean do his songs actually belong to him or do they belong to the label? How do you put out music owned by the label and not get sued bc its their property? Does he own his own music?

  • Ricky Rozay

    Promotion or not, this nigga already throwin out excuses cuz he knows its wack and gonna go wood. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Rap music is on life support because the industry rappers are SLOW! They and their labels are bringing nothing fresh to the table but money rap.

  • The Assassin

    If Before I Self Destruct was a flop for going gold, then what are Rick Ross' albums? He's released four albums, three of which only went gold and Deeper Than Rap didn't even reach 500,000 copies sold

  • Anonymous

    Record sales matter because for the longest time that was all 50 talked about. In the grand scheme sales don't matter, but IMO, if a label is releasing your shit, and time and money were invested, then numbers do matter, cause then why have Billboard track all this shit if it's so trivial?

  • Anonymous

    he should be aware

  • FuKKK RiKKK Ross

    Y'all all on Ross nutsack for what? Dude is a goddamn cop!!! He doesn't deserve to be in the studio.

  • MusicManiac11

    People making comparisons to 50 & Ross, but does Ross have a Platinum album yet?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: and it lost against Rick Ross; Teflon Don. shame Posted2012-05-23T12:48:08-05:00 ++++++++++++++++ HEY MORON IT WAS DEEPER THAN RAP

  • Klack

    Retire nigga and shelve the album I don't wanna listen to your bitch ass speaking anymore.

  • Jack Compton

    I'm not a fan of 50 Cent never have been, just not my cup of hip hop, but I respect him for taking this attitude. Whether interscope'll let him have his way is another matter though.

  • Jason

    Fuck yeah!! tell em fif!!! this country has had a lack of summer music releases for way too fucking long. Shit Eminem's Recovery was all that made it out by summer in 2010 and that was black music month. lol Sick of these corporate dipshits!! its the dawning of aquarius so look out muthafuckas!!!

  • Rusty

    50's 1st album only sold because of his partnership with Eminem and Dre....2nd album sold for the same reason....3rd album wouldn't have even went gold if not for the gimmick with Kanye West....4th album was a FLOP...100,000 records sold week one. This new one will sell 40,000 copies first week. And don't say it aint about sales because 50 is the reason we talk about record sales. He was the dude who always made fun of peoples sales. Now look at him.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      no shit thats how it works you a idiot

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. It's ironic man. What goes around comes around.

  • David

    All you 50 nut huggers saying his albums certified, certified garbage maybe. Just because a bunch of lame ass white people are his fans and buy his crap does not make him better. So wow he's in the same category as Justin Beiber what a honor, not to mention they hang out too (Mayweather fight). 50 is a homo and nobody wants to listen to his wack ass music, he cant even relate to his own music anymore. He's to busy making shitty headphones(copying Dre) and filming stupid energy shot commercials with Joan Rivers, JOAN RIVERS for shits sake. And now he getting down with jersey shore? yeah he certified....certified bitch!

    • David

      I fuck with Buck homie, any Buck fan will smash on a bitch ass 50 cent fan.

    • Lil roc

      Damn somebodys mad that his nuts is not in 50's denim. (love that obie punchline from the second song on bottoms up) :)

    • Anonymous

      lame ass white people? you lame for that rap is global not black music 50 got plenty of fans

  • Wes

    Ross ethered this chump. And indeed fuck record sales

  • Anonymous

    Fuck hiphop fans talking about sales. You morons its about quality and NOT SALES! 50 is weak and im getting bored with his same subject matter and boring voice and flow.

  • Anonymous

    Just for this rant, Jimmy is going to release the album in August.

  • loso

    50 cent Get Rich or Die Tryin'US: 8,086,000 Worldwide: 15,000,000 The MassacreUS: 5,286,000 Worldwide: 11,000,000 CurtisUS: 1,300,000 Worldwide: 2,000,000 Before I Self Destruct 650,000 1.2 mil world wide HATERS EAT A DICK 50 ALBUS NEVER FLOPPED THEY ALL CERTIFIED

    • Big D

      Um, you are lashing out at the wrong target. It is your man who's looked at his dwindling numbers, then saw that radio was no longer aboard the SS 50 and he panicked that he'll look bad if he came out and flopped, so he sat on his album, which by the way, this is probably the third album that he has recorded (if not more) in trying to find a hit, but to no avail. So if you want to tell folks not to hate on 50, talk to 50. It seems like he does now realize that the glory days are gone and he's willing to move on, which is a good thing. The longer he waits, the worse it gets. Three years ago, he could have done another 1.5. now if he does half that, eeesh, I'll call it a major success. Stop the excuses Fiddy. We do realize all that goes into putting out an album. However, only reason you have not dropped yet is that you are scared to flop. Has nothing to do with the business end. It must also be very disheartening going from Mr. Interscope Jackson to just someone else. I'm surprised you never hated and lashed out at Black Eyed Peas. They took your spot. In the past few years, when the bigger dogs called Iovine looking for forecasts, he probably said I got the BEPs dropping an album this year, they should do about 6-7 million worldwide. Your name was not mentioned at all.

    • Anonymous

      Only has beens have to focus on the past because they have done nothing lately. smh THE DEFINITION OF FALLING OFF!!!!

    • ummmmmm

      You don't see a recurring them in those numbers though?

    • Anonymous

      and it lost against Rick Ross; Teflon Don. shame

    • Anonymous

      BISD was a fuckin flop

  • HEAT

    We all know Jimmy has the last say in when an album releases, 50 will recant this statement about the album releasing in July, and blame it on something else, he works for Jimmy, unless he wants to buy out the last album of his contract like Jay Z did with defjam

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    look what they did to game album they said fuck the good shit we need ross weezy and drake and that album sucked all the good shit he wanted out interscope said noooooooooooo you know what im talking about that patron mixtape WAS the red album LIKE ROSS MIXTAPE was god forgives now he put out two bullshit singles FUCK LABELS

  • Anonymous


  • 1love

    interscope probably knows 50 cent album sucks.

    • Anonymous

      i doubt it they want shit out like girls gone wild he gave then enough of that material he trying to release a album like guess who back or power of the dollar on a major music he wants to do

  • Anonymous

    interscope tried to release girls gone FUCK THAT do you fif much respect for that move people dont understand labels control your music you know jimmy hating on you they thought you was gonna be a label robot instead you did you.

  • wolfman

    I see 50 is getting a lot of support for this move. How can you not respect the man for going against the grain. Bring that Power of the Dollar fire, 50.

    • Anonymous

      i think thats what he trying to do look at jay electronica situation jay-z said the album is crack but it wont get released without a lead(pop)single im surprised at jay-z for that bullshit

  • brrrraaaaaaapppppppp

    true just put it out 50 finally realised hes never gon do them big numbers again so who gives a fuck he made the majority of his money off clothing vitamin water and touring anyway.Shit any artist thats worth millions should just put out music the fans wanna hear

    • Anonymous

      shit his first two albums sold more than some of these labels just release it and please in cd form i dont fuck with i-tunes

  • Anonymous

    interscope will never let him go fif buy your way out they need you more than you need them

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    unlike most rappers he dont need a label to do shit for him he gives us free albums with videos

  • Anonymous

    He is a beast Nobody can stop this guy. Go on Fif.

  • Anonymous

    Get em 50, Better think about dropping Music for Fans than dropping Music to be a Marionette of the Major Labels. I will Support you.

  • mimic

    fif runnin this shtt

  • Anonymous

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  • Bria the Queen

    50 Cent already knows that his album is going to flop, so he trying to make excuses.........lol.

  • anonymous

    damn no matter how much i cant stand this nigga at times i cant help but respect him and how he handles his business

    • KRAZY FO>


    • jg

      lool haters bringing that hate

    • Anonymous

      you ain't nothing but a fif stan. stop trying to get support for your artist by acting like you're someone who doesn't like him, but now you respect him. the things you fans attempt to do for your fav artist. gtf!!

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